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Jan 22
LEGO enthusiasts want modeling software on their Macs!
LEGO enthusiasts want modeling software on their Macs! James Jessiman was the first to write a freeware LEGO modeling application for DOS, called LDraw. Included with the application was a library of common LEGO bricks modeled in 3D. To build virtual LEGO models with LDraw, one by one, you picked a brick and then navigated the brick using arrow keys. After making a model, you could use LDraw to create a graphic image of the model. Quite a community grew around this basic application and since then more robust editors with mouse dragging controls and multiple angle views have been written. Nearly all of the LEGO parts have been modeled. POV-Ray converters were also written which made it easy to create life-like LEGO model images. With these tools people with too much fun-time have created fantastic models that would cost a fortune in real LEGO bricks. Some have even created animations using these tools (see: and http://www....
Jan 22
MacsDesign Studio Releases Web Help Desk 5.2
MacsDesign Studio Releases Web Help Desk 5.2 Powerful Object Oriented Software for Technical Support FREMONT, CA - January 22, 2001 - MacsDesign Studio today released Web Help Desk 5.2, a powerful web application for technical support designed for education and small to medium sized business customers. Built with the industry's most powerful and mature application server, WebObjects 5 from Apple Computer=AE, Web Help Desk 5.2 offers an intuitive web interface and a= n excellent feature set for both end users and support technicians. This latest update includes support for WebObjects 5.1, an enhanced user interface, improved asset management options, powerful new search settings, customizable asset and client fields and optional client self registration. Next Generation Web Application Unlike scripted web applications based on technologies such as ASP or PHP, Web Help Desk uses Java=81 objects to manage your clients, assets and job tickets. This modular, object-oriented foundation...
Jan 22
Classic Layer Problems Solved with Conflict Catcher 9
Classic Layer Problems Solved with Conflict Catcher 9 Conflict Catcher 9 by Casady & Greene, showed it's stuff during Macworld San Francisco earlier this month, and this latest upgrade of the #1-rated Mac utility has been well received! Mac enthusiasts are impressed with Conflict Catcher 9's hottest feature--the inclusion of the Mac OS X set preference. When you are working in OS X and need to go back to the Classic Layer, Conflict Catcher 9 will allow you to boot to the Classic Layer quickly and easily--without having to reboot! This is quite a time saver when the need arises to switch between OS X and Classic! Classic Layer problems are easily remedied with Conflict Catcher 9's new: *Faster, easier and simpler Conflict testing *Logging of intermittent problems *Enhanced USB and FireWire reporting *Group links such as AOL and MS Office *More Reference Library file definitions as well as quick hot links to all your startup files When using Mac OS X, boot directly to the Classic...
Jan 21
Appligent announces StampPDF Plug-in
Now Available for Macintosh! StampPDF 2.7 Demo Version - Plug-In for Adobe Acrobat Requirements: Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X Download this fully functional free demo version of StampPDF 2.7. Package includes the plug-in, documentation files and sample files to stamp. This demonstration copy of StampPDF has the same functionality as the commercial version of the product. Automatic purchase may be made via a menu item. In demo-mode, stamped documents are marked with an X across each page. The StampPDF plug-in gives you the ability to add permanent text or JPEG images to any PDF document. Text may be added in any position: diagonally across a document as watermarks, or as headers and footers. Text stamps may be made in a variety of fonts, text styles or any RGB color. Information you stamp in the PDF document becomes part of the document and is present when it's displayed and printed. Stamping a PDF document is done by entering your text and formatting choices in a dialog that appears when...
Jan 21
Convert: For Calculating Conversions
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 21 Jan 2002 Convert Carbon 2.0 Public Beta b4 Offers Expanded Functionality, Now Carbonized SAN JOSE, Calif., 21 Jan 2002 - Graphic arts software developer and consulting firm Fifth Wave announced today the availability of the latest version of Convert, version 2.0b4, for Mac OS. In addition to providing tremendous value for its meager cost, Convert can be experienced prior to purchase. Payment processing is being handled through Kagi, allowing for world-wide registration. Convert Beta Information: Convert can be obtained from Fifth Wave's public web/ftp site: Convert is simply the greatest tool available for calculating conversions on the Macintosh. Temperature, Velocity, Time, Mass, Currency, Bartending - you name it! Over 40 different conversion categories, offering thousands of conversion possibilities. Full support of the Mac OS including Drag and Drop, multiple monitors, foreign...
Jan 21
OpenOSX Publishes OpenWeb Update
(CA-OPENOSX) OpenOSX Publishes OpenWeb Update Business Editors/High-Tech Writers SWALL MEADOWS, Calif.--(OPENOSX-COM)--January 21, 2002--, a leading provider of easy-to-use, world-class open-source software, today has published binaries of Apache 1.3.22, PHP 4.1.1 in a downloadable package. The package is designed for patrons of the OpenOSX OpenWeb and OpenDB CD's. The package is designed to be installed on top of Mac OS 10.1.2, and restores and adds new functionality for OpenOSX OpenWeb and OpenDB installations. The PHP binaries have been built with support for PDF Lib (in demo mode), XML, WDDX, Regex Library, MySQL and PostgreSQL, Perl Compatible Regular Expressions, ODBC, GD, FTP, EXIF, CURL, BC Math and ZLib. The downloadable package is designed to be installed after installing OpenOSX OpenWeb or OpenDB versions 1.x through 2.0 and after updating to Mac OS 10.1.2. In addition to installing Apache 1.3.22 and PHP 4.1.1, the OpenOSX OpenWeb 2.1 CD installs and configures...
