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Apr 17
Visual Projector 2
Now, with the release of "Visual Projector 2" Macintosh users have a shareware alternative to version control systems with an intuitive interface. With Version 2, VCS databases can be created and manipulated, files can be checked in, out and shaken about in a intuitive manner. Visual Projector is a user interface for Apples SourceServer which is freely available from Apples web site. This release opens the world of source control via SourceServer to those outside of the programming fraternity. VisualProjector can be used easily for source management of web sites, word processor documents, spreadsheets, applescripts,etc. Visual Projector allows users of Apples MPW Projector and SourceServer to examine the status of files on disk and within projector databases. Filtering of files makes it easy to see which ones aren't under project control. The filtered display of projector databases highlights which files already under version control are checked out and to whom. Current Features...
Apr 17
DVD Player Helper 1.0
Bare Bones Software is pleased to announce the release and immediate download availability of the "DVD Player Helper". Beginning with the Power Mac G4 AGP ("Sawtooth") machines, Apple introduced version 2.0 of the Apple DVD Player software. This version (and subsequent releases) of the Apple DVD Player do not require DVD decoding and playback hardware in order to play DVD video disks. However, at the same time, Apple introduced a limitation into the DVD player: if you have MacsBug (Apple's machine-level debugger) installed, the Apple DVD Player will display an error message, and then exit. If you're a developer, and you use your machine for both software development and recreation, the error message is probably frustratingly familiar. Until now, the only way to watch DVDs using the Apple DVD Player has been to remove MacsBug from your system folder, restart the machine, watch your DVD video(s), put MacsBug back in the system folder, and restart the machine again. An inconvenient...
Apr 17
Good Bye ACI US, Hello 4D, Inc.
April 17, 2000. San Jose, CA. Good Bye ACI US, Hello 4D, Inc. ------------------------------- ACI US, Inc. publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment, announced today that they will change their name to 4D, Inc. After 16 years ACI US decided it was time to change their name to reflect the more recognizable name of their popular product line. 4D, Inc. hopes that this change will increase brand recognition and make it easier for developers to help clients benefit from the powerful features that the 4th Dimension (4D) product line has to offer. Now, customers who are curious about 4D can go to and actually find information about our products instead of utilizing a search engine because they couldn't remember ACI US. If you have links to the web site do not worry about broken links, 4D, Inc. will continue to retain the domain name and will transfer all requests it receives to the site. However to reduce the risk of broken links efforts should...
Apr 17
Syslogd 2.1.7
From: Brian Bergstrand ( Subject: [ANNC] Syslogd 2.1.7 Syslogd 2.1.7 is now available from ( This release adds support for machines that do not follow the syslog standard message format, completely re-written Help and fixes a couple of message processing bugs. For more information see the Release Notes file and Syslogd Help. Syslogd for the Mac OS is a syslog compatible Shareware program that will log messages from network devices (UNIX machines, printers, routers, etc) including Apple's AirPort Hub. Syslogd also includes support for Mac applications and AppleScript programs to log messages. Syslogd includes a graphical administration program that allows for easy configuration and setup; you do not have to edit a text file with an obscure format. For more information see ( Brian Bergstrand
Apr 16 Undercuts Domain Market with $17 Registrations Undercuts Domain Market with $17 Registrations - WhoisPlus makes finding business names easy BETHESDA MD April 17 - Internet domain search and registration can now be done for only $17.00 per year in just two minutes at (, announced CEO Michael F. Mann. "We have achieved our goal of making the registration process as fast, painless and economical as possible," said Mann. "There are no surcharges or hidden fees, and our online control panel allows customers to make instantaneous changes to their registration details. It also enables the forwarding of Web traffic to preexisting Websites." "We plan to generate volume sales by undercutting competition which usually charges $70-$119 for 2 year registrations. The competitors simply cannot match our pricing or level of service, which includes responsive toll-free technical support and email support." Furthermore, the site has a free proprietary engine called WhoisPlus...
Apr 14
From: Opus Software ( Subject: ShadowKeys 1.0 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 10,2000 Opus Software today officially released ShadowKeys version 1.0 for Mac OS as shareware ($5) to the Macintosh user and developer community. The extension ShadowKeys provides two missing keys (Forward-Delete and End) for the Apple USB Keyboard. Compatibility and System Requirements: iMac, G3, or G4 with an Apple USB Keyboard. ShadowKeys 1.0 works fine under Mac OS 8.5, 8.6, 9.0, and 9.0.4. ShadowKeys has been tested successfuly with many applications and particularly with Adobe FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, ClarisWorks, MS Office, and several developer tools. The memory usage (footprint memory) is very tight, less than 200 bytes in system heap, and ShadowKeys doesn't patch any system trap, it uses a documented service! ShadowKeys version 1.0 can be downloaded at ( Daniel Muller Opus Software
Apr 13
VST Portable 100GB FireWire-based RAID array
SmartDisk Announces VST Portable 100GB FireWire RAID Ultimate DV Solution for Apple Macintosh Computers Las Vegas, NV -- April 12, 2000 -- SmartDisk Corporation (Nasdaq: SMDK), a company whose products simplify the digital lifestyle, today announced a 100GB FireWire-based RAID array (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) designed to work with all FireWire-equipped Apple- Macintosh computers. This product was under development by VST Technologies, Inc., a leading FireWire- and USB developer, which was recently acquired by SmartDisk. The VST FireWire RAID array is being demonstrated at the National Association of Broadcasters Expo in Las Vegas this week at the Sands Hotel, booth number MI 1138. The VST FireWire RAID array is a compact, portable tower that supports up to four VST FireWire hard drives which can be used separately or together for the efficient storage and rapid transfer of digital data. RAID arrays are typically used in demanding professional applications, such as video...
