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Nov 16
SuSE Linux 7.0 PowerPC Edition
SuSE Linux 7.0 PowerPC Edition Now Available Oakland, California - SuSE Linux, the international technology leader and solutions provider in Open Source operating system software, announced the release of SuSE Linux 7.0 PowerPC Edition. SuSE Linux 7.0 for the PowerPC has numerous improvements over its predecessor. In addition to the renowned comprehensive manual, the 5 CDs of this edition contain more than 1,000 applications for virtually any purpose. This includes image processing software, desktop applications, emulators, and the wide range of available window managers, network tools and editors. The inclusion of MoL (Mac on Linux) allows users to access a network-capable MacOS in the window or full-screen mode. In addition to the stable and reliable KDE 1.1.2 graphical user interface, the PowerPC Edition includes the highly anticipated beta version of KDE 2.0, which constitutes the next generation of the award-winning KDE series. KDE is a powerful, modular, and Internet-focused...
Nov 16
Compositor for Power Macintosh
Artly There Software announces the release of Compositor v1.0 for Power Macintosh, a new $16 graphic application featuring over 120 Filter and Channel effects, save and replay of user actions, all combined with a unique paradigm for fast cropping and image pre-visualization to aid artists and photographers. Compositor features: Over 120 Filter and Channel operations, all recordable and replayable. Features, partial list: Replace Color with Fuzzy Factor (neat) Paste Into Color with Fuzzy Factor (Paste another image into only certain colors of the target) Crop to any proportion, fast. View any portion of image at that proportion. Fade Undo Flare 2 Type's of Find Edges 5 Types of Blur + 4 types of Average Standard Sharpen set, plus Sharpen Edges, Unsharp Mask of Zorro Various Invert's Flip's etc 53 channel colorations and dismemberments Step in Order through above Step Random through above Add Noise independantly to any channel, in monochrome...
Nov 16
The Digital Universe: Macintosh astronomy simulation software
November 16, 2000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PREORDERS FOR "THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE" MACINTOSH ASTRONOMY SIMULATION SOFTWARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED URL: Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd. is pleased to announce that pre-orders are now being accepted for the much anticipated Macintosh release of our revolutionary astronomy simulation software package, "The Digital Universe". Shipment of the product will begin as soon as we receive the CDs and boxes from the publishing company, expected by the end of November. Some of the key features of "The Digital Universe" include: - Extensive information is available on nearly 20 million objects, including stars, planets, moons, Earth-orbiting satellites, comets, asteroids, nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters. - The software can generate views of the night sky for any date from 100,000 BC to 100,000 AD for any location on Earth, with a professional level of accuracy considering effects such as precession, proper motion, nutation...
Nov 16
Blue World Ships Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 15, 2000 BLUE WORLD SHIPS LASSO WEB DATA ENGINE 3.6.6 Free update fixes issues and provides enhanced features and documentation. Bellevue, WA--November 15, 2000--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)--today released Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.6, a free maintenance release update to their award-winning product to serve powerful data-driven Web sites. "We are committed to providing Web designers and developers the best tools to build and serve powerful data-driven Web sites," said Bill Doerrfeld, founder, president and CEO of Blue World Communications. "Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.6 demonstrates our commitment to the Lasso community to provide a robust and reliable solution for serving data-driven Web sites." What's New Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.6 addresses numerous issues to enhance overall stability and reliability and provides the following new features: - Enhanced security for Instant Web Database Publishing - Allows only...
Nov 16
Blue World Ships Lasso Studio 1.7 for Adobe GoLive 5.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 15, 2000 BLUE WORLD SHIPS LASSO STUDIO 1.7 FOR ADOBE GOLIVE 5.0 Lasso Studio(tm) 1.7 for Adobe(r) GoLive(tm) 5.0 Significantly Eases the Process of Building Data-Driven Web Sites Bellevue, WA--November 15, 2000--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)--today released Lasso Studio 1.7 for Adobe GoLive 5.0. Lasso Studio 1.7 for Adobe GoLive 5.0 enables efficient creation of dynamic, database-driven Web sites powered by Blue World Lasso Web Data Engine. The release introduces new features to the award-winning Lasso Studio and represents the first large-scale development effort using the new SDK (Software Development Kit) offered in Adobe GoLive 5.0. Lasso Studio for GoLive delivers on commitments made in the strategic alliance between Blue World and Adobe Systems announced August 28, 2000. "Lasso Studio is reknowned for offering ease-of-use without compromising robust features, allowing Web designers and developers to quickly...
Nov 15
FileTopia 1.0
PINEHILL PRODUCTS RELEASES FILETOPIA 1.0.0 - EXTENSIVE FILE INFO AND UNUSED FILE FINDER Rochester, NY - November 15, 2000 - PineHill Products is proud to announce FileTopia 1.0, a extensive file information and unused file finder utility. FileTopia is a multi-use file utility for the Macintosh. You can use it to get extensive information on a file, and also change that information. FileTopia also can find old files modified last on the date you tell it to search for, and will put them in a list for you to either open, get info on, or delete. Key features of FileTopia 1.0: * Search hard disk of old and unused files * Get extensive detail on files and change them * Built in file explorer * Easy to use interface and toolbar * Much, much more! Requirements and Pricing FileTopia needs a PowerPC Macintosh running Mac OS 8 or later, and at least 4MB of available RAM (memory). FileTopia is only $12.00, and a demo can be downloaded from the PineHill Products web site (http://www....