Jan 21
Local Web Synch v2
ANNOUNCEMENT - Local Web Synch v2 LAUNCHED - 21 January 2002 - for Mac and P= C Local Web Synch is a =A320/$30 utility from Rijdat Software to keep your local web folders up to date and synchronised. Local Web Synch is a simple utility which helps you make keep local websites up-to-date with your master copy. Local Web Synch does two things: * synchronises your local copy of your website with your master copy. * changes the type of the index file to that of your favoured browser. If you are the webmaster for your organisation's internal (and/or external) website you will have a master copy of the site which you make changes on, and probably a user folder which has a copy of whole site and which internal users access. This means you can work on web files without interrupting others' local access to your site. So when you have made changes to the site you have to update the local copy. Local Web Synch does this for you, updating older files and removing items no longer in use (if you...
Jan 21
MCE Announces Battery Charger for the Apple iBook
Press Release For Immediate Release January 20, 2002 MCE Announces Battery Charger for the Apple iBook Irvine, CA - MCE Technologies, LLC today announced a battery charger for the Apple iBook. The MCE Battery Charger for iBook is a dual-bay battery charger capable of charging two Li-Ion batteries for the 12-inch dual-USB iBook simultaneously. "The Apple iBook is one of the best-selling notebook computers ever manufactured," said Arnold Ramirez, President of MCE Technologies, LLC. "We took note of the void in the marketplace of battery chargers for this system and have rushed to fill it with the MCE Battery Charger for iBook." The MCE Battery Charger for iBook is a dual-bay battery charger capable of charging batteries in its two bays simultaneously. Standard charge time from empty to full for one or two batteries is 2.5 hours. Status LED's on the MCE Battery Charger for iBook indicate "charging", "full", and "battery error." The MCE Battery Charger for iBook is powered by an...
Jan 18
Hackers failed to crack Hacker's Contest of WIBU-SYSTEMS
Copy Protection WIBU-KEY Security proved - Hackers failed to crack Hacker's Contest of WIBU-SYSTEMS Karlsruhe, 03-01-2002. WIBU-SYSTEMS proves the security of WIBU-KEY with the end of the Hacker's Contest on 31-12-2001. In spite of a lengthy competition time of 285 days, WIBU-KEY wasn't cracked. The reliability and quality of copy protection in WIBU-KEY is shown by the Hacker's Contest. From the CeBIT 2001 show in March until December 31, 2001, no hacker was able to succeed! The task was to determine the calculation results of a protected function which WIBU-SYSTEMS had created and protected by WIBU-KEY. WIBU-SYSTEMS had made this function and the contest available on the homepage Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, pointed out: " WIBU-KEY withstood the cracking and hacking efforts of over 300 international registered subscribers. In spite of the attractive prize of DM 10.000 ($US 4,600) it appears that there is no winner of the competition. Certainly...
Jan 18
MacAppProcess PlugIn for REALbasic
A new REALbasic plug-in for your plugging enjoyment! MacAppProcess is free. It runs with 68k, PPC, and Carbon. It extends the Application class with three properties and a method: App.MacCreator: The creator code of your app, as reported by the Process Manager. App.MacFolderItem: The FolderItem used to launch your app. App.MacName: Your app's name, as reported by the Process Manager. App.MacSendToFront: Makes your app the frontmost. Where, o where can you get this astonishing plug-in? ( To make suggestions and/or join the notification list for future releases: ( Thanks!
Jan 18
Mergemill 1.0 Now Shipping
As first reported by MacNN... Mergemill 1.0 Now Shipping Flexible Web Generation and Data Formatting Tool for Just $95 HONG KONG - December 21, 2001 - Cross Culture Limited today announced the availability of Mergemill 1.0, the company's new tool for quickly generating web pages and easily reformatting data exported from databases. Customers can order Mergemill from the company's web site ( for U.S. $95 - with the single user license. Mergemill and a simple text editor are probably all most users need to generate web pages or reformat data on either the MacOS or Windows platforms. "We are excited about this tool," said Vitus Chak, the Managing Director of Cross Culture Ltd. "At its aggressive price of $95, and with the provision of a customizable web page template, Mergemill really democratizes web site creation. The user does not need to use any graphical web authoring tool or know any HTML. It is now easily possible for junior students to present their...
Jan 18
TestTrack Pro Server for Mac OS X Now Available
TestTrack Pro Server for Mac OS X Now Available MASON, Ohio-(BUSINESS WIRE)-January 18, 2002, Seapine Software, Inc., a leader in defect tracking and software life-cycle management tools, today announced that it is shipping TestTrack Pro 4.5 for Mac OS X. TestTrack Pro 4.5 gives Macintosh developers an enterprise-level, web-based defect management solution. "TestTrack Pro 4.5 for Mac OS X continues the trend of enterprise-level products migrating to the Mac OS X," said Richard Riccetti, President of Seapine Software. "Mac OS X combines the power and reliability of UNIX with the intuitiveness of the Macintosh. TestTrack Pro 4.5's core strengths of ease of use and low maintenance are right at home on Mac OS X." TestTrack Pro 4.5 is the leading cross-platform defect management solution with platform-native server support on Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X. "As a [Mac OS and OS X] development shop, TestTrack Pro Web on OS X means minimal disruption to our existing support,...
