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Jul 18
Apple Previews Next Version of Mac OS X
Apple Previews Next Version of Mac OS X New Version 10.1 Features Blazing Speed and Aqua Enhancements MACWORLD EXPO, NEW YORK-July 18, 2001-At the Macworld Expo Keynote, Apple today previewed Mac OS X version 10.1, the first major upgrade to Apple's new UNIX-based operating system. Mac OS X v10.1 will deliver significant performance improvements, new features and additional refinements to the Aqua interface. Mac OS X v10.1 will be available this September and will be supported by more than 1,000 third-party native applications. """"""""This new version of Mac OS X is really fast, and incorporates many suggestions from our users, such as the moveable Dock that can be placed on the left, bottom or right edge of the screen,"""""""" said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. """"""""We've fixed a lot of bugs, and added a lot of great new features, like burning CDs right from the Finder and the ability to seamlessly network with Windows clients and servers."""""""" Mac OS X v10.1 delivers improved...
Jul 18
Apple Reports Third Quarter Profit of $61 Million
Apple Reports Third Quarter Profit of $61 Million CUPERTINO, California-July 17, 2001-Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2001 third quarter ended June 30, 2001. For the quarter, the Company posted a net profit of $61 million, or $.17 per diluted share. These results compare to a net profit of $200 million, or $.55 per diluted share, achieved in the year ago quarter. Revenues for the quarter were $1.475 billion, down 19 percent from the year ago quarter, and gross margins were 29.4 percent, compared to 29.8 percent in the year ago quarter. International sales accounted for 44 percent of the quarter's revenues. The quarter's results included a $7 million favorable after-tax impact resulting from net equity investment gains, offset by an after-tax charge of $7 million related to the purchase of in-process research and development associated with the acquisition of PowerSchool, Inc. These non-recurring items had a net neutral impact on the reported results. Apple...
Jul 18
FileMaker Server 5.5 on Mac OS X
FileMaker Will Highlight FileMaker Pro 5.5 and FileMaker Server 5.5 on Mac OS X at Macworld Expo in New York MACWORLD EXPO, NEW YORK - July 18, 2001 - FileMaker will highlight its new FileMaker Pro 5.5 for Mac OS X and give attendees a preview of FileMaker Server 5.5 running on Mac OS X as Macworld Expo opens here today. The FileMaker booth is #818 in the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Expected to ship on July 30, FileMaker Server 5.5 is the ideal way to host and protect FileMaker workgroup databases and is designed to match the evolving Server platform preferences of these business workgroups. In addition to Mac OS X, FileMaker will add Linux (Red Hat certified) support to FileMaker Server 5.5. Linux is growing rapidly as a server platform, especially for workgroup deployments, and has been requested by FileMaker customers. FileMaker Server 5.5 will also run on Windows 2000 logo-certified, Windows NT, Mac OS 8.6 and 9.1. """"""""The strong performance and scalability of Mac OS X...
Jul 18
Pantone Develops Color Solutions for Mac OS X
Pantone Develops Color Solutions for Mac OS X PANTONE ColorWeb Pro Brings the World's Color Standard To Apple's Revolutionary New Operating System NEW YORK - July 17, 2001 - Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the graphics, fashion, interior and industrial design industries, today announced at MacWorld Conference & Expo its support for Apple's Mac OS X. Pantone has released a beta version of PANTONE ColorWeb Pro that provides for system-level support that takes advantage of the new architecture and features of Mac OS X. ColorWeb Pro provides Web authors and others the RGB values for the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, the international standard for color communication. """"""""As a longstanding innovator in the design industries, Pantone is committed to developing tools to leverage the latest and most powerful technologies available,"""""""" explained Richard Herbert, president of Pantone. """"""""We worked closely with Apple in...
Jul 18
Dialpad: First Mac to Phone IP Telephony for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DIALPAD LAUNCHES INDUSTRY'S FIRST MAC-TO-PHONE IP TELEPHONY PRODUCT FOR MAC OS X Macintosh Version of Award-Winning Dialpad World Service Debuts at Macworld Conference & Expo Macworld Expo, New York, NY - July 18, 2001 - Dialpad Communications, Inc., the market leader in IP telephony, announced today that it has developed its popular Dialpad World IP telephony service for Mac OS X. Dialpad is the first Internet telephony company to develop a Mac-to-phone product and it debuts at Macworld Expo, July 18-20, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York. Dialpad World enables Dialpad customers to make calls from their computers to standard telephones around the world for a fraction of the cost of traditional long distance calls. The first Mac version of Dialpad will be available for Mac OS X only. """"""""There is great demand for our service from Mac users and we're excited to offer this new product to the Mac community,"""""""" said Dialpad CEO Brad...
Jul 18
iOrganizer 1.5 for Macintosh and Mac OS X
Channel 8 Software Releases iOrganizer 1.5 - Organizational software for Macintosh and Mac OS X. July 18, 2001: Channel 8 Software today updated its easy-to-use organizational application for the Macintosh and Mac OS X, iOrganizer. iOrganizer includes an address book, a bookmark list, an event calendar, and a download list. It can import contacts, bookmarks, events, and download addresses from a variety of formats; search, sort, save, and print lists; quickly and easily send e-mail to contacts; open your favorite websites in your web browser; remind you of important events; and download files from FTP or HTTP servers. iOrganizer's innovative, sensible interface makes it easy for users to add and edit contacts, web addresses, and appointments. With its simplicity and flexibility, iOrganizer is the perfect tool to help people keep track of the important information in their lives. iOrganizer 1.5 is now PPC native and Mac OS X (carbon) compatible. This version includes a simple mail...