Apr 13
QuickCode Pro v4.0b11
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces QuickCode Pro v4.0b11 Huntington Beach, CA - April 13, 2000: Automated Solutions Group today announced the public beta release of QuickCode Pro 4.0b11 for the Macintosh, the popular assistant editor for 4th Dimension. A full working version, limited to 30 days of use, can be downloaded from QuickCode Pro (QCP) dramatically enhances the 4th Dimension method editor with a host of features designed to simplify and accelerate the process of writing 4D code. New QuickCode Pro Enhancements Search Tool - The look of the Find and Replace dialog has been changed to conform more closely with 4D's dialog style. New QuickCode Pro Bug Fixes AutoComment - If the 80th character of a comment was a hyphen, the word before the hyphen was wrapped along with the hyphen. Now the hyphen and the word before it remain where they were and subsequent characters are wrapped to the next line. - Whitespace at the end of a line was...
Apr 13
MacHack 2000: Session tracks announced
MacHack 2000: Sessions tracks announced, early registration ending MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers April 13, 2000-Dearborn, MI-The MacHack 2000 conference committee is pleased to announce the preliminary program for the June 22-24 event. The resurgence of interest in Macintosh programming has launched the conference to the cutting edge of software design and has turned this year's MacHack is one of the meatiest programs ever. There are lots of reasons for active programmers to attend be they purely Macintosh developers, engineers in a cross-platform environment or open source programmers looking to enhance their repertoire of skills. The annual program, which has always included a variety of cutting edge topics, has expanded to five conference tracks: Yoot (Youth) track: Eight "yoot"-oriented sessions are planned, ranging from Cal Simone's famous "Programming for Kids" to sessions intended to inform young people about the industry and...
Apr 12
General Edit Lite 1.1
QUADRIVIO UPDATES FREE HEX/ASCII/UNICODE FILE TOOL General Edit Lite 1.1 Edits Simple Formats, Performs Hex Searches Berkeley, CA-April 12, 2000-Quadrivio Corporation announced General Edit Lite 1.1, an update to the free tool for Mac OS programmers who need to edit data files. It is based on the commercial version of General Edit. General Edit Lite allows programmers to: 1) Open and edit disk files as hexadecimal bytes, ASCII characters, Unicode characters (Roman encoding only), 16-bit decimal integers, or 32-bit decimal integers. Files can be larger than RAM. 2) View and edit the Finder information (FInfo record) for disk files. 3) View RAM. The new version can search for hex strings. General Edit Lite requires a Mac OS PowerPC computer. It is available from Quadrivio's web site,
Apr 12
Omikron Basic 6.53 Version for all PowerMacs
New Omikron Basic 6.53 Version for all PowerMacs: The new Omikron Basic is noted for its extended functions for controlling and monitoring of the serial interfaces. Listings can now be printed better, and the programming of print routines is improved with the enhanced Extension Library. WHAT'S NEW? The Extension Library was extended with a few procedures and functions. Now it is possible to use 'Get_Lpr_Pagesize' to determine the size of the printed page in pixels and thus optimally adjust any printouts to the set page format. Advanced users find in the new function 'FN Get_Thprint' the handle of the print record utilized by Omikron Basic. The procedures 'Ser_Hshake' and 'Ser_Status' were introduced to improve the programming of the serial interfaces, enable the many settings of the handshake options, and return accurate information about the current status of the serial interface. - Program listings and other expressions can now feature page numbers if so desired. - Labels that are...
Apr 12
Fantasm 6 and LIDE 3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lightsoft is pleased to announce the release of Fantasm 6 and LIDE 3. Fantasm 6 is a Macintosh assembly language development environment. LIDE 3 provides all the functionality of Fantasm 6 and also integrates Apple's highly optimizing PowerPC compilers MrC and MrC++ allowing the building and maintenance of C and C++ projects. Prices run from US$74 to US$107. More information and 30 day demos at our web site: (
Apr 12
UtilityDog 1.0
April 12, 2000: Sunnyvale, CA. Probability One Technologies LLC announces the initial release of UtilityDog 1.0 for the Macintosh. UtilityDog is a multi-purpose file utility that provides a whole new way of interacting with the files and folders on your hard drive and auxiliary disks. The program provides an unusually powerful "find file" capability and can find files and folders by virtually any criteria imaginable. This powerful search engine remains easy to use because the complexity is hidden behind an intuitive interface similar to the one to which all Mac users are accustomed. UtilityDog can even find duplicate files, enabling users to eliminate them and recover wasted disk space. Another extremely useful feature of UtilityDog is its ability to display the contents of most files and folders instantly in its "Contents View" area. Users can browse through disks or through the results of a "find file" search, viewing the contents of each item without opening additional applications...
