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IPNetMonitor 1.0 for OS X



CUMBERLAND, R.I.- Sustainable Softworks, developers of award-winning Mac
networking and security software, has released version 1.0 of
IPNetMonitorX, its popular set of network diagnostic tools, now native for
Mac OS X.

IPNetMonitorX v1.0 improves on the Network Utility included in Mac OS X
with new implementations that are more responsive, intuitive, and visually
easier to work with, as well as perform functions that could not be
performed by the corresponding unix tools.

Verions 1.0 adds the much-requested Monitor tool to IPNetMonitorX. The tool
graphically displays transmitted and received data. Users can open multiple
windows to monitor more than one interface at a time, with the bsd name of
the interface displayed in the title while monitoring. The Monitor window
can be opened by default when the application is launched and viewed in a
miniaturized Dock window.

In addition, Sustainable Softworks’ Peter Sichel, the company’s founder and
chief engineer, has completely rewritten many of the tools to provide
features not available in the standard unix versions or Network Utility,

* An improved Trace Route, adding IMCP Trace.
* An improved Port Scan, adding UDP scan and responsive time outs for
identifying stealth ports.
* A convenient Lookup, used to convert between IP addresses and domain
* Address Scan, including Look Around, Last Seen, and Domain Name features.
* DHCP Lease, which shows lease parameters including Name Servers and allows
manual Release and Rebind across multiple DHCP configured interfaces
* Subnet Calculator, which makes it easier to specify IP addresses and masks
for routing.
* Link Rate, which measures the effective throughput of a nearby data link.
* Connection List, which displays TCP connection status, UDP listeners, and
other statistics including the controlling process.
* TCP Dump, which allows you to view the packet headers of network traffic
to see what’s happening on the data link.
* TCP Info, which shows detailed TCP statistics allowing you to see how well
TCP/IP is working on the fly. Also can be viewed in a miniaturized Dock

DHCP Test will be added in the near future.

IPNetMonitorX provides additional benefits as well. Its fast, asynchronous,
multi-threaded design allows users to see network behavior as it happens.
There’s no need to wait for serialized, one-line-at-a-time output. For
example, the Network Utility’s Trace Route or Port Scan might get stuck on
the second or third line waiting for a name lookup or unresponsive port,
and users won’t see any other results for 30 seconds or more. In contrast,
IPNetMonitorX displays any results it sees as they occur. If a name lookup
is slow, the user need only wait for names to appear. The rest of the trace
proceeds normally.

Users also can open and use multiple tools or instances of the same tool
simultaneously from a single convenient application. When the user invokes
one window from another, the corresponding data is automatically
transferred. IPNetMonitorX provides a history, and supports auto-completion
as well as drag-and-drop.

The software includes built-in help and Sustainable Softwork’s technical
support. For a more detailed comparison with Network Utility and
information about each feature, go to

IPNetMonitorX is $40 and includes a registration key for IPNetMonitor
Classic. Registered users of IPNetMonitor Classic can upgrade to the OS X
version for $20. All Sustainable Softworks products come with a 21-day free
trial period and may be downloaded at

About Sustainable Softworks:
Sustainable Softworks is a small, growing virtual corporation based in
Cumberland, R.I., with employees in Michigan and suburban Washington, D.C.
The privately owned company is committed to helping individuals and small
organizations address their computing needs in a market dominated by larger
and more sophisticated customers and suppliers. The company focuses on
developing understandable and affordable information systems that fit the
environment. Rapid innovation and falling prices have not only created a
complex myriad of choices, but have also led vendors to focus on
incorporating advanced features for enterprise customers who can afford
them. Vendors want to sell and support the most sophisticated technology,
and the market is easily influenced to follow the leaders. What’s lost in
this process is a broad market perspective, and rational evaluation of what
is needed and what it will really cost. Sustainable Softworks offers a
mature, insightful view of information systems with an eye toward pragmatic
solutions for both large and small organizations. The company’s website can
be found at

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