Nov 15
VSE Web Site Turbo 4.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Image and HTML optimizer now available in version 4 Germany, 15 November 2000 - Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today the release of VSE Web Site Turbo 4.0. VSE Web Site Turbo is a tool for Apple Macintosh computers that strips unneeded data from HTML documents, resulting in size reductions that average from 20 to 50 percent based on content. It also optimizes JPEG and GIF images so that web pages load as quickly as possible. According to a Web usability study by the Georgia Institute of Technology, Net users rate slow-loading web pages as the biggest problem online. VSE Web Site Turbo solves that problem. NEW TO THIS VERSION The new version has a whole new interface to make the application even easier to use. Also, optimizing web pages and images is now faster and several bugs have been fixed. VSE Web Site Turbo 4 now optimizes files now optimizes files better that have been created with Netscape Composer. PRICING VSE Web Site Turbo costs $ 49.95 US....
Nov 15
Tcl/Tk 8.3.2 Binary Release for Macintosh
Announcement: Tcl/Tk 8.3.2 Binary Release for Macintosh November 14, 2000 This is the long overdue 8.3.2 binary release for MacOS. See the list of mac specific changes below. I'm releasing this with the blessing of the usual maintainer of the mac port, Jim Inham ( At the moment it's only available on (, Jim Inham is working on getting it onto sourceforge. Regards, Daniel A. Steffen --------------------------Mac specific changes/fixes-------------------------- * Switched to "Installer VISE for Freeware", two installer formats: Small standalone runtime installer: will allow you to install the Tcl/Tk runtime files offline; it contains just the bare essentials: Wish, TclShell, Tcl/Tk shared libraries, Tclapplescript extension, runtime script libraries and html documentation files. This installer is sufficient if you are only using Tcl/Tk to run other people's programs or scripts, it may not contain...
Nov 14
Rage Software Announces Macintosh Explorer 1.7
For Immediate Release First Complete file browser and file management tool for the Mac Toronto, Canada, November 14, 2000 - Rage Software announced today the release of Macintosh Explorer 1.7. A major upgrade to the fully featured file browser and file management tool for the Mac. Macintosh Explorer allows easy manipulation of your files and folders and helps you find your files and folders in a quick and easy environment. Macintosh Explorer helps you easily cut, copy and paste files as well as change extended info. You can also delete unused files, backup files/folders, store favorites, preview files and much more. New To This Version This version includes many new features. The biggest improvement is the speed increase. Macintosh Explorer is now up to 80% faster while listing files and supports 32 bit icons. There are new style buttons which look nicer, and require less memory. The notepad has been greatly improved and now includes the ability to change font, style, colour, and size...
Nov 13
REALbasic 3.0 Free Upgrade Period
REAL SOFTWARE ANNOUNCES FREE UPGRADE PERIOD FOR REALBASIC 3.0 Copies of REALbasic 2 purchased starting November 1, 2000 to include a free upgrade to REALbasic 3. November 13, 2000. Austin, TX - REAL Software announced today that any purchase of a REALbasic 2 occurring on or after November 1, 2000 will be eligible for a free upgrade when REALbasic 3 ships. "Because of REALbasic's Mac OS X support and great new features, thousands are downloading version 3 alphas", said Geoff Perlman, President and CEO of REAL Software. "Unfortunately, they have been limited to using it as a "demo" because they are not yet customers. We want them to know they can purchase REALbasic 2.1.2 now, and use it and the version 3 public alphas and betas and get a free upgrade when it's released." REALbasic is the award-winning, object-oriented visual BASIC development environment for the Mac. People who have never programmed before who just need to solve a problem, experienced programmers who need to enhance...
Nov 13
Insider SpaceAgent 2.5
INSIDER WEB SITE OPTIMIZER ENHANCES JAVASCRIPT, ASP, AND XML SUPPORT SpaceAgent 2.5 Makes Web Pages Load and Render Over 30% Faster November 13, 2000 [Carlsbad, California] Insider Software today announced the release of SpaceAgent 2.5, which improves the website optimizer's power to accelerate JavaScript, Active Server Page (ASP) and XML code. The new enhancements add to SpaceAgent's powerful arsenal of web site optimizing capabilities. In addition, the new version brings a free functional demo mode to the SpaceAgent website optimizer product family. NEW FULL-FEATURED DEMO VERSION Insider offers a free demo version of SpaceAgent that lets designers, web professionals, webmasters optimize a web page at a time to test how SpaceAgent speeds up their sites. After buying the full version, users can simply drop an entire folder onto the SpaceAgent icon and it optimizes every page and image contained in the folder's hierarchy. JAVASCRIPT, XML, AND ASP OPTIMIZER DELIVERS COMPILER BENEFITS...
Nov 13
Hefty FTP 1.5
Black Diamond Products announces the release of version 1.5 of its Macintosh FTP client Hefty FTP. Hefty FTP is a modern queue based FTP client that: * Automatically retries connections * Automatically retries downloads and uploads * Automatically resumes transfers if possible * Can be transferring queued files to/from FOUR FTP servers simultaneously while browsing a fifth * Can download files off the Web using HTTP, with full reconnection/resumption capabilities * Gives you extensive control over your FTP sessions and transfers Changes in this version include: * Major improvements to program appearance and documentation * Greatly improved stability * Numerous improvements to client-server interaction * Option to disable sending of NOOPs * Adjustable display font * Several bug fixes * Price reduction Hefty FTP is shareware, and as a result of the substantial support for the product we are pleased to announce a reduction in price to $20. Hefty FTP is written by Peter Job and published...
