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Monday September 28

iPhone 6s Uses Different-Sized A9 Chips From Samsung and T...

Ahead of the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, there were rumors suggesting both TSMC and Samsung were developing Apple's A9 chip for the device. There was some confusion over how the split would work, because the two companies used different technologies - TSMC was rumored to be using a 16-nanometer process while Samsung used a 14-nanometer process.

Chipworks has now confirmed via several iPhone 6s teardowns that the new devices do indeed contain application processors from both Samsung and TSMC. Comparatively, the die size of the Samsung processor is smaller than the die size of the TSMC processor.

The APL0898 chip was developed by...

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Apple Blows Away all Past First-Weekend Sales of the iPhon...

On September 14, 2015 Apple iPhone 6s pre-sales hit 10 million, with Apple's phablet selling exceedingly well. Today, Apple announced it has sold more than 13 million new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models, a new record ...

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MAME Emulator Shown Running Well on New Apple TV

Earlier this month, developer James Addyman got his emulator, Provenance, working on the Apple TV Developer Kit provided to developers via lottery, and now developer Kevin Smith has gotten the popular MAME game emulator running on the device.

In the video below, a tvOS version of the MAME emulator is demonstrated on the fourth-generation Apple TV. For those unfamiliar with MAME, it stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. Over the years, several apps with the MAME code have snuck into the iOS App Store, letting people illicitly run old arcade games.

In the video, Smith shows several old arcade games running on the Apple TV, including Donkey Kong, Galaga, Street Fighter II, Raiden, and Metal Slug - Super Vehicle. All of the games are said...

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Apple Pulls Older Software From 'Purchased' Tab...

Apple recently removed older versions of OS X and other discontinued software from the Purchased tab of users who had previously purchased or downloaded them. With the change, it is no longer possible for users to download Aperture, iPhoto, OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion, and OS X Mavericks from the Mac App Store.

The decision to disallow users from downloading the older software is not going over well on reddit, where commenters are calling Apple's decision "user-hostile."That's really unfortunate and hostile by Apple. What about people who use older operating systems due to compatibility problems with specific software?

I recently had to re-install Mavericks, but didn't keep the "Install OS X Mavericks" app. Now my only chance of getting it again is to download it from another location, and I don't know whether that image has been compromised.It is not clear if...

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Apple Adds New 'Guided Tours' Video Section to A...

In just a few short days, the first Apple Music trial periods will begin ending for those who signed up for the trial on June 30, Apple Music's official launch date. As that end date approaches, Apple has updated its Apple Music website to add a series of Guided Tour videos to walk people through using the service.These Guided Tour videos will show you how to discover new music, hear recommendations from experts, create playlists, connect with artists, and listen to all the music you love on all your devices. Watch now.There are seven different Guided Tour videos, which cover a range of topics. Three of the videos are dedicated to the Apple Music subscription service, walking people through using the For You section of Apple Music for personalized recommendations, the New feature that has music curated by Apple Music editors, and Apple...

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Comprehensive Comparison Shows Camera Improvements From Or...

With each iteration of the iPhone, Apple improves camera quality, which has led to the iPhone being one of the most popular camera choices in the world. The iPhone 6s introduces the company's first 12-megapixel camera, an improvement over the 8-megapixel cameras Apple has used since the iPhone 4s and the most advanced iPhone camera yet.

Camera+ co-founder Lisa Bettany has taken a series of comparison shots that demonstrate how the iPhone has improved over the years, with photographs taken with every model of iPhone beginning with the original iPhone and ending with the iPhone 6s.

Her photographs provide a fascinating look not only at how the iPhone 6s has improved over the iPhone 6, but also at how smartphone camera technology has progressed over the last eight years.

Bettany compares images taken with each...

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Apple Targeted in new Patent Lawsuit Covering iCloud Compu...

St. Luke Technologies, LLC has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple with 7 counts of infringement of patents that were based on inventions from Dr. Nagel, Dr. Felsher and Steve Hoffberg relating to cloud computing encryption.

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iPhone 6s Water Resistance Tests Yield Mixed Results

Since the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been out for a few days, some users have begun to test the breaking point of the new devices, especially in regards to the possibility of water resistance. A handful of YouTubers have put together some videos showcasing impressive results of both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus under a few inches of water, but the devices fare much worse when put to the test under four feet of water in a swimming pool.

The first video pits the iPhone 6s Plus against the Galaxy S6 Edge in a small container, under a few inches of water. Each smartphone survived an impressive thirty minutes submerged under water, and appeared to retain their entire functionalities afterwards. As noted by Keaton Keller, the creator of the video and part of the TechSmartt channel, last year the iPhone 6 died after...

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iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Sales Top Thirteen Million in...

Apple today announced that opening weekend sales for the brand-new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have exceeded thirteen million units, breaking the previous record of ten million units sold by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year.

“Sales for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous first weekend sales results in Apple’s history,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Customers’ feedback is incredible and they are loving 3D Touch and Live Photos, and we can’t wait to bring iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to customers in even more countries on October 9.” The company claims, as with previous years, that demand for the new smartphones is at an all-time high, and confirmed that the new iPhones will be coming to 40 additional countries beginning...

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Apple Files for 'iCloud' Trademark in Europe Cov...

On Friday Apple filed for the 'iCloud' trademark with European Patent and Trademark Office. The most notable new entry relates to all-things for vehicles under class #12. It cover such things as "apparatus for locomotion by land, air, water or rail; consoles ...

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'iPhone 7' Rumored to Be Waterproof, Possibly Ad...

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus was just released in first-wave launch countries around the world last Friday, but a few new rumors about the 2016 "iPhone 7" have begun to surface online this morning. According to a source from the Chinese social media site Weibo (via Mac Otakara) [Google Translate], the next version of the iPhone will have a strengthened, waterproof frame and may ditch a metallic casing altogether.

This strengthened body would certainly follow in the footsteps of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which bolstered the...

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Sunday September 27

Video Shows Benefits of 2GB RAM in iPhone 6s

When Apple announced the iPhone 6s, they didn't mention that the new iPhones carry 2GB of RAM, an increase from 1GB on the iPhone 6. The 2GB RAM was later confirmed in Xcode and benchmarks. This increased RAM allows the iPhone to keep more Apps and data active in memory.

iDownloadBlog recorded this video showing the difference between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s after loading several websites in Safari:

The iPhone 6s is able to keep more websites active in memory without requiring a reload when returning to the tab. The additional RAM should also allow more apps to remain active in memory without relaunching.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus just...

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Apple Wins 8 Design Patents for All-New Store-within-a-Sto...

In 2012 we posted a report detailing Apple's first wave of design wins in China for Apple's Store-within-a-Store displays. Though like all things in life, times change and Apple has now updated their store-within-a-store displays.

