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Nov 18
Jiiva Announces The First Product Delivering Profession
For Immediate Release Beaverton, OR (November 16, 2001) - Jiiva, Inc., announces Application Builder Collection, the first professional-grade set of reusable Cocoa frameworks for building solid Mac OS X applications. Application Builder Collection (ABC) is a set of user interface widgets, reusable objects, and development applications designed to reduce the time required to build feature-rich Cocoa applications. By reducing the time needed to put together the basic elements of software, ABC allows a software development company to focus on the features and designs that set its applications apart from the competition. ABC is an extension to the Cocoa development tools and kits provided by Apple Computer, Inc. The Cocoa development environment has a rich set of objects for writing powerful applications and ABC builds on this solid foundation by leveraging existing classes, naming conventions, and design patterns. ABC is designed to take full advantage of Mac OS X, including the smooth...
Nov 18
MacTech Magazine Rolls Out Updated Career Site For Mac
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MACTECH MAGAZINE ROLLS OUT UPDATED CAREER SITE FOR MAC PROFESSIONALS - focuses in jobs for Macintosh technical professionals, but allows broadest accessibility to larger markets at the same time Westlake Village, CA -- November 15, 2001 -- MacTech Magazine today has rolled out it's updated career site, , specializing in jobs for Macintosh technical professionals. The new site, now a member of the Tech-Engine Career Network, allows both employers and employees to not only focus on the Mac market, but exposes both to the larger cross-platform community. In other words, Mac developers will now be looked at by more than just Mac-only companies, and employees will be able to search out more generalized positions beyond the Mac only market. Macintosh Technical Professionals can post resumes, search for jobs, and explore career opportunities with the leading employers worldwide. And, employers can now promote their Company and...
Nov 18
Point In Space Announces Filemaker 5.5 Database Hosting
POINT IN SPACE WEB HOSTING ANNOUNCES FILEMAKER 5.5 DATABASE HOSTING GT. BARRINGTON, MA, November 16, 2001 - Point In Space Web Hosting today announced immediate availability of Filemaker 5.5 database hosting. "By supporting Filemaker 5.5, we are now completely up-to-date with the Filemaker product line. This guarantees that any user of our services has all the features of the new version available to them on both the local and server-side of their solution," says John May, Point In Space's President. Point In Space is offering Filemaker 5.5 hosting, available immediately, at the same price as 4.x and 5.0 hosting. Current clients may upgrade their account to 5.5 compatibility for free. See the Hosting Plans section of their web site ( for a complete listing of available account features and pricing. About Point In Space Web Hosting Point In Space Web Hosting is a Massachusetts based company specializing in Lasso, Filemaker, Ch-Ching, Web, E-Mail,...
Nov 18
MacTech Magazine Rolls Out Updated Career Site For Mac
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MACTECH MAGAZINE ROLLS OUT UPDATED CAREER SITE FOR MAC PROFESSIONALS - focuses in jobs for Macintosh technical professionals, but allows broadest accessibility to larger markets at the same time Westlake Village, CA -- November 15, 2001 -- MacTech Magazine today has rolled out it's updated career site, , specializing in jobs for Macintosh technical professionals. The new site, now a member of the Tech-Engine Career Network, allows both employers and employees to not only focus on the Mac market, but exposes both to the larger cross-platform community. In other words, Mac developers will now be looked at by more than just Mac-only companies, and employees will be able to search out more generalized positions beyond the Mac only market. Macintosh Technical Professionals can post resumes, search for jobs, and explore career opportunities with the leading employers worldwide. And, employers can now promote their Company and...
Nov 18
Eridanus Releases Baker 1.0.1
For Immediate Release Contact Mike Trivisonno - Kendall, Florida, (November 16, 2001) -- Eridanus Releases Baker 1.0.1: RealBasic Usenet Utility for OS X Eridanus today released Baker 1.0.1. Baker is a utility to simplify the task of downloading files from Usenet newsgroups. Baker eliminates the hassle by automating much of the process. "Basically, all I do is enter my news server info, add the newsgroups I regularly monitor, and click the Start button," Mike Trivisonno of Eridanus, Inc. said when describing how easy it is to configure a new Baker document. "Of course, Baker's support for multiple news servers, multiple simultaneous connections, newsgroup cycling, and news server cycling is nice to have when basic downloading options aren't up to the task," Trivisonno said when describing some of the advanced features available in the $35.00 program. Trivisonno went on to mention some of the other treats that Baker has cooked up for OS X users. Things like...
