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[MD1] MRJ 1.5.1 Fixes Security Hole

Apple has posted a MRJ 1.5 to 1.5.1 Updater on it’s bleeding edge page at The MRJ 1.5 -) 1.5.1
Updater fixes a security hole in MRJ 1.5. They are posting it here to get
feedback from the developer community that (a) this updater fixes the
security hole and (b) we didn’t break something else in the process. We
expect to release this to the general public shortly. Please send feedback
to, put “UPDATER” in the subject line of your email

MRJ 68K JITC 1.5 Beta is a Just-in-time compiler for 68030 and 68040
Macintoshes that have MRJ 1.5 installed. The JITC greatly enhances the
peformance of many operations in Java.

You will need Apple’s Disk Copy 6.1.3 utility to mount the MRJ 68K JITC 1.5
Beta install image. If you don’t already have Disk Copy, you can find it

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