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The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Sues Apple over A...

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Sues Apple over A9X Processor and more. Apple has stated that it is the policy of the company not to accept or consider proposals regarding licensing ...

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Apple's CEO Met with India's Prime Minister Nare...

On Thursday we reported that "Apple's Busy CEO Tim Cook to Meet with India's Prime Minister in California over the Weekend," and yesterday Cook indeed met with PM Modi at the Fairmont Hotel as presented in the video ...

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Saturday September 26

Blundering Aaron Sorkin Apologizes to Tim Cook, but the Ba...

Late yesterday afternoon we posted a report titled "Aaron Sorkin lashes out at Apple's CEO Tim Cook with a Real Zinger." Aaron Sorkin apologized within 24 hours by telling E! News exclusively: ""You know what, I think that Tim Cook ...

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One of the Most Compelling Legal Cases Filed against Apple...

A Patent troll by the name of Zeroclick, LLC, legally acquired two very interesting patents from inventor Dr. Nes Irvine, a medical doctor who possessed the prescient vision to develop touch-only user interface technologies that would enable significant benefits to his medical work and any field where users interacted with graphical user interfaces. Dr. Irvine claims to have written a letter to Apple's then Director of Software Development, Avie Tevanian ...

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Friday September 25

Hands-On With 3D Touch on the New iPhone 6s Plus

The standout new feature of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is 3D Touch, which Apple is billing as an evolution of Multi-Touch. The new feature allows the display to sense how much pressure is being applied, opening up new ways for users to interact with their phones. We went hands-on with the 6s Plus and explored what the feature is capable of.

3D Touch can be used both in and out of apps. Outside of apps, on the Home Screen, a user can press down on an app's icon to quickly interact with the app. This feature is called Quick Actions. For instance, pressing on the Phone app allows you to quickly call a recent contact. Or, pressing down on the Camera icon allows you to quickly take a selfie.

Inside of apps, 3D Touch allows users to "Peek" and "Pop" into their content. For instance, within the Messages app a user can press down on a contact's message thread to see their latest message and then press down harder to Pop into the thread to reply. Finally, 3D Touch can be...

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Live Photos Shown Off In New Hands-On Video

One of the brand new features for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is Live Photos, which captures an additional 3 seconds of video around a still image and plays it through when a user 3D Touches the photo. We went hands on with the new feature and experimented with it.

To use Live Photos, a user just has to take a normal photo when the "live" icon in the upper center of the screen is lit up. The iPhone automatically captures 1.5 seconds of video before and after the photo and stitches it all together. Because Live Photos combines video and still images, the new format takes up double the space a regular photo would.

While reviewers were largely positive on Live Photos, first impressions from users haven't been as kind. ...

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iPhone 6s Plus Touch ID Much Quicker Than iPhone 6 Plus in...

With the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, one well-known hardware feature got a substantial upgrade: Touch ID. Apple improved the Touch ID sensor, allowing it to recognize fingerprints faster than it could previously. We went hands-on with the brand new iPhone 6s Plus and compared its improved Touch ID sensor to the one in the iPhone 6 Plus.

The 6s Plus' Touch ID unlocks the phone almost instantaneously, taking a user straight to their Home Screen when they rest their finger on it. Comparatively, the speed of the 6 Plus' Touch ID makes it seem like a two-step feature, first waking up the display and then taking a user to the Home Screen.

On first impression, some users think the new Touch ID is too fast, however. Reddit user...

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Samsung has Just Developed the Ultimate Gesturing Technolo...

Today millions of Apple fans from around the world stood in lines to get their hands on the new iPhone 6s with the killer feature known as 3D Touch. And to spoil it, word is that Samsung's secret killer feature is about to be introduced ...

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Aaron Sorkin lashes out at Apple's CEO Tim Cook with...

Aaron Sorkin didn't take kindly to Cook's recent comment and lashed back at Cook by telling the Hollywood Reporter that "If you've got a factory

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Aaron Sorkin Blasts Tim Cook for Calling Steve Jobs Films...

Earlier this month, Tim Cook sat down for an interview with Stephen Colbert, where discussion turned to Aaron Sorkin's upcoming "Steve Jobs" film and Alex Gibney's "Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine" documentary.

Though Cook has not seen either film, he called Jobs an "amazing human being" and suggested he hated the movies being made about Jobs. "I think a lot of people are trying to be opportunistic and I hate this," he said. "It's not a great part of our world."

Aaron Sorkin gave a scathing response to Tim Cook's comment in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter calling out Apple's Chinese factories and telling the interviewer that he and other top executives on the project had taken pay cuts to get the film made."Nobody did this movie to get rich," he said. "Secondly, Tim Cook...

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iPhone Upgrade Program Causing Headaches for Some Launch D...

Apple launched its iPhone Upgrade Program today in the U.S., enabling customers to purchase the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus with AppleCare+ coverage included for 24 equal payments of between around $30 and $45 per month depending on the model. After at least 12 monthly payments, the customer can upgrade to a new iPhone and restart the 24-month payment cycle.

Apple stipulates that the iPhone Upgrade Program is available to qualified customers only with a valid U.S. personal credit card, since the program is based on a 24-month installment loan with a 0% APR from Citizens Bank. For customers with good credit, most did not expect this requirement to be an issue. But, as launch day unfolds, some customers have had frustrating experiences.

MacRumors user onujpt writes that he was declined from the program, despite having good credit and an Apple Barclaycard with a $4,000 available...

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iPhone 6s First Impressions: Touch ID is Super Fast, Live...

We're well into the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch day, which means people all over the world are receiving their devices either via delivery or from Apple retail locations. On the MacRumors forums, customers who have an iPhone in hand have started sharing their first impressions of the device, giving us a look at release reactions from the general public.

We're highlighting some interesting tidbits and thoughts on the iPhones below, and we'll link to a number of forum threads that are well worth checking out.

Image via SmoveAL01
Initial reactions from customers receiving their devices are similar to the thoughts we saw in the first reviews....

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A new Report Claims that an iPhone 6s Supplier Plant abuse...

A little band of SACOM protesters gathered outside one of Apple's largest stores in Hong Kong today, angry over the wicked working conditions that are being deployed by one of Apple's key suppliers of touchscreen glass for the iPhone 6s.

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iPhone 6s Plus Opens Apps Slightly Faster Than iPhone 6 Pl...

As customers begin receiving the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus around the world, the smartphones have quickly been subjected to unboxings, drop tests, teardowns, bend tests and camera comparisons. The latest is a speed test between the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus that confirms the former is faster than its predecessor.

YouTube channel Mad Matt TV tested the speed of the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus side by side based on opening apps and loading websites in Safari on each device at the same time. The results show the iPhone 6s Plus is faster than the...