Nov 16
Vicomsoft: MacOS X Internet Gateway Public Beta
MacOS X Internet Gateway Public Beta Vicomsoft are pleased to announce the first public beta of the Internet Gateway for Mac OS X. This release demonstrates our continued commitment to this new and powerful operating system. This release incorporates all of the features of our current Internet Gateway, while taking full advantage of the high performance and improved user interface available to native applications under Mac OS X. It includes: ) Robust firewall ) Comprehensive Internet access controls by user or group. ) Web caching to improve Internet performance and reduce bandwidth usage. ) Automatic connection to the Internet as needed. ) Teaming of multiple Internet connections. ) Dial in access to your network. ) Built in DNS and DHCP servers for easy network management. ) Remote management. We invite everyone to download the beta version at (, and look forward to receiving any feedback that you have. Vicomsoft a BVRP group company
Nov 15
OpenOSX Office 0.9 Now Shipping
OpenOSX Office 0.9, Now Shipping Business Editors/High-Tech Writers SWALL MEADOWS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 15, 2001--AbiWord is an award-winning open source alternative to Microsoft Word. Gnumeric is a world-class spreadsheet with 95 percent of the functions of Microsoft Excel built-in. Gimp is The GNU Image Manipulation Program, a popular graphics editor often compared to PhotoShop. OpenOSX's package will install this suite of powerful and flexible tools for Macintosh Operating System, Mac OS X, with ease. AbiWord is a full-featured, award-winning word processor that can edit Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, XHTML and RTF documents. It boasts: multiple columns, on-the-fly spell checking, style sheets, multiple language support and more. AbiWord can write RTF, HTML, XHTML, PalmDoc and ASCII document formats. Gnumeric 0.74 can edit Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123, MultiPlan, Plan Perfect, HTML and CSV file formats. It is a complete spreadsheet that offers a comprehensive function...
Nov 15
ACDSee 4.0 Tops One Million Downloads In First Month
For Immediate Release ACDSEE? 4.0 TOPS ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS IN FIRST MONTH Akamai EdgeSuite service supports explosive global demand for ACD Systems high-quality digital imaging software Victoria, British Columbia - November 15, 2001 - ACD Systems International Inc. (TSE: ASA), the digital imaging company, today announced that more than one million copies of the latest version of its award-winning software, ACDSee? 4.0, were downloaded by consumers in the month following its release in late September. The successful launch of ACDSee 4.0 was based on ACD's proven technology and well-established customer base. The high volumes of downloads of ACDSee 4.0 were facilitated by Akamai Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM), whose content and application delivery service, EdgeSuiteSM, has enabled ACD to average 350,000 global downloads per week since the launch of ACDSee 4.0 - a major milestone in the Company's history. In addition, by off-loading the global distribution of its software...
Nov 15
textSOAP 3.1 released
Salt Lake City -- November 15, 2001 -- unmarked software updates its textSOAP 3 internet text cleaning uility. textSOAP 3.1 adds new features requested by users as well as fixes several known problems. Changes include: * Added feature to set Font & Size of text (under Preferences) * Added support for dropping folders when creating new batch scripts * Added feature to import / export custom cleaners * Added mouse wheel support under OS X * Added new ROT 13 cleaner * Added Remove Forwarded Text cleaner * Application now supports calling Services under OS X 10.1 * Fixed MIME cleaner to work properly with URL's * Fixed a problem where internal find/replace cleaners could crash * Fixed Find/Replace occurrences of N or more feature. It was looking for N+1 as the minimum * Installer offers to also install Classic files when installing under OS X * Cleaners in Service are now up-to-date with cleaners in application * Added additional support for OS X 10.1 (with Services) * Additional...
Nov 15
IntelliMerge 1.3 released
Good day, Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce IntelliMerge 1.3, a new functionality update to our dynamic e-mail merge software for the Mac. This update adds faster database operations under Mac OS X, a revised interface for many dialog boxes, and a new Classic version (for users of Mac OS 9.2.1) available for separate download from the Mac OS X version. ( ( -- Mac OS X ( -- Mac OS 9 NOTE: The BinHex and MacBinary files (intellimerge.bin and intellimerge.hqx) are now depreciated, and will be removed in the near future. Please direct readers to download the .sit files that are now available. Best Regards, -- Intelli Innovations, Inc. ( (919) 468-0340 Release Notes (summary): Version 1.3 * [New] IntelliMerge database operations now run faster under Mac OS X. * [New] Over a dozen dialogs have been...
Nov 15
JobOrder's Internet module is now shipping
News Release November 14, 2001 JobOrder's Internet module is now shipping JobOrder offers a comprehensive, cross-platform solution to integrate the business operations of project-oriented service businesses such as software developers, web design firms, advertising agencies, and consulting companies. JobOrder facilitates planning, estimating, scheduling, billing, accounting, analyzing and reporting. Joborder's Internet module combines dynamic HTML elements with a robust internal programming language to enable JobOrder Server to publish itself on the Internet. JobOrder Internet provides an interface that closely resembles the normal JobOrder Client experience. By using the JobOrder Internet API, users can customize their JobOrder Internet web site. The JobOrder Internet API provides the language necessary to communicate requests to the JobOrder Server, allowing users to design their JobOrder Internet experience using any modern HTML editor, such as Macromedia DreamWeaver, Adobe GoLive...
Nov 14
Trinfinity Software releases Seagull Video Player version 1.0
TRINFINITY SOFTWARE RELEASES SEAGULL VIDEO PLAYER 1.0 Trinfinity Software releases Seagull Video Player version 1.0. NEW YORK, N.Y. - - November 14, 2001 - - Trinfinity Software released today Seagull Video Player 1.0, which enables the user to create a playlist of video files and play them, full screen, on their computer. Due to the speed limitations of most Internet connections, videos often have to broken up into pieces to make it easier for users to download them. Anyone who has ever waited all night to download a video, only to lose the connection and have to start again, knows the value of being able to download videos in pieces. Now, there is no need for interruption when one segment ends. Users will no longer be bewildered by complex video editors as they attempt to re-assembly their video. Just select the video files you want to play, choose the order, and hit play. It couldn't be easier! Seagull Video Player can be used to watch segmented movies, movie clips, favorite...