Jul 18
Rackspace and PostgreSQL: Hosted Open Source Database Solutions
Rackspace and PostgreSQL, Inc. Announce Offering for Hosted Open Source Database Solutions New Program Gives Customers DBA Support on Managed Hosting Platform SAN ANTONIO - July 17, 2001 - Rackspace Managed Hosting, a leading provider of open source-based managed hosting services, and PostgreSQL, Inc., the international provider of the world?s most advanced open source Object-Relational DBMS, today announced the """"""""PostgreSQL Quick Start Program,"""""""" a unique offering for customers running complex PostgreSQL Web sites. This program combines Rackspace's managed hosting and fanatical support with PostgreSQL, Inc.'s database design, consulting and support services. PostgreSQL, Inc. is the first and most experienced commercial source for the advancement of PostgreSQL, the most powerful open source database for Web sites. Rackspace, an industry pioneer in the use of open source technology, was the first managed hosting company to support Linux, and today manages more than 3,600...
Jul 18
Opera 5 for Mac Beta 2
Opera performing in the Big Apple Opera 5 for Mac Beta 2 released at Macworld Expo NEW YORK, NY - July 18, 2001 - Opera 5 for Mac Beta 2 was released today at Macworld Expo* in New York. This Classic version for operating systems 7.5.3 and higher, which has received rave reviews in its alpha and beta stages, has improved overall performance by adding significant functionality. Opera is well-known for being faster, smaller and more standards-compliant than other browsers, and in this release Opera offers Mac users added Java, support for """"""""InternetConfig"""""""" and auto-completion of URLs. """"""""It is important for us to show our dedication to the Mac platform by improving the overall performance of the Opera for Mac browser,"""""""" says Pal Hvistendahl, Communications Manager for Opera Software ASA. """"""""We have also designed a special button set to go along with the browser as a special feature during the Macworld Expo."""""""" Today, Opera 5 for Mac Beta 2 and the...
Jul 17
JYD Object Database 2.0
JYD Object Database is a pure Object DBMS written entirely in Java for use by Java applications. The product is a multi-user system with client/server support and garbage collection on the database. It includes a web server supporting servlets, and it is compatible with any other servlet engine or application server. With the release of Mac OSX, JYD immediately became available to Mac developers (it requires Java 2). Now JYD 2.0 has been released with even more features, including database event notification, remote method invocation, and distributed databases. A free eval with a 65 page manual is available at (
Jul 17
CalendarMonster 1.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ASCENDING TECHNOLOGIES ANNOUNCES CALENDARMONSTER 1.2, THE NEWEST VERSION OF THE POPULAR FILEMAKER PRO CALENDAR MODULE. NEW YORK, NY -- Monday, July 18, 2001 -- Ascending Technologies announced CalendarMonster 1.2 today, the newest version of its flagship product, a FileMaker Pro calendar module. CalendarMonster 1.2 brings multi-platform support to the popular calendar. Windows and Mac OS X are both supported natively, with appropriate graphics support and application behavior for each platform. """"""""We don't want a Windows user to have to see a Mac screen, or vice versa,"""""""" said company founder and software architect for CalendarMonster, Steve Abrahamson. """"""""It's jarring, and in a subtle way inhibits people from doing their best work. We want our customers to have the best user experience possible."""""""" CalendarMonster 1.2 will be available later this summer. Features include multiple platform support, support for FileMaker Pro version 4 and 5 (...
Jul 17
Web Crossing's Team Crossing for Workgroups
WEB CROSSING ANNOUNCES FIRST SPECIALIZED COMMUNITY SOLUTION -- TEAM CROSSING FOR WORKGROUPS Intranet Workgroup Solution Facilitates Communication for Collaboration and Document Management SAN FRANCISCO, July 17, 2001 -- Web Crossing, Inc. today announced its first ever specialized community solution, Team Crossing. Team Crossing is a Web Crossing-based intranet/extranet collaboration and document management solution optimized for workgroup use. Now setting up a high-quality, industrial strength online collaboration space is easy with features specially tailored for workgroups such as group calendaring, document checkout and sharing system, public and private discussion areas, live meeting areas, SSL support and much more. Available today as a complete server hosted solution or as a licensed product on all major platforms, Team Crossing is located at ( """"""""We've long been known as the virtual communities powerhouse, and there is no more powerful...
Jul 17
Appligent Utilities for Mac OS X
From: Linda Vincent ( Subject: Free Appligent Utilities for Mac OS X Appligent, Inc., technology provider of E-paper solutions is happy to offer the following six PDF Utilities for Mac OS X, completely free of charge. The utilities are all command line applications that can help the user retrieve various types of information from PDF (Portable Document Format) files or allow the user to perform a Save As action via the command line. Appligent Utilities are available separate or in a complete package containing all six. They are as follows; APGetFormFields - a utility for extracting form field information from a PDF Form. APGetMetaData - will export XML Meta data on a document that has been saved in or created by Adobe Acrobat 5. APGetBookmarks - get the complete bookmark tree with page numbers and named destinations. APGetPageCount - returns the number of pages in a PDF document. APGetInfo - provides text output of information similar to that found with Adobe...
