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[MD1] Monaco Tuner 1.2b3 available

From: (Stephen C. Gilardi)
Subject: [ANN] Monaco Tuner 1.2b3 available – please test

Due to a bug, Monaco Tuner 1.2b2 didn’t work with Mac OS versions less than
8.5. Monaco Tuner 1.2b3 has been tested under Mac OS 8.1 and Mac OS 8.5.
Under Mac OS 8.1 and earlier, it should act just like Monaco Tuner 1.1.x.

I think this will be the last beta of Monaco Tuner 1.2b3, so I would
appreciate it if someone would make it fail and send me a bug report. 🙂

Under Mac OS 8.5, Monaco Tuner 1.2b3 allows you to substitute the 9 pt
bitmap font of your choice for Monaco 9. All other Monaco Tuner features
are disabled under Mac OS 8.5. Providing the other features is difficult
(in some cases impossible) using the new, Mac OS 8.5-compatible method.

This one function (“substitute for Monaco 9”) is the only Monaco Tuner
function I usually use.

If you’re interested, you’re welcome to download this beta version from the
following URL:


Please consider giving it a try and letting me know if you have any trouble
with it. I can be reached at (

Stephen C. Gilardi
SQ Software

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