Nov 10
UltraFIRE Plus
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2000 - Austin, Texas /, Inc., a company specializing in IEEE 1394, FireWire and iLINK peripherals and accessories for Windows, Macintosh and Linux based computers today announced the newest addition to their award winning PCI FireWire upgrade card line, the UltraFIRE Plus, a FireWire and ATA Ultra-100 RAID PCI Combo Host adapter. The UltraFIRE Plus PCI combo card comes in a time of explosive growth of FireWire peripherals and electronic devices, with large numbers of users ready to add FireWire capability to their PCs. The new card from FirewireDirect is unique among FireWire upgrade solutions in that it adds a 2 Channel ATA Ultra-100 internal RAID connection. With its built-in PCI to PCI bridge the UltraFIRE Plus card integrates 400Mbps IEEE 1394-FireWire and ATA/IDE RAID levels 0, 1 and 0+1 functions on the same board. The UltraFIRE Plus includes FireWire bus power support and offers three external and one internal fully OHCI...
Nov 10
NewsWatcher-X v2.2.3a5
From: Richard Wesley ( Subject: [Ann] NewsWatcher-X 2.2.3a5 Electric Fish, Inc. is pleased to announce a new release of NewsWatcher-X. Version 2.2.3a5 fixes a number of problems, including: - Helper already installed confusion; - Authentication preferences inaccessible; - More font problems; - Quit not disabled; - Preferences/URL panel layout; - User-Agent header missing; NewsWatcher-X is free and can be downloaded from ( - rmgw
Nov 09
FRONTBASE 2.18 for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FRONTBASE, INC. UNVEILS FRONTBASE FOR MAC OS X PUBLIC BETA Standards-compliant, scalable relational database server available now LAKE FOREST, CA., November 9, 2000 - FrontBase, Inc., today announced FRONTBASE 2.18, the first relational database server available for Mac OS X Public Beta. FRONTBASE 2.18 is designed to be the foundation for dynamic and scalable website deployments on Mac OS X and a natural choice for WebObjects developers. "We built much of FRONTBASE 2.18 in Cocoa for fast, native performance on Mac OS X and excellent interoperability with WebObjects," said Geert B. Clemmensen, founder and CTO of FrontBase, Inc. "With FRONTBASE 2.18, developers now have the tools to deliver high-availability, enterprise level systems and dynamic web sites with 100% Apple solutions." "Mac OS X is designed to be an outstanding platform for web development," said Clent Richardson, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, "We're excited to see FrontBase...
Nov 09
Acrux iBuild Lite/Pro preview version 0.9.3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Acrux Software announces "iBuild Lite/Pro preview version 0.9.3". (Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nov 9 2000)--Acrux Software, the provider of Macintosh multimedia software and courseware, today announced the update of iBuild Lite and iBuild Pro preview to version 0.9.3. Version 0.9.3 implements: * an expanded AppleScript dictionary, * AppleScript event handlers, * facility for sending stacks by email, * more example stacks and example cards (to be found in the updated Home stack), * text search facility in user mode * numerous bug fixes and minor improvements. Version 1.0 of iBuild is nearing completion and is expected to be released within a month. About iBuild iBuild is a rich, powerful and easy-to-use multimedia authoring and creativity tool for the Apple Macintosh. iBuild makes the creativity of "software design" accessible to the non-programmer. You can use it to create a vast range of "stacks" and applications: interactive presentations, photo-albums, movie-...
Nov 08
FileMaker Pro Now Capable of Financial Features
For Immediate Release FileMaker Pro Now Capable of Financial Features Not Previously Available Livermore, CA -- Nov. 07, 2000 -- ISO Productions, Inc., a leading provider of FileMaker Pro resources, announced the immediate availability of the Ranges Plug-in for FileMaker Pro, versions 4.x/5.x, co-developed with leading Plug-in developers at TROI Automatisering. The Ranges Plug-in brings new ideas to the FileMaker Pro plug-in market and continues to extend the power of this easy-to-use database. First, the functions of the plug-in allow developers to add dynamic range-based features to their FileMaker Pro solutions. Second, the One Price License eliminates the need to purchase a seat license for each computer where the plug-in will be used! This saves people time and money when developing distributed database solutions. " I have always wanted to be able to quickly view subsets of date-based information, like those found in Quicken." said Matt Petrowsky, President of ISO Productions. "...
Nov 08
MacTranslator Adds Ability to Generate Data Models From SQL
MacTranslator Adds SQL Reengineering Generate Data Models From SQL For Popular RDBMS Products Placitas, NM - Excel Software has extended the reengineering capabilities of MacTranslator to generate MacA&D data models from SQL code. Database designers can quickly generate logical and physical data models from an SQL schema for popular RDBMS products including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix and InterBase. Rich data models can represent tables, views, constraints, assertions, triggers, indexes, procedures and other SQL elements. MacA&D is a comprehensive tool for system analysis, requirement specifications, software design and code generation. Popular modeling notations and supported methods include object-oriented analysis and design with UML, structured analysis and design using Yourdon/DeMarco and Information Engineering (Martin) style data models for developing information systems. MacTranslator is a reengineering tool for MacA&D that generates UML class models...
