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[MD1] ProFont Distribution 2.2 Released

From: “Stephen C. Gilardi” (
Subject: [ANN] ProFont Distribution 2.2 Released

Co-authors Steve Gilardi and Carl Osterwald are pleased to announce the
release of “ProFont Distribution 2.2”. It is available now as:


ProFont is a monospaced font whose 9 pt size is similar to Monaco 9 but
with improved readability. It includes slashed zeros, ells with serifs,
emphasized punctuation, etc. It is a great font for programmers and anyone
else who needs a monospaced font with easily distinguished characters.

New since the 2.1 release are:

– modifications to the shape of several characters for even better
readability and improved anti-aliasing support,
– several small bug fixes in the fonts,
– improved QuickDraw GX compatibility,
– a version of ProFont encoded with the Windows character set, and
– updated contact information.

ProFont Distribution 2.2 includes bitmap and outline (both TrueType and
Adobe Type 1) versions of ProFont, ProFontISOLatin1, and ProFontWindows. It
also includes “Monaco Tuner”, a control panel which allows you to
automagically substitute ProFont for Monaco at 9 pt or at all sizes.

ProFont Distribution 2.2 is compatible with System 7 and Mac OS 8.

Enjoy ProFont!


Stephen C. Gilardi
SQ Software

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