Jan 18
Optigold ISP 2.9.1
Optigold ISP 2.9.1 for Windows, Macintosh, Mac OS X and Linux was released on 01/18/2002. Optigold ISP is a cross-platform business software package to run all aspects of an internet service provider (from billing to server management). A *FREE*, 100% working copy can be downloaded from: 2.9.1 adds more web-based functionality, a new invoice format, new QuickBooks functionality, new asset management functionality, new company email manager functions, multi-language pre-sale quotes, new .nl domain registrations and all sorts of other miscellaneous stuff. All new features in this version are listed in the revision log: Optigold ISP Revision Log ------------------------- Completed On 1/17/02 Customer Email can be passed to server events as a variable Web security slightly changed for ISP management web interface for deleting billing cycles Invoices can be exported via ISP management web interface...
Jan 18
The Omni Group Releases OmniGraffle 2.0 Beta
The Omni Group Releases OmniGraffle 2.0 Beta Seattle, Washington -- January 18th, 2002 -- Today, The Omni Group released OmniGraffle 2.0 Beta. OmniGraffle is the powerful, yet fun and easy to use, diagramming and charting application built for Mac OS X. New features to version 2.0 Beta include AppleScript support, URL links to graphics, layer support, cool new tools, shape enhancements, line ending enhancements, export to HTML, grid enhancements, auto layout improvements, a magnet editor, OmniOutliner import preferences, and tons of bug fixes and miscellaneous enhancement. Phew. Download OmniGraffle 2.0 Beta at On that page, you can also download a PDF of our new OmniGraffle manual that is actually fun to read. See below for a complete list of 2.0 features and improvements (our engineers have been very busy.) For those customers that have already purchased a license of any version of OmniGraffle 1.x, The Omni Group is offering you a...
Jan 18
Aladdin and Prosoft Partner for InstallerMaker Outsourcing
HASSLE-FREE CUSTOM-BUILT STUFFIT INSTALLERMAKER INSTALLERS OFFERED BY ALADDIN AND PROSOFT FOR DEVELOPER, EDUCATION, AND ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS Aladdin Systems And Prosoft Engineering Partner To Offer Outsourcing Option For Software Installers Based On Award-Winning StuffIt InstallerMaker WATSONVILLE, CA, January 18, 2002 Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: ALHI) and Prosoft Engineering, Inc. are pleased to announce the availability of professional engineering services for the design and creation of software installers based on StuffIt InstallerMaker(tm). This new service offers developers, enterprise and educational IT departments the option of having their installers custom-built and tested by professional engineers intimately familiar with both InstallerMaker and the various Macintosh Operating Systems. "Popular with developers, StuffIt InstallerMaker has been the standard tool for creating Macintosh software installers," said...
Jan 17
MacZ Software releases TextWorks 3.1
MacZ Software releases TextWorks 3.1 MacZ Software has released an updated version of the quick and efficient, Mac OS X only text editor, TextWorks. Version 3.1 adds support for the toolbar toggle button in the title bar of the document window, support for live window resizing and support for mouse scroll wheel. The new version also includes some cosmetical fixes. For more information and download, go to MacZ Software
Jan 17
Intelli Innovations Releases Barcode Producer Software For Mac OS
INTELLI INNOVATIONS RELEASES BARCODE PRODUCER SOFTWARE FOR MAC OS Intelli Innovations Releases New Barcode Producer Software Bringing Simplicity To Barcode Generation And Design RALEIGH, NC, January 17th, 2002 - Intelli Innovations, developers of innovative business software for the Macintosh platform, today released Barcode Producer 1.0 for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. Barcode Producer is a high-resolution, customizable barcode generation and export tool for the Mac. After creating a barcode in one of 9 formats with various settings, the finished image can be exported as a picture or an EPS file for further manipulation or printing. Barcode Feature 1.0 features: - Intuitive, form-based interface designed for efficient barcode creation. - Support for EAN-8, EAN-13, ISBN, UPC-A, UPC-E, ITF Variable, ITF-14, Code 39, and Code 128 symbologies. - Support for instant high-resolution graphical exports of any finished barcode. - Integrated EPS export for printing or use within Adobe...
Jan 17
Omikron Basic 7.1
Omikron Basic Press Release,  16 January 2002 New Release Omikron Basic 7.1 The programming language Omikron Basic for Apple PowerMac is now available in its finalized version 7.1. The functions announced in the beta version are now all implemented. However, there are some additional improvements listed below. Omikron Basic 7.1 prices start at  $47 for the academic download version. The professional version costs $143 and is supplied on CD. Registered owners of Omikron Basic 7 can upgrade free of charge. Registered owners of Omikron Basic 6 can upgrade at a discount. Omikron Basic 7.1 requires System 8.1 and 6 MB of available memory and runs under the Classic environment of Mac OS X  as well. A native version for Mac OS X is currently being prepared. The following improvements have been implemented: Version 7.10 from 14 January 2002: - The 'Symbol List' function announced in the beta version is now available. Use this function to display in a window all symbols (...
Jan 17
Chronos Personal/Group Organizer Conduit for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Park City, UT - January 18th, 2002 -- Chronos LC today announced the release of a beta OS X conduit for synchronizing Personal & Group Organizer with Palm connected organizers. The new conduit is designed to work with the Palm Desktop 4.0 public beta by Palm Inc. The beta conduit is immediately available, free of charge, to all existing Personal & Group Organizer 4 users. It may be downloaded directly from Chronos' website at ( . The conduit has been specially packaged to work under both Mac OS 9 and X. GENERAL PRODUCT INFORMATION Chronos calls Personal & Group Organizer the "Swiss Army Knife" of productivity software. They integrate a calendar, address book, word processor, memo taker, personal journal, phone dialer, and alarm clock into a single easy-to-use application. To top it off, they synchronize with all Palm and Handspring handheld organizers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Personal & Group Organizer 4....