Nov 08
VSE Be Found: Now Checks Rankings
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mac search engine tool now checks ranking on 37 search engines Germany, 8 November 2000 - Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) released today an extension to their web site promotion tool VSE Be Found Professional. New web based businesses appear every day and it is becoming increasingly more difficult for small and medium-size companies to achieve high rankings on search engines. VSE Be Found Professional provides such companies with a tool that allows them to see exactly how their web site ranks in the top search engines for any search request. If it shows that a web site doesn't have a good ranking, VSE Be Found Professional offers a variety of tools to improve the ranking, including a META tag manager and a search engine submitter that submits to over 180 search engines. NEW TO THIS VERSION The new version adds many new search engines to the ranking checker of VSE Be Found Professional so that it now checks the ranking on 37 popular search engines. That makes VSE...
Nov 06
4D SDK Plug-in for 4D v6.7 free
November 2, 2000. San Jose, CA. 4D SDK Plug-in for 4D v6.7 free ------------------------------- 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite 4.3, announced today that the new and improved 4D SDK Plug-in is now available for free from the 4D France web site. 4D SDK Plug-in the 4th Dimension software development kit is designed to make creating third-party plug-ins for the 4th Dimension environment as easy as possible for C and C++ programmers. With many new and improved features, including an expanded cookbook with more API calls, improved documentation over 4D v6.5, and several example plug-in, 4D SDK Plug-in provides developers with a powerful set of tools for custom 4D development. "The new 4D Plug-In SDK equips C/C++ programmers with an extensive library for creating custom plug-in's for 4th Dimension. As a longtime plug-in vendor, a great deal of time has been spent working with the new SDK to assure that all developers will benefit...
Nov 05
MacSpeech Announces Availability ofiListenPR3
Press Release MacSpeech, Inc. 3 Executive Park Drive Bedford, NH 03110 Phone (603) 626-5111 For Immediate Release - November 3, 2000 MacSpeech Announces Availability of iListen PR3 Bedford, New Hampshire, November 3, 2000: Macintosh speech recognition authority, MacSpeech, Inc., announces the availability of iListen PR3, its next generation speech recognition program. This will be the last preview release before the final version is ready for shipping. "iListen PR3 builds on our highly successful PR1 release, and our PR2 updater which was released last month," said MacSpeech Chief Evangelist Chuck Rogers. "In addition to allowing the user to dictate into virtually any Macintosh application, this release is more stable, improves accuracy, and adds the ability to spell uncommon words or names," said Rogers. iListen PR3 is being released as both a full installer and an updater. Only those with an iListen PR1 CD who have already updated to PR2 will be able to use...
Nov 03
MacTech Central: Developer Central/Net Innovators Join Together
MACTECH CENTRAL: THE NEW AREA FOR TECHIES OF ALL TYPES AT MACWORLD EXPO! Developer Central and Net Innovators Evolve into one New Area. WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., November 3, 2000 -- Xplain Corporation is pleased to announce that Developer Central and Net Innovators are merging to create a new area: MacTech(sm) Central. The new, exclusive, Macintosh technical pavilion will be wholly owned and managed by Xplain Corporation, the publishers of MacTech(r) Magazine. MacTech Central will be the premiere place for the technical audience attending Macworld Expo -- now all types of techies -- including programmers, web developers, net admins and techs of all types -- have a place focused on their specific needs. It's the ultimate showcase for every techie in Mac computing. "The combination of these two special interest areas will give the Macintosh technical community an incredible vehicle for experiencing the latest and greatest technical products and services." said Neil Ticktin, CEO of...
Nov 03
MacTech Central: Developer Central/Net Innovators Join Together
MACTECH CENTRAL: THE NEW AREA FOR TECHIES OF ALL TYPES AT MACWORLD EXPO! Developer Central and Net Innovators Evolve into one New Area. WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., November 3, 2000 -- Xplain Corporation is pleased to announce that Developer Central and Net Innovators are merging to create a new area: MacTech(sm) Central. The new, exclusive, Macintosh technical pavilion will be wholly owned and managed by Xplain Corporation, the publishers of MacTech(r) Magazine. MacTech Central will be the premiere place for the technical audience attending Macworld Expo -- now all types of techies -- including programmers, web developers, net admins and techs of all types -- have a place focused on their specific needs. It's the ultimate showcase for every techie in Mac computing. "The combination of these two special interest areas will give the Macintosh technical community an incredible vehicle for experiencing the latest and greatest technical products and services." said Neil Ticktin, CEO of...
Nov 03
MacCVSClient 1.6
From: Joerg Bullmann ( Subject: [ANN] MacCVSClient 1.6 MacCVSClient 1.6 is a free CVS source code revision control client running on Mac OS 7.1 and later. MacCVSClient has useful features like easy viewing of diffs and logs, a safe way to ensure you resolve conflicts before committing changes, and a convenient scrapbook window where you can compose log messages. It can store Mac OS resource files in RBL, a line based text format. Resource files stored this way can be auto- merged by CVS and diff'ed like normal text files. The AppleSingle storage format is supported as well. New in this release: * zlib data stream compression * MUCH faster check out * better auto-merge in RBL * window positions are remembered * faster module window display and filtering * improved CVS add/import pre-flight: get your files' keyword substitution and storage format right before you add them to the repository * other minor additions * bug fixes MacCVSClient's new home is: http://www...