Jul 17
Troi Activator Plug-in 1.3 for FileMaker Pro 5.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Troi Automatisering releases Activator Plug-in 1.3 for FileMaker 5.5 Triggering of FileMaker scripts on a different computer now also available for FileMaker 5.5 and Mac OS X. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, July 17th, 2001-- Troi Automatisering today announced the availability of Troi Activator Plug-in 1.3, for FileMaker 5.5 and for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows. What is the Activator Plug-in? The Activator Plug-in is a very powerful tool for triggering scripts across the network, even over the Internet. All from within FileMaker you can: * trigger a FileMaker script on a different client computer * trigger a FileMaker script over the Internet * use the built-in security to prevent unauthorized triggering * send a number (e.g. a record ID) and a long text with the trigger * start and stop listening for remote trigger messages with one script step Apart from remote triggering you can also trigger scripts on the same computer: * trigger a script...
Jul 17
Blue World Lasso 5 Product Line to Provide Tight Integration
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 17, 2001 BLUE WORLD LASSO 5 PRODUCT LINE TO PROVIDE TIGHT INTEGRATION WITH LEADING OPERATING SYSTEM, DATABASE, WEB SERVER and WEB AUTHORING PRODUCTS Bellevue, WA--July 17, 2001--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)--today announced industry support for its recently announced Lasso 5 product line. Lasso 5 products will be tightly integrated with a number of leading operating system, database, Web server and Web authoring products. """"""""In the Internet software business it is critically important to interoperate well with many best-of-breed products,"""""""" said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World. """"""""The Lasso 5 product line will provide the hub which interconnects many leading database, Web server and Web authoring products with unique ease, power and control."""""""" Operating System Support Lasso Professional 5 will support Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Windows 2000 and Red Hat Linux. Lasso Studio 5 will support...
Jul 17
wxDesigner for Mac OS 8/9
Hi, I would like to announce that a first beta version of wxDesigner is available for MacOS 8/9 - next to the already available variants for Windows, Linux, IRIX, Solaris and FreeBSD. wxDesigner is a commercial RAD tool for wxWindows, which is a free C++ GUI library available for most operating systems. wxWindows ships with very popular language bindings for Perl and Python - wxPython is about to replace TkInter as the standard GUI for Python. The Unix and Windows variants of wxWindows have been in production use for a long time already, but the MacOS port has not been up to serious tasks until very recently. Named MacOS port is still under heavy development, but it is already fully carbonized and now runs perfectly under MacOS 8/9 and well under MacOS X. For more information about wxWindows, see For more information about wxDesigner, including a trial version for every supported platform, see Regards, Robert Roebling -- Robert...
Jul 17
Poll-IT 3.0
WAVES IN MOTION ANNOUNCES POLL-IT 3.0 for FileMaker Pro Instant Web Polling Tool With Two Question Technology July 17, 2001 -- Phoenix, Arizona -- Want to find out what people are really thinking? Waves in Motion today released Poll-IT 3.0, a powerful, cross-platform FileMaker Pro web polling tool, which allows users to create, publish and tabulate internet-based polls with no web programming needed. ( ) Poll-IT 3.0 is the only web polling solution to add powerful two-question technology, enabling Poll-IT to provide ranked response-pair reporting and a cross-tab matrix instantly. """"""""Usually polls are one question deep but our solution provides a level of depth that gives you more insight into what people are thinking, """""""" said Vincenzo P. Menanno of Waves in Motion. """"""""With web-based polls, two questions are better than one."""""""" Poll-IT 3.0 has been rewritten from the ground up. With multi-user support features, including per-user...
Jul 17
db Reports 2.5b4
From: Aaron Bratcher ( Subject: [ANN] db Reports 2.5b4 now available What's new in beta 4: - MS SQL Server should now work through ODBC - Group footers that would not print on the top of the next page now print. - REALbasic objects updated (REALbasic 3.0 needed) db Reports is a cross platform report writing application that works on Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, and any Win32 platform. With db Reports, you can extract, format and print data from one of various data sources*. Using the built-in assistant, or the easy-to-use drawing environment, a report can be built quickly and easily. db Reports also supports data grouping and fully recursive expressions. String, Math, and Logical (including IF) expressions make db Reports a powerful tool for analyzing data. REALbasic developers can print reports in their applications using templates saved by db Reports. *Depending on platform, data sources may include: 4D Server 6.7, FrontBase, mySQL, ODBC, OpenBase, Oracle,...
Jul 17
TMDC Droplet Builder and TMDC SysMenu
The Macintosh Developer Center releases updated TMDC Droplet Builder and TMDC SysMenu. For immediate release NICE, FRANCE - July 16, 2001 - The Macintosh Developer Center ( has announced an updated version of its popular utility, Droplet Builder. TMDC Droplet Builder, now reaching version 2.0.1, is a utility for creating droplets. Droplets are small applications that can perform a variety of repeated tasks on files and folders dropped onto them. The droplets created by Droplet Builder can modify file types, creator codes, name lock status, and more. Version 2.0.1 fixes a problem where droplets generated by Droplet Builder were not given enough memory to operate properly, producing an error that """"""""))CarbonLib(("""""""" could not be found. TMDC SysMenu, now at version 1.0.4, is a utility for quickly launching applications, opening documents, controlling iTunes, ejecting disks, and various other functions. SysMenu installs a menu into your menu bar...
Jul 17
SiteToolkit 1.6, FinalWord 2.1
Good day, PineHill Products is pleased to announce the following product updates: - SiteToolkit 1.6 SiteToolkit 1.6 adds many new features, including 2 new search engines to attract more traffic to your web site, a brand new, more streamlined interface, automatic submission, and SiteToolkit is now built for Mac OS X, but will run on Mac OS 8.6 and above. SiteToolkit 1.6 is $15.95 and more information, including downloading a demo and purchasing SiteToolkit can be found at: - FinalWord 2.1 FinalWord 2.1 also adds new features, including zoom window, much improved Mac OS X compatibility, and much more. FinalWord 2.1 also addresses many bug fixes. FinalWord 2.1 is $15.95 and more information, including downloading a demo and purchasing FinalWord can be found at: PineHill Products is also pleased to announce the PineHill Products Bundle special for MacWorld New York. You may now purchase all 3 PineHill...
