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[MD1] MRJ SDK 2.0.1 Early Access 1

At Apple’s MRJ Pre-Release Page
(, there’s a pre-release
version of MRJ SDK 2.0.1.

MRJ SDK 2.0.1 Early Access 1

Now available is an SDK containing tools, sample code, documentation, etc.
to assist you in your work with MRJ 2.0. You can download it in either of
the following formats:

MRJ SDK 2.0.1ea1 (BinHex format)
MRJ SDK 2.0.1ea1 (MacBinary II format)

You will need Apple’s Disk Copy 6.1.3 utility to mount the SDK disk images.
If you don’t already have Disk Copy, you can download it from

Send Feature Requests and Feedback about MRJ to:

Send Bug reports about MRJ to:

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