Nov 03
CALL for Papers: The Millennium Mac-Crypto Conference
From: Vinnie Moscaritolo ( Subject: CALL for Papers: The Millennium Mac-Crypto Conference Take out your calendars, It's that time again folks. I am starting to put together the schedule for the Millennium Edition of the Mac Crypto/ Internet commerce workshop. The dates should be the week of Jan 29th, 2001. I have booked us space for that whole week, on the Apple Cupertino Campus . Henceforth, I am looking for folks to give talks, papers etc. This year's overall theme could cover "Security in a MacOS X world". I would like to see a number of talks related to how MacOS X changes the Macintosh threat model. In addition I would also like to see a few talks about lessons learned in the last few years about developing crypto related products. Maybe something about digital rights management or music. Digital cash talks are always welcome. I would like both technical and tutorial material. As usual I discourage simple marketing presentations without content, this is a...
Nov 02
MacPython 2.0
MacPython 2.0 is officially released as of now! Python is a high-level programming language that is suitable for simple scripting tasks as well as writing large applications. MacPython offers a lot of Mac-specific extensions, including access to all major MacOS Toolbox modules (QuickDraw, QuickTime, AppleScript and many more), an Integrated Development Environment (in Python!), frameworks for windowing applications, unix-compatible cgi-scripting, image-manipulation libraries, numerical libraries, tk-based machine independent windowing and lots more. It also uniquely among Pythons allows you to create fully selfcontained (and, hence, distributable) applications without needing a C compiler or anything. MacPython is completely free, and Open Source. Go to to download the installer or the full source distribution, and for more information on MacPython. Go to for general information on Python on all platforms. For those familiar...
Nov 02
ID3 Tags (in MP3 files) editor ID3X
We are proud our new freeware ID3 editor ID3X for the Macintosh! ID3X is an editor for easy manipulation of ID3 tags in mp3 music files. ID3 tags are used to store title, artist and other information in mp3 files which can then be displayed in your favorite mp3 player application. More information and download at: Thanks for your patience, Jrg Pressel three-2-one interaktive Medien GmbH fon: +49 2151 319450
Nov 01
Classic Menu 2.1 for OS X
Sig Software is proud to announce the release of Classic Menu 2.1 for Mac OS X, now optimized for the Public Beta version of the OS. Classic Menu brings the Mac OS menubar back to Mac OS X. It provides both an Apple menu on the left of the menu bar and a Process menu on the right. These menus are available within all native programs while the Classic Menu application is running. Version 2.1 stops menus displaying when a Classic application is in the foreground, improves the disappearing menu shadow problem and detects screen resolution changes. The Classic Menu web site and download are at: ( Sig Software is also pleased to announce a new licensing deal - Classic Menu and Drop Drawers X (our revolutionary user-interface enhancement, optimized for Mac OS X) can now be purchased together for just $20, a 20% saving. The Drop Drawers X web site and download are at: ( Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Lead Developer...
Nov 01
PowerMail 3.0.6
CTM Development releases PowerMail 3.0.6 native version for Mac OS X now available GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - November 1st, 2000 - CTM Development releases a new version of its $49 flagship e-mail application for Macintosh, PowerMail, now including a native version for Apple's Mac OS X preview. Designed as a fully-featured, user friendly alternative to Outlook Express/Entourage and Eudora, PowerMail features the highest performance mail searching capability, excellent compatibility with complex languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Hebrew as well as a state-of-the-art Mac-like design. The new version offers 8 new features, 12 bug fixes and has been successfully tested with the forthcoming Mac OS version 9.1 (all Mac OS releases since 8.5 are supported). PowerMail 3.0.6 can be evaluated (30-day trial) and ordered from For additional information regarding PowerMail, kindly contact -------------------------------------------------- ) DETAILED CHANGE...
Nov 01
DAVE for Mac OS X
Thursby Announces DAVE for Mac OS X Arlington Texas, Thursby Software Systems announced today that the company will demonstrate a Mac OS X version of its popular DAVE fileshare software at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. "This reflects our commitment to the development of products for Apples Mac OS X operating system," said company president William Thursby. "Since Mac OS X is much more sophisticated than Apples current operating system, we literally started from ground zero, using the knowledge and experience weve gained from the success of DAVE to totally reengineer DAVE for Mac OS X to take full advantage of this new platform." At Macworld, Thursby plans to show just how unique DAVE for Mac OS X will be. "We have worked closely with our counterparts at Apple to make certain the user experience is the same whether they mount an Apple or a PC volume," says Vice President of Engineering for Thursby, Paul Nelson. "Our goal is to be totally integrated with Mac OS X. Apple is making...