Jul 17
Internet Security for Your Macintosh: A Guide for the Rest of Us
INTERNET SECURITY FOR YOUR MACINTOSH"""""""" SHIPS AT MACWORLD/NY """"""""A Guide for the Rest of Us"""""""" authored by key Open Door Networks employees NEW YORK, NY. -- July 17, 2001 -- Open Door Networks Inc. today announced availability of the first book dedicated to Macintosh Internet security, """"""""Internet Security for Your Macintosh: A Guide for the Rest of Us"""""""". Written by Alan Oppenheimer, Open Door's founder and president, and Charles Whitaker, Open Door's lead technical writer, the book leverages Open Door's five years as a Macintosh Internet security company to provide a comprehensive but easy to understand guide for any Mac user who's connected to the Internet. Published by Peachpit Press, the book is available at the Peachpit booth (#855) at the MacWorld trade show, as well as at book retailers nationwide. """"""""We've learned a lot about what Mac users do and don't need to worry about as far as security on the Net,"""""""" said Oppenheimer. """"""""We've also...
Jul 17
Agenda 2.2
Company: YENCO.COM Release Date: July 16, 2001 Product: Agenda Version: 2.2 Size: 933 K Class: Shareware Cost: $20.00 (USD) Product Description / What's New: July 16, 2001 YENCO.COM is proud to announce the release of Agenda 2.2! The Agenda is a round, virtual device which can greet you, tell you the current date, read off your scheduled events for the day and remind you of pending items on your to-do list. The Agenda features a text-entry system and shortcuts to make entering and retrieving your event and to-do list information easy. It's fast! It's simple! It's easy to customize! And it's compatible with Mac OS 9 and the Mac OS X Classic Environment. What's New: - Improved cut, copy and paste. - Improved drag & drop support. - Context-aware help system updated. - Improved virtual battery indicator. - Improved virtual plastic/metal prefs. - Updated shareware registration system. - Severl under-the-hood changes. For more...
Jul 17
Thursby announces Free Version of DAVE for Mac OS X
Thursby announces Free Version of DAVE for Mac OS X. July 17, 2001, Macworld Expo, New York At Macworld Expo in New York City, Thursby Software Systems announced they are making a free release of the first Mac OS X version of their popular DAVE Mac to PC file sharing software. Thursby Software is demonstrating this new release at the show and is making it immediately available for free download from their web site: When asked why a commercial software company would give away a key technology, company president, William Thursby, responded """"""""Apple's engineers have done an outstanding job of supporting us. Unfortunately, they just have not been able to complete the key features to allow us to properly integrate DAVE into Mac OS X in a timely manner. We remain optimistic that we will be able to release a commercial version of DAVE for Mac OS X in the near future, but for now we felt that we owed early adopters of Mac OS X an interim solution."""""""" This free...
Jul 17
MacTech Central Returns to Macworld Conference & Expo
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MACTECH CENTRAL RETURNS TO MACWORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO AT NEW YORK, JULY 2001 NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- July 16, 2001 -- MacTech Magazine and Macworld Conference & Expo are pleased to announce the return of MacTech Central(sm). MacTech Central is the technical special interest pavilion at Macworld Conference & Expo/New York. It's the premiere place for all technical products including programming and development, web development, and other related products. MacTech Central, at Macworld Expo/New York/July 18-20, is where people can see all the industry's leading vendors and latest innovations. At this Macworld, you'll easily find our specialty pavilion, simply look for the signage above the show floor to help direct you to MacTech Central. Also, there is an information area hosted by MacTech Magazine, and the Depot selling area to get the best deals on products at the show. We're also very pleased to introduce a """"""""Job Fair"""""""" as the premiere...
Jul 17
Xtools 1.0.4
XTOOLS: AN AQUA X WINDOW DESKTOP FOR MAC OS X Xtools 1.0.4, a free update, now available Santa Barbara, CA, July 17, 2001. Tenon Intersystems announced today the release of Xtools 1.0.4, a free update to their award wining X Window Server for Mac OS X. Among the new features is enhanced ease-of-use via keychain support for secure shell, support of 8-bit applications and enhanced rootless display. Xtools is an easy-to-use Mac OS X application that lets scientists and engineers display remote graphical applications on the Aqua desktop. With Xtools, these professionals can easily access remote applications while enjoying the uniqueness of their Aqua desktop. By enabling enterprise-wide Aqua desktops to connect to 3-D modeling and animations applications on UNIX, Linux, and NT servers, Xtools adds a new dimension to Mac OS X computing. In May, Xtools won the Apple Design Award for """"""""Most Innovative Mac OS X Application"""""""". Xtools is a new, built-from-the-ground-up, object-...
Jul 17
Post.Office for Mac OS X
POST.OFFICE COMING TO MAC OS X Popular, robust, high-performance mail server soon available for Apple's new OS Santa Barbara, CA, July 17, 2001. Tenon Intersystems, under the auspices of their Japanese partner, Open Technologies, will be bringing Openwave's Post.Office to Apple's Mac OS X. Post.Office is a scalable SMTP/POP3/IMAP messaging server designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized ISPs. Post.Office can support 10 users or a hundred thousand users on a single platform with appropriately configured hardware. Post.Office will be available on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server 10.0 from Open Technologies in the fourth quarter and will be solely distributed by Tenon. Post.Office was designed from the ground up for ease of use, with an uncomplicated, user-friendly interface. The anywhere, anytime Web forms provide seamless navigation through the many Post.Office features. System administrators can make changes from anywhere on the Internet using Web forms with simple fill-in-the-...