Apr 12
Driveway Brings Drag-and-Drop Online Storage to Mac Users
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DRIVEWAY'S "SAVE DIRECT TO WEB" ONLINE FILE STORAGE NOW AVAILABLE TO MACINTOSH USERS Through WebDAV Technology, Mac Users Can Drag-and-Drop Desktop Files Directly to the Internet SAN FRANCISCO -- April 12, 2000 -- Macintosh users now have direct access to's personal online file storage service and can drag-and-drop files straight to the Internet with the newest version of Goliath software, created independently by developer Tom Bednarz and distributed free at Through the use of WebDAV technology, Bednarz's Goliath application allows Mac owners to view the contents of their accounts in a Finder-like interface on the desktop. Users can employ simple drag-and-drop operations to save, access and organize files in a personal account. "Driveway's service lets users organize their information, share documents and access files from anywhere with a quick drag-and-drop," Bednarz said. "I hope my Goliath...
Apr 12
Extension Wizard
Cajun Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Extension Wizard, a utility for Macintosh computers that assists users in opening difficult to open documents. Often, when documents are downloaded from the internet, received as e-mail attachments, or copied from a network, they can be very difficult to get open. Moreover, sometimes these documents will open, but in one of the last applications you'd want them to...well Extension Wizard is a utility created to help end these frustrating situations! Extension Wizard Features: - extremely easy to use - can convert hundreds of kinds of documents such as pictures, text, HTML, sound, compressed archives, and much, much more - fully customizable - contains a contextual menu plug-in for fast, convenient document conversion - works on almost any Macintosh computer For more information, please visit our website at: ( And while you're browsing, please visit ( for...
Apr 11
PuppetTime and ProSoft Announce Partnership to Advance Web 3D...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PUPPETTIME AND PROSOFT ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP TO ADVANCE WEB 3D STORYTELLING Web 3D Company Blends Entertainment And E-Commerce For Mass Market Content Creation SAN FRANCISCO (April 10th, 2000) - PuppetTime, Inc. And Prosoft Engineering, Inc. today announced a strategic development partnership. The companies signed a Letter Of Intent (LOI) that provides PuppetTime access to Prosoft's innovative engineering resources to accelerate development of PuppetTime's patent pending Web 3D storytelling technologies across platforms and across the Internet. "We see a vast market potential for 3D on the Internet," says Greg Brewer, CEO of Prosoft Engineering, "While others focus on e-commerce visualization and web character solutions that require professional skills to create, PuppetTime advances a whole new concept of entertainment that gives non-professionals access to the expressiveness of 3D animation. Prosoft Engineering is excited to be able to partner with PuppetTime and...
Apr 11
Aladdin Launches, audio/music portal
ALADDIN SYSTEMS, INC. LAUNCHES "MACRADIO.COM" - NEW ONLINE SITE FOR AUDIO ENTHUSIASTS Complements MacTuner by Aladdin Systems, Inc. - Provides All-In-One Resource For Media Enthusiasts Looking For Information and Access To the Latest in Internet Audio, Radio, News and More Watsonville, Calif. -April 11, 2000 - Complementing the recent release of MacTuner 2.1.5, an application that allows users to listen to live and pre-recorded radio stations worldwide, Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC NQB: ALHI) today announced the launch of MacRadio - ( MacRadio is a new Web site geared to provide music and radio enthusiasts with a complete and comprehensive online audio source that includes access to live audio streams, audio-related news, software and hardware picks, and more. "Aladdin Systems' vision is to bring innovative and complementary applications that give customers greater productivity and...
Apr 11 Speeds Domain Registrations Launches New Applications To Speed Domain Registration Domain Fast Find generates list of available domain names based on selected key words; Multi-Name Registration enables registrations for multiple names at once New York, NY - April 11, 2000 -, Inc. (Nasdaq: RCOM), one of the leading domain name registrars on the Internet, today launched two new applications to enable faster and more effective domain name registrations. Domain Fast Find searches for available domain names based on key words entered by users - helping potential registrants find alternatives if their desired domain is already taken. In addition, the company launched Multi-Name registration, which allows customers to register multiple domain names at once. In another upgrade, customers using register.coms standard search and registration service can now enter up to three names and receive complete search results for .com, .net and .org domain names. Our focus at has always been...
Apr 11
Clip Show Revolutionizes Home-Video Sharing Over the Internet
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 10, 2000 ClipShow Revolutionizes Home-Video Sharing Over the Internet Service Makes its Online Debut Showcasing New & Innovative "Digitization" Services for Video Enthusiasts! San Mateo, Ca (April 10, 2000) - Establishing itself as the premiere, one-stop-shop for home video entertainment, ClipShow ( today announced the formal debut of its innovative online, home movie sharing service. The first multi-format, video management system of its kind, ClipShow is revolutionizing the way friends, families and organizations stay connected on the Web. ClipShow's state-of-the-art video processing services, streaming video network and easy-to-use video management system, provide the most complete way for video enthusiasts to watch, manage, process and share their home movies over the Internet. "ClipShow is the most innovative way we have found to share the positive activities of our members, their families and our community. ClipShow's...