Jan 17
Lasso Summit 2002 Europe
VH PUBLICATIONS AND MIGHTYDATA ANNOUNCE LASSO SUMMIT 2002 EUROPE, ISSUE CALL FOR PAPERS AND SPONSORS Dallas, Texas--January 17, 2002--VH Publications, Inc. and MightyData, LLC today announced Lasso Summit 2002 Europe scheduled for April 15-16, 2002 at the Holiday Inn - Kings Cross/Bloomsbury in London, United Kingdom. Lasso Summit 2002 Europe is the premier training event for Lasso developers and Lasso hosting providers. "Lasso Summit Europe is a great venue to bring together the burgeoning Lasso community providing the knowledge and camaraderie which helps Lasso developers and ISPs grow their businesses," said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World. "Based on the success of last year's Lasso Summit in Florida, I highly recommend all current and prospective Lasso users attend this event." Keynote Address by Bill Doerrfeld Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World, will present the opening keynote address at Lasso Summit 2002 Europe on Monday, April 15, 2002 at 9:00 AM. He will showcase the new...
Jan 17
RagTime Solo available as free download
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RagTime Solo available as free download for non-commercial use Powerful DTP software for Windows and Mac OS Clearwater, Florida -- January 17, 2002 -- /Xpress Press/ -- ComGrafix, Inc., the North American distributor for RagTime GmbH software for Windows and Mac OS, announced the release of the full commercial version of its RagTime business publishing software free of charge for private, non-commercial use. FOR EVALUATION COPY: Download it from: The main difference from the commercial version is a startup window that asks the user to acknowledge that RagTime Solo may not be employed for commercial use. RagTime is an award-winning, full-featured business publishing suite for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. RagTime combines word processing, spreadsheet, pictures, drawing, charting, and slideshows, in an intuitive and easy-to-use layout environment. Key Product Features: - Seamless integration, drawing elements double as containers for...
Jan 16
Apple Reports First Quarter Profit of $38 Million
Apple Reports First Quarter Profit of $38 Million CUPERTINO, California-January 16, 2002-Apple=AE today announced financial results for its fiscal 2002 first quarter ended December 29, 2001. For the quarter, the Company posted a net profit of $38 million, or $.11 per diluted share. These results compare to a net loss of $195 million, or $.58 per diluted share, in the year ago quarter. Revenues for the quarter were $1.38 billion, up 37 percent from the year ago quarter, and gross margins were 30.7 percent, compared to -2.1 percent in the year ago quarter. International sales accounted for 48 percent of the quarter's revenues. The quarter's results included a $24 million restructuring charge related to targeted reductions in the Company's operations, information systems and administrative functions, and a $23 million realized gain from equity investments. These non-recurring items had a net neutral impact on reported earnings per share. Apple shipped 746 thousand Macintosh=AE units...
Jan 16
See Jane Code Ships JaneBUILDER for PHP! Version 1.5
SANTA MONICA, California-January 17 2002- See Jane Code updates JaneBUILDER for PHP and MySQL! To version 1.5. JaneBUILDER is a visual editor for PHP. JaneBUILDER allows users to build complex PHP pages by clicking buttons and choosing from menus. The files created are native PHP (text) files that can be opened by any html tool or text editor and uploaded to your web server for deployment. "JaneBUILDER's famous Auto-Janes were timesavers before, but now we have made them even more useful. After creating an Auto-Jane developed in 1.5, the developer can save it and reuse it again or edit it and build it over and over saving time and money." "Nearly every feature added in JaneBUILDER 1.5 was user requested. We are happy to ship version 1.5, A version we will feel will save even more time for PHP developers." New Features in 1.5 include: Savable Auto-Janes, use the same or edited Auto-Janes over and over! External db logic includes for Auto-Janes! Next/Prev Increment Option finds next X...
Jan 16
Rage Software Releases Macintosh Explorer 3.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rage Software Releases Macintosh Explorer 3.0 Toronto, Ontario - January 16, 2002 - Macintosh Explorer, the popular file browser and file management tool has been updated to version 3.0. Macintosh Explorer 3.0 is a full rewrite and offers many exciting new features and enhancements. Macintosh Explorer is the advanced file browser and file management tool for the Mac. Like Windows Explorer, It offers a hierarchical overview of your files and folders on all mounted drives. Macintosh Explorer provides a wide variety of powerful file management tools, which can easily be accessed while browsing your hard drives. The convenience of having all these file management tools built in, makes Macintosh Explorer more productive and cheaper than using multiple third party applications with the Finder. Among the many useful file management tools included in Macintosh Explorer, it also allows you to store links to commonly used files, view invisible files as you browse as well...
Jan 15
Gefen Announces 330' Extension for Apple Flat Panel Displays
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GEFEN'S EX-TEND-IT ADC REPEATER ACTUALLY REPEATS THE ADC SIGNAL THEN TRANSMITS IT A DISTANCE OF UP TO 330-FEET FROM THE COMPUTER WOODLAND HILLS, CA. [January 15, 2002] For Macintosh users who need to relocate an Apple Cinema Display or Studio Display away from the computer, Gefen's ex-tend-it ADC Repeater is a stable and effective solution. The ADC Repeater is an external box that acts as the link between the Apple flat panel display and the computer. To transmit the display's digital signal effectively without sacrificing screen image quality requires a unique cable capable of transmitting large amounts of digital data. The ADC Repeater uses custom-made DVI cables capable of handling 1.6 GHz of data that ensure flawless digital image reproduction up to 330-feet (100-meters) from the computer. Like Gefen's entire line of ex-tend-it DVI solutions, the ADC Repeater is particularly useful for managing computers from remote locations, a setup frequently employed in...
