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Cremax Launches Soho Raid Product Line

New Series of Storage Solutions Offers Cost-Effective and Reliable External
IDE RAID Subsystem

PLACENTIA, Calif., February 26, 2002-Cremax USA, a leader in delivering
RAID solutions offering high performance, today announced the availability
of its line of Soho RAID storage solutions. Previously on display at last
year’s Fall Comdex, the new products feature a fast 1394A to IDE RAID 1
mirroring solution.

The Soho RAID SR3000 and Soho RAID SR2000 storage solutions have a variety
of features in their integrated design that make them ideal for Mac
computing environments. The Soho RAID SR3000 offers a cost-effective and
reliable external IDE RAID subsystem connected with Firewire or USB
Interface to expand capacity and ensure data security.

The Soho RAID SR3000 plug-and-play, hot-swappable design with auto
rebuilding and hard disk duplication offers transfer rates up to 50MB/sec.
The Soho RAID SR2000 offers competitive quality and reliability with the
internal IDE RAID subsystem connected with IDE RAID Interface. The Soho
RAID SR2000 individual microprocessor hardware RAID design will increase
system efficiency without overloading the CPU. The hot swap hard disk
feature offers replacement while the system is online so there is minimal
down time.

“We at Cremax believe that the integrated design and the speed of the
external IDE RAID subsystem will be very well-received by Mac users. The
Soho RAID product line enables us to continue to deliver on our mission of
continuing to provide breakthrough storage solutions,” said Roger Moh,
general manager of Cremax USA.

Soho RAID products are currently available. The MSRP for the Soho RAID
SR3000 is $475.00, and $349.00 for the SR2000.

About Cremax
Cremax USA was established in 1998 to provide North America with the
leading technology solutions in the storage industry. The parent company
also operates Raid Sonic Technology in Germany and King Tech in Japan. For
additional information, visit (

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