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BlackBerry Misses Quarter, Set to dabble in Android with n...

BlackBerry missed already low expectations for its second quarter as the technology company showed it's still struggling with its turnaround plan. The news triggered more calls from analysts to expedite their shift to Android.

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Apple Files Trademark for Stylized 'Apple Pencil...

On September fifteenth the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) published Apple's first trademark application for 'Apple Pencil' which covered the text-only version of the new logo. Today USPTO published Apple's ...

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It's iPhone 6s Day: the Faithful Line up, iFixit Look...

Over in the UK the Telegraph video shows us that the iPhone faithful lined up at the Covent Garden Store to get their hands on the latest and greatest smartphone on the market today.

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iPhone 6s Launch in U.S. and Canada Begins as Apple Stores...

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launch day has officially arrived in the United States and Canada as Apple Stores in eastern cities such as New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto and Washington D.C. have now opened at 8:00 am local time. The launch will continue westward across the U.S. and Canada over the next three hours.

Apple Stores will now begin fulfilling in-store reservations for the new iPhones and accepting walk-in purchases from the long queues that have formed at some locations. UPS and FedEx will also be making pre-order deliveries generally between the hours of 9:00 am and 8:00 pm to residential addresses.

Guess where I'm at?! #AppleStore #JaxNYC #iPhone6S #iwaiting...

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Apple Watch Launches in Belgium, Finland, Norway, Luxembou...

Apple has updated its regional websites for Belgium, Finland, Norway, Luxembourg and Poland to announce the Apple Watch will be available on October 9.

Belgium, Finland, Norway, Luxembourg and Poland will be part of the sixth Apple Watch launch wave:

  • April 24: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, U.K. and U.S.
  • June 26: Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan
  • July 17: The Netherlands, Sweden and Thailand
  • July 31: New Zealand, Russia and Turkey
  • September 25: Austria, Denmark and Ireland
  • October 9: Belgium,...
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    FTC to spearhead new Investigation into Google's Andr...

    While Google's CEO Sundar Pichai is preparing to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this weekend, a new report has surfaced this morning claiming that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reached an agreement with the Justice Department to spearhead a new investigation of Google’s Android business.

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    Thursday September 24

    4K Video from iPhone 6S Plus Shows Striking Advantage of O...

    Last year, the iPhone 6 Plus had one camera feature the iPhone 6 did not: optical image stabilization, which automatically adjusts the camera sensor to make up for any shakiness the camera may endure. With the iPhone 6s Plus, Apple has added optical image stabilization for video as well as still images. Tonight, Giga Tech has uploaded a new video that shows off the 6s Plus' optical image stabilization versus the iPhone 6s.

    While the iPhone 6s doesn't have optical image stabilization, it does have digital image stabilization, which is the camera's software accounting for any shakiness. Giga Tech notes that digital image stabilization works well when the iPhone 6s is shooting in Full HD 1920x1080, but that it's not as effective when shooting in 4K.

    The video, which takes place in an old, abandoned airplane, offers a striking comparison of the two device's video capabilities. While...

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    Adobe Unveils Photoshop and Premiere Elements 14 for Mac

    Adobe today released new versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, its lower-cost photo and video editing software aimed at consumers. In this year's update, both Photoshop Elements 14 and Premiere Elements 14 have gained several new features and refinements to existing tools, making it easier than ever to use Adobe's software for improving photos and videos.

    Photoshop Elements 14, Adobe's image editing software, has gained tools for removing camera shake and for removing haze. Adobe first introduced haze removing tools with its 2015 Creative Cloud update, and has now brought that capability to Photoshop Elements 14. While the haze removal tool is useful for improving the look of outdoor shots, it can also be used to clean up old photos and improve the lighting in backlit shots.

    Adobe's shake removing tool...

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    iPhone 6s Teardown: 1715 mAh Battery, Taptic Engine X-Ray,...

    iFixit is in the process of taking apart the brand new iPhone 6s. While the internals aren't arranged too differently from the iPhone 6, there are some major visual differences worth noting. These include the new Taptic Engine, a smaller battery and the 3D Touch display.

    The most instantly recognizable difference is the smaller battery. While Apple's 3D Touch video previously confirmed that the iPhone 6s would carry a 1715 mAh batter, which is smaller than the iPhone 6's 1810 mAh battery, iFixit's teardown provides further confirmation.

    Another major visual difference comes in the presence of the new Taptic Engine, which takes up a large amount of space below the battery and is likely to account for the smaller size of the iPhone 6s' battery. iFixit blasted the Taptic Engine with x-rays, providing a peek into the...

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    iPhone 6s Plus Very Difficult to Bend in New Bend Test Vid...

    Last year, iPhone 6 Plus users began noticing that their phones were bent after carrying the devices in their pockets for a few days. The issue, known as "BendGate", became widespread after a video test revealed that it didn't take much pressure for the 6 Plus to bend near the volume buttons. Apple strengthened the weaker points of the 6s Plus and added a new, stronger 7000 series aluminum to the device. Today, YouTube channel FoneFox subjected the iPhone 6s Plus to a bend test to see if Apple's improvements help.

    In the video, the phone is given the same bend test it was given a year ago. FoneFox's Christian simply wraps his hands around the device and attempts to...

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    iPhone 6s: Early Unboxing, Drop Test and Teardown

    It's September 25 in Australia, which means the first customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are now beginning to receive their shipments or are getting home from purchasing one at an Apple Store. Australians and those who went to Australia to receive their phones have now taken to YouTube to show off the device in unboxing videos, drop tests and more.

    YouTube user Lachlan Likes A Thing unboxes a Rose Gold iPhone 6. The video was a part of Lachlan's live stream of iPhone 6s coverage, and features him answering questions from his viewers. He also shows off the standard in-box iPhone accessories, which include the EarPods, wall charger and Lightning cable. Lachlan also unboxes a pink iPhone 6s silicone case, showing off what the phone looks like in the case.

    YouTube channel TechSmartt got their hands on both the...

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    Apple's Busy CEO Tim Cook to Meet with India's P...

    It's certainly been an eventful month for Apple's CEO Tim Cook. He kick started the month by introducing the iPhone 6s and many other new products on September 9; went on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on September 16 ...

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    Microsoft Introduces 'Invite' for busy iOS Profe...

    Microsoft has been on a roll lately developing business software for iOS. Over the last few months we've written about NewsCast, Skype, and new access and security controls for Outlook for iOS along with new a 'Translator' app for Apple Watch but to name just a few. Today Microsoft is adding yet another pro app for iOS called 'Invite' ...

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    First iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Pre-Order Customers in New Zea...