Jan 15
Automated People Tracker
Having trouble keeping track of staff? Given up on in/out boards? Then you might want to try APT (Automated People Tracker), a lightweight client/server application for Macs and PCs featuring a unique call-back facility written in REALbasic. Available from Clients are available for both the Mac and PC with the server component having been tested on the Mac. It features an easy set up process (local customisation is in a file that accompanies the client).
Jan 15
TeXPalette 1.1: GUI to Darwin-based TeX
TeXPalette 1.1 released! TeXPalette provides a GUI to Darwin-based TeX distributions, such as teTeX. You use your favorite Mac OS X text editor to write the code, and you can go from source to final output in one click! Alternatively, you can use the dock menu if screen real estate is especially precious. TeXPalette sports the following features: * one-click tex-xing * Postscript or PDF output * tex or latex * one-click bibtex/makeindex * one-click production of output from tex-source (runs tex/bibtex/makeindex in the right order to take any tex file to final output) * one-click viewing * drag-and-drop support: identify the file to tex by dragging-and-dropping a file icon (including a proxy icon from a document window) * dock menu alternatives for all tex-xing functions * visual and/or audio feedback (using built-in speech capabilities) * designed to work along side your favorite Mac text editor TeXPalette requires the following: - Mac OS X 10.1 - A Darwin-based TeX distribution (...
Jan 15
MCE Announces Lucid-16, 16x Portable FireWire CD-RW Drive
Press Release For Immediate Release January 15, 2002 MCE Announces Lucid-16, 16x Portable FireWire CD-RW Drive Irvine, CA - MCE Technologies, LLC today announced a 16x version of their Lucid Portable FireWire CD-RW Drive. The Lucid-16 CD-RW drive sports the slimmest dimensions and lightest weight of any FireWire CD-RW drive on the market today, as well as a sleek industrial design intended to complement all of Apple's current system lineup, particularly the Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium. "The Lucid-16 CD-RW drive further advances our quest to join optimal form with optimal function," said Arnold Ramirez, President of MCE Technologies, LLC. "Not only does the Lucid-16 perform exceptionally in the portable arena due to its diminutive size, weight and other portable features, but it competes very well in the desktop arena, as well, with its high speed, elegant looks, and extremely small footprint." The Lucid-16 16x10x24x Portable FireWire CD-RW Drive burns recordable CD-R discs at 16x...
Jan 15
Portraits & =?iso-8859-1?Q?Prints=81?= and iPhoto Make the...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Portraits & Prints=81 and iPhoto Make the Perfect Team Oviedo, Florida -- January 15, 2002 - Econ Technologies, Inc. announces the release of Portraits & Prints version 1.0.4, the personal photo studio for Mac=AE OS X. This update makes Portraits & Prints=81 and iPhoto work even better together. Apple's recent release of iPhoto brings some powerful photo cataloging and archiving capabilities to every Mac OS X user. The ability to generate slideshows, books and "1-Click" photo print ordering is certain to be a boon to many people. However, when it comes to actually enhancing and then printing digital photos on ink-jet printers, iPhoto's capabilities are somewhat limited. Portraits & Prints enhancement tools and its variety of printout options fills the gap left by iPhoto. When using Portraits & Prints and iPhoto alongside each other, photographs can be easily shared between the two programs. Portraits & Prints will not duplicate the...
Jan 15
Monkey Bread Software's new REALbasic Plug-in collection
Hello, From today on you can find Monkey Bread Software's new REALbasic Plug-in collection on ( This big plug-in enhances REALbasic with over hundred new functions, methods and properties. Some highlights: - Details about IDE drives (like serial number) - Calculation of checksums - Filemapping class - Icons of files - Filestreams for files bigger than 2 GB - Bitwise functions - NameRegistry class (Hardware details) - Functions to access special folders (z.B. Picturefolder) - Create pictures from strings - Details about battery in Powerbooks - Fast search on drives (CatSearch) - Details about the CPU - Encryption class - Alias class - Folderitem of your running app - Simulating a keydown (Presskey class) - extended Graphics class for Arcs - extended Folderitem class. (e.g. isPicturefile) - extended Memoryblock class. - extended System class. (e.g. MACAddress) - extended Window class. This plug-in supports Mac OS Classic, Mac OS...
Jan 15
Who's There? 1.1.1 free upgrade available
OPEN DOOR NETWORKS SHIPS FREE WHO'S THERE? FIREWALL ADVISOR UPGRADE ASHLAND, OR. -- January 15, 2002 -- Open Door Networks Inc. today announced that it was shipping version 1.1.1 of its Who's There? Firewall Advisor for Mac OS 8 and 9. Who's There? Firewall Advisor, available since January 2001, enhances Macintosh Internet security by helping users analyze, investigate and respond to access attempts to their Macintosh. Who's There? Firewall Advisor 1.1.1, a free upgrade, brings the Mac OS 8/9 version up to date with the Mac OS X version. With an ever-growing number of computers connected to the Internet through "always on" connections, there has been a significant increase in the number of hackers attempting to infiltrate those computers. Personal firewalls have been developed to thwart and log those attempts. As the number of attempts has risen, however, users have become increasingly confused as to the degree to which they should be concerned and what they can do in response. Who's...
