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Jan 31
Monkeybreadsoftware REALbasic Plugins 2.2
Hi, a new version of the plug-in is released. Have a look! ( 2.2 - 31. Jan 2002 - Added Process Class - Added MoviePlayer Class Extension - Added Movie Class Extension - Fixed bug in folderitem.drawwideicon - Added MacClassicSerial Class - ResPlugin is no weak linked so you don't need the library file. - Added ResolutionLibraryPresent method - Classic plugin now weak linked so it works on older Mac OS versions - Documentation splited into lot's of HTML files PS: This is not a 5 dollar plugin to add just a few functions. It's a big plugin with over 300 functions! PPS: And it's not that big like it's looking. 10 plugins for all three platforms are put into one file to make it easier to handle. Mfg Christian Schmitz
Jan 30
T3 Key plug-in for REALbasic
Stockholm Sweden 2002-01-30 Code 66 and 3TAG AB have created a REALbasic plug-in that allows REALbasic made application running on Mac OSX to do some new cool stuff. The plug-in contains two controls and one "global methods pack" HotKey control This control can register a GlobalHotKey combination, and when that HotKey combination is pressed, the controls EventHandler will be called. KeyCode control This control allows for tapping the virtual keycodes for keys pressed. Useful for configuring GlobalHotKeys. "Global methods" PostKeyEvent methods Those methods allows REALbasic made applications to post keydown and keyup events to the system, which will be received by the frontmost application. The plugins exists in a demoversion and a realversion. Demoversions can be downloaded at the Code 66 REALbasic corner. ( Pricing: "Hobby" developers, $8 Pro developers and high volume shareware developers, $25 // Totte Alm Code 66 & 3TAG AB
Jan 30
textSOAP 3.1.5 Released
Salt Lake City -- January 30, 2002 -- unmarked software releases textSOAP 3.1.5 update. Today, unmarked software released an update to its text cleaning software which addresses three main issues raised by users: * A problem where OS X Services were crashing has been fixed * Additional improvements to SCRUB and MIME allow it to handle some URLs better * AppleScripts that offer textSOAP support in Entourage X are now included textSOAP 3.x releases are free to registered textSOAP 3 users. Registered 1.x & 2.x users can upgrade for $9.95 from within the application. Complete version details can be found at ( textSOAP v3.1.5 can be directly downloaded from: ( Additional information can be found at: ( For further information contact: Mark Munz unmarked software
Jan 30
MUSICMATCH: First And Only Mac Music Subscription Service
MUSICMATCH INTRODUCES THE FIRST AND ONLY MAC MUSIC SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE MUSICMATCH Debuts Radio MX For The Mac; Announces New MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus for Mac SAN DIEGO =96 January 30, 2002 =96 MUSICMATCH=AE, Inc., a recognized leader = in providing personalized music software and services, today introduced MUSICMATCH=D2 Radio MX=99, the first and only music subscription service for Mac owners, available through the new version of MUSICMATCH Jukebox for the Mac (3.0) at Extending its popular near music-on-demand service to the Mac platform, MUSICMATCH delivers a completely customized music experience through Radio MX. Mac users can now enjoy CD-quality, "near music-on-demand" streams of music with powerful features that let them sit back and enjoy music in a whole new way. "MUSICMATCH Radio MX has been an overwhelming success with Windows users, and we are very pleased to extend the service to Mac owners," said Christopher Allen, senior vice president of product...
Jan 30
Runtime Revolution announces Revolution 1.1.1 beta 1
Runtime Revolution announces Revolution 1.1.1 beta 1 Runtime Revolution is pleased to announce version 1.1.1 beta 1 of Revolution the leading edge cross-platform development tool. As part of our support for the developer community we are making trial versions of the beta for Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows, Unix and Linux available for free download. Revolution allows developers to write their software once and deliver it on all major platforms. Using Revolutions powerful English-like programming language, easy to use GUI builder and development tools developers can create software quickly and easily. The download is available from: (
Jan 30
Gefen Announces Availability of Two Single-Cable CAT5 Extenders
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CAT5 EXTENDERS COMBINE USB AND MONITOR SIGNALS INTO ONE CABLE WOODLAND HILLS, CA [January 30, 2002] Gefen's two new ex-tend-it CAT5 extenders employ a core USB technology that enables a single CAT5 cable to carry signals for both USB and monitor peripherals. Without the need for separate cables, installation is much easier and cost has dropped significantly. The ex-tend-it CAT5-1000 is a simple solution for those who want to operate a computer from a remote location. It works by using a highly effective extension system that consists of a sender unit, a receiver unit, and a CAT5 cable up to 330 feet in length. The computer's audio, video (for monitor) and USB signals (for keyboard and mouse) are connected to the sender unit. Up to 330-feet away, the receiver unit is connected to the monitor, keyboard, mouse and up to two USB peripherals. Sender and receiver units are connected with a single CAT5 cable. The ex-tend-it CAT5-5000 is a more comprehensive solution...