Nov 01
Mailsmith 1.1.6
MAILSMITH 1.1.6 NOW AVAILABLE FROM BARE BONES SOFTWARE Bedford, MA -- October 31, 2000 -- Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of Mailsmith 1.1.6, the company's powerful Internet email client. This new version includes support for SMTP authentication, a Show Message Data command to view the "raw" contents of messages, and a Re-Send command that makes it easy to send a message again. An update is available free of charge to all Mailsmith customers. Mailsmith 1.1.6 also incorporates numerous other enhancements, interface refinements, and bug fixes. A detailed list of changes made in this release can be found online: ( All registered Mailsmith customers may upgrade free of charge to Mailsmith 1.1.6 by downloading the update package available from the Bare Bones Software web site: ( Pricing & Availability Mailsmith 1.1.6 is available now,...
Oct 30
Sonnet's New Offerings for Power Mac 7200
SONNET EXPANDS OFFERINGS IN NEW POWER MAC 7200 UPGRADE SERIES IRVINE, CALIFORNIA October 30, 2000. Sonnet Technologies, the worldwide market share leader in processor upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh computers, announces two additional configurations to its recently-announced Crescendo line for the Power Mac 7200. The new Crescendo G3 400MHz offers 512K backside cache with a 3:1 cache ratio. The new Crescendo G4 400 MHz offers 1M backside cache with a 2:1 cache ratio. Now 7200 owners will have a choice among three speeds instead of one. Once considered impossible to upgrade, the best-selling Power Mac 7200 has a new future due to the unprecedented achievement of Sonnet's engineering team. The first product in this new line of Crescendo upgrades was the Crescendo G3 400 MHz/1M model announced in September. The new series of Power Mac 7200 upgrades will boost performance up to thirteen times that of the original system. Determining where the 7200 upgrade would be installed was one of...
Oct 29
WebiToome - Receive Files from the Web
From: Kevin Brett ( Subject: Release of WebiToome - Receive Files from the Web Black Diamond Products today announced the release of the first public beta of its new personal internet application WebiToome. WebiToome is an application that allows you to receive files directly onto your personal computer via an input form on your existing web page. It is suitable for both permanent and dial-up internet connections, and automatically updates your specified web page to allow file transfers when running. If you want people to send files directly to you by browsing your web page, WebiToome is for you! WebiToome: * allows anyone who knows the URL of your specified web page to send you files * requires the sender to have no special software other than a modern browser * is available for both Macs and PCs * can handle up to ten incoming transmissions simultaneously * is very simple to set up and run * receives directly from the sender's computer - no...
Oct 29
Blugs 1.0b2: Mac OS List Manager Replacement
From: Brian S Hall ( Subject: 'Blugs' (List Manager replacement) 1.0b2 We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Blugs 1.0b2, a replacement for the Mac OS List Manager. This new version incorporates numerous bug fixes and enhancements. For example, now Blugs can use temporary memory when allocating GWorlds. Users will appreciate better flexibility under limited-memory conditions, or if using a large monitor. There are only minor API changes. (They relate to the temp memory option.) But most importantly, in addition to the PPC and 68K libraries, we introduce the Carbon library. We believe Blugs will serve you well, from System 7 to Mac OS X. Blugs libraries, sample code, and extensive PDF documentation are available for download from: Thanks, Brian 'Moses' Hall Blugs lead programmer
Oct 29
Eudora Archiver 1.0
We are glad to announce the last our Mac Shareware "Eudora Archiver 1.0". It's a nice email-utility which archives emails and attachments from Eudora. Product Page Link: Free Download sit link Free Download hqx Best Regards -- Softobe Support Team
Oct 27
CodeBurst Library for WebSiphon
We've just release beta 5 (final beta) for The CodeBurst (tm) Library for WebSiphon (a POWERFUL scripting environment from Purity Software ( -- that just got a bit MORE powerful.) The drag and drop library supports ECB and CBC encryption. Encrypted strings are stored in a modified BASE64 format, so they are safe for inclusion in URLs, hidden arguments, cookies, and encrypting database records. The encrypted data is also highly tamper resistant, permitting Webmasters to protect CGI arguments and other data from tampering. A demo is available that is limited to 8-bit encryption keys, no CBC mode, and encrypted data expires after two hours (it just fails to decrypt). For more information, visit: ( David Dantowitz -- Dantowitz Consulting & Research, Inc. V 201-532-3053 F 973-564-8641 W
Oct 26
FirewireDirect Info List
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact Roy Stocker 512-302-0012, ext. 313 October 26, 2000- Austin, Texas /, Inc., a company specializing in IEEE 1394, FireWire and iLINK peripherals and accessories for Windows, Macintosh and Linux based computers, has further extended their dedication to FireWire technology, announcing the availability of a line of FireWire Card Readers. The new FireReader products, an easy solution for bridging the gap between your desktop PC and flash compatible devices like digital cameras, is the most extensive selection of FireWire Flash Card Reader devices available today. The FireReader line includes the FireReader (CF) Compact Flash Card Reader, the FireReader (SM) Smart Media Card Reader, both available now, and the FireReader (MS) Sony Memory Stick Reader available in late November. Specifically designed for use with digital cameras, PDAs and MP3 players, they will enable users to quickly transfer data to and from Flash...