    It's just after 8:30 a.m. in New Zealand, which means the first customers who pre-ordered an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus are now beginning to receive their shipments. Soon, customers in Australia will begin getting their iPhones, and the first Apple retail stores in the country will open for in-store sales. New Zealanders have started sharing photos of their new devices on social networks like Instagram and Twitter.

    Image via Instagram user Gyuriels
    As September 25 hits around the world, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the UK, and the United States. Retail stores in those countries will be opening at 8:00 a.m. local time, letting customers pick up reserved devices and purchase a new phone via walk-in.

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    iPhone 6s Lines Forming at Apple Stores Ahead of Launch Da...

    With less than one day until the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launch in twelve countries, customers have begun forming lines at Apple Stores around the world to purchase one of the new devices. The size of the lineups vary depending on the location and will undoubtedly grow longer as we get closer to 8:00 am local time on Friday in each country.

    Longer lines have formed at two Apple Stores in the German cities of Hamburg and Munich on the evening prior to the iPhone launch, while there are shorter queues in U.S. cities such as Chicago and San Francisco. Meanwhile, in Sydney, Australia, a media executive has a robot holding her place in line.

    Birmingham, U.K.

    Birmingham customers have the benefit of lining up indoors (via Benjamin Mason)
    Chicago, U.S....

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    Apple Releases iOS 9.0.1 for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

    Apple today released a version of iOS 9.0.1 designed for its newest devices, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. iOS 9.0.1 was initially seeded to the public yesterday, but that version of the software did not include support for the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus.

    Customers who receive an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus tomorrow will need to update to the new operating system after unboxing their devices, as they will presumably ship with iOS 9.0 installed.

    iOS 9.0.1 is a minor software update that was released one week after the public launch of iOS 9. It includes several bug fixes, including a fix for an issue that prevented some users from upgrading their iPhones to iOS 9 because of an unresponsive "Slide to Upgrade" dialog.


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    Apple Releases Second iOS 9.1 Public Beta

    Apple today seeded the second iOS 9.1 beta to public beta testers, two weeks after seeding the first beta a day after its "Hey Siri" fall media event. Today's beta is the same as the second iOS 9.1 beta seeded to developers yesterday.

    Public beta testers who already have iOS 9.1 installed can get the second beta as an over-the-air update, and those interested in getting early release software from Apple can sign up to participate in Apple's Beta Software Program.

    iOS 9.1 is an update mainly designed for the iPad Pro, adding support for accessories like the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil, both of which require deep integration with iOS 9. It will also include support for the new Apple TV.

    The update also includes...

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    Apple Lists the Top Apps Hit by Malware and Provides a Sim...

    Apple stated Sunday that it was cleaning up its App Store after several cyber security firms reported a malicious program dubbed XcodeGhost had been embedded in possibly thousands of apps. Apple said it was working with developers ...

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    Apple Invents an Apparatus to Assist Service Personnel rem...

    Today, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals an invention that will provide service personnel with an apparatus to disassemble an iDevice such as an iPhone or iPad with ease.

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    Apple Store in Tokyo Begins Setting Up iPhone 6s Display M...

    Less than ten hours before the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launch in Japan, at least one Apple Store in the country has begun setting up display models for customers to view. The new iPhones will go on sale in Japan at 8:00 AM local time on Friday just a few hours after the smartphones launch in Australia and New Zealand.

    MacRumors reader Shawn DaSilva sent us a trio of photos showing Apple retail employees installing the new iPhones at an Apple Store in Omotesando, Tokyo on Thursday evening. The new iPhones are also advertised on a digital banner spanning the length of the store.

    Apple is no longer accepting pre-orders or in-store reservations in time for September 25, leaving lining up at an Apple Store as one of the only options to get a new iPhone on launch day. Apple is not allowing walk-in...

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    Like watching the latest Movie Trailers? Apple's work...

    Today the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals an invention that relates to methods and systems for providing consumer notifications regarding newly released media items such as movie trailers.

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    Apple Invents a New Docking System using Optical Data Tran...

    Earlier today we posted a report titled "Apple Invents a New Magnetics-based Docking System with Inductive Charging" which marked Apple's fifth patent application this year regarding inductive charging. Apple's sixth related patent now has surfaced and yet it takes a completely different direction ...

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    Apple Lists Top 25 Apps Compromised by XcodeGhost Malware

    Apple has updated its XcodeGhost FAQ on its Chinese website with a list of the top 25 most popular App Store apps that were compromised by the malware. The list includes some notable apps such as WeChat, Heroes of Order & Chaos and a localized version of Angry Birds 2.

    Apple advises that users should update the affected apps to fix the issue, noting that if a listed app is available on the App Store right now, it has already been updated. Apps with an asterisk are currently not available on the App Store, but Apple says they should be updated very soon.

  • WeChat
  • DiDi Taxi
  • 58 Classified - Job, Used Cars, Rent
  • Gaode Map - Driving and Public Transportation
  • Railroad 12306
  • Flush
  • China Unicom Customer Service (Official Version)*
  • CarrotFantasy 2: Daily Battle*
  • Miraculous Warmth...
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    Apple Invents a New Magnetics-based Docking System with In...

    Today the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals an invention that generally relates to connectible devices, and more specifically to a new system for magnetic connection and alignment of connectible electronic devices such as ...

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    Wednesday September 23

    T-Mobile Strikes Again with a Hot new iPhone 6s Plan Start...

    Today T-Mobile's CEO announced that it would offer the iPhone 6s 16 GB devices for just $5 per month ...

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    Apple's Goal of 1,800 Employees for Project Titan Mor...

    On Monday we reported Apple's Project Titan Leaders were allegedly given permission to triple the 600-person team to 1,800. Today, MarketWatch points out that the initial public offering prospectus of Tesla reportedly only had 514 employees worldwide as of the end of 2009 ...

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    New Survey Supports Apple's Account of Record Breakin...

    According to a new Robert W. Baird & Co. survey, the number of people in the U.S. expressing an intent to buy an iPhone has grown to 53.2% from 43.7% while the intent to buy an Android smartphone fell to ...

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    Jeb Bush clarifies that he'll Kill Net Neutrality in...

    Jeb Bush stood out today to say that he'll push to eliminate net neutrality so as to "eliminate regulations" ...

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    Apple Releases iOS 9.0.1 With Multiple Bug Fixes

    Apple today released iOS 9.0.1, a minor update that introduces several bug fixes for iOS 9. The iOS 9.0.1 update comes just one week after iOS 9 was released to the public on September 16.

    iOS 9.0.1 is available to all iOS 9 users as an over-the-air update.

    iOS 9.0.1 is a minor update that introduces bug fixes and performance enhancements to iOS 9. iOS 9 is Apple's latest operating system, which focuses on proactivity and intelligence with updates to Siri and Search. It also includes a split-screen multitasking feature for the iPad and updates to several Apple-branded apps.