Jan 30
Jiiva Announces Application Builder Collection Version 1.1
Subject: Announcing Application Builder Collection Version 1.1 For Immediate Release Beaverton, OR (January 30, 2002) - Jiiva, Inc., announces Application Builder Collection Version 1.1. Application Builder Collection (ABC) is the first professional-grade set of reusable Cocoa frameworks for building solid Mac OS X applications. Version 1.1 adds new functionality that further expands the use of Interface Builder and includes a variety of customer feedback enhancements. ABC Version 1.1 is a free upgrade for existing customers and is available for purchase for new customers at Jiiva's on-line store. "We've gotten some great feedback from users of Version 1.0 and springing off that, we've put together an even stronger Version 1.1," says Jiiva's President Mark Ericksen. "With a super price of $199.99 for early adopters, developers are really seeing the value in ABC." Application Builder Collection is a set of user interface widgets, reusable objects, and development applications designed...
Jan 29
InterMapper 3.6 ships
InterMapper (R) 3.6 ships Hanover, NH. (29 Jan 2002). Dartware LLC announces the immediate availability of the final version of its InterMapper 3.6 network monitoring and alerting software. InterMapper is a MacOS X and Classic application that monitors the servers, routers, switches and other devices on a network as well as the local and wide area links that connect them, and can notify the network manager about problems via audible alerts, e-mail, pages, and cell-phone messages. The 3.6 version has these new features: * InterMapper Remote (tm) support. InterMapper Remote is a new remote viewer application that provides a live display of maps of the network via the Internet. * Background Images for Maps. Give context to maps by placing a graphical image (such as a city map, campus map or floor plan) behind the items in an InterMapper window. Now you'll know that the router is in the wiring closet on the third floor. * Response Time Measurements. Measure the time a device takes to...
Jan 29
Beehive Software replaces ftp with secure https file transfers
P R E S S R E L E A S E Albuquerque, NM; January 28, 2002 Beehive Software replaces ftp (File Transfer Protocol), the old Internet standard for file transfer, with "Beehive Https". This SSL-secure file transfer client is available for Mac, Windows, and Browser platforms. This new secure protocol breakthrough is another piece of the Beehive file transfer framework designed to bring reliable, secure, file transfer solutions to the Graphic Arts, Newspaper, and Engineering Reprographics industries. Beehive Https replaces obsolete, unsecure, ftp servers with special Beehive, secure, Apache web servers. Now anybody on the Internet can securely send Gigabyte files to any other user that has a current browser and an email address. The Beehive Https protocol brings printers, newspapers and other imagesetting companies 5 key file transfer improvements: * Beehive Https is proxy server tolerant - there are no more blocked file transfers at corporate firewalls; * Beehive Https uses SSL for...
Jan 29
Sound Studio 2.0 Now Available
Subject: Sound Studio 2.0 Now Available From: Lucius Kwok ( Hello, I just wanted to let you know that Felt Tip Software has just released Sound Studio 2.0, and is available for immediate download and purchase. ( Sound Studio is an audio editing and recording application built for Mac OS X. It includes many effects filters, editing tools, and support for many audio file formats. With Sound Studio you can: - digitize tapes and vinyl records to make CDs - record live performances and interviews - edit out dead air, glitches, and mistakes in recordings - apply any of 19 effects including Reverb, Chorus, and EQ - create new sounds and loops Sound Studio is built for Mac OS X as a Carbon application, but can run on Mac OS systems as far back as Mac OS 8.1. Some newer systems may require a USB audio input device for recording. Sound Studio is priced at $49.99 for a full single-user license. Upgrades from previous...
Jan 29
Mac OS X Toolbar Buttons
Everyday Software is pleased to announce Mac OS X Toolbar Buttons Pro. These buttons allow you to create Cocoa-like toolbars found in various Mac OS X applications in REALbasic. New features of the pro version include: - a toolbar view controller for simple implementation - contextual menu support - window resizing support - separator lines - drawing optimizations - full Appearance Manager support - modified appearance under Classic Other features are: - button submenu support - three view support (icon & text, icon only, text only) Currently these buttons are Carbon only, however I'll be gauging the interest in Windows support for future updates. You can check out screenshots and a demo at: ( Pricing is $30 (US) for an unlimited distribution of the button classes and my Carbon Events plugin which adds a toolbar button (and more) under Mac OS X. Or $25 (US) for an unlimited distribution of the button classes only. Cheers, Will C.
