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AppleMasters and Adobe on The Mac Show

AppleMasters and Adobe on The Mac Show!

British Columbia, Canada
June 28th, 2000

The Mac Show’s Featured Guest will be Dr Mae Jemison, AppleMaster and first
African American woman in space! Dr. Jemison and 15 students from Chicago
and around the world will host The Earth We Share 2000 Internet Youth

Steve Martin (no, not *that* Steve Martin!) of The DV Guys will be on the
TechTips segment, sponsored by Micromat’s TechTool Pro to talk about Final
Cut Pro.

Adobe’s Applications Specialist, Colin Smith, will join the show to talk
about GoLive 5, Illustrator 9 and LiveMotion.

The Mac Show will award more Expo Exhibit and Super Passes this week in
their “Great Expo Giveaway”. Along with those prizes, they have t-shirts,
coffee mugs, and software to hand out to lucky listeners.

Peter Cohen of MacGaming will be on with all the game related news. Also,
the Mac Basics segment will have Ron Fairbarin back to chat about what he’s
learned this week.

LaCie is running a “Show Us Your Carry Case” Contest with the Grand Prize,
a 6 Gig LaCie Pocket Drive, being awarded on Wednesday’s show! They’ll also
play another game of “What’s My Product?”!

Make sure you tune in this and every Wednesday evening for the most fun
you’ll have listening to your Mac! And join in the Chat Rooms on the World
Without Borders site at or on the servers on
IRC in the #themacshow Channel.

You’re not going to miss all this, are you?!

Shawn King
Listen to the *New* Mac Show!
(604) 437-4197

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