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sustainable Softworks Releases Beta of IPNetMonitorX for Mac OS X


CUMBERLAND, R.I.- Sustainable Softworks, developers of award-winning
Internet and security software, has released a public beta and announced
pricing of IPNetMonitorX, its popular set of network diagnostic tools, now
native for Mac OS X.

Peter Sichel, the company’s president and chief engineer, unveiled the beta
version of IPNetMonitorX at MacWorld Expo Tuesday morning. IPNetMonitorX
provides a set of seven commonly used Internet tools, such as Ping,
Traceroute, Whois, NSLookup and more which allow Macintosh users to monitor
and debug their connections to the Internet. The tools are designed to help
users quickly identify problems, locate where the problem is, and gather
data which can be used to solve the problem, either directly or through
their Internet Service Provider.

The tools include:
=85 Ping, which tests IP connectivity to a designated IP address
=85 Trace Route, which shows the IP addresses and names of all the hosts and
routers between you and a remote IP address, and displays the round-trip
time to these individual hosts/routers.
=85 Name Server Query (NS Lookup), which typically is used to determine the
true IP address of an alphanumeric domain name and additional information
especially useful in tracking spam.
=85 Who Is, typically used to determine the ownership and technical
responsibility of a given domain name
=85 Finger, which is typically used to get information about a specific host
or user on a host. Sichel noted that with security and privacy concerns,
this information is not always available
=85 Subnet Calculator, which makes it easier to specify IP addresses and mas=
for routing
=85 TCP Dump, a new tool made possible by OS X’s Unix roots. This tool allow=
you to view the headers of all packets in network traffic and see what’s
happening to the data.

Later versions will add the tools currently found in the Classic version of
IPNetMonitor, including port scan, DHCP lease and test, and others.

“In the spirit of open source, we’re releasing early and often to gain user
input and improve the software quickly,” Sichel said.
IPNetMonitorX will retail for $40. Registered users of IPNetMonitor Classic
can upgrade for $20. Users who register the IPNetMonitorX beta now will
receive free upgrades to the full version. All Sustainable Softworks
products come with a 21-day free trial period and may be downloaded at

About Sustainable Softworks:
Sustainable Softworks is a small, growing virtual corporation based in
Cumberland, R.I., with employees in Michigan and suburban Washington, D.C.
The privately owned company is committed to helping individuals and small
organizations address their computing needs in a market dominated by larger
and more sophisticated customers and suppliers. The company focuses on
developing understandable and affordable information systems that fit the
environment. Rapid innovation and falling prices have not only created a
complex myriad of choices, but have also led vendors to focus on
incorporating advanced features for enterprise customers who can afford
them. Vendors want to sell and support the most sophisticated technology,
and the market is easily influenced to follow the leaders. What’s lost in
this process is a broad market perspective, and rational evaluation of what
is needed and what it will really cost. Sustainable Softworks offers a
mature, insightful view of information systems with an eye toward pragmatic
solutions for both large and small organizations. The company’s website can
be found at

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