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Pop-up/under ads proliferate as more users jump online

A CBS Marketwatch article recaps some recent Internet usage statistics. One out of every three of the world’s largest Web sites are employing pop-up or pop-under ads, according to a new survey from Cyveillance. The tactic, which most Web surfers find little more than frustrating, has become increasingly popular in the wake of significantly decreased online ad spending. (On a side note, MacMinute will never feature pop-up or pop-under ads.) Meanwhile, a Jupiter Media Metrix report shows that more than 50 million users logged on to ecommerce sites during the Thanksgiving weekend, a 40 percent increase from last year. Finally, a report from the UCLA Internet Project found that 72.3 percent of Americans have access to the Internet — up 6 percent from last year — as average time spent online grew from 9.4 hours per week to 9.8 hours. Email and instant messaging topped the reasons that individuals use the Internet.

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