Jul 16
iTools 6.1
TENON'S ITOOLS ENHANCED FOR MAC OS X SERVER 10.0 A suite of tools to dramatically simplify Apache configuration & maintenance extended to support Apple's new server OS Santa Barbara, CA, July 17, 2001. Tenon Intersystems today announced a new upcoming version of its web server tool suite, iTools 6.1 for Mac OS X 10.0 and Mac OS X Server 10.0. Tenon's new iTools 6.1 will include an Aqua GUI that enables webmasters to set up and configure Apache directly on Apple's Aqua desktop. The new GUI co-exists with Tenon's secure, remote, browser-based administration, enabling webmasters to seamlessly switch between desktop management and anytime, anywhere browser-based control. Using Apple's bundled Apache as a point of departure and incorporating the latest open source protocol implementations of Apache, DNS, FTP and sendmail, iTools extends Mac OS X client and server platforms with a rich set of internet services. Tenon's iTools web server package is mature, integrated and scalable. The...
Jul 15
R/com Networks Introduces Mac OS X Training for Developers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE R/COM NETWORKS' MEDIASCHOOL INTRODUCES MAC OS X TRAINING FOR DEVELOPERS July 16, 2001 - NEW YORK, N.Y. - R/com Networks' MediaSchool (, the online digital learning campus, is introducing a new series of courses for developers of application for Mac OS X. MediaSchool offers online education and full University certification 24/7. The new course track, Mac OS X for Developers, premiers at MacWorld Expo 2001 in New York with the introduction of three courses, Application Development for Mac OS X, Cocoa: The Object-Oriented Application Solution, and Carbon Development for Mac OS X. All classes were developed in collaboration with Apple Computer, Inc. """"""""These courses offer practical knowledge, audio lectures from Mac OS X experts, and the ability to build real, original Mac OS X applications,"""""""" said David Barrett, R/com Networks' President and CEO and the creator of MediaSchool. """"""""The courses also integrate the latest Mac...
Jul 15
MySQLConnect for 4D 1.0 Demo
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Exenevex, SA ( ) announces release of MySQLConnect for 4D 1.0 demo version Paris, France - Monday, July 16th, 2001: Exenevex, SA, today announced the release of demo version of MySQLConnect for 4D 1.0 (MacOS & Windows). MySQLConnect for 4D is a 4th Dimension plugin which provides connection routines between 4th Dimension-4D Server-4D Runtime-4D Runtime Classic- Engined 4D applications and MySQL Databases Servers. WHAT'S MYSQL ? MySQL is a very popular open source RDBMS that comes with 70% of web hosting plans over the world. MySQL runs on several systems like Linux, FreeBSD, Windows NT/2000, MacOS X, Mac OS X Server and more....MySQL is mainly used with Apache/Php to build dynamic web sites for eBusiness solutions. For more informations about MySQL, please visit : For more informations about Apache, please visit : For more informations about PHP, please visit : FEATURES...
Jul 14
Vicomsoft Previews for Mac OS X
Vicomsoft are porting the full range of Internet Gateway features to MacOS X to offer a comprehensive suite of Internet access security, management and control tools for this new industrial-strength operating system. They will be demonstrating a pre-release version of the Internet Gateway running on MacOS X at the MacWorld Expo in New York from 18th to 20th July on booth 1737. """"""""This combination of our proven software with the Unix-based stability of MacOS X and legendary Macintosh ease of use will provide a compelling solution for all who are looking for a secure, manageable, high performance Internet access server."""""""" said Alan Hart, General Manager at Vicomsoft. """"""""We have transferred the complete routing engine to MacOS X and we have carbonized major user interface elements. These will be on show in New York, providing live Internet access."""""""" Vicomsoft expect to start shipping the completed product at the end of September, and anyone purchasing the product...
Jul 14
Quickie 1.1
Subject: [ANN] Quickie 1.1 - quickly transfer picture to the web Quickie Photos to web 1.1 is an application for quickly transferring pictures to html formatted web pages. It allows the user options for formatting the html as the user sees fit. It creates not only an index page (with thumbnails for all the images), but also html pages for all of the images. This is a 45-day demo that can be unlocked at anytime by registering. For unregistered copies the days remaining is shown in the about window and on the splash screen at startup. Macintosh System Requirements: Quickie Photos to web 1.1 requires a PowerPC, G3, or G4 CPU running Mac OS version 8.0 or higher with QuickTime (with the still image module). In addition, the computer must have at least 32 MB of RAM. Windows System Requirements: Quickie Photos to web 1.1 requires a Intel or compatible chip running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, or 2000 with QuickTime (with the still image, effect, authoring, 3D and internet extras...
Jul 14
ExtremeZ-IP for Mac OS X
ExtremeZ-IP Ends Mac OS X - Windows """"""""Blind Spot"""""""" Ensures Continued Access to Windows File Servers Arlington, VA - July 13, 2001 - Group Logic, a leading vendor of network workflow software, announced today its ExtremeZ-IP product uniquely allows users of Apple's new Mac OS X to continue to use Windows NT and 2000 file servers easily. Mac users are accustomed to using the Chooser to locate servers quickly and simply via the AppleTalk network protocol, but in OS X the Chooser is replaced by the Connect to Servers function, which uses TCP/IP only. As a result of this change, users of the new operating system find it difficult and even impossible to locate and connect to servers based on Microsoft's Services for Macintosh, a built-in component of the Windows NT and Windows 2000 server operating systems. ExtremeZ-IP, Group Logic's file server product for mixed Macintosh and Windows networks, restores the network connections - and users' productivity. """"""""When connecting...