Apr 10
ZephIR! v1.0 Now Shipping
StudioZee announces ZephIR! v1.0 now shipping Infrared ADB product for the Macintosh offers a wonderful experience in home stereo and theatre control directly from your desktop. HELENA, Montana, March 31, 2000. studioZee announced today that it's first product, the ZephIR!, is now shipping and available at their online store- . This exciting new Macintosh accessory enhances every Mac users life by giving them full control of their home entertainment devices right from the desktop. "Surf your music as you surf the net!" The ZephIR! is a small, stylish ADB device that contols home theatre components using infrared technology. It works on all ADB Macs from System 7.1 up to System 9.0. The ZephIR! is compatible with the new USB type iMacs and G4's using a simple ADB/USB adapter available separately. Because of its ADB based design, the ZephIR! does not require an AC wall adapter and does not compete for a serial port. The ZephIR! is targeted at Macintosh enthusiasts who...
Apr 10
Telex: First USB/Mac Microphone
TELEX ANNOUNCES INDUSTRY'S FIRST MAC-COMPATIBLE USB MICROPHONES USB Microphones Provide High-Quality Digital Audio Input for Apple's iMac and iBook Products April 6, 2000 - Minneapolis, MN - Telex Communications, Inc. announced today the availability of the industry's first Universal Serial Bus (USB) microphones for Apple iBook and iMac products. USB microphones from Telex's Computer Audio Products Group are the first USB microphones available. With the release of Mac OS 9.0.4, Telex's USB microphones are now fully compatible with iBook and iMac products. USB is the only method for providing audio input into Apple's legacy-free iBook products. Telex's Computer Audio Products Group is the industry leader in USB microphones and headsets. The company is in its fourth quarter of shipping USB microphones. Telex's USB product offering includes the H-531 USB Digital Headworn Microphone and the M-560 Super-Directional USB Digital Microphone. Both microphones are ideal for voice applications...
Apr 10
VSE Link Tester 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VSE Link Tester 2.0 - Faster and supports more web servers Germany, 10 April 2000 - Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today the release of an update to their new application VSE Link Tester, a link validation tool that fixes broken links and locates missing resources. Bad links and malfunctioning site features cost page impressions, customers and respect. VSE Link Tester helps Mac users to fix these errors before they harm their online business. What's New: The new version now tests links much faster on big web sites. It uses much less memory, has a much more responsive interface and fixes all known bugs from the first release. VSE Link Tester 2.0 now also supports a variety of web servers that don't strictly follow the HTTP specifications. Features: The easy to use application works online and offline. It can test multiple web sites at once and it creates a just-in-time report as well as a fully customizable, clearly arranged HTML report. It also...
Apr 10
PageNOW! eGate 1.0.2
From: Brian Hall ( Subject: [ANN] PageNOW! eGate 1.0.2 Posted PageNOW! E-Mail Gateway 1.0.2 (Mac OS) is now available for downloading. Please give it a shot and send us your feedback - we look forward to taking it in new directions! You can learn more and download via the link at: Thanks! Brian Hall Mark/Space Softworks === OVERVIEW === The PageNOW! E-Mail Gateway provides a link between email addresses and pagers or digital phones. The gateway simply checks internet email addresses, and relays any messages found to the designated pager or phone. The gateway can be used with email accounts on an in-house email server, or those on an internet service provider - you can even mix and match. To reach a pager or phone, just send email to address such as "", "" or even "". The gateway can be configured on a per-address basis to...
Apr 09
Hefty FTP Client
From: "k.brett" ( Subject: Hefty FTP Client Released Black Diamond Products today announced the release of version 1.0 of their new FTP Client Hefty FTP Hefty FTP is a modern queue based FTP client for the Mac that: * Automatically retries connections * Automatically retries downloads and uploads * Automatically resumes transfers if possible * Can be transferring queued files to/from FOUR FTP servers simultaneously while browsing a fifth * Can download files off the Web using HTTP, with full reconnection/resumption capabilities * Gives you extensive control over your FTP sessions and transfers System Requirements To run Hefty FTP, users require the following 1. A PPC Mac running MacOS 8.5 or later. 2. 8mb free RAM. 3. Open Transport. 4. About 4MB of disk space. 5. An Internet connection. 6. A screen set to 1024x768 minimum Availability Hefty FTP is now available and a usage limited copy can be downloaded at This shareware version...
Apr 07
Free SuSE Linux CD in MacTech!
FREE SuSE LINUX CD IN MACTECH MAGAZINE! SuSE first to bring Enterprise level Linux to the Apple PowerPC platform Oakland and Westlake Village, California -- APRIL 7, 2000 -- SuSE Linux AG and MacTech Magazine announced today that a free distribution CD of the soon to be released SuSE Linux for the Apple PowerPC will be included in the June 2000 issue of MacTech Magazine. This CD will be a fully working distribution of Linux on the 2.2.14 kernel, with SuSE's powerful installation tool as well as other open-source software. "SuSE is very excited to be introducing the first fully engineered version of Linux for the Apple PowerPC," comments Dirk Hohndel, CTO of SuSE Linux. "This release utilizes our knowledge, successes, and technologies from our existing distributions. The user can look forward to a simple installation and a user-friendly configuration at the end of the setup." The CD does not expire and can be distributed freely. "With all of the buzz in the Macintosh community about...