    Today's iOS 9.0.1 release precedes iOS 9.1, which will mark the first significant update to iOS 9. iOS 9.1 includes new emoji, and settings for acclimating the "Hey Siri" activation feature to an individual user's voice...

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    Apple Seeds Second iOS 9.1 Beta to Developers

    Apple today seeded the second beta of iOS 9.1 to registered developers for testing purposes, two weeks after seeding the first iOS 9.1 beta following its fall "Hey Siri" event and one week after releasing the first version of iOS 9 to the public.

    The new beta of iOS 9.1, build 13B5119e, is available as an over-the-air update and through the Apple Developer Center.

    iOS 9.1 includes new features for the iPad Pro, adding support for accessories like the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil, both of which are deeply integrated into the operating system. It also includes features that will allow the iPhone to interact with the new Apple TV.

    iOS 9.1 also includes Unicode 8, adding support for some long-awaited emoji like the taco, burrito, cheese wedge, middle finger, unicorn head, and more, plus it includes a new "Hey Siri" Settings feature that lets the "Hey Siri"...

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    The 'Apple Watch Sport' Design Mark is now a Reg...

    The Apple Watch officially launched on April 24, 2015 in three variants including Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Sport. Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office published Apple's RTM for ...

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    T-Mobile Shares Full Details on $5/Month iPhone 6s Offer [...

    T-Mobile has shared the full details of its new JUMP! On Demand promotion that offers the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus for as low as $5 and $9 per month respectively with a qualifying smartphone trade in. The exact monthly payment is calculated based on both the iPhone model purchased and smartphone model traded in.

    A base 16GB iPhone 6s starts at $5 per month with zero due upfront when trading in an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Note 5. The price rises to $10 per month with an iPhone 5s, Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4 trade in, or to $15 per month with the trade in of most other smartphones.

    A 16GB iPhone 6s Plus starts at $9 per month with zero due upfront with an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Note 5 trade in. The...

    | Read more »
    China's President Xi Jinping to Meet with Apple'...

    Today President Xi Jinping gets down to business and is set to meet with Apple Inc's Tim Cook and other top tech executives.

    | Read more »
    The Apple-IBM MobileFirst Program Set to Launch in China

    It's being reported today by Guanzhou's 21st Century Business Herald that the Apple-IBM MobileFirst Enterprise program will be officially coming to China ...

    | Read more »

    Tuesday September 22

    Apple Notifying iPhone 6s Pre-Order Customers About Shippi...

    Apple has started sending emails to customers who may be affected by shipping delays caused by Pope Francis' visit to the United States, letting them know that they may not be able to receive their iPhone 6s and 6s pre-orders on launch day.

    Based on an image shared by Sam Biddle on Twitter, Apple is informing customers that while there may be delivery issues on Friday in restricted areas, Saturday deliveries will be available in most areas. Any customer in an affected area can expect to receive an email from Apple and from UPS or FedEX.

    As MacRumors reported over the weekend, Pope Francis will be visiting New York City and Philadelphia this week, with all of the major shipping companies planning to shut down deliveries in select areas during his visit. UPS, FedEX, and USPS will all be...

    | Read more »
    Belligerent Samsung Dismisses Judge Koh's Judgement a...

    It looks like Christmas has arrived early for Apple. Last week we posted a report titled "Court Rules Against Samsung & Sets a Great Precedent for Protecting Future Apple Products." And late yesterday, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District of California entered a $548 million judgment for Apple ...

    | Read more »
    Live Photos Called 'Best New Feature,' Composed...

    The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus include several new camera features that have been highly popular in reviews thus far, but there's also a fantastic update to the way photos are displayed on the two devices. With Live Photos, exclusive to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, a bit of motion is captured alongside each photo, enabling short animations that bring each image to life.

    To enable Live Photos, the iPhone captures 1.5 seconds before every picture is taken and 1.5 seconds afterwards. The motion is then displayed whenever a 3D Touch force press is used on a photo, activating the animation to add a bit of context.

    With iPhone 6s reviews coming out today, we've learned several interesting details about the Live Photos feature, including some negative aspects that Apple's working to improve. We're also able to get an in-depth look at what the reviewers thought of the feature, giving us an idea of...

    | Read more »
    Apple to Alert Users Who Installed Apps Compromised by Xco...

    Apple has added an XcodeGhost question and answer page to its Chinese website today that explains what the malware is, how some users may be affected and next steps the company is taking to ensure that developers and end users alike are protected against malicious software going forward.

    Apple claims that it has no evidence to suggest that XcodeGhost has been used for anything malicious, such as the transmission of personally identifiable information, stipulating that the code is only able to deliver some general information about apps and system information.

    Nevertheless, Apple says it is working closely with developers and will soon list the top 25 most popular apps impacted by XcodeGhost on its Chinese website. The company will also be alerting users to let them know if they have downloaded apps that could have been...

    | Read more »
    Mossberg Reviews the iPhone 6s and Thinks that it's...

    Today the reviews on the iPhone 6s are flooding in prior to the release of Apple's new smartphones this Friday. Earlier today we covered the review by Bloomberg Businessweek that also linked to other reviews by USA Today and TechCrunch. Now the Grand Daddy of reviewers is stepping in.

    | Read more »
    Apple Outlines Steps for Developers to Validate Xcode Foll...

    Following last week's disclosure of new iOS malware called XcodeGhost, which arose from malicious versions of Xcode hosted on third-party servers, Apple has outlined instructions for developers to ensure the version of Xcode they are using is valid.

    When downloading Xcode from the Mac App Store, or Apple's website so long as Gatekeeper is enabled, OS X automatically checks the app's code signature and validates it against Apple's code. If you must obtain Xcode elsewhere, follow these steps:To verify the identity of your copy of Xcode run the following command in Terminal on a system with Gatekeeper enabled:
    spctl --assess --verbose /Applications/

    where /Applications/ is the directory where Xcode is installed. This tool performs the same checks that Gatekeeper uses to validate the code signatures of...

    | Read more »
    iPhone 6s Puts Focus on Its Cameras With Higher-Quality Ph...

    With the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus a few days away, the first reviews for the new devices have begun appearing online today. Many reviewers touted Apple's inclusion of the new 3D Touch technology and the overall performance enhancements that were brought in thanks to the A9 processor. One of the biggest points of attention given in a number of the reviews, however, was the 12-megapixel camera, which has the ability to capture Live Photos and shoot 4K video.

