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Details scarce on unannounced GeForce4 MX

When it comes to details of the as-of-yet unannounced nVIDIA GeForce4 MX video card found in the new line of Power Mac G4 systems, details are sparse in advance of an official product rollout on February 4. MacMinute has learned that the new GPU is three to five times faster than the GeForce2 MX model it replaces and features superior DVD decoding to the GeForce3. With 64MB of double-data rate (DDR) memory and a 350MHz random access memory digital-to-analog converter (RAMDAC), the GeForce4 MX delivers over 1 billion textured pixels per second. Industry analysts report knowing of three versions of the GeForce4 MX: the 460 (300MHz core, 275MHz DDR), the 440 (270MHz core, 200MHz DDR) and the 420 (250MHz core, 166MHz SDR). It is unclear which version Apple is using.

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