Apr 05
Qarbon's MacOS Viewlet Tool
For Immediate Release April 4, 2000 Presents Innovative Viewlets to Mac Users Around the World: Qarbon's MacOS Viewlet Tool Allows Creation of Vivid and Dynamic Step-by-Step Movies That Illustrate Answers To Thousands of MacOS Questions. (SAN JOSE, Calif., April 4, 2000) -- Today, ( released its latest Viewlet development tool to the Macintosh community. After a highly successful debut earlier this year at Upside Events' Internet Showcase and immediate acceptance within prominent help desk website communities, Viewlet popularity has grown rapidly. Designed as a revenue sharing opportunity for Viewlet authors and Web sites playing Viewlets,'s technologies and strategies are now open to Mac developers and advanced users who can easily create Viewlets for any version of Macintosh OS, Mac application or development issue. Often called online "movies," Viewlets change help files and FAQs into vivid windows that "show" rather than "tell...
Apr 05
Apple Releases Darwin 1.0 Open Source
Apple Releases Darwin 1.0 Open Source New Mac OS Core and QuickTime Streaming Server Released to Tens Of Thousands of Developers INTERNET WORLD, LOS ANGELES, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple(R) (Nasdaq: AAPL) today announced the release of Darwin 1.0, the advanced operating system core at the heart of Mac(R) OS X, and the release of an updated Darwin Streaming Server. Darwin's open source model allows the tens of thousands of registered Darwin developers to modify, customize and extend key Apple software, including the modern mach kernel and BSD layers found in Apple's next generation operating system, Mac OS X. "The core of Mac OS X is the only mainstream operating system following an open source model," said Philip Schiller, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "The new Darwin 1.0 posting includes some of the most advanced operating system technology available, and it's open to our customers and developers so that we may collaborate on the future of the Mac OS." The...
Apr 05
AGNetTools 2.5
AG Group Releases AGNetTools 2.5! WALNUT CREEK, California - April 4, 2000 AG Group, Inc. announces the release of a new, expanded version of AGNetTools, their popular cross-platform shareware suite of IP diagnostic tools. Version 2.5 represents a significant upgrade to the suite, currently available for Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2K and Macintosh platforms. Tens of thousands of AGNetTools licenses have been sold since it began shipping in November of 1998, making it an extremely pervasive and recognized toolset. Its wide appeal is due, in large part, to its straight forward, graphical user interface, which sets it apart from similar freeware, shareware and commercial products "Many of our clients have installed DSL lines and are not sure about levels of security. With AGNetTools, we can give them a system security profile along with recommendations for shoring up potential holes, if necessary," says John Moon of Digital Builders. "This particular diagnostic tool, in this day and age of...
Apr 05
Macsense iParrott: first speech recognition headset for Mac
MACSENSE ANNOUNCES FIRST SPEECH RECOGNITION HEADSET FOR THE MAC iParrott Patent-Pending Technology Provides Superior Noise Cancellation SANTA CLARA, CA, April 4, 2000 - Macsense, the leading developer of Macintosh peripherals, announced today iParrott, the first speech recognition headset for the Mac. iParrott's patent-pending Translator provides superior noise canceling for speech recognition in even the noisiest environments. The iParrott Translator is built directly into the headset, providing exceptional audio reception by canceling unwanted background noises that other headsets can't handle. This is a boon for voice recognition software, where distorted noises result in increased errors. Corey Happel, Macsense Director or Sales and Marketing, said, "The day is coming soon when we'll all be talking to our computers, asking for it to surf the Internet, send speech-mails, get stock quotes, make phone calls, write dictated documents, etc. And what users will discover is that the...
Apr 05
Startup Doubler 2.5.4
Subject: Startup Doubler 2.5.4 released today From: Marc Moini ( April 5th, 2000: Startup Doubler 2.5.4 is now available for downloading from Startup Doubler makes for quicker startups: Its software acceleration compensates for sub-optimal disk performance to make extensions, control panel, the Finder and startup applications load faster. Save time each time you startup your Mac! Those seconds spent waiting while your Mac starts add up to a lot of time. Startup Doubler usually makes startups 20% to 50% faster, depending on the performance of your startup disk and the number of Extensions, Control Panels and Startup Items in your System. Version 2.5.4, released today, adds support for Mac OS 9.0.4. Startup Doubler runs on Mac OS 9.0.4 and previous versions (going back to System 7.0), and supports multiple extension sets. It is shareware, so you can try it for free then buy only if you like it. The shareware fee is $20, registered users of previous...
Apr 04 Domain Name Search and Registration Cut to $17 Cuts Domain Name Search and Registration to $17 - Automated Online Process Takes Just Two Minutes - BETHESDA MD April 5 - Internet domain search and registration can now be done for only $17.00 annually in just two minutes at (, announced CEO Mike Mann. "We have achieved our goal of making the domain name registration process as fast, painless and economical as possible," said Mann. "There are no surcharges or hidden fees, and our online control panel eliminates waiting weeks or months to make changes to your Internet registration. We plan to generate volume sales and undercut the competition, which simply cannot match our level of service, which includes toll-free technical support as well as email support." has developed the fastest search and registration process, coupled with the most comprehensive customer support system in the business. is the only secondary domain market with the ability to...