Nov 14
Power On Ships Now Up-to-Date & Contact for Mac OS X
Power On Ships Now Up-to-Date & Contact for Mac OS X Internet Savvy Contact Manager and Calendar Integrates Desktop, PDA, and Web for Complete Enterprise Solution Columbus, Ohio - November 14, 2001 - Following up on the organization's phenomenal growth strategy that resulted in its selection as an Inc. 500 company last month, Power On Software announced today the release of Now Up-to-Date & Contact Version 4.1 for Mac OS X. Based on the enormously successful release of Now Up-to-Date & Contact Version 4, this new version has been written natively for Mac OS X to take full advantage of the operating system's power, stability and elegant Aqua user interface. "Power On has worked diligently to provide our customers with first class personal information management products and we are honored to be recognized by Inc. 500 for our efforts," said John Wallace, President of Power On Software. "Now Up-to-Date & Contact users will be extremely pleased with Version 4.1 because it...
Nov 13
VOODOO Personal 2.1.1
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VOODOO Personal 2.1.1 - The Version Organizer that Saves the Evolution of Your Work Hagenberg, November-13-2001, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS announced the availability of version 2.1.1 of the popular version organizer VOODOO Personal. The new version is a maintenance release which contains a couple of bug fixes and improves compatibility with Mac OS X 10.1. The upgrade to 2.1.1 is free for all registered users of version 2.0 and higher. It can be downloaded from: Have you ever deleted a document by mistake - or made a change to a document only to find that you would like to undo the change a few days later? Or did you ever want to know what a document looked like the other day? VOODOO Personal protects your documents against accidental deletion and unwanted changes. It stores all versions of your documents and lets you restore previous versions whenever you want. The neat graphical user...
Nov 13
MacVCD 3.0 Released
46OR RELEASE ON NOVEMBER 13, 2001 MACVCD 3.0 RELEASED Vancouver, Canada, November 13, 2001 - The Mireth Technology Corporation has released version 3.0 of MacVCD. MacVCD is the easy way to play Video CDs on the Macintosh. MacVCD features: - Full screen display, even on large monitors - Automatic Video CD format recognition and file chaining - Auto Play and Auto Eject - Easy to use standard Macintosh interface including both a movie controller and keyboard control - Track and chapter selection support - Audio channel selection to support both multi-language and karaoke soundtracks Version 3.0 adds the following features: - Auto eject and auto play preferences. - Auto hide menu bar and auto hide controller preferences - Comprehensive HTML formatted documentation MacVCD is available in English for Macintosh. For more information please see: ABOUT THE MIRETH TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Located in Vancouver Canada, Mireth Technology produces quality software...
Nov 13
Happy Mik for MacOS: PageMill Patch
JAW software ships Happy Mik for MacOS GENOA, November 10, 2001 JAW software announced today the availability of Happy Mik, a patcher for the Adobe PageMill 3 Application. Adobe PageMill 3, bundled with lots of iMacs in the past times, does not work with Mac OS 8.5 and later, due to an incompatibility with Navigation Libraries (found in all more recent OSs). Happy Mik patches PageMill 3.0 so it does not try to use Navigation Libraries anymore. You can download it from the JAW software web site: The software is available for free download, and is freeware (oh, well, a thank-you postcard would be appreciated :) ) JAW software develops consumer software for Mac OS and OS X and custom business software, using C, C++ and REALbasic. JAW Software - by Walter Ferlazzo Hardware & Software developing for the Apple community Established 1986 web site: e-mail:
Nov 13
Fontagent 8.7 Improves Power, Help And Performance
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FONTAGENT 8.7 IMPROVES POWER, HELP AND PERFORMANCE New Version Offers Better Advice, Faster Scanning and Support for Large Font Sets November 13, 2001 [Carlsbad, CA] Insider Software announced today the immediate availability of Insider FontAgent 8.7. The new release of its award-winning font repair and management utility adds new facilities for finding quick answers to font problems, Mac OS X performance enhancements, and fixes for handling very large font libraries. IMPROVED HELP OFFERS ANSWERS AND ADVICE The new FontAgent improves its support and feedback facilities to help users solve font management issues. The new features include improved error messages that pinpoint problems and offer solutions, as well as hot links to Insider's web site for instant answers and support. "Version 8.7 follows our new policy of offering useful advice when we can," remarked Rio Sabadicci, president of Insider Software. "This version begins closely tying FontAgent to Insider's...
Nov 13
WestCiv Webware releases version 2.1 of Style Master
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WestCiv Webware releases version 2.1 of their cascading style sheet editor Style Master. November 13, 2001 - Bondi Beach, Australia - WestCiv Webware announced today the release and immediate availability of Style Master version 2.1, the CSS development environment for the MacOS. With increasing emphasis on standards compliant, accessible web design, developers are finally embracing CSS both to control web page appearance, and to manage large sites more efficiently. Style Master is the long standing CSS framework of choice, with all the tools needed to rapidly develop, test and deploy web style sheets: * easy to use editors for working with all CSS properties (including the increasingly important positioning properties), selectors and values * innovative built in help allowing developers to learn the nuts and bolts of the technology as they go * CSS browser support information extending to Opera 5 and Internet Explorer 6 (...
