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WiebeTech DriveDock Now Suppots ATA-6 Drives



WiebeTech improves FireWireTM DriveDockTM and Bus-Powered Super DriveDockTM:
Both Now Support ATA-6 Drives

WICHITA, KS =96 October 22, 2002 =96WiebeTech LLC is now shipping an improve=
version of the FireWire DriveDockTM and the bus-powered Super DriveDockTM,
which are complete FireWire bridge interfaces attachable to any 3.5-inch
IDE drive. Both DriveDocks now support ATA-6 drives.

The PowerBridgeTM bus powering circuitry of the Super DriveDock has also
been improved, for better compatibility with Macs and PCs, especially iMacs
with 17 inch flat screens. Super DriveDock retails for $159.95.

=93The upgraded Super DriveDock is significant because it is capable of
powering full size 3.5-inch drives directly from the FireWire bus,=94 said
James Wiebe, CEO of WiebeTech. =93It accomplishes this feat using our
PowerBridgeTM technology, which is now in its second technology generation.=

FireWire DriveDock is similar to the Super DriveDock, but uses an AC
adapter, not bus power, and provides support for CDs and DVD drives as well.

A product upgrade is also available for prior purchasers of either
DriveDock. By returning their product for upgrade, they will receive a unit
with ATA-6 support added to the bridgeboard and new firmware. The FireWire
DriveDock upgrade is available for $69.95. The upgrade for the Super
DriveDock is $79.95 and includes the improved PowerBridge circuitry.

Both DriveDocks offer:

o ATA-6 SUPPORT. In order to support the size of the huge new drive
mechanisms that are hitting the marketplace, a new hardware and firmware
bridge design was used in conjunction with the popular OXFW911 FireWire

In addition, the FireWire DriveDock offers:

o CD/DVD SUPPORT. FireWire DriveDock continues its support of hard
drives, as well as CD and DVD mechanisms.

The Super DriveDock offers:

o BUS POWER IMPROVEMENTS. Super DriveDock takes its operating power
from the FireWire bus using PowerBridge technology. This technology has
been improved so that Super DriveDock is now compatible with Apple’s latest
17-inch iMacs. An optional AC adapter may also be purchased for universal
compatibility with all FireWire hosts.

Successful operation of Super DriveDock in bus power mode requires that the
host to which it is attached provide power capable of spinning up the
attached IDE drive. Other important technical details may be referenced
from the tech specs posted on WiebeTech’s website.


FireWire DriveDock is priced at $139.95 with AC adapter, and is shipping
from stock. Past purchasers of FireWire DriveDock may purchase an upgrade
for $69.95.

Super DriveDock is priced at $159.95, and is shipping from stock. Past
purchasers of Super DriveDock may purchase an upgrade for $79.95. The
optional AC adapter is priced at $24.95. Dealers may purchase the product
from WiebeTech’s distributor, End users and dealers may
purchase from Canadian resellers may purchase WiebeTech
products from EMJ (


WiebeTech LLC was founded in July, 2000 by James Wiebe and has focused on
marketing high performance, highly portable storage solutions.

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