Apr 04
Lasso 4D Web Data Engine
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 3, 2000 BLUE WORLD RELEASES LASSO 4D WEB DATA ENGINE Blue World and ACI US partnership delivers powerful solution for deploying high-performance data-driven Web applications. Save $200 through end of June. Bellevue, WA--April 3, 2000--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine--today announced the immediate availability of Lasso 4D Web Data Engine. Lasso 4D Web Data Engine is the result of the co-development, marketing and distribution agreement between Blue World and ACI US, publishers of the 4th Dimension family of database products. Lasso 4D Web Data Engine provides direct Lasso Web Data Engine connectivity to the fully multi-threaded 4D Server with performance over twice as fast as connectivity to common desktop database products. "Lasso 4D Web Data Engine is the answer to numerous requests from customers who desire an easy to use, cross-platform, multi-threaded database that tightly integrates with the Lasso product line," said...
Apr 04
Adobe GoLive 5.0
For Immediate Release Adobe Advances Web Site Design With Adobe GoLive 5.0 Professional Web Authoring Tool Combines Intuitive Visual Design With Powerful Programming Capabilities For Creating Engaging and Dynamic Web Sites Internet World, Los Angeles, (April 4, 2000) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated, the leader in digital publishing for Web, print and dynamic media, today introduced Adobe GoLive 5.0 software, the award-winning professional Web authoring tool. Adobe GoLive 5.0 introduces numerous innovations, including an on-board interactive editor for editing multimedia, '360Code' that enables complete control over any Web design source code, superior site planning and management, 'asset' check in and out through WebDAV support, and 'smart links' that provides drag-and-drop object-sharing with other Adobe products. Plus, advanced functionality such as Dynamic Link simplifies the incorporation of dynamic database and e-commerce capabilities. "Web pages often move from designer...
Apr 04
Adobe PDF Web-hosted Service from the Web Site
For Immediate Release Adobe Introduces Create Adobe PDF Web-hosted Service from the Web Site Company Extends the Adobe Acrobat Franchise with an Addition to its ePaper Solutions to Provide a Cost-effective solution for Small to Medium-sized Businesses Internet World, Los Angeles (April 4, 2000) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the immediate availability of a new Web-hosted service for creating Adobe PDF files online. Available now on ( Create Adobe PDF Online is a paid subscription service that provides business users with a flexible and convenient way to create Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. PDF documents created with Create Adobe PDF Online can be viewed and printed across a range of platforms and printing systems, regardless of operating system or application version. "A Web-hosted service for creating Adobe PDF files is a great solution for smaller businesses that are becoming increasingly...
Apr 04
Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 3, 2000 BLUE WORLD RELEASES LASSO WEB DATA ENGINE 3.6.5 Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5 free update provides numerous new features and enhancements Bellevue, WA--April 3, 2000--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine--today announced the immediate availability of Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5, a free update to Lasso 3.x providing support for Java 2 on Windows, vastly expanded Date support, new tags for Images, Validation, and Email along with numerous enhancements. "The Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5 free update continues Blue World's unswerving commitment to bring the best Web application server tool to the rapidly growing Lasso community," said Bill Doerrfeld, president and CEO of Blue World Communications. Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5 New and Enhanced Features Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5 includes the following new features: * Java 2 Support on Windows-Provides enhanced reliability using Java on Windows * Expanded Date Support-Supports...
Apr 04
Aestiva's Approach Attractive to Mac Users
For Immediate Release: Aestiva's Approach Attractive to Mac Users Torrance, Calif. April 4, 2000. "Never count out the Apple," says Aestiva's Director of Technology, D.M. Silverberg. Just as the iMac helped Apple resurrect itself as a viable competitor to Microsoft in the marketplace, MacOS X, its upcoming OS, promises a bright future for Apple. Apple's next-generation OS promises more power than many of its rivals. Today most Web site hosting providers do not yet offer Mac server hosting. That's a big dilemma in the Mac world: Apple enthusiasts often have to commit to non-Mac servers. By using Aestiva, however, they can go with a non-Mac hosting provider and still use Mac for development. Unlike products that anchor themselves in Microsoft or UNIX operating systems, Aestiva's Web approach gives an equal footing to Mac users. Aestiva's customer base includes a high percentage of Web designers who prefer Mac over other platforms. As a Web-based product, designers can develop with...
Apr 03
SpriteWorld 2.3 for Pascal and PDF Docs Released
The interface files and libraries necessary to use SpriteWorld 2.3 from Pascal have been released. The libraries were compiled using CodeWarrior 4; if they do not work on your system, you can use the C sources to create your own library. PDF Documentation for SpriteWorld 2.3 has also been released.
Apr 02
Thing Reporter 1.0
Subject: Thing Reporter version 1.0 for MacOS From: Gary Woodcock ( FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THING REPORTER VERSION 1.0 FOR MACOS NOW AVAILABLE April 2,2000 Unthinkable Research today officially released Thing Reporter version 1.0 for MacOS as freeware to the Macintosh user and developer community. Thing Reporter is a simple utility that lets you see what QuickTime components are installed on your Macintosh computer. It lists each component by name, type, subtype, and manufacturer, and it reports how many instances of the component are open. The list can be sorted by any of the reported characteristics. Thing Reporter version 1.0 for MacOS can be downloaded at Requirements: MacOS 8.1 or later, QuickTime 3.0 or later, and a PowerPC Macintosh computer.