Nov 12
Keyspan Offers Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Upgrade Card for Laptops
Keyspan Offers Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Upgrade Card for Laptops Las Vegas, NV--- November 12, 2001--- Keyspan, America's #1 USB connectivity products vendor*, announced its Keyspan Hi-Speed USB 2.0 CardBus Card. This card enables any laptop with a CardBus slot to connect to USB 1.1 and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 devices. Hi-Speed USB 2.0 operates at speeds up to 480 Mbps--- forty times faster than previous USB technology. A new generation of lightning-fast Hi-Speed USB 2.0 devices are now being released. These devices include hard drives, CD-RW's, scanners, and printers. The Keyspan Hi-Speed USB 2.0 CardBus Card ships with a small power adapter. Use of the power adapter is optional--- and guarantees that a full 500mA of power is delivered when both ports on the card are in use. Cards that draw power solely from the CardBus slot are not able to supply 500mA via its ports as provided for in the USB specification. This CardBus card is the second Hi-Speed USB 2.0 upgrade card available from Keyspan. In...
Nov 12
Thursby Software Systems announces DAVE 3.1
For Immediate Release: Thursby Software Systems announces DAVE=AE 3.1 November 12, 2001, Arlington, Texas. Thursby Software Systems has released DAVE 3.1, the new version of its popular Macintosh to PC file and printer sharing software. This new version supports Mac OS X, version 10.1 and Mac OS 8.6-9.2. "User experience definitely sets DAVE 3.1 apart," says William Thursby, president of Thursby Software Systems. "DAVE is a commercial product with both client and server services developed specifically to retain the essential Macintosh user experience. And, DAVE is fully supported by Thursby Software Systems, a company with 15 years experience." DAVE is really two products in one, with separate installation programs for Mac OS 10.1 and Mac OS 8.6-9.2. And totally new with this release, DAVE for Mac OS X allows Windows users to see and print to Mac shared inkjet and PostScript printers. The Mac OS 8.6-9.2 version supports bidirectional PostScript printing. Other features include: *...
Nov 12
Carbon Events plugin for REALbasic
Hi All, Just wanted to announce a small update to my Carbon Events plugin, this should do it for a while. 1.2 adds & changes the following: - Added SheetChangedOrigin() event when live resizing is installed; very useful when a sheet is shown and you don't want the window to jump back to it's old location. However, it can quickly cause a stack over flow exception you must handle it accordingly. - Added IndentDockMenuItem() to allow indenting dock menu items. -RemoveDockMenu() now removes the dock menu event handler when called, this will allow you to use the method whenever you want, not just at Close. - Changed the commandIDs for the Dock menu to better avoid responding to other menu events. The plugin can be downloaded here: Lastly, if there is something in OS X that you would like to see added to this plugin, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. Cheers, Will C.
Nov 12
Aladdin Systems Ships StuffIt 6.5.1 Update
ALADDIN SYSTEMS SHIPS FREE STUFFIT 6.5.1 UPDATE, AVAILABLE TO STUFFIT DELUXE AND STUFFIT LITE 6.5 REGISTERED OWNERS New Version Gives StuffIt Deluxe Users Contextual Menus For Mac OS X Watsonville, CA - November 12, 2001 -Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: ALHI), today released StuffIt(tm) 6.5.1, an update to the industry-standard access and compression utility for Macintosh. StuffIt Deluxe 6.5.1 adds Contextual Menu support in Mac OS X to version 6.5's Magic Menu support for Mac OS X, smart expansion of Palm OS files, DropTar(tm) (a drop box compression utility for Unix), and StuffIt Express(tm) Personal Edition (also sold separately)- allows users to create customized drop box applications that can be configured to automate their file compression and transfer tasks. StuffIt Lite and StuffIt Deluxe 6.5 users should update for minor bug fixes and the new StuffIt Deluxe-Only Mac OS X Context Menu feature. "Magic Menu and...
Nov 09
Revolution 1.1 for Mac OS X, Cross-Grade for HyperCard Users
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RUNTIME UNVEILS REVOLUTION 1.1 FOR MAC OS X Runtime Revolution Delivers Native Support for Ground Breaking Operating System and Offers Low Price Cross-grade for HyperCard Users Edinburgh, Scotland. Thursday 8th November 2001. Runtime Revolution today announced the launch of Revolution 1.1, a native Mac OS X application development system that offers cross-platform database access and enhanced multimedia support for QuickTime. Revolution 1.1 for Mac OS X delivers seamless integration with the Aqua user interface and the operating system's underlying Unix-based foundation. Using Revolution's unique "write once, deploy anywhere" technology, a developer can write an application on Mac OS X and port it instantly to all of the other available platforms. With its high level integrated language, application prototyping and fast development capabilities, Revolution 1.1 for Mac OS X saves users time, money and effort. "Revolution is becoming the tool of choice for...
Nov 09
Optigold ISP 2.8.6 Released
Optigold ISP 2.8.6 for Windows, Macintosh, Mac OS X and Linux was released on 11/09/2001. Optigold ISP is a cross-platform business software package to run all aspects of an internet service provider (from billing to server management). A *FREE*, 100% working copy can be downloaded from: 2.8.6 adds new company email manager/trouble ticking system, ability to store images per customer, new employee security and a few other miscellaneous items. All new features in this version are listed in the revision log: Optigold ISP Revision Log ------------------------- Completed On 11/8/01 Emailed receipt FROM address uses VISP settings Company tag 1 and company tag 2 can be passed to payment receipts as variables New employee security - Email Manager Deletion Email manager emails can be replied to Email manager emails can closed/reopened Email manager emails can classified Email manager emails can...