Jul 12 Begins Accepting .info Sunrise Registrations Begins Accepting .info Sunrise Registrations Prior to the official launch, helps intellectual property owners secure .info domain names and protect their brands New York, NY - July 12, 2001 -, Inc. (NASDAQ: RCOM), a leading provider of domain name registration and Internet services, today announced that the company has begun accepting applications for .info Sunrise registrations from eligible trademark and service mark holders. Afilias Ltd., the .info registry, has designated a Sunrise Period, which begins July 25th, to allow owners of intellectual property to register qualified names in advance of the general public. As a service to its customers, is giving registrants extra time to prepare for the launch of the .info Sunrise Period, thereby increasing their chances of getting in the first batch of Sunrise registrations to be processed by the .info registry and obtaining their desired names. The Sunrise registration names will be...
Jul 12
Amadeus II v3.2.3
Martin Hairer releases Amadeus II v3.2.3 For Immediate Release Geneva, Switzerland, July 12, 2001 -- Martin Hairer today announces the release of Amadeus II v3.2.3, his premiere disk-based, Mp3 supporting, visual waveform audio file editing and analyzing application for the Mac OS and MaxOS X. Amadeus II lets you use your Mac OS computer for many sound-related applications, such as live audio recording, digitizing tapes and records, sampling from any external source and for editing and analyzing Mp3, Ogg Vorbis, AIFF, SoundDesigner II, QuickTime or WAVE files. Thanks to its powerful direct-to-disk abilities, you can easily and rapidly edit large sounds of sizes up to 2GB (3 hours of CD quality music!). The handling of large sounds is facilitated by Amadeus' ability to show simultaneously the whole sound and the portion on which you are currently working and the extensive support of markers. Its outstanding sound repairing and denoising abilities make Amadeus II particularly suitable...
Jul 12
[Math+Magic] Source licensing and Bundling
[Math+Magic] Source licensing and Bundling available July 12, 2001 - InfoLogic, Inc. released MathMagic v2.2.2 Personal Edition with a few updates on user interface and documentation. InfoLogic also announced that MathMagic source licensing and bundling program is available for software developers and vendors. MathMagic is an easy-to-use and powerful equation editor that also comes with many high quality mathematical and symbol fonts. Full version of MathMagic Personal Edition is downloadable from its web site at for FREE. InfoLogic also announced that the MacOS X version of MathMagic application would be released in Q3 2001, and a Preview version would be available earlier in August 2001. What is [Math+Magic] MathMagic is an Equation editor for all users ranging from novices, students, teachers, higher education, and to the high-end desktop publishing. It provides very easy user interface and yet powerful features. You can easily create every imaginable form of...
Jul 12
VideoScript 2.2
VideoScript Inc. announces the availability of VideoScript 2.2, a real-time image and video processing language for Mac OS and Mac OS X July 10, 2001 For Immediate Release For more information contact: Tim Molteno, Lead Developer VideoScript Inc. Ph: 877.665.8366 Fax: 781.658.2053 VideoScript Inc. announces the availability of VideoScript 2.2, a real-time image and video processing language for Mac OS and Mac OS X Automatically analyze video and images with this freeware scripting language. A simple script can resize an entire directory of image files, or detect movement from a camera, track objects, perform image enhancement, generate movies and more. VideoScripts ability to track multiple objects with sub-pixel accuracy is widely used for the scientific analysis of video data. New features in version 2.2 include enhanced object tracking, new image filters and transformations. Version 2.2 also includes preliminary support for Apple's new...
Jul 12
AppMaker 13.1
Subject: AppMaker Improves Support for Mac OS X and Carbon Grantham, NH - July 11, 2001 - Bowers Development announces update 13.1 for AppMaker. This is an interim update to better support Mac OS X. AppMaker has long generated Carbon-compatible code. Now, the AppMaker application itself is Carbonized. The code generators (for C++ and PowerPlant) have minor tweaks to support custom controls and custom lists. AppMaker 13.1 was tested with Universal Headers 3.4, Carbon 1.3b5, CodeWarrior Pro 6 (IDE 4.1), PowerPlant b211fc1, and with Mac OS X, 9.1, and 8.6. The AppMaker application we classify as Beta, at least partly because it was built with a Beta release of PowerPlant, but everything seems to work properly. We've made minor improvements to the code generators, libraries, and project stationery for C++ and for PowerPlant. In future releases we will make similar improvements for AppMaker's other languages. Apple made small but important changes to the Universal Header files between UH 3...
Jul 11
MTML 2.0
MTML 2.0 - The triad is complete: The Mac classic version MTML editor shareware product, the Mac classic freeware document viewer, and the new HTML cross-platform shockwave website delivery system that was the original plan in the first place. The document viewer was a spin off of the developer version created with RealBasic. The MTML 2.0 Document Browser vn 2.0.2 created with RealBasic is the developer editing system designed to support this new and final product of the MTML system. Now it is possible to view HTML documents with MTML inside on the internet. These documents can be viewed cross-platform by anyone visiting your website that has, or gets the freely available shockwave plug-in. MTML Sub-Browser 2.0 relational text gathering system for the internet. Freeware application for your website: This is the new shockwave MTML 2 sub-browser. It supports basic HTML type text formatting, and has a multiple download capability. MTML is now a...
Jul 11
Aestiva Knowledge Base
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AESTIVA INTRODUCES WEB-BASED KNOWLEDGE BASE APPLICATION FOR UNIX, WINDOWS, MACINTOSH PLATFORMS. Torrance, Calif. Aestiva, a leader in web-based technologies, unveiled the release of Aestiva Knowledge Base, a searchable database application for web sites. Web site owners can add Aestiva Knowledge Base to a site for visitors to search through an informational database. Visitors can use Aestiva Knowledge Base to perform a variety of simple and complex searches through dozens or hundreds of thousands of pages of information. Features include a web-based administration module for setting up and maintaining the knowledge database as well as tailoring the application's look and feel. Data can be added by staff or imported from other sources. Staff has the ability to add entries and """"""""hide"""""""" them from the public until ready to display. Optional logging of search entries and clickthroughs is useful for determining the effectiveness of your knowledge base....
Jul 11
Now Up-to-Date & Contact Updated with Version 4.0.1
Now Up-to-Date & Contact Update Provides Improved Functionality Best-Selling Macintosh Contact Manager and Scheduler Chosen as Favorite Mac PIM Columbus, Ohio - July 11, 2001 - Slightly more than a month after shipping Now Up-to-Date & Contact version 4.0, a major upgrade to the all-time best-selling Macintosh contact manager and calendar software, Power On has released version 4.0.1. The new release addresses a number of areas that enhance the product's ease of use and performance. Highlighted in the new release are the following: * Added Microsoft Outlook Express, Entourage, and Outlook support in email preferences * Improved conversion of files from earlier versions of Now Up-to-Date & Contact to accommodate files with more than 100 keywords * Enhanced ease of setup for connecting to servers * Templates with mergerecommended for full functionality. About Martin Hairer Martin Hairer is an independent shareware developer. To contact Martin Hairer, send email to Martin....
Jul 11
MacLinkPlus Deluxe Now Optimized for Mac OS X
Press Release For Immediate Release MacLinkPlus Deluxe Now Optimized for Mac OS X New Upgrade takes full advantage of the latest OS Features July 11, 2001 Trumbull, CONN. DataViz(R) Inc. today announced the release of MacLinkPlus(R) Deluxe 13 for the Macintosh(R). Moving along a familiar path, MacLinkPlus Deluxe continues to evolve helping users transfer files across a variety of programs and platforms. This latest version is optimized for the new Mac(R) OS X from Apple(R) Computer and includes support for the latest versions of Microsoft(R) Word and Excel, as found in Office 2001(Mac) and Office XP(Windows). With a new Aqua look and feel to match the new Mac OS layout, DataVizs flagship product continues to enable Macintosh users to open, view and convert files from a variety of Windows and Macintosh applications. The latest version of MacLinkPlus Deluxe provides easy access to the application via the new OS X Dock and exhibits increased stability in the OS X protected memory...
Jul 10
ProVUE Releases Major New Version of Panorama
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Huntington Beach, California - July 9th, 2001 - ProVUE Development announces the release of Panorama 4.0, introduced today. The new RAM-based database processor, available for the first time for Windows PC systems, is more than 100,000 times faster than traditional disk-based systems for many critical operations. Instead of using the relatively slow hard drive, Panorama operates on data directly in the computer's high speed RAM. By eliminating the bottleneck of the mechanical components in a hard drive, Panorama accelerates every operation, including sorting, searching, summarizing, importing, data manipulation and changes to database structure. Typical current system configurations allow all but the very largest database applications to be handled using RAM memory. A typical 32 megabyte RAM allocation, for example, allows a mailing list with over one-half million names and addresses. """"""""Most database software still relies heavily on magnetic disk technology...
Jul 09
InterMapper 3.5
InterMapper Turns Five with Version 3.5 Hanover, NH - 9 July 2001. Dartware, LLC announces the immediate availability of InterMapper 3.5, the latest release of its network monitoring and alerting program. InterMapper which enters its fifth year of sales with over 1200 customers worldwide, started life as a product sold by Dartmouth College. In April, 2000, Dartware spun out from the College and began enhancing and marketing InterMapper. InterMapper 3.5 monitors network web, mail, DNS, and other servers, routers and other switching equipment. It also monitors LAN and WAN links to detect troubles in the network and alert the network manager to the problems. It quickly and easily creates maps of the network that serve as a documentation and troubleshooting aid. The built-in web server also allows a network manager to see the health of the network remotely using a standard web browser. A demonstration version of InterMapper 3.5 is available from:
Jul 09
Mailsmith 1.1.7
Mailsmith 1.1.7 Now Available From Bare Bones Software Bedford, MA -- July 09, 2001 -- Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of Mailsmith 1.1.7, the company's powerful Internet email client. This new version includes improved support for SMTP authentication and several changes that make it easier to use Mailsmith within the Classic environment on Mac OS X. The update is available free of charge to all Mailsmith customers. Mailsmith 1.1.7 also incorporates numerous other enhancements, interface refinements, and bug fixes. A detailed list of changes made in this release can be found online: ( All registered Mailsmith customers may upgrade free of charge to Mailsmith 1.1.7 by downloading the update package available from the Bare Bones Software web site: ( Pricing and Availability ------------------------ Mailsmith 1.1.7 is available now, with...
Jul 09
StuffIt for Linux and Solaris
ALADDIN SHIPS STUFFIT FOR LINUX AND SOLARIS EXPANDING ITS STUFFIT COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY Watsonville, CA - July 9, 2001- Providing a universal compression solution for all computing platforms and file types, Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: ALHI), today shipped its award winning compression software, StuffIt(tm) for Linux and Sun's Solaris operating systems, making StuffIt available on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris platforms. """"""""Aladdin understands that computer users don't want to worry about their compression tool and whether or not their recipient will be able to access their email attachment,"""""""" said David Polzine, StuffIt Linux/Unix product manager. """"""""With StuffIt, users know they can compress and access files no matter what platform is being used. One tool, one global solution: StuffIt!"""""""" StuffIt is the industry leader in cross-platform multi-format file compression. Wherever there is a...
Jul 06
Flix for Mac
WILDFORM RELEASES FLIX FOR MAC THE FIRST FLASH VIDEO ENCODER Now Macintosh users can produce video in the easy to use Flash format LOS ANGELES, CA - Wildform, creators of Internet media software, today announced the release of Flix for Mac, the first Macintosh application that encodes video into Macromedias Flash format. Now Mac users can easily convert video files into the most popular media format on the web. In making the announcement, Jonathan Blank, Wildform CEO, noted, Flix for PC has already begun to revolutionize streaming video on the web, and were very pleased to now offer the software to the media savvy Mac audience. In January, Wildform released Flix for PC, which quickly became a must-have program for Flash developers, web designers, and web video enthusiasts. Now Wildform has provided the same functionality for the Mac, a popular platform for media and graphics applications. Flash, is an open standard used extensively on the Internet. According to a September, 2000 NPD...
Jul 06
DigiCerf: Consumer Secure Communications
DigiCerf Selects VeriSign To Provide Secure Communications for Consumers Flagship Product """"""""Secure"""""""" allows consumers to send and receive secure e-mail Aliso Viejo, CA - DigiCerf, Inc., an online provider of consumer security software, today announced that it has selected VeriSign Inc. (NASDAQ:VRSN) to provide authentication and managed digital certificate services to power a new consumer offering. With VeriSign, DigiCerf plans to issue digital certificates to consumers to enable them to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of conducting secure online communications and transactions. DigiCerf will also use VeriSign's authentication services to establish the identity and authority of consumers requesting digital certificates. Gary Brooks, president and co-founder of DigiCerf, says, """"""""Digital certificates provide peace of mind to consumers by giving them the ability to communicate securely over the Internet. VeriSign has assisted us to provide a scalable solution...
Jul 06
Super Get Info 1.0 for Mac OS X
BARE BONES SOFTWARE RELEASES SUPER GET INFO 1.0 Powerful Replacement for Mac OS X Finder's Show Info Command Bedford, MA -- July 6, 2001 -- Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of """"""""Super Get Info"""""""", a new utility for Mac OS X. Super Get Info supplements the """"""""Show Info"""""""" command provided by the Mac OS X Finder, and makes it possible for users to: * View and edit the Mac OS type and creator codes for a given file; * View and edit the Unix owner, group, and permission settings for files and folders; * Modify a file's creation and modification dates; * Copy a file's full path name, via the Clipboard, as well as via drag-and-drop; * Open one information window for each selected Finder item, so that multiple selected items can be viewed and edited discretely. """"""""With the release of BBEdit for Mac OS X, we led the way in building a bridge between the power of Unix and the accessibility of the Mac...
Jul 05
MacPopUp 2.5
For immediate release MacPopUp. New Messenger Built for Mac OS X MacPopUp 2.5 first enables Instant Messaging across Mac OS X, Mac OS and Windows, adds more benefits July 5, 2001 - Kanex Group Inc. today unveiled a new MacPopUp 2.5. Built for Mac OS X, it provides users with all advantages of Apple's advanced OS and at the same time it is available for Mac OS and Windows. MacPopUp is the only full-featured IM LAN Solution available for Mac OS X. It works natively with Apple's latest operating system without requiring the Classic environment. Version 2.5 allows home and SOHO users to utilize LAN messaging and access to the Internet without switching the TCP/IP settings. At the same time enterprise and educational users get the one-click recipient select, message broadcasting, enhanced multiple users/workgroups functionality and printing of the received messages. MacPopUp allows Mac users to exchange instant messages with other users on any local area network. Users can easily...
Jul 05
Apple Puts Power Mac G4 Cube on Ice
Apple Puts Power Mac G4 Cube on Ice CUPERTINO, California-July 3, 2001-Apple today announced that it will suspend production of the Power Mac G4 Cube indefinitely. The company said there is a small chance it will reintroduce an upgraded model of the unique computer in the future, but that there are no plans to do so at this time. """"""""Cube owners love their Cubes, but most customers decided to buy our powerful Power Mac G4 minitowers instead,"""""""" said Philip Schiller, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. The Power Mac G4 Cube, at less than one fourth the size of most PCs, represented an entirely new class of computer delivering high performance in an eight-inch cube suspended in a stunning crystal-clear enclosure. Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative...
Jul 04
VOODOO Server 1.3.1 for Mac OS X
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VOODOO Server 1.3.1 for Mac OS X released - Version Control for CodeWarriors Hagenberg, July-04-2001, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS announced the availability of their flagship version control tool VOODOO Server 1.3.1 for Mac OS X. The new release is a maintenance release which contains a couple of bug fixes and improves compatibility with Mac OS X. The upgrade, which is free for registered customers, as well as a fully functional trial version can be downloaded directly from the UNI SOFTWARE PLUS web site at: ( VOODOO Server can be purchased from Developer Depot ( or directly from UNI SOFTWARE PLUS ( VOODOO Server is a version control system for software developers using Metrowerks CodeWarrior under Mac OS. VOODOO Server and the included CodeWarrior plug-in provide reliable and...

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