    In one of its two in-depth reviews on the iPhone 6s, The Verge simply called the new smartphone's camera, "the best camera most people will ever own." Still, the site thought that the overall camera improvement from the iPhone 6's 8-megapixel offering was a "mild" update in the grand sense, given that most customers...

    | Read more »
    Apple Files Trademarks for 'Works with Apple HomeKit...

    While Apple has long ago filed for the HomeKit trademark, today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Apple's trademark application for the logo associated with 'Works with Apple HomeKit' as noted in our cover graphic.

    | Read more »
    New Apple TV Teardown Provides Closer Look at A8 Chip, Lar...

    iFixit has posted a hardware teardown of the new fourth-generation Apple TV, providing a closer look at the set-top box's A8 chip, flash storage, redesigned power supply with a larger heat sink and other logic board components. The website also provided a teardown of the accompanying Siri Remote.

    Under the hood, the new Apple TV features a dual-core, 64-bit Apple A8 chip with 2GB of SK Hynix LPDDR3 SDRAM, custom Apple memory controller, SK Hynix NAND flash storage, Universal Scientific Industrial Wi-Fi module and SMSC USB 2.0 to 10/100 Ethernet controller.

    Apple TV 4 Components List

  • Apple A8 APL1011 SoC
  • Universal Scientific Industrial 339S00045 Wi-Fi module
  • SMSC LAN9730 USB 2.0 to 10/100 Ethernet controller
  • Apple 338S00057 custom memory...
  • | Read more »
    Businessweek and USA Today Give the iPhone 6s Two Thumbs U...

    While nothing looks different on the outside, a lot has changed on the inside of the new iPhone 6S. Bloomberg's Sam Grobart reviews the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and notes that the A9 processor is ludicrously fast.

    | Read more »
    Office 2016 for Mac Now Available as One-Time $150 Purchas...

    Microsoft has announced that Office 2016 for Mac is now available as a one-time $149.99 purchase without an Office 365 subscription. Office Home & Student 2016 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for home use on one Mac. Office 2016 for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later.

    The standalone version of Office 2016 for Mac features offline storage and 15GB of OneDrive cloud storage, but lacks Outlook, Publisher, Access, tablet and phone support, 60 minutes of Skype calling, instant updates and technical support included with the Office 365 version.

    Office Home & Business 2016 for Mac is also available for $229.99 and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook on one Mac. Comparatively, subscription-based...

    | Read more »
    iPhone 6s Reviews: 'Performance Beast' with a...

    With the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus just three days away on September 25, the first round of reviews for the new smartphones have begun showing up online. Most sites have been able to experience the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus for about a week, and have largely come away with positive impressions of the devices that bring in some notable improvements to the line, in spite of its "S" generation designation.

    The Verge was one of the most positive on their review unit of the iPhone 6s, noting that if it's Apple's job to create a reason for customers to upgrade to a new iPhone each year, they've "done it again" with the new iPhone. Although they note the premium pricing and odd storage tiers, the site believes that 3D Touch will become as necessary as pinching and zooming, and adds to an experience that overall feels like "the best version ever of the best smartphone on...

    | Read more »
    Foxconn Seeks Funding from Apple to Buyout Sharp's LC...

    According to a new report this morning, Foxconn Electronics is looking to buy Sharp's LCD business and is also looking to seek funding from Apple to make the move ...

    | Read more »
    Apple Granted an Alternative Headset Connector Patent that...

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 26 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover a headphone connector invention and design that may already be dead in its tracks. Another 2014 granted patent supports Apple's MFi program's choice of connector which is the lightning connector for future audio.

    | Read more »
    Apple Granted 26 Patents Today Covering the Apple Watch Ma...

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 26 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover the Apple Watch magnetic mechanism and the Mac ...

    | Read more »

    Monday September 21

    Lucky Customer Receives Rose Gold iPhone 6s Nearly Five Da...

    A visual designer named Adrienne from San Diego, California is among the first customers to receive the brand new iPhone 6s, nearly a whole five days before the latest smartphone launches in the U.S. and eleven other countries.

    Adrienne shared photos of the new iPhone 6s on her Twitter account on Monday afternoon, noting that her pre-order from AT&T arrived much earlier than expected. The all-new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus officially launch September 25.

    Apple each year requests that couriers like UPS and FedEx hold new iPhone deliveries until the same day the smartphones become available in stores, but a few lucky customers often receive their devices ahead of time due to logistical error.

    Adrienne also shared unconfirmed Geekbench 3 screenshots that show the iPhone 6s has a single-core score of...

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    FlightAware Once Again Offers Tool to Track iPhone Pre-Ord...

    Apple began shipping iPhone 6s and 6s Plus pre-orders on Saturday and now FlightAware, a site that offers live flight tracking, has once again begun offering a tool that allows users to track the flights carrying their iPhones after they receive their tracking number. FlightAware also offered the tool last year.

    FlightAware says that users who have their UPS tracking number can use their tool to match their "departure scan" with one of the departure times listed in their tool to determine which flight their iPhone is on. The tool will be updated as FlightAware learns more about Apple's shipping strategy for the new phones.

    Currently, many flights are on their way to Louisville, Kentucky's Worldport, which is UPS' worldwide air hub. Additional flights...

    | Read more »
    Microsoft to Launch their Microsoft Band 2 in October and...

    Today we learned that 2 leaks show that the Microsoft Band 2 shows a more friendly wearable that's likely to debut on October 6. We also learned today that Microsoft has invented next-gen skin-sensors for future wearables in a patent application that came to light via the U.S. Patent Office.

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    Apple Allegedly gives Green Light to Triple Project Titan...

    Asked last week by late-night talk-show host Stephen Colbert about Apple’s interest in a driverless car, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said: "We look at a number of things along the way, and we decide to really put our energies in a few of them." No one at Apple will comment on whether Apple is making a car but somehow the Wall Street Journal is able to magically find sources pointing to 2019 or thereabout for launch time frame.

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    No Walk-in iPhone 6s Sales at Apple Stores in 4 U.S. State...

    While Apple has ended launch-day pre-orders and in-store reservations for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the company is suggesting that those customers still intent on purchasing one on launch day visit an Apple retail store Friday for a chance at scoring some of the remaining launch-day stock at those locations. But for customers in four U.S. states, China, Japan, and Hong Kong, these walk-in sales are not an option, notes The Oregonian.

    The disclosure was made in a footnote on Apple's press release this morning making a final announcement about Friday's launch plans and reporting record adoption of iOS 9: "iPhone is available by reservation only in China, Hong Kong, Japan and US stores in tax-free states."


    | Read more »
    Apple Releases First OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan Public Beta

    Apple today seeded the first beta of OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan to public beta testers, just days after first releasing the beta to developers and roughly a week and a half before OS X El Capitan will be released to the public on September 30.

    The new beta is available through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store.

