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Server Sentinel 1.0

Intelli Innovations, Inc. releases Server Sentinel 1.0
Powerful server monitoring software for Macintosh.

May 3rd, 2000 – Intelli Innovations, Inc. is proud to introduce Server
Sentinel 1.0, a powerful server monitoring utility for the Macintosh
platform. Sentinel will check your servers at specified intervals, and then
run events if a server check fails like e-mailing or paging you, running
AppleScripts, opening applications locally or over networks, resetting
crashed computers, and much more.

Server Sentinel is now available on our website at

Server Sentinel works great alone, but also can integrate with third party
hardware and software products as well to increase it’s abilities. Sentinel
currently supports:

iLog from Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. (
PageNOW! from Mark/Space Softworks (
PowerKey Pro from Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. (
Simple Pager by James Sentman (
SoundJam MP from Casady & Greene (

Server Sentinel is priced at $30, and can be ordered at our online store.
You’ll even receive your activation code instantly after purchase. Sentinel
makes it possible to ensure your servers are online, while you do something
you really want to do. From keeping up on a local network, to making sure
your web provider is really up as much as they say they are, Sentinel makes
it easier to manage. So don’t worry – your systems will stay up without you.

About Intelli Innovations, Inc.
Intelli Innovations develops innovative Internet and productivity software
for the Macintosh platform. URL: E-Mail:

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