Jan 15
PandaWare TimeCache Updated to version 4.1.5
THE PANDAWARE COMPANY UPDATES TIMECACHE TO VERSION 4.1.5 Macintosh time and expense tracking application receives minor bug fixes in free maintenance update. Trial version available at ( The PandaWare Company has released an update to TimeCache, its popular time and expense tracking application for Macintosh users who bill clients for project work. PandaWare(r) TimeCache(tm) 4.1.5 includes minor bug fixes. This TimeCache update addresses a handful of rare bugs affecting the creation of new project listings, using online Help, and previewing printouts. TimeCache 4.1.5 runs on Power Macintosh (PPC) machines, under Mac OS 8.0 or higher. A separate version, TimeCache X, is designed specifically for use with Mac OS X 10.1 or higher. Fully feature-enabled trial versions of TimeCache 4.1.5 are available for download at The PandaWare Company's web site: ( Users of the trial version can save up to 20 days' worth of data. For unlimited use,...
Jan 15
The Web's Typewriter -- UserLand Introduces a New Tool
"The Web's Typewriter" -- UserLand Software Introduces a New Publishing and Knowledge Management Tool to Desktop Users MILLBRAE, Calif, Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Publishing websites and weblogs just got easier thanks to UserLand Software's introduction of Radio UserLand 8.0 -- a new desktop Web publishing product for use in personal publishing and corporate knowledge management. With Radio UserLand 8.0 users on computers with Macintosh OS X, Macintosh, or Microsoft Windows operating systems can build a full-featured personal website within minutes of downloading the free trial version. It's so empowering that new users are calling it "the Web's typewriter." The $39.95 software package comes with everything you need to build and publish websites including hosting, your own URL, a news reader that gathers news from top news sites and weblogs, browser-based editing that's super easy, a complete development environment, and one-button "push-it-and-read-it" publishing. "Radio's success shows...
Jan 15
Peer Visual II for Mac OS X, Dynamic Charting
PRESS RELEASE Immediate Dynamic Charts With Peer Visual State College, PA USA, 15 January 2002: VVI(R) today announced availability of Peer Visual II for Mac OS X and a chart service so customers can immediately place dynamic charts on their own web sites. John Brilhart, Chief Technical Officer of VVI, makes this statement: "Peer Visual makes any type of chart or visual in real time and offers it over the Internet. To demonstrate that capability, VVI has setup a chart service so any person in the world can immediately place dynamic charts of their own data on their web sites. There is nothing to install, no computer to maintain and no additional programming system to learn. The service is tested at over two and a half million charts a day and, if needed, can be configured for parallel processing to increase the visualization capacity." John adds: "We have had this service running for over a year now and have integrated similar systems at customer sites. This is the first time VVI has...
Jan 15
Vicomsoft releases Mac OS X Secure Internet Gateway 8.01
Vicomsoft releases Mac OS X Secure Internet Gateway 8.01 Secure Internet Gateway 8 is a powerful Internet connection and management tool for MacOS X. This 8.0.1 release includes a number of improvements: - Improved support for QuickTime streaming. - User interface improvements. - Corrected a possible problem with the location of the RapidCache logs. Secure Internet Gateway is the first fully integrated suite of network management tools with Internet Content filtering capabilities to be made available on the MacOS X platform. Prices start from just $149 for up to 10 users. Boxed versions of the Secure Internet Gateway are now available from MacMall ( Check the Vicomsoft web site for the latest upgrade pricing. For more information on the Secure Internet Gateway, see: ( Vicomsoft a BVRP group company
Jan 15
Macworld Conference & Expo: Nearly 90,000 Attend
GROUND-BREAKING NEW PRODUCTS, FEVER-PITCH EXCITEMENT AT MACWORLD SAN FRANCIS= CO Nearly 90,000 tech enthusiasts pack the Moscone Center for world's largest Mac event FRAMINGHAM, Mass., January 15, 2002 - IDG World Expo, the leading producer of world-class tradeshows, conferences and events for IT markets around the globe, today announced that attendance numbers and business indicators for last week's Macworld Conference & Expo demonstrate an extremely positive outlook for the Mac and tradeshow industries. Featuring innovative products from nearly 350 exhibiting companies and top-notch educational content, Macworld attracted 87,890 tech enthusiasts from nearly 100 countries to San Francisco's Moscone Center January 7-11, 2002. The strong attendance at Macworld is in sharp contrast to other recent IT trade shows which have reported significant declines in attendance. "The tradeshow industry at large was watching Macworld in San Francisco closely for indicators of the business coming...
Jan 15
Zingg! 1.1
Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Jan 15th, 2002 Rainer Brockerhoff announces the immediate availability of Zingg! 1.1, an update to the fast launch contextual menu for Mac OS X. Zingg! shows a list of all applications that claim to open the selected file. The user can select certain applications to be always included or always excluded from the list, and Classic applications may receive special handling. Nearly 9000 copies of Zingg! 1.0 have been downloaded in just 20 days! New in version 1.1: - Zingg! now resolves symbolic links prior to checking for duplicate entries in the application list. If you have moved or duplicated your Applications folder using symbolic links, only one copy of each application will show up. - Activating "Caps Lock"" will show full pathnames in the menu. This was actually implemented in 1.0, but not documented. - The installer now allows you to select either the User Domain (~/Library/Contextual Menu Items) or the Local Domain (/Library/Contextual Menu Items) for...
Jan 14
iPod Free File Sync v2.0
For immediate release: --- Product: iPod Free File Sync --- Version: 2.0 --- Platform: Mac OS 9.0 - 9.2.2 Mac OS 8.x (untested) iTunes 2.0.3 --- Short Description: Utility to synchronize music from any source to any Mac. --- Long Description: iPod Free File Sync (iPFFS) is the only utility that allows synchronizing music from different iPods or any other source to your computer with ease. It shows you exactly which of the MP3/AIFF/WAV files in the source are not on your computer. After synchronizing, you can browse through the new files directly in the application you're familiar with - iTunes 2. You may then: - copy the desired files directly from within iTunes to your computer manually. - use the auto copy feature which copies the desired tracks based on artist/album to your computer. --- Links: Homepage: Readme: Download: Please use always this link...