Mar 31
Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 31, 2000 MACROMEDIA AND BLUE WORLD ANNOUNCE LASSO STUDIO FOR DREAMWEAVER Partnership propels Web application development for the Lasso Web Data Engine San Francisco, California and Bellevue, Washington -- March 31, 2000 -- Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) and Blue World Communications, Inc., pioneers of the Web Data Engine, today announced Lasso Studio 1.5 for Macromedia(R) Dreamweaver 3(R). Blue World will showcase this update at next week's Internet World Expo in Los Angeles. The companies also announced a comprehensive tutorial on the integration between the Blue World Lasso Web Data Engine and Macromedia Flash, the industry standard for high-impact, vector-based Web sites that deliver motion, sound, interactivity, and graphics. Lasso Studio 1.5 for Dreamweaver, which will be available as a free update to Lasso Studio beginning in April, will provide Lasso customers with new wizards, palettes, and performance enhancements to speed development. Lasso...
Mar 30
ACI US releases 4D v6.5.5
March 30, 2000. San Jose, CA. ACI US releases 4D v6.5.5 ------------------------- ACI US, Inc. publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment, announced today that 4D version 6.5.5 has been released and is now available from the ACI US web site. 4D Version 6.5.5 is an important maintenance release and fixes bugs found in earlier 4D v6.5.x releases. "We are committed to ensuring that developers have quality tools they need to grow their businesses," said Brendan Coveney, President, ACI US, Inc. "4Dv6.5.5 continues to improve upon the stability, power, and flexibility 4D users are accustomed to." Current 4D v6.5.x owners can download the update free of charge. The update can be downloaded from the ACI US web site at: About ACI US ------------ Located in San Jose, California, ACI US, Inc. is the US distributor of 4th Dimension and the 4D family of products, which has set the relational database standard for over fifteen years. ACI...
Mar 30
Intermediate/Advanced FileMaker Pro Hands-on Training
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Intermediate and Advanced FileMaker Pro Hands-on Training based on the wildly popular Scriptology book and CD ROM Mountain View, Calif., March 30, 2000 -- Following the success of the original Scriptology hands-on training for FileMaker Pro, John Mark Osborne has rewritten this training course to include new exercises and the latest techniques. Here is what a few students have to say about the Scriptology hands-on training courses: "I'm sure you've heard it MANY times before but... an outstanding course. Your humor and wit are only matched by your knowledge." - Steve Monroe "I don't recall a single question that could not be answered by one of you off the top of your head. I would highly recommend any class you offered." - Bruce Littrell John Mark Osborne has been working with FileMaker Pro for the last 10 years and has become one of the leading industry experts. John Mark is co-author of the wildly popular Scriptology book and CD ROM which has become the...
Mar 30
NetMinder Ethernet 4.3
For Immediate Release Neon Software Announces Immediate Availability of Support for Wireless Network Analysis in NetMinder Ethernet LAFAYETTE, CA - March 30th, 2000 - Neon Software announced today the immediate availability of version 4.3 of NetMinder Ethernet, their software-based protocol analyzer and traffic monitor. Version 4.3, available as a free download update on Neon Software's website to registered version 4 users, adds support for wireless communication technology and and additional decodes for 802.1q VLAN protocols. "With the explosive growth of wireless networking, users must have analysis tools to support wireless networks. Our new version of NetMinder Ethernet provides critical analysis data for wireless network architectures." said Michael Swan, Chief Technical Officer. NetMinder Ethernet 4.3 Wireless Network Support NetMinder Ethernet 4.3 supports Apple Computer's new AirPort wireless technology family of products. AirPort users can now capture and...
Mar 30
REALbasic 2.1 enters beta
March 30, 2000 REAL Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of REALbasic 2.1 beta 1. REALbasic 2.1 packs over twenty new features and hundreds of improvements into this free update. Visit ( to learn more and download your free demo/update. REAL Software, Inc. PMB 220 3300 Bee Caves Road, Suite 650 Austin, Texas 78746 512.263.1233
Mar 29
SpriteWorld 2.3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A MAJOR UPDATE TO THE FREE, FAST, POWERFUL, AND EASY TO USE PROGRAMMER'S LIBRARY FOR CREATING SPRITE ANIMATION IN MACINTOSH PROGRAMS March 29, 2000 Vern Jensen and Anders Bjrklund today officially released SpriteWorld 2.3 as freeware to the Macintosh programming community. SpriteWorld 2.3 is the latest update to the widely respected SpriteWorld animation library originally written by Tony Myles in 1993-94, and updated to version 2.0 by Karl Bunker and Vern Jensen in 1996. SpriteWorld 2.3 provides many new features and improvements, and even some bug fixes. As with the earlier versions, SpriteWorld 2.3 will be of particular interest to Macintosh game programmers. Using SpriteWorld, programmers can easily create animations with high frame rates that contain smooth overlapping of sprites, pixel-precise collision detection, an unlimited size and number of sprites, special effects via. custom blitters, fast scrolling, and many other features. These features lend...