    The first beta of OS X 10.11.1 introduced support for Unicode 8 and new emoji like taco, burrito, cheese wedge, hot dog, middle finger, and unicorn head. The emoji are also included in iOS 9.1, which is also in testing.

    Beyond new emoji, there have been no other outward-facing changes discovered, suggesting OS X 10.11.1 is a minor update that will bring bug fixes and performance enhancements. According to Apple's release notes, the beta offers stability, compatibility, and security improvements.

    Recent Mac and iOS Blog Stories

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    Apple Car Development Speeds Up, 2019 Launch Date Targeted

    Apple is speeding up development on its electric car project, reports The Wall Street Journal, giving it a "committed project" label and targeting 2019 as a prospective shipping date. To facilitate a faster launch, Apple will be greatly expanding the number of people working on the car.The go-ahead came after the company spent more than a year investigating the feasibility of an Apple-branded car, including meetings with two groups of government officials in California. Leaders of the project, code-named Titan , have been given permission to triple the 600-person team, the people familiar with the matter said.Apple has already been aggressively hiring for its car project, poaching employees from companies like Ford, General Motors, Tesla, Volkswagen, and more. Many of its recent hires have expertise in...

    | Read more »
    Apple Ends Launch Day Online Pre-Orders and In-Store Reser...

    With four days to go until the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple is no longer offering launch-day delivery of any iPhone 6s or 6s Plus models ordered online and is no longer allowing customers to make reservations for in-store purchases, including through Apple's new iPhone Upgrade Program, on Friday.

    While shipping estimates for iPhones 6s Plus models in particular quickly slipped to 2-3 weeks or longer following the start of pre-orders on September 12, many iPhone 6s models remained available for launch day delivery until today.

    Customers looking to place online pre-orders for iPhone 6s models that had until recently remained...

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    Apple Releases WatchOS 2 With Native App Support, New Watc...

    Apple today released watchOS 2 to the public, making the first major update to the watchOS software available to all Apple Watch owners. The update requires iOS 9 and can be downloaded over-the-air through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone by going to General --> Software Update.

    watchOS 2 was originally scheduled to launch on Wednesday, September 16 alongside iOS 9, but Apple delayed the launch in order to address a major bug that was found shortly before the software was set to debut.

    As the first significant update to watchOS, watchOS 2 introduces a lot of new features to the Apple Watch, mainly through new developer tools. watchOS 2 brings native apps that run on the watch itself instead of the iPhone, and it lets developers access several sensors and hardware features including the Taptic Engine, heart rate monitor, microphone, and accelerometer.

    The new time-lapse watch...

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    iPhone 6s Plus Has Smaller 2750mAh Battery

    Apple's iPhone 6s Plus includes a 2750 mAh battery, according to images shared by Taiwanese site AppleClub [Google Translate]. That means the battery in the iPhone 6s Plus is smaller than the 2915 mAh battery found in the existing iPhone 6 Plus.

    We've already learned the iPhone 6s has a smaller 1715 mAh battery because it was spotted in a video Apple created to highlight 3D Touch, but there's been no visual confirmation on the iPhone 6s Plus battery until now.

    Ahead of the debut of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, rumors suggested both devices...

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    New USB-C Batteries to Charge Retina MacBooks at Full Spee...

    Apple's Retina MacBook uses a brand new USB-C connector for power, which means that it's able to be charged by external USB battery packs much like an iPhone or an iPad. But because of its higher 29 watt power requirements, there aren't any current battery packs that pump out enough power to charge the MacBook at full speed. Instead, most USB battery packs used with the MacBook today just keep the battery steady, without adding additional power. That's set to change, however, as companies are starting to debut accessories and battery packs that will let the Retina MacBook charge at its full 29 watt rate.

    As of today, Hyper, known for its line of external battery packs designed for Apple's notebooks, is launching a Indiegogo project for the...

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    Apple's iOS 9 on Track to being the most Popular iOS...

    Apple's senior VP of Worldwide marketing Phil Schiller announced this morning that "iOS 9 is also off to an amazing start ..

    | Read more »
    iPad Mini 4 Display Has Improved Color Gamut and Lower Ref...

    DisplayMate has tested the iPad mini 4 display and found that its colors and color accuracy are on par with the iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with an improved 101% color gamut. All previous iPad mini models had 62% color gamut with poorer color saturation, according to the company's analysis.

    iPad mini 4 also has a record-low 2% screen reflectance, compared to 6.5% reflectance for the iPad mini 3 and and 9% reflectance for the original iPad mini. This gives the iPad mini 4 a contrasting rating in high ambient light of 225, which in layman's terms means the tablet has improved readability in real-world viewing conditions.

    DisplayMate Technologies President Ray Soneira:But in terms of real-world viewing conditions, the record low 2.0% screen Reflectance actually makes a bigger visual difference for the image...

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    Things Look Gloomy Again for Samsung as Korean Analysts Cu...

    It just keeps getting gloomier for Samsung by the month. According to a new Korean report today, local analysts are once again cutting their earnings estimates for the third quarter for Samsung

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    Vogue's NY Fashion Week Shot with the new iPhone 6s

    For the public, Apple's new iPhone 6s doesn't officially arrive on the market until Friday. Yet photographer Kevin Lu was given the new smartphone ...

    | Read more »
    New Apple Music Ad for Emmy Awards Last Night Showcased Bl...

    Kerry Washington of the ABC drama 'Scandal', singer/songwriter Mary Jane Blige and ...

    | Read more »

    Sunday September 20

    Apple Debuts New Ad Focused On Apple Music Playlists Durin...

    Apple debuted a brand new Apple Music ad during the Emmys tonight. The ad features actresses Taraji P. Henson and Kerry Washington hanging out and enjoying Apple Music with singer Mary J. Blige. The ad has a focus on Apple Music's playlists.

    Playlists, the new mixtapes.
    Go ahead ladies!
    @maryjblige @kerrywashington @TherealTaraji

    — Apple Music (@AppleMusic) September 21, 2015
    The ad, which was directed by Selma director Ava Duvernay, features Washington, Blige and Henson hanging out at a home and remembering mixtapes before Blige interrupts them to tell them about Apple Music...

    | Read more »
    What You Need to Know About iOS Malware XcodeGhost

    Palo Alto Networks has published details about new Chinese malware called XcodeGhost. MacRumors has created a FAQ so you can learn more about the malware and how to keep your iOS devices protected.

    What is XcodeGhost?
    XcodeGhost is a new iOS malware arising from a malicious version of Xcode, Apple's official tool for developing iOS and OS X apps.

    How is XcodeGhost distributed?
    A malicious version of Xcode was uploaded to Chinese cloud file sharing service Baidu and downloaded by some iOS developers in China.

