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NVIDIA launches GeForce4 graphics line

NVIDIA today officially introduced its line of GeForce4 graphics processors, comprised of the high-end GeForce4 Ti, consumer-targeted GeForce4 MX, and GeForce4 Go for laptops. Among the features unique to the GeForce4 line of graphics processors are Accuview Antiliasing, which improves visual quality by reducing “jaggies” without sacrificing quality; nView multi-display support on the Ti and MX; and Lightspeed Memory Architecture II, a high-performance 128-bit DDR memory interface. Systems such as Apple’s new Power Mac G4 line already feature the GeForce4 MX, while the GeForce 4 Ti is expected to be available within 60 days. The first laptops to sport the GeForce4 Go will begin shipping later this month from PC manufacturers. At present, Apple’s PowerBook G4 is powered by ATI RADEON Mobility graphics, while the iBook is driven by ATI’s Rage 128 Mobility.

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