Nov 09
BASh v1.6.1 Released by Deep Sky Technologies
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BASh v1.6.1 Released by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. Vero Beach, FL - Friday, November 9th, 2001: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of BASh v1.6.1 for Macintosh and Windows. BASh is a 4th Dimension component which provides extensive utility functionality for 4D programmers, including a dynamic stack space module for reusing variable space, encoding and cryptography routines, and much, much more. BASh is the first 4D component publicly available after the release of 4D v6.7.0 by 4D, Inc., and 4D SA. And, in keeping with the tradition of offering high quality and services, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., has made the BASh component available for free to the developer community. BASh v1.6.1 contains 11 new methods. All total, the BASh component now consists of 304 methods across 25 modules of code. The manual is over 390 pages long and describes every single method call in detail. As well, this release of the BASh component includes the...
Nov 08
MacZ Software brings Mac OS X support to HTML Converter
MacZ Software brings Mac OS X support to HTML Converter MacZ Software has rolled out HTML Converter 1.3. HTML Converter is a free HTML utility for converting special characters to corresponding HTML character codes. Version 1.3 makes the app AppleScriptable, and adds support for Mac OS X. More information: Download (Carbon): Download (Classic):
Nov 08
iPod Free File Access
For immediate release: --- Product: iPod Free File Access --- Version: 1.0b1 --- Platform: Mac OS 9.x --- Short Description: Let you access the hidden music folder on the iPod. --- Long Description: With iPod Free File Access (iPFFA, that sounds good ;) you can easiely access the music folder on the iPod disk created by iTunes 2. Just drag the iPod disk onto iPFFA, the music folder will be visible and opens automatically for quick & easy access. After dragging the iPod disk onto iPFFA it knows the disk name and from now you can make the folder visible just by launching iPFFA (handy in the Apple menu). --- Links: Homepage: Readme: Download: ipodfreefileaccess100 --- License: Good-guy-ware. Do a good thing to the person which is next to you right now. :-)
Nov 08
REALbasic 3.5.2
REALbasic 3.5.2 is a free update to version 3.5. Download it now from our iDisk (best performance) ( WebDAV (for Mac OS X 10.1) ( Our website: ( Our FTP site: ( What's new in REALbasic 3.5.2: Applications built for the Japanese region that have Japanese characters in the application name now have the plst resource written correctly. The main place this was noticeable was in the application menu of Mac OS X. Using the Office plug-ins by dragging a control to the window no longer crashes if Office or the VBA libraries are not available. You will get an exception instead. Since Apple has released OS 10.1 some users have reported significant crashing when using the Carbon version of the 3.5.1 IDE. REALbasic 3.5.2 includes a fix for this. REALbasic 3.5.2 also fixes the failure to load resources in the IDE when choosing 'Run' from the menu...
Nov 08
Portraits & =?iso-8859-1?Q?Prints=81?= Updated to Version 1....
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Portraits & Prints=81 Updated to Version 1.0.1 Oviedo, Florida -- November 8, 2001 - The first maintenance release for Portraits & Prints=81, the personal photo studio for Mac=AE OS X, is now available. This version addresses issues encountered after the program was initially released last week. The 1.0.1 update includes the following features and fixes. - Improved loading and display of catalog thumbnail images. - Corrected a printing problem resulting in random blank pages. - Custom print ranges are now respected. - Manual adjustments to auto-cropped image placement are now correctly reflected in final printout. - Increased the maximum redeye zoom by a factor of two. - Eliminated a bug that would cause pixel artifacts when applying redeye reduction. - Cut the download size in half. Portraits & Prints can be purchased online for $19.95 from the Econ Technologies, Inc. web site ( A free demo version is available for...
Nov 07
4D Academic Standard Ed. Now Free to Non-Profits
4D Academic Standard Edition Now Free to Academic and Not-for-profit Organizations -- Academic and Not-for-profit Users Gain Powerful Database Application Development Tool -- SAN JOSE, Calif., November 7, 2001 -- 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, today announced it is making 4D Academic Standard Edition available for free to academic and not-for-profit organizations. The free download of 4D Academic Standard Edition is available directly from 4D at: ( "4D, Inc. is genuinely interested in supplying the next generation of web and database developers with a powerful development tool," explained Brendan Coveney, president and CEO, 4D, Inc. "Our message is simple. Go and use the power of 4D to create real-world solutions." 4D's Academic Program The 4D Academic Standard Edition product is a full production version with no limitations in functionality. 4D Academic Standard Edition includes: the 4D...
Nov 07
ConceptDraw v.1.71
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CS-ODESSA RELEASES CONCEPTDRAW 1.71 ConceptDraw v.1.71 features streamlined interface, PNG format support, improved EPS and EMF export, enlarged number of shortcuts and menu commands. Odessa, Ukraine - November 7th, 2001 - Computer Systems Odessa Corp., today announces the release of ConceptDraw v.1.71 Standard and Professional editions. This is a newer version of the powerful flowcharting and diagramming software package for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows. The update for ConceptDraw users is free of charge. Demo is available at ConceptDraw web site: ConceptDraw v.1.71 Standard features the following changes and enhancements: - A streamlined user interface makes it easier to work with the program; - An enlarged number of shortcuts and menu commands; - PNG format support has been added; - Improved EPS export (fonts, fills, preview) and data exchange with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop; - The number of...
