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WiebeTech FireWire DriveDock Shipping

WiebeTech FireWire=99 DriveDock=99 shipping NOW with new features: Complete
Oxford 911 bridge FireWire interface is even smaller, faster and better
looking, with IDE drive support up to 160GB.

WICHITA, KS =96 March 19, 2002 =96WiebeTech LLC announces today new features
for FireWire DriveDock, a complete FireWire drive interface occupying just
three cubic inches of space and faster transfer rates. The unit is shipping
now and can be ordered online at OEM inquires are

=93FireWire DriveDock is a huge hit with power addicts, service technicians
and others who want highest speed and inexpensive FireWire storage,=94 said
James Wiebe, president of WiebeTech. =93We believe these same users will
benefit from even higher transfer rates, smaller physical size and higher
capacity capability.=94

The upgraded unit is substantially faster, producing benchmarks in excess
of 30MB/second. It provides support for IDE drives with capacities to
160GB. The enclosure design for FireWire DriveDock has been reduced in size
(to just three cubic inches).

FireWire DriveDock’s list of features includes the following:

o HIGH SPEED FIREWIRE BRIDGE. Improved firmware allows FireWire
DriveDock to support real world burst transfer rates in excess of 30MB per
second. FireWire DriveDock uses the Oxford Semiconductor 911 FireWire
bridge for best performance.

smaller, occupying only three cubic inches of space. The enclosure is
constructed of beautiful, rugged anodized aluminum.

o SUPPORTS IDE DRIVES TO 160GB. FireWire DriveDock now works with any
3.5-inch IDE hard drive of up to 160GB capacity. It’s easy to attach and
use. It can be used internally or on the desktop.

o OEM SOLUTION. FireWire DriveDock is offered in consumer and OEM

FireWire DriveDock Pricing and Availability

FireWire DriveDock is priced at $99.95. An optional power supply is $29.95=
The power supply is required for external use. Dealer and OEM discounts are
available. The product has just started shipping.

The product may be ordered from dealers and distributors worldwide, End
users may also order directly from OEM inquiries are
also welcome.

About James Wiebe and WiebeTech
WiebeTech’s mission is focused on delivering the very coolest new
peripheral technology for high performance computing.

WiebeTech LLC was founded in July, 2000 and has been a development stage
company since that time. WiebeTech LLC is located in Wichita, KS. For
additional information on WiebeTech or their products, visit High resolution photographs of the product may be
found on the website. FAQ’s are also found on the website.

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