Mar 29
Adobe Ships InDesign 1.5
For Immediate Release Adobe Ships InDesign 1.5 and Enhances Toolset for Professional Publishers Company announces promotional pricing for InDesign upgrade San Jose, Calif. (March 29, 2000) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the shipment of Adobe InDesign 1.5 and announced a new worldwide promotion for InDesign. Shipping this week, InDesign 1.5 is the newest version of the award-winning page layout and design program for the professional publisher. Effective immediately, all registered customers of InDesign 1.0 software are qualified for an upgrade to the new version at an estimated street price of U.S. $29.95. "Adobe has a longstanding commitment to meet the needs of our customers with superior products that are also an excellent value," said John Warnock, CEO and president, Adobe Systems Incorporated. "With the shipment of InDesign 1.5, we believe we are well on the way in making InDesign the tool of choice for professional publishers. The price promotion for...
Mar 29
BackJack for Macintosh: International Service
MEDIA RELEASE For Immediate Release - March 29, 2000 MARKDALE, Ontario, Canada - Synectics Business Solutions, Inc. (Synectics) just announced the availability of its BackJack Online Backup Service to an international Macintosh market. BackJack is a Mac-only online backup solution which enables users to get their critical files backed up and offsite - automatically, securely and cost effectively. Since its launch in June of 1998, BackJack has revolutionized the way Macintosh users back up and restore their critical data. International Export of BackJack -------------------------------- Until now, Synectics was prohibited from the international export of its BackJack service due to the strength of the encryption algorithm (128 bit CAST) built directly into its software. Approval from the Canadian government (under the General Export Permit No. 39) now means that Synectics can offer BackJack to Macintosh-based organizations and individual Mac users around the world with the exception of...
Mar 29
Now Up-To-Date & Contact Now Support Palm OS
For Immediate Release Power On Provides Palm OS Support in New Release of Now Up-to-Date & Contact Extensive Synchronization Options Added for Palm and Visor Columbus, Ohio -- March 29, 2000 -- Power On Software announced today that it had completed development of its forthcoming release of Now Up-to-Date & Contact. Version 3.9 adds support for handheld computing devices based upon Palm Computing's Palm OS. The new release offers seamless integration of the best-selling Macintosh contact management and calendaring application in history with the handheld computing devices based on the Palm OS. World Debut Scheduled for Macintosh Business Expo The product will make its worldwide debut in Portland, Oregon on April 5th at a special reception to be held at the Macintosh Business Expo, presented by Apple Computer, Inc. and The Computer Store. Effective immediately, Power On will be accepting orders for shipments to commence on April 6th. Wide Range of Palm OS Integration and...
Mar 29
VSE Link Tester
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Mac Tool Finds Broken Links And Missing Resources Germany, 29 March 2000 - Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today the release of their new application VSE Link Tester, a link validation tool that fixes broken links and locates missing resources. Webmasters know that one of the biggest problems associated with maintaining your web site is keeping all the hyperlinks updated and free of errors. One usually first finds out about a broken link when a visitor complains. For every person who complains, there are a multitude of others who just give up on the site out of frustration. The effectiveness of the web site is impaired and becomes worse if these problems aren't fixed. Bad links and malfunctioning site features cost page impressions, customers and respect. VSE Link Tester helps Mac users to fix these errors before they harm their online business. Features: The easy to use application works online and offline. It can test multiple web sites at once...
Mar 28
BeOS 5: Personal, Pro, and Open Source Announcements
BE DELIVERS NEW PERSONAL AND PRO EDITIONS OF BEOS 5 No-cost Downloadable Version of Powerhouse Media OS Removes "Barrier of Choice" for Programmers and Users MENLO PARK, Calif.--March 28, 2000--Be Incorporated (Nasdaq: BEOS) today announced the availability of the latest release of its highly-acclaimed digital media operating system, BeOS 5. The Personal Edition of the operating system, renowned for its rich media handling capabilities and ideal for first-time or casual users, is now available at no charge, via the web at Additionally, BeOS 5 Pro Edition, a fully-featured version designed for audio and video applications, has also been made available to third-party publishers in North and South America, Asia, and soon to follow, Europe. With the new release, Be is offering a programmers development kit (BeIDE, or Be Integrated Development Environment) and a library of demonstration applications at no charge. These development tools aid software developers in...
Mar 27
Virtual PC with Windows 2000
IMMEDIATE NEWS DATE: March 27, 2000 NEWS: Connectix Corporation Ships Connectix Virtual PC with Windows 2000 - Award-winning PC emulation product family for the Macintosh - Two Computers-in-One; it's like getting a Pentium chip in software, without the added costs - Fast, easy, and convenient way to access the Windows world from your Mac Connectix Virtual PC with Windows 2000 gives you a seamless and hassle-free way to run Windows 2000 on your Mac. Installation is no different than any Mac application. With Virtual PC, your computer easily becomes a Mac and a Windows machine all in one. PRODUCT: The Connectix Virtual PC product line bridges the compatibility gap between Mac and PC environments by allowing Mac users to run PC applications, access networks, and share files. Virtual PC is currently available in five versions: with PC-DOS, with Red Hat Linux, with Windows 95, with Windows 98, and with Windows 2000 each pre-installed and pre-configured. FEATURES: * Run Windows Programs...

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