    Chinese developers then unknowingly compile iOS apps using the modified Xcode IDE and...

    | Read more »
    Apple's First Next-Gen Store Opens in Brussels with E...

    There about 500 Apple fans attending the opening of the new Apple Store in Brussels on Saturday. As we noted in a Friday report, it's the world's first next-gen Apple Store designed by Jony Ive.

    | Read more »

    Saturday September 19

    iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Orders Now Shipping Ahead of Septemb...

    Just days after iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus pre-orders began shifting to "Preparing for Shipment" status on the Apple Online Store, several customers in the United States and abroad have received notice that the smartphones are now shipping from China for estimated delivery on September 25.

    iPhone 6s Plus from Apple scheduled for September 25 delivery via UPS
    iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus pre-orders have been shipped by both Apple and carriers such as Verizon and T-Mobile. Most devices are scheduled for overnight shipping next Thursday, meaning that customers should begin receiving their new iPhones on Friday morning, the same day the smartphones launch in twelve countries.

    iPhone 6s from Verizon scheduled for overnight shipping on September 24
    Apple requires that couriers such as UPS and FedEx in the United States hold iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus...

    | Read more »
    Revamped Infinite Loop Apple Store in Cupertino Now Open

    After being closed since June for a complete overhaul, Apple today re-opened its Infinite Loop Campus Store in Cupertino, California. The store is located on its famous campus, and it is the only Apple Store that sells Apple-branded products like t-shirts, notebooks, and coffee mugs in addition to standard Apple Store fare like MacBooks and iPhones.

    Hundreds of people visited the new store today, waiting in long lines to get inside to see the new design. Apple employees were on hand to give out umbrellas to block out the sun and water to beat the 90 degree heat. Customers who waited in line received a free shirt that plays on the Apple Watch and Apple Music, reading just " Shirt."

    Before it was redesigned, the campus store only sold items like T-shirts and coffee mugs, but after the revamp, it is a full Apple Store that lacks only a Genius Bar for device repairs. The store now sells iPhones, iPads, MacBooks...

    | Read more »
    Pope Francis Visit to NYC and Philadelphia Could Delay iPh...

    While many customers around the world anticipate receiving their brand new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus when the smartphones launch on September 25, pre-order deliveries in areas of New York City and Philadelphia could be delayed as Pope Francis prepares to visit both of those cities next week.

    UPS, a courier service that frequently delivers Apple pre-orders, has posted a temporary service notice on its website that states no pickups and deliveries will be available in the following ZIP codes areas of NYC and Philadelphia between Thursday, September 24 and Saturday, September 26 due to security measures.

  • New York City: 10001, 10007, 10017, 10021, 10022, 10023, 10029
  • Pennsylvania: 19102, 19103, 19104, 19106, 19107, 19109, 19123, 19130, 19146, 19147

    The affected areas in New York City are all in Manhattan, including...

  • | Read more »
    Apple Begins Hiring for Flagship Chinese Retail Store in M...

    Apple has posted several job listings today for an upcoming retail store in Macau, a Special Administrative Region of China. The store is looking to fill Specialist, Creative, Genius, Store Leader and Manager positions, in addition to hiring for the Apple Store Leader Program and multiple business-related positions.

    Chinese-language newspaper Macao Daily reported in June that Apple is planning to open a flagship store in Macau, which is located across from Hong Kong, but the news went largely uncovered by mainstream media. At the time, the report claimed that Apple had not finalized a location for the upcoming store.

    Apple celebrated the grand opening of its...

    | Read more »
    Apple's Beautiful New Store in Brussels Opens to Long...

    Apple celebrated the grand opening of its newly designed Apple Store in Brussels today with much fanfare, ranging from CEO Tim Cook tweeting to long lineups and media forming around the entrance prior to the doors opening. The store is the first located in Belgium at Avenue de la Toison d'Or in a busy shopping area.

    The new Apple Store is the first to feature a next-generation Jony Ive-inspired design with large and virtually seamless curved glass panels on the facade, light boxes extending the length of the ceiling, indoor trees, touch-sensitive sequoia wood tables, new wooden shelves for Beats headphones and other accessories, and a massive digital screen at the back of the store for product marketing.

    Goeiedag Brussel! Bonjour Bruxelles!

    — Tim Cook (@tim_cook)...

    | Read more »

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    Mac Pros on sale for up to $300 off MSRP
    B&H Photo has Mac Pros on sale for up to $300 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges sales tax in NY only: - 3.7GHz 4-core Mac Pro: $2818.99, $181 off MSRP - 3.5GHz 6-core Mac Pro: $3699... Read more
    5K iMacs on sale for up to $150 off MSRP, fre...
    B&H Photo has the 27″ 3.3GHz 5K iMac on sale for $1899.99 including free shipping plus NY tax only. Their price is $100 off MSRP. They have the 27″ 3.5GHz 5K iMac on sale for $2149, $150 off MSRP... Read more
    Twelve South Redesigns BookArc For Today’s Sm...
    Twelve South has announced a redesigned version of their very first product, BookArc for MacBook. Tailored specifically for the newest generation of MacBooks, BookArc holds the new, smaller Apple... Read more
    Phone 6s Tips & Tricks – Tips Book For iP...
    Poole, United Kingdom based Tap Guides Ltd. has announced the release and immediate availability of iPhone 6s Tips & Tricks, an in-depth eBook available in the iBookstore that’s priced just $2.99... Read more
    13-inch 2.5GHz MacBook Pro on sale for $994,...
    Best Buy has the 13″ 2.5GHz MacBook Pro available for $994.99 on their online store. Choose free shipping or free instant local store pickup (if available). Their price is $105 off MSRP. Price valid... Read more
    Is The iPad Pro Really A Serious Laptop Repla...
    Probably not, at least for productive professionals and other power users. Steve Jobs declared that we’d entered the “post-PC Era” with the advent of the original iPad in 2010, a phrase we don’t hear... Read more
    Wednesday Deal: 13-inch Retina MacBook Pros f...
    Adorama has 13″ Retina MacBook Pros on sale for up to $130 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and Adorama charges sales tax for NY & NJ residents only: - 13″ 2.7GHz/128GB Retina MacBook Pro: $1199.99 $... Read more
    uBar 3.0 for Mac OS X – Custom Dock Replaceme...
    Brawer Software has announced the release of uBar 3.0, an important update to their popular app and window manager for Mac OS X. uBar allows users to position it whichever side of the screen they... Read more
    13-inch 2.5GHz MacBook Pro (refurbished) avai...
    Apple has Certified Refurbished 13″ 2.5GHz MacBook Pros available for $829, or $270 off the cost of new models. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, and shipping is free: - 13″ 2.5GHz MacBook Pros... Read more

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