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Belle Nuit Textfilter 1.0

Belle Nuit releases a new tool to process textfiles

Lausanne 7.1.02. Belle Nuit Montage is pleased to release with Textfilter a
new approach to convert textfiles of any kind. Textfilter is
project-oriented and works like an image-filtering programs.

Over 30 built in filters include text-oriented filters like Character
Mapping, HTML tags Replace using regular expressions, Remove Duplicate
Lines, Skip comments, Sort.

Parser filters convert texts to lists and back to texts using tab, comma or
custom separators, fixed column widths or HTML tables. A Binary parser
helps you to inspect any type of file.

Special filters for the moving pictures industry deal with timecode like
Frame rate Conversion, Grading List, Sort EDL, Source List, read and write
Avid Log files and CMX 3600 edit decision lists.

Textfilter is highly customizable with custom filters written in a script
language and with an open API for plugins.

Textfilter projects can batch-process multiple files and be used from any
application with drag-and-drop to a global floating filter.

Get more information at


or download it directly at

( (for Power
Macintosh, 1.3 MB)

The first 35 members of the avid-l will receive a free license. Download
the instructions:

( (4 KB)

Textfilter was written with REALbasic (

Belle Nuit Montage is a postproduction facility based in Lausanne,
Switzerland since 1995. It is mainly oriented to independent documentary
production. The Belle Nuit Website ( holds
valuable information about nonlinear editing, digital video production
and video to film transfer. The Belle Nuit software department has
already published the Subtitler application, the TCplus time code
calculator, time code extensions for Excel and Filemaker and avx-plugins
for Avid editing systems with our partner 3prong (

matthias buercher belle nuit montage fax 4112742114

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