Oct 26
Waves in Motion's oAzium Portal Filter
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Vincenzo P. Menanno Phone 602-956-7080 Fax: 602-956-6754 Waves in Motion's oAzium Portal Filter Shows You What's Important. Phoenix, Arizona October 2000 - Waves In Motion, L.L.C. ( has released oAzium Portal Filter, making information display within your FileMaker Pro database more powerful! Normally, to add this functionality to your solutions, a developer would have to add a complex calculation and even then it would have some inherent limitations. But the oAzium Portal Filter plug-in takes care of all of this for you... one calculation and your on your way to making your user experience powerful, useful and very easy to debug and extend. The Plug-In requires either the Macintosh or Windows version of FileMaker Pro, the award winning database from FileMaker, Inc. The Portal Filter plug-in lets you add a "Filter" field to your layout and have your portals update on the fly to show rows that match that filter. It's like searching...
Oct 26
REALbasic 3.0a11
October 25, 2000 We are proud to announce the availability of REALbasic 3.0a11. Using this alpha release gives you the chance to learn about new features in REALbasic early, work with Carbon, and participate in setting the direction for the next release. It runs on and compiles for both Classic (7.6.1 to Mac OS 9) and Mac OS Public Beta. It uses Carbon and the Aqua User Interface for both the IDE and the compiled applications when running in Mac OS X, and Platinum in Classic. This release marks the appearance of an important new feature for Mac OS X -- the ability to pass commands to the UNIX shell and get the results, so you will have the ability to create interfaces for all those built-in UNIX applications. Plus changes to unify the behavior the display of text in Edit fields. Tons of bug fixes, especially on the Windows side (including some profound improvements to some of the fundamentals which should improve stabilty of built applications substantially)! Plus the return of...
Oct 26
digital.forest Announces Support for 4D
PRESS RELEASE October 26, 2000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Peter Cooper PR Director digital.forest 425-483-0483 DIGITAL.FOREST ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR 4D digital.forest, a Bothell, Washington-based hosting provider, recently expanded its database- and application-hosting services to include support for 4D. The company announced the new capabilities at the 4D Summit Conference 2000 in San Diego earlier this month. "We're very excited about supporting 4D," says company President and CTO Chris Kilbourn. "It's a powerful database environment, and many clients will enjoy having it as an option." Already known as a pioneer in FileMaker Pro database hosting, digital.forest now offers expertise in 4D as well as Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, MySQL, WebObjects, and QuickTime Streaming. "We are pleased digital.forest is now supporting the 4D community. digital.forest's experience with managed services for database- and application-hosting will be a significant benefit for 4D...
Oct 25
FastTrack Schedule 7.0: Sync for Palm Version
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AEC Software Syncs Release of FastTrack Schedule 7.0 with Compatible Palm Version -- Dual Upgrades Deliver New Views, Precision Planning Tools, and Seamless Connectivity Between Desktop and Handheld Versions -- STERLING, VA--October 25, 2000--AEC Software, leading developers of business productivity solutions, today announced the simultaneous release of FastTrack Schedule 7.0 and the compatible FastTrack Schedule 7.0 for Palm OS. The two new versions each contain innovative features that streamline the project planning process, ensuring accuracy and increasing productivity. Whether used separately or in tandem, these products provide a comprehensive solution that benefits novice schedulers as well as professional project managers in and out of the office. "This is the most significant achievement in the life of FastTrack Schedule," says Dennis Bilowus, President and CEO of AEC Software. "We have delivered more powerful scheduling capabilities in both the desktop...
Oct 25
WebsiteCompressor 2.1.3
[For immediate release] Switzerland--October 25, 2000--Blue Line Studios today announced the update of WebsiteCompressor in version 2.1.3 for Macintosh. Bug Fixes include: - More efficient memory handling Quick summary: WebsiteCompressor is a tool to streamline HTML code generated by WYSIWYG-HTML editors. WebsiteCompressor has also image converting/recompressing capabilities, including batch converting of image files from various formats to JPEG. System requirements are any PowerMac (including iMac/G3/G4), 8 MB of available RAM, and system 7 through 9. Compatible with Beta OS X. The 30-days Trial version can be downloaded at ( WebsiteCompressor's home page is at ( Press material is available at ( Contact: Daniel C. Kueng BLUE LINE STUDIOS Hueningerst 18 CH-4056 Basel Switzerland Phone: ++41 61 322 5355 Fax: ++41 61 322 5355 E-Mail: studio@blueline-...
Oct 25
Macromedia Unveils Developer Community Support
MACROMEDIA UNVEILS NEW OFFERINGS, INITIATIVES TO SUPPORT DEVELOPER COMMUNITY Macromedia Flash Player Now Reaches 96 Percent of Web Browsers Internet World Fall 2000 -- New York City -- October 25, 2000 -- Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today made several announcements showing its commitment to its developer community. The company announced that more than a dozen new extensions that will benefit the more than one million developers that use the Macromedia Dreamweaver platform. The extensions offer productivity tools and tighten the integration between Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks (see separate release). "Macromedia is committed to enable professional Web developers to deliver amazing content," said Kevin Lynch, president of products for Macromedia. "With the large number of Dreamweaver developers and the ubiquity of Macromedia Flash, it's a pleasure to work with such an active community of developers using our products and advancing the vision of what the Web can be."...