Nov 07
Micono RbPNGLib REALbasic plugin
Michio Ono has uploaded Micono RbPNGLib plugin at: ( Micono RbPNGLib is a plugin for REALbasic ver.3.5 or later, provides some abilities to handle PNG for Rb. To make this available, you should locate this plugin in the Plugins folder of Rb and lauch Rb. RbPNGLib enables you to read/write the PNG main image,its alpha channnel,its internal texts and others.
Nov 07
OTTool Supports Mac OS X 10.1
OTTool Supports OS X Version 10.1 LAFAYETTE, CA - November 7th, 2001 - Neon Software, Inc. today released a maintenance update to its freeware OTTool to support Apple Computer's Mac OS X Version 10.1. OTTool is a utility which provides a synopsis of the IP and AppleTalk configuration parameters within Apple Computer's networking architectures. OTTool allows users on IP networks to make Domain Name Server (DNS) queries, ping devices using ICMP Pings, trace IP routes (UNIX traceroute), scan through ranges of IP addresses asking for resolutions, and query a DNS for Mail Exchange and System Info. On Classic Mac OS PowerPC machines, it will also display the IP ARP cache. OTTool can be downloaded immediately from: New version 1.2.1 natively supports Mac OS X, Classic Mac OS 8.x and 9.x versions. NEON SOFTWARE, INC Neon Software develops intelligent network software tools for both MacOS and Windows. The Neon Software Network Management Series includes...
Nov 06
Troi ASCII Plug-in 1.0.2 open source
Open source plug-in can do ASCII conversions as an external function. Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands, November 6, 2001--Troi Automatisering today announced the availability of Troi ASCII Plug-in 1.0.2 for FileMaker Pro. What is the ASCII Plug-in? Troi ASCII Plug-in adds the external function "Asci-LowSafe" to FileMaker Pro. This function converts higher ASCII characters to lower ASCII characters, while trying to retain as much information as possible. Here are some examples for the translation: =FC becomes 'ue' =F8 becomes 'o' Troi ASCII is an open source plug-in: the download contains the source code. To compile the source code you need MetroWerks Codewarrior as well as a copy of FileMaker Developer 5.5 for some header files. Availability & Conditions of use Troi ASCII Plug-in 1.0.2 and its source code are available for downloading at Troi's Web site at: ( Troi ASCII Plug-in 1.0.2 works with FileMaker Pro 4 or later and FileMaker...
Nov 06
Macworld San Franciso's "My Show Planner" Lets...
IDG WORLD EXPO INTRODUCES ONLINE CONFERENCE PLANNER FOR MACWORLD SAN FRANCISCO 2002 "My Show Planner" Lets Site Visitors Plan Ahead, Save Time Framingham, Mass. - November 6, 2001 - IDG World Expo, the leading producer of world-class tradeshows, conferences and events for IT markets, announced today that attendees can now personalize their conference schedules and social engagements at Macworld Conference & Expo with the Macworld online conference planner. My Show Planner is accessible via the Macworld Conference & Expo website (, and allows users to plan ahead to make the most of their time at Macworld Conference & Expo, which is scheduled for January 7-11, 2002 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Users of My Show Planner can browse and actively search more than 170 Macworld sessions to develop the educational programs most suited to their needs. The tool alerts users to time conflicts, and session categories are color-coded to make the selection...
Nov 05
Chronos Group Organizer 4.0 for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The First Major Network Organizer Comes to Mac OS X Park City, UT - November 6th, 2001 -- Chronos LC today proudly announced Group Organizer 4.0, the first network organizer for Mac OS 8, 9, and X. Group Organizer 4.0 sets a new standard for "ease of use" in the complex world of client/server products. According to Jerry Halls, V.P. of Sales at Chronos, "Group Organizer 4.0 is a dream come true for those who want to quickly and easily get their business organized. The new setup wizard literally makes it as easy as one, two, three." Chronos calls its product the "Swiss Army Knife" of productivity software. It integrates a calendar, address book, word processor, memo taker, personal journal, phone dialer, and alarm clock into a single easy-to-use application. To top it off, it synchronizes with all Palm and Handspring handheld organizers. Group Organizer 4.0 is intended specifically for network users who need to share information with their co-workers. It uses an...
Nov 05
Rage Software Releases CSM Maker 1.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rage Software Releases CSM Maker 1.5 CSM Maker allows users, even users with no programming experience, to create Control Strip Modules to launch any application. Just drop an application onto CSM Maker's icon and a Control Strip Module will be created instantly that can be placed in your Control Strip. Whats New CSM Maker 1.5 is a complete rewrite and offers many enhancements and improvements over previous versions. CSM Maker 1.5 now has no interface, rather it allows you to just drop an application onto its icon and a Control Strip Module is created. Other improvements include removing the white border around the icon on created modules and a rare bug which could cause CSM Maker to sometimes crash when creating modules. System Requirements - PowerPC or 68K Macintosh Computer - Mac OS 8.5 - 9.2 (Recommended) - 2MB of Available RAM - 2MB of Available Disk Space Pricing And Availability CSM Maker can be downloaded from the Rage Software web site at; http://www....