Jan 14
Bud Tribble Joins Apple as Vice President of Software Technology
Bud Tribble Joins Apple as Vice President of Software Technology CUPERTINO, California-January 9, 2002-Apple=AE today announced that Dr. Guy (Bud) Tribble has joined Apple as vice president of Software Technology reporting to Avie Tevanian. Tribble will be responsible for helping define the software engineering group's technical direction. Tribble began his career at Apple where, as manager of the original Macintosh=AE Software team= , he helped to design the Mac=AE OS and user interface. "Bud is one of the industry's top experts in software design and object-oriented programming," said Avie Tevanian, Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering. "We're thrilled he's returned to Apple to bring his unique expertise to our ongoing commitment to make Mac OS X, already the world's most advanced operating system, even better." Tribble joins Apple from Eazel Inc. where he was vice president of Engineering leading development of next generation user interface software and Internet...
Jan 11
OpenOSX Office 1.0 Pre 1, Now Shipping
(CA-OPENOSX) OpenOSX Office 1.0 Pre 1, Now Shipping SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--(OPENOSX-COM)--Jan. 11, 2001--, a leading provider of easy-to-use, world-class open-source software, today began shipping their Office 1.0 Pre 1 CD at the Macworld Expo, San Francisco. AbiWord is an award-winning open source alternative to Microsoft Word. Gnumeric is a world-class spreadsheet with 95 percent of the functions of Microsoft Excel built-in. Guppi is a dynamic charting, drawing and graphing application integrated into Gnumeric spreadsheets. Gimp is The GNU Image Manipulation Program, a popular graphics editor often compared to Adobe Photoshop. OpenOSX's Office 1.0 Pre 1 CD will install this suite of powerful and flexible tools for Macintosh Operating System, Mac OS X, with ease. The Office CD is shipping immediately and is available at the San Francisco 2002 Macworld Expo. The new version adds improved stability, performance and native Print Center support among other improvements....
Jan 11
ID3X 2.3: ID3 Editor for Macintosh
We are proud to announce an update of our shareware (15 USD) ID3 editor "ID3X" for the Apple Macintosh (Carbon): ID3X is an editor for easy manipulation of ID3 tags in mp3 music files. ID3 tags are used to store title, artist and other information in mp3 files which can then be displayed in your favorite mp3 player application. The new version of ID3X offers more batch renaming features, easier folder navigation with a Back-Button and access to the important OSX folders "Computer", "Home" and "Music". ID3X is now more compatible and faster in reading tags from MP3 files. Minor changes include cosmetical improvements and the usual bug fixes. Direct download link: Alternate download link: ID3X homepage at: Important changes in this version: - ID3X now is Carbon only which means you need at least OS 8.6 and CarbonLib 1.5 - new: more file renaming features - new:...
Jan 11
USC 76-Node Macintosh Cluster Achieves 233 GigaFlops
USC 76-Node Macintosh Cluster Achieves 233 GigaFlops Large Macintosh cluster at USC achieves over 1/5 TeraFlop on 152 G4's and demonstrates excellent scalability Los Angeles, California, USA - January 11, 2001 - Researchers and staff at the University of Southern California (USC) collaborated with scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) to achieve a milestone for cluster computing and the Macintosh platform. Software from Dauger Research, Inc., and UCLA achieved 233 Gigaflops on a Macintosh cluster at USC's Language Arts computer lab and other USC facilities. The software used to perform this calculation is the latest incarnation of AppleSeed (, a project begun by a pair of UCLA physics researchers in 1998. Their software is used world-wide for easy-to-use and numerically-intensive parallel computing. This is the first time, however, that it has been run on 76 nodes or has achieved over 1/5 TeraFlop (1 TF = 1000 GF =...
Jan 11
Acrux Announces iBuild Lite/Pro/Site/Developer 1.1.1
Acrux Software is pleased to announce iBuild Lite/Pro/Site/Developer version 1.1.1. Changes in this version: * A "table" object has been added. This allows for the display and editing of scrollable lists of data. Data for table objects can be imported from FileMaker Pro or other applications or files by using the scripting facility. * Improved dialog layouts and minor bug fixes. iBuild is a rich, powerful and easy-to-use multimedia authoring and presentation tool for the Apple Macintosh. It's a good alternative to both HyperCard and PowerPoint for interactive and human-led presentations. iBuild has a unique set of features for making educational courseware, computer based training, tests and quizzes, thus complementing Apple's renewed vigor in the educational market. But iBuild's versatility means that it can also be used for kiosks, interactive electronic magazines, slide shows and much more. iBuild stacks can be constructed from a selection of over 40 different types of "objects",...
Jan 11
Spector for Macintosh Available
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Michael Hunson Rampell Software, LLC Spector for Macintosh Available PALM BEACH, FL - Jan. 11, 2001 -- Rampell Software, LLC announces the availability of Spector for Macintosh. Spector secretly records everything that happens on your computer: every website visited, every chat conversation, every program, and much more. This is an incredibly useful program for parents, spouses, employers, and anybody who wants to monitor activity on their computer. Using Spector is like having a hidden video camera pointed at your computer when you are away. Spector works by periodically taking "snapshots" of your screen. An authorized user can invoke Spector by means of a hotkey and play back everything that happened on the computer---as simple as using a VCR. Spector also records every keystroke typed, and features password protection. It is virtually undetectable, and does interfere with or slow down your work. With...
Jan 11
eTrans v1.0.0 Released for 4D
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE eTrans v1.0.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. Full Release of Credit Card Transaction Component for 4D Vero Beach, FL - Thursday, January 10th, 2002: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of the first full release of eTrans for Macintosh and Windows. eTrans is a 4th Dimension component which provides a simple, consistent interface to online credit card authorization service providers. Using eTrans, 4th Dimension developers can build credit card authorization services into their 4D databases in a matter of minutes. With eTrans, credit card and electronic check processing can be added to 4D applications with as little as four (4) lines of code. Switching between gateway processors requires a change in only a single line of code when using the eTrans component. This is ideal for vertical market applications where the processing of credit cards and electronic checks would be a value added feature for end customers. Currently, eTrans...
Jan 10
Waves in Motion Releases oAzium Smart Card Plug-in
[PR] Waves in Motion Releases oAzium Smart Card Plug-in Add smart card technology to any FileMaker Pro solution Phoenix, AZ --January 9, 2002 - Turn ordinary FileMaker Pro databases into "smart" solutions with the oAzium Smart Card plug-in. Waves in Motion today announced the immediate availability of the oAzium Smart Card plug-in and development kit which comes with everything needed to build a Smart Card system, including readers, two cards, example files and the oAzium Smart Card plug-in. The plug-in requires FileMaker Pro 4.0 or higher and runs on Mac OS 9.0 or higher, Windows 98/2000/NT and is available in beta for Mac OS X. ( FileMaker Pro developers can now add security, data mobility and authentication features - all on a computerized smart card - to easily integrate smart card technology in any FileMaker Pro solution. "The oAzium Smart Card plug-in will bring power of smart card technology to FileMaker Pro," said Vince Menanno, President of...
Jan 10
sustainable Softworks Releases Beta of IPNetMonitorX for Mac OS X
SUSTAINABLE SOFTWORKS RELEASES BETA OF IPNETMONITOR FOR OS X CUMBERLAND, R.I.- Sustainable Softworks, developers of award-winning Internet and security software, has released a public beta and announced pricing of IPNetMonitorX, its popular set of network diagnostic tools, now native for Mac OS X. Peter Sichel, the company's president and chief engineer, unveiled the beta version of IPNetMonitorX at MacWorld Expo Tuesday morning. IPNetMonitorX provides a set of seven commonly used Internet tools, such as Ping, Traceroute, Whois, NSLookup and more which allow Macintosh users to monitor and debug their connections to the Internet. The tools are designed to help users quickly identify problems, locate where the problem is, and gather data which can be used to solve the problem, either directly or through their Internet Service Provider. The tools include: =85 Ping, which tests IP connectivity to a designated IP address =85 Trace Route, which shows the IP addresses and names of all the...
Jan 10
Summit in the Rockies QuickTime VR Conference Announced
FOR RELEASE JANUARY 10, 2002 CONTACT Vanessa Victor Lightspeed Media 312-952-6377 "Summit in the Rockies" QuickTime VR Conference Announced for May 3-Day Event Offers Hands-on with Hardware and Software CHICAGO, Ill --01/10/02-- The International QuickTime VR Association (IQTVRA) announces the Summit in the Rockies QuickTime VR conference for May 14-16, 2002 in Boulder, Colorado. Attendees will gain hands-on experience with leading QuickTime VR hardware and software products. Summit in the Rockies is the premiere event for anyone creating immersive environments. Attendees will receive instruction in photography, image editing, VR authoring, interactivity, audio, and video. An optional photographic-workshop-getaway to Rocky Mountain National Park is planned. Some of the benefits of attendance are: * Meet the world's leading creators * Network with manufacturers * "Try before you buy" the latest tools * Product discounts for attendees (on-site purchasing...
Jan 09
Canto Announces Cumulus 5.5
Canto Announces Cumulus 5.5 - a Major Upgrade to its Award-Winning Digital Asset Management System Canto is proud to announce an all-new version of Cumulus with its soon-to-be-shipped Cumulus 5.5 January 8, 2002, San Francisco, CA. Today at the Macworld Expo, Canto announced that Cumulus 5, the award-winning Digital Asset Management system, has received a major upgrade to version 5.5. New features include a Palette View Mode, improved IPTC support, so called Server/Client Asset Transfer, as well as numerous other features that customers have requested. "Canto has produced 10 minor updates to Cumulus 5 since its release - all of which have been free of charge to customers," says Jennifer Neumann, CEO of Canto. "With the release of Cumulus 5.5, Canto is now delivering additional features and even more power and value to its customers without raising the price on any of the three Editions: Enterprise, Workgroup, or Single User." "Cumulus 5.5 has been in development and quality assurance...
Jan 09
Opera 5.0 for Mac Final Released
The fastest browser for Mac: Opera 5.0 for Mac Final Released OSLO, Norway -- January 9, 2002 -- Opera Software today released the final version of Opera 5.0 for Mac OS 7.5.3-9.2. Mac users can now download a final version of the browser that has received rave reviews in its alpha and beta stages for its speed, security and customizability. The browser includes features such as cookie manager, a sophisticated hotlist, muliple download monitor and keychain support. "We have a high number of Opera for Mac beta users who have helped us tremendously by testing and reporting bugs," says Dean Kakridas, VP Desktop Products, Opera Software ASA. "So to all our old and new users out there who have been waiting for a better Internet experience on the Mac platform, we are extremely excited to offer you Opera for Mac - the fastest, most customizable and standards-compliant Web browser." The Opera browser has gained the position as the third largest browser in the market. With Opera 5.0 for Mac,...

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