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FileMaker Mobile 2 for Palm OS Unveiled at PalmSource

FileMaker Mobile 2 for Palm OS Unveiled at PalmSource

Richer interface and Mac OS X support
for software linking desktop and handheld data

FileMaker Mobile for i-mode introduced in Japan

PalmSource, SAN JOSE, CA – Feb. 4, 2002 — FileMaker today unveiled
FileMaker Mobile 2 Companion for Palm OS, new software to transfer and
synchronize data between FileMaker Pro 5.5 v2 databases on desktop
computers and Palm OS handhelds.

Many new interface features in FileMaker Mobile 2 give Palm Powered
handheld users a richer mobile interface, more like the experience of using
desktop FileMaker databases. The new software supports Mac OS X, Mac OS and

FileMaker Mobile 2 delivers a simple and elegant load-and-go approach to
mobile information. Users quickly and easily select and load the FileMaker
data they require from their desktop computer to the Palm OS handheld.
Later, the data on the handheld may be synched with the desktop database
via Palm HotSync technology.

Free downloadable upgrade for FileMaker Mobile 1 users FileMaker intends to
ship the new software in May, 2002, priced at $49 US (single-unit price).
FileMaker Mobile 1 licensed users will be entitled to a free downloadable
upgrade to FileMaker Mobile 2 (see
for full upgrade details at ship time).

The new FileMaker Mobile 2 must be used with FileMaker Pro 5.5 v2. Users of
earlier versions of FileMaker Pro may take advantage of a limited-time,
$50-off upgrade offer at

More data and interface enhancements on the handheld FileMaker Mobile 2
users can transfer up to 50 fields per record from a desktop FileMaker Pro
5.5 v2 database to a Palm OS handheld.

FileMaker Mobile 2 gives users six new ways to enter data on Palm OS handhelds:
* Pop-Up Menus, Pop-Up Lists and single Check Boxes, can be transferred
from a desktop database, allowing speedy, accurate data entry on a handheld.
* Phone numbers in the Palm OS Address Book may be inserted directly into
FileMaker Mobile 2.
* The new Date and Time Picker makes entering those types of data faster
and more accurate.
* The new Note feature allows certain fields to expand to fill the handheld
screen, making data entry easier.

FileMaker Mobile 2 makes it easier to view and navigate mobile data:
* Columnar list viewing is easier since users can lock down an important
first column of data, and reorder and resize columns, with a few quick taps.

* Sony CLIE and HandEra 330 users can quickly navigate through FileMaker
Mobile 2 forms using the handheld’s Jog Wheel or Jog Dial.

Platform support and system requirements
FileMaker Mobile 2 must be used with FileMaker Pro 5.5 v2, and is supported
on handhelds running Palm OS 3.1, and desktop computers running Windows
2000, Me, 98, 95, NT 4.0, Mac OS X v10.1, or Mac OS 8.1 – 9.1. For full
system requirements, see

Mac OS X use requires Palm HotSync Manager 3.0, which Palm is currently
beta-testing with its public beta of Palm Desktop 4.0 software for Mac

FileMaker Mobile for i-mode in Japan
As part of its focus on mobile workgroup solutions, FileMaker today
unveiled FileMaker Mobile for i-mode, breakthrough database software which
enables i-mode “smart phone” users in Japan to instantly access, view and
edit FileMaker databases. Please see the accompanying release.

FileMaker is a leader in workgroup databases. FileMaker software lets
departments and teams create and share databases to manage and track
projects, assets and people. Its award-winning FileMaker line of database
software provides relational power, instant and custom Web publishing and
legendary ease-of-use. FileMaker, Inc. is the database software subsidiary
of Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL).

Palm, Inc. (NASDAQ: PALM) is a pioneer in the field of mobile and wireless
Internet solutions and a leading provider of handheld computers, according
to IDC (Dec. 2000).

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