MacTech Web Site Banner Ad Information & Specs

Banner Ads on the MacTech Web Site

Sponsors on MacTech's Web site <> enjoy the benefit of marketing on the hottest venue for Macintosh programmers and developers in the marketplace.

By sponsoring pages on the MacTech web site through banner ads, advertisers reach a highly qualified customer base. The traffic on this site has steadily grown, with our average now being at 130,000 unique visitors per per month. To continually increase web traffic, the MacTech web site is linked extensively throughout the community, and with a very high Google Page Rank, we're easy to find content on. And we're continually working to add significant, traffic-attracting content.

MacTech's web site is designed exclusively for those interested in the technology under the hood on the Mac. As a resource in addition to the print publication, the site now approaches some 50,000 pages of content, and is the place where IT folks on the Mac not only search for MacTech content, but content on other sites (through our community search engine). gives you, the advertiser, the best and most economical way possible to promote your product on the Internet to technical folks on the Mac, to direct visitors to your web site, or direct your potential customers to another web site.

MacTech Magazine's web site offers advertising opportunities where your ad will be rotated on a regular basis throughout all of the different sections of the site.


With sought after availability, banner ads are only bundled with MacTech's print advertising

Technical Specifications

Producing web ads is both simple and hard. The idea is to get an attractive ad into a minimal amount of file space. The longer an ad takes to load on the user's screen, the less likely they are to pay attention to it. With that in mind, here are some technical specifications for these files.

The ad should include:

How to Reserve Your Space

All materials are due to MacTech two weeks prior to start date. Obviously, the artwork must adhere to the technical specifications.

  1. Ads must be prepaid. Credit cards will be accepted to expedite your ad placement.
  2. Payment and signed insertion order are to be received 14 days before start date. Insertion orders can by faxed to Ad Sales at 805/494-9798. You can contact us at <> or Toll Free: 877-MAC-ADS-5 (877-622-2375), 805-494-9797.
  3. Reserved space will not be held without a signed insertion order. Space is limited.