Nov 05
MaxBulk Mailer v2.1.1
MaxBulk Mailer v2.1.1 Maxprog November, 4 2001 - Major release Maxprog is proud to present a new release of Maxbulk Mailer, new version 2.1.1, available now on Maxprog website with several improvements, new features and bug fixes. MaxBulk Mailer is a full featured mail-merge and bulk mailer for Macintosh. MaxBulk Mailer is able to send commercial mailings to up to several thousands of emails address using a complete customizable tags set. MaxBulk Mailer is fast, fully customizable and very easy to use. It uses mailings as documents with configuration data, mailing text and mailing list built-in. MaxBulk Mailer handles both plain text and HTML documents. Maxbulk is perfect for sending: - Newsletters - Customer mailings ...etc... We value your feedback and we'd love to hear what you have to say. Please e-mail us at with your comments and suggestions. (Be as descriptive as posible). Some of the New MaxBulk Mailer 2.1.1 features: (Full list at bottom...
Nov 05
MindVision Announces Installer Consulting Service
For Immediate Release LINCOLN, NEB. - November 5, 2001: MindVision Software, the leader in software delivery systems for Macintosh and Windows, today announced an installer consulting service for its clients. The service will allow MindVision Software to create custom built installers and in turn, expand our clients' capabilities. "MindVision has always provided developers with rock-solid installation solutions for our clients," said MindVision CEO Steve Kiene. "Our installer consulting service continues in that tradition." With the pressure ever increasing to meet deadlines and accomplish more with less, MindVision can now directly contribute to the custom installer needs the design and development teams have identified. "Expanding on an already powerful utility to provide exactly what customers want and how they want it, simply allows our customers to be that much more successful," said Steve West, MindVision COO. "If we can contribute in that capacity, that is what we will do."...
Nov 05
iEvents 1.3
Company:        YENCO.COM Release Date:   Monday, November 5, 2001 Product:        iEvents Version:        1.3 Size:           842K Class:          Shareware Cost:           $20.00 Product Description / What's New: Monday, November 5, 2001 YENCO.COM is proud to announce the release of iEvents 1.3. The new version features improved HTML output for single month calendar sites, improved Type 1 Style selection preview, improved Graphite Style, Fixed an obscure bug where splash screen would not close, Preview window now updates correctly when switching between single & multi-month calendar settings, and updated help documentation. In addition to the new Graphite Style included with iEvents 1.3, YENCO.COM has released new Ruby,...
Nov 05
Automatic Backup System Plus
CMS Plans Press Tour to Launch Disaster Recovery for Power Book Users CMS Peripherals ( is preparing to launch their first backup, recovery and external storage solution for Macintosh( OS 8.6 and 9 PowerBook( users at MacWorld ... but before we do, we'd like to come by your office and give you a "first look!" Called the Automatic Backup System Plus (ABSplus), these pocket-sized require no additional cables, power source, docking station, software or media. The solution's patent-pending 'automatic launcher' technology immediately initiates a complete or incremental backup of the notebook's HDD, storing all data in native file format without requiring the user to input a single software command. Complete with Disaster Recovery (DR) software and a removable, bootable hard drive enable users to replace a failed notebook drive with the drive inside the ABS. Power up the PowerBook, and the user has complete access to all backed up data, files, contact information and...
Nov 05
FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited Now Available
FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited Now Available from FileMaker, Inc. Latest version delivers "industrial-strength" Web database publishing; improved Instant Web Publishing Fidelity; Web development tools; and support for the new Mac OS X Server and Red Hat Linux 7.1     SANTA CLARA, CA - Nov. 5, 2001 - FileMaker, Inc. announced the immediate availability of FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited (Worldwide English version). With FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited, estimated retail price of $999 ($499 for upgrades), Web database publishing has never been easier -- or more powerful.   FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited offers the same powerful database features found in FileMaker Pro 5.5, including two-way ODBC capabilities, record-level access privileges and more.  However, in contrast to FileMaker Pro 5.5, it sets no limits to the number of Web Browsers that can access a FileMaker Pro database published on the Web.   In addition, the new version also has two improved powerful Web database-...
Nov 05
VideoClix for Mac OS
For immediate release November 5th, 2001, Vancouver eLine Technologies launches "VideoClix", the next generation interactive video software. Vancouver, Canada - Oct 5th, 2001 - eline Technologies today announced the launch of the company's new interactive video authoring application "VideoClix" for Mac OS VideoClix is the premier software enabling content producers to create rich interactivity right into "Video Objects". This allows viewers to get feedback by clicking on actual items in the video, purchasing the products, playing along in game shows or voting without even having to stop the stream. VideoClix is the easiest, most cost effective and potent tool for creating entertaining and engaging videos for use in DVD/CD ROMs and the Internet. It's based on groundbreaking standards such as Apple's QuickTime and Mpeg4. A simple click-and-drag can add breath taking interactivity and unleash any video assets' maximum potential, be it through product placement in music videos to...
Nov 05
Memora Server, the First Personal Server for Mac OS X
Memora Server, the First Personal Server for Mac OS X Launches Today Memora Server Enables Mac OS X Users to Access and Share Their Pictures, Movies, Music and More Through Any Browser on the Net Waltham, Massachusetts -- November 5, 2001 -- Memora, creators of the Servio Personal Server, today announced the release of their latest product, Memora Server, the first Personal Server software for Mac OS X ( Memora Server, announced earlier this year at MacWorld Expo in New York, enables Mac users running Mac OS X to access their pictures, movies and music through any browser on the Internet. Users can share their latest vacation pictures and enjoy their MP3 collection from anywhere. Memora Server also provides secure, cross-platform Web access to all the user's files. "We are truly excited about the release of Memora Server, particularly after receiving a tremendous response at MacWorld," said Antonio Rodriguez, CEO and co-founder. "Memora Server gives us the opportunity...