Oct 25
PixMachineMac 1.0
Miami Beach, Florida, (October 24, 2000) -- TechSono Engineering Incorporated, creator of the popular Windows-based application PixMachine2000, announces entry in the MacOS environment with the release of PixMachineMac 1.0. PixMachineMac, a complete from-the-ground-up rewrite of our Windows program, excels at downloading, assembling, and decoding, and displaying files downloaded from usenet newsgroups. PixMachineMac Overview MacOS users have no doubt encountered articles in usenet newsgroups that have been segmented and UUEncoded using the popular Windows-only program, MasterSplitter. Well, now MacOS users can finally assemble and decode MasterSplitter files on their MacOS computers. TechSono Engineering, Inc., has released PixMachineMac which combines a powerful newsreader and a decent slide show player into a document-based environment. PixMachineMac can detect MasterSplitter files and, along with the MasterSplitter Widget, can quickly and easily assemble and decode MasterSplitter...
Oct 24
BBEdit 6.0.1 Update
Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 6.0.1 Update Bedford, MA--October 24, 2000--Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of version 6.0.1 of BBEdit(tm), the company's award-winning HTML and text editor. This update incorporates various enhancements, interface refinements, and fixes for reported issues. Among the changes presented in BBEdit 6.0.1 are substantial performance improvements in the link checker, additional flexibility in coloring of attributes in HTML tags, the option to save FTP passwords without the Mac OS Keychain, and more. A detailed list of additions and fixes included in this update can be found online: ( The BBEdit 6.0.1 update is available free of charge to all registered customers who own BBEdit 6.0. The BBEdit 6.0.1 update package may be downloaded directly from the Bare Bones Software web site at: ( Upgrades from Previous Versions...
Oct 24
4D v6.7
October 23, 2000. San Jose, CA. 4D v6.7 Moves to New Level of Database Development -------------------------------------------------- 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite 4.3, announced today the release of the much anticipated 4D version 6.7. The next generation of 4th Dimension has made standard development easier, web development faster, and database repair capabilities have been improved significantly. Among the list of key features enhancements 4D v6.7 now; supports components and HTML tags, allows direct transport between platforms, and has made vast improvements to 4D Tools making 4D a more practical solution for the larger databases. One of the greatest benefits to 4D v6.7 is the time factor. The feature enhancements are designed to reduce development time and maximize the code that developers do generate. 4D also has a few new algorithms and minor feature enhancements that result in general speed improvements within the...
Oct 24
Nisus Writer 6.0
Nisus Software Releases Nisus Writer 6.0 Nisus Software, Inc. releases Nisus(R) Writer 6.0 - The number one multilingual word processor for the Macintosh. Solana Beach, CA - October 23, 2000 - Nisus Software, Inc. today announces the release of its latest product, Nisus Writer 6.0, the number one multilingual word processor available for the Macintosh operating system. According to Nisus Software President and CEO Jerzy Lewak, "Nisus Writer 6 includes some of the features most requested by our customers. It updates support for the new Apple technologies, adds convenience features and introduces a text analyzer, very useful for educators, students and for professional writers as an indexing tool." Building on our 16 years of text processing expertise, Nisus Writer 6.0 offers a unique, creative experience, unmatched by any other word processor. With its power and flexibility, Nisus Writer has always been the tool of choice for students, educators, and authors -- anyone looking for an...
Oct 23
aUtils For Filemaker: Free!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: aUtils For Filemaker Completely FREE!!!! Peninsula the leading British Software Company have announced today that they are giving away aUtils For Filemaker free of charge! Peninsula's aUtils For Filemaker is a product which has been wanted for a long time. The product contains many useful features in that you can save time with the utility routines, you only need one line of code to do each of the following calculations: Round numbers to 2 decimal places, put negative numbers in brackets and remove minus sign. You can convert a numeric value to the Ascii equivalent character and also remove white space. It is available for Mac or PC. But the most amazing feature about this product is that Peninsula Group are offering it completely free of charge with no obligation! Peninsula back their products with free full technical support via E-mail. The company has ten years experience of Barcoding software and are linked to large companies such as Black and Decker,...
Oct 23
VOODOO Server 1.2.1
VOODOO SERVER - VERSION CONTROL FOR CODEWARRIORS - v 1.2.1 AVAILABLE HAGENBERG, AUSTRIA, October-23-2000 -- UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new version 1.2.1 of their flagship version control tool VOODOO Server. The new release is a maintenance release which fixes some compatibility issues concerning CodeWarrior Pro 6 and BBEdit 6. Customers can view the complete version history and download the new package for free at: ( This release is not yet intended to run natively on Mac OS X Public Beta, but a Mac OS X version of VOODOO Server will be available soon. Those who are interested in a Mac-like version control tool running on OS X are encouraged to join the VODOOO Server mailing list at ( to stay informed about the latest news. Customers can view the complete version history and download the new package for...
Oct 23
SyBrowser 3.5 - Cross-platform relational db Query Tool
Subject: SyBrowser 3.5 released - Cross-platform relational db Query Tool SyBrowser 3.5 for Macintosh is released. New features include - MySQL Support (Mac-only) - PostgreSQL Support (Mac-only) - History of commands pop-up menu - Macintosh only release SyBrowser is a suite of 32-bit Macintosh and Win32 ODBC client applications that provide an overview of the tables in Sybase, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases hosted on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers. It allows the execution of SQL queries against these RDBMS and the query results can be exported to disk. Complex queries can be saved to disk for reuse. $45 USD Shareware from MacSOS, Australia Cheers, Dr Gerard Hammond Garvan Institute of Medical Research

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