Jan 28
MacServerIP 8 Released
PRESS RELEASE MacServerIP 8 Released Limassol, Cyprus -- cyan soft Ltd. has released version 8 of MacServerIP. MacServerIP, running on Windows XP/2000/NT, is an extremely fast file server fo Mac clients. MacServerIP speeds up the file transfer between Macs and Windows XP/2000/NT by up to 5 times. New in version 8 of MacServerIP are the following features: performance has been improved significantly: the file transfer with MacServerIP over TCP/IP is now up to 5x times faster than with AppleTalk faster folder browsing with Mac clients support of Windows XP optimized for Windows NT cluster and Windows 2000 Datacenter You find ( information about the version of MacServerIP 8 and a free fully function trial version of MacServerIP 8 at the web site of ( soft Ltd. at ( About cyan soft Ltd. cyan soft Ltd. is a fast growing and world wide operating software company, which...
Jan 28
Fourth World Releases WebMerge for OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fourth World Releases WebMerge for OS X, Offers New Group License Options LOS ANGELES, California - 28 January, 2002 Fourth World today released WebMerge 1.9.2, a tool for Mac OS and Windows which generates static Web pages from database files. This new version is the company's first product release specifically for OS X, and offers enhanced performance and a few minor bug fixes for both platforms. Fourth World is also offering new "workgroup pricing" discounts for multi-license purchases. WebMerge 1.9.2 can work with any database that exports in Merge or tab-delimited format, including FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access. The user creates a template HTML page with simple place holder tags, and WebMerge creates a new HTML page from the data in each record of the exported Merge file. WebMerge can also create an index page with links to each of the generated pages. Generated pages can be hosted on any Web server without the need for a specialized database hosting...
Jan 28
August's ODBC Router Goes Multi-Processor
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 28, 2002 ODBC Router Goes Multi-Processor LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: August Software today delivered updated ODBC drivers and SDKs that now provide multi-threaded Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) support to applications on Mac OS, Mac OS X, Apple Darwin, Yellow Dog PowerPC Linux, Windows, Red Hat Linux and Linux Mandrake. Today's new software release enables applications to launch multiple SQL database threads that run concurrently against one or more host databases, thereby substantially increasing overall performance. On Mac OS X, today's delivery also enables Darwin or Carbon style applications to fully utilize all of the available PowerPC chips in a multiple processor Mac for SQL database access. Available now at, August Software's free ODBC drivers, SDKs and its low cost ODBC Router provide access to virtually any SQL database system including MS-Access, ORACLE, Pick/Universe, SQLServer, SYBASE, DB/2 and many others. About August Software...
Jan 28
Tiff-Sight 1.2.1
Subject: Tiff-Sight 1.2.1 Released Victoria, BC, Canada --- 28 January 2002 --- Blue Globe Software is pleased to announce that version 1.2.1 of Tiff-Sight has been relased. It is available for immediate download from Blue Globe Software's web site. With the increasing popularity of Web based Fax-to-Email services, Mac users need a simple way to access the Fax files these services create. Until now, the only tools available were either too expensive, or offered too many features for the average user. Enter Tiff-Sight. Unlike larger graphic editing programs, Tiff-Sight can be learned in a few minutes, and it offers only those feature you really need: * Anti-aliased text and graphics for easier reading on screen and a better look overall. * Streamlined interface: no unnecessary features or buttons cluttering your view. * Support for nearly every TIFF and Tiff-based Fax format available. * Small and fast: uses only 2 Meg of RAM and 1.8 Meg of drive space. * Full support for viewing,...
Jan 28
IntelliMerge 1.3.5 and ProSQL 1.1.3
[ANN] IntelliMerge 1.3.5 and ProSQL 1.1.3 Good day, Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce two Mac software updates: - ProSQL 1.1.3 adds the ability to read SQL Dump files with UNIX-style returns, and also re-implements 1.1.2's functionality after we were forced back to 1.1.1 due to a server hard drive crash. Home Page: Download (Mac OS 9): Download (Mac OS X): - IntelliMerge 1.3.5 adds three heavily requested features: additional rules for invalid e-mail addresses (improves accuracy for the address checker), Mac OS X save sheets in the message editor, and the ability to undo while composing a letter. Home Page: Download (Mac OS 9): Download (Mac OS X): We'd also like to take this...
Jan 28
OpenOSX Ships OpenDB 2.1 CD
OpenOSX Ships OpenDB 2.1 CD Business Editors/High-Tech Writers SWALL MEADOWS, Calif.--(OPENOSX-COM-INC)--Jan. 28th, 2002--, a leading provider of easy-to-use, world-class open-source software, today began shipping their OpenDB 2.1 CD. The OpenDB CD transforms a Macintosh running Mac OS X (10.1.x) into a world class dynamic Enterprise Intranet server with SQL (structured query language) backends with web based graphical user interface frontends. The OpenDB 2.1 CD will install a suite of powerful web and database applications with the ease that one might expect as a Macintosh user. OpenOSX's OpenDB CD installs and perhaps most importantly, correctly configures the following popular programs. The programs work with Mac OS X 10.1.x: * MySQL 3.23.46 * PostgreSQL 7.1.3 * phpMyAdmin 2.2.2 * phpPgAdmin 2.2.0 * MyODBC 2.50.38 * iODBC 3.0.5 * Apache Web Server 1.3.22 * PHP 4.1.1 * pdf_lib 4.0.1 (demo mode) * Free Type 2 * GD 1.8.4 The OpenDB CD is...
Jan 28
CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Pro, Release 7.2 Update
Software Updates: CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Professional Edition, Release 7.2 Update See ( for more details. Warning This update should only be applied to a CodeWarrior Pro 7.1 installation. If you do not already have Pro 7.1 installed, please download and install that patch before applying the Pro 7.2 update. The CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Professional Edition, Release 7.2 update is a maintenance release of the PPC PEF, PPC Mach-O, and x86 compilers, linkers, and command line tools. Complete release notes can be found here. Installation Notes This release contains two drops: 1) C++_MacOS_PPC_Pro7.2.sit (contains Mac-Hosted PPC compilers, linkers, and command line tools) 2) C++_MacOS_x86_Pro7.2.sit (contains Mac-Hosted x86 compiler and linker) The following installation instructions assume that you have the previous Pro7.1 components installed. If so, unstuff the archive and drag the new components into their...
Jan 28
Apple Unveils Dual 1-GHz Power Mac G4
Apple Unveils Dual 1-GHz Power Mac G4 Digital Powerhouse for Creative Professionals CUPERTINO, California-January 28, 2002-Apple=AE today announced the ultimate digital powerhouse for creative professionals-the new Power Mac=81 G4 featuring dual 1-GHz PowerPC G4 processors, the industry's first NVIDIA GeForce4 graphics card and a DVD/CD burning SuperDrive=81, priced at just $2,999(US). Delivering an amazing 15 gigaflops (15 billion floating point operations per second), the dual 1-GHz Power Mac G4 runs professional applications like Adobe Photoshop up to 72 percent faster and encodes DVD Video over 300 percent faster than a 2-GHz Pentium 4-based PC*. "The new dual 1-GHz Power Mac G4 with NVIDIA GeForce4 graphics is the fastest Mac ever and the fastest personal computer ever for creative professionals," said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "This is the first Mac to break the 1-GHz barrier and the first computer in the world to feature NVIDIA...
Jan 28
PrefsOverload 3.5.1 For Mac OS And Mac OS X Released
PREFSOVERLOAD 3.5.1 FOR MACOS AND MACOS X RELEASED. Gela, Italy -- I released PrefsOverload 3.5.1, a maintenance upgrade to my preferences management tool. This upgrade fixes some bugs and adds some interface improvements. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PrefsOverload is a full-featured tool for managing the Preferences Folder, which contains your various "Preference Files". Preference Files are those files in which applications store their settings and other information. After System 7, all these files have been enclosed in the "Preferences Folder". Preferences are important files, but sometimes they can turn out to be completely unnecessary. This can occur, for example, when their mother application doesn't exist--or no longer exists--on your computer. Over time the Preferences Folder will slowly grow and may become filled with files created by trashed demo applications, or applications used for a short time only or not used at all. The trouble is that all these unused or unusable files still...
Jan 28
Znippetizer-X: For Organizing and Categorizing
Znippetizer-X 1.3.6 / 2002-01-20 Introduction. Znippetizer-X is a small tool, to help programmers, writers, scientists, lawyers and other people who need to quickly sort , organize and categorize things. How does it work? Znippetizer-X has a small global floating window (with a Z in it), where you can drag any text. Any items dragged here are stored in a database, and grouped. All new items are stored in the currently selected Snippetgroup, and can then later on be moved to any other group. By clicking on the "Z", the Znippetizer-X windows zooms, and you get full access to the groups and lists of items, and you can drag any item from the list to any other application that can recieve a text drag. You can zoom any snippet and select parts from it, copy from it. You can drag text files to the Znippetizer-X window, and also paste new snippets into it. You can also edit a snippet in the close up window. What it doesn't do. It doesn't handle graphics or any...
Jan 27
Now Up-to-Date & Contact for Mac OS X Gets Update to 4.1.1
Now Up-to-Date & Contact for Mac OS X