Nov 05
REALbasic OS X Multimedia Player, Version 2
For Immediate Release Kendall, Florida, (November 5, 2001) -- Eridanus Releases Version 2 of Free OS X Multimedia Player Eridanus today released Archer 2.0.0. New in this release are commands to delete the displayed image from the hard drive, remove the displayed image from the slide show, and augmented navigation commands for international users. All commands carry on Archer's mash-the-keyboard simplicity. In addition the single-keystroke commands, all new commands also have standard menu and command key equivalents. Archer is a free, easy-to-use slide show play for OS X. Use Archer to combine still images, audio, and video files into the same slide. With Archer you can also run several slide shows at the same time. Each slide show can be configured and sized differently. To make navigating through the images easy, a scroll bar is available when not in full screen mode. You can even navigate through the images while the slide show is playing...just in case you want to go back an see...
Nov 04
ChessWorks 3.0
Ekim Software releases ChessWorks 3.0 - popular free multiplayer chess game. Ekim Software - 11/05/2000 - Ekim Software announces an update of their free multiplayer chess game, ChessWorks. ChessWorks 3 is a free multiplayer chess game that is playable over the internet or a LAN. ChessWorks is strictly multiplayer and does not offer a computer player at this time. Version 3 was developed from the ground up providing more features and improved stability over previous versions. The list of new features contains game clocks, more customization, full PGN support, resizable graphics, and much more. ChessWorks version 3 is available for Mac OS 8 and 9, Mac OS X, and Win32. To find out more information and download the application visit: About Ekim Software Ekim Software, a software company based out of Sarasota Florida, develops both freeware and shareware applications for the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Ekim Software has sold its products in over 23...
Nov 04
iReplace 1.0
Subject: [ANN} iReplace 1.0 for advanced search and replace primarily for web documents From: Luke Jackson ( iReplace 1.0 is an application for advanced search and replace primarily for web documents. iReplace allows you to specify multiple items to find and replace or just to search for those items. iReplace allows you to select special characters (such as ) and will replace those with the html equal for those items. This is a 30-day demo that can be unlocked at anytime by registering. For unregistered copies the days remaining is shown in the about window and on the splash screen at startup. This fully functional 30 day demo version is available for Windows and Macintosh (both classic and carbon). Register Here only $12.50. Download it for Windows Download it for Macintosh with MacOS X Download it for Macintosh with MacOS Classic
Nov 04
4D WebSTAR V Special Pricing for Mac OS X Server Users
4D, Inc. Offers 4D WebSTAR V Special Pricing for Mac OS X Server Users --Fast, Easy, Secure 4D WebSTAR V is Only $299 for Users of Mac OS X Server-- SAN JOSE, Calif., November 5, 2001 -- 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, today announced a special $299 price for all Mac OS X Server 1.x and Mac OS X Server 10.x users. "4D WebSTAR Server Suite V is faster than Apache and definitely easier to administer," explained Brendan Coveney, president and CEO, 4D, Inc. "With default security settings already preset, 4D WebSTAR V is ready out-of-the-box for industrial-strength use. Special pricing makes 4D WebSTAR V a very competitive option for Mac OS X Server users who value their administrative time or want to easily delegate administrative authority." 4D, Inc. released 4D WebSTAR Server Suite V under a completely new pricing and code release structure to provide users with frequent updates, quality support and a lower cost of ownership...
Nov 02
Mallet and Bare releases Erase the Trail 1.1
MALLET AND BARE RELEASES ERASE THE TRAIL FOR MAC OS Walkersville, MD - November 01, 2001 - Mallet and Bare, developers of productivity and utility software for the Macintosh and Windows platform, today announced a new application, Erase The trail, to their award-winning line-up. Erase the Trail is the file and Hard Drive management tool used by many. This application has been compared to applications such as, "Macintosh Explorer," and "Ghost Hunter." Erase the Trail 1.1 has many unique features, such as: * 100% Contextual Menu support * A Redesigned appearance, giving you quicker access to the commands you need most * Plug-in support* * "Finder" like commands and shortcuts * Built-in Apple Help system=DD =2E..and much more! Erase the Trail 1.1 is shareware, available for purchase from the Mallet and Bare Company Store online ( Pricing is $10.00 US. Discounts will be given on later versions to registered users. Erase the Trail is ready for order and may be...
Nov 02
Omnis Studio 3.1
Omnis Studio 3.1 is THE cross-platform development tool The Omnis Studio 3.1 release is a breakthrough for cross-platform, multi-tier application development. Following the March 2001 release of the Mac OS X version of Studio (3.02), the 3.1 release brings together all the currently supported platforms, and adds Sun Solaris version 8 to the platform mix. Omnis Studio is now one of the few development environments that provides true cross platform development and deployment (both thick and thin) under the all popular platforms, including Windows 95/98, NT/2000, Mac OS X and Classic, Red Hat, SuSe and Caldera OpenLinux, as well as Sun Solaris, the most popular form of Unix. The Omnis Studio 3.1 release means you can develop your enterprise solution under your chosen platform and deploy under any other platform, to either your LAN, WAN, Intranet, or via the Internet, and with the Omduit plug-in to all Palm OS supported devices. No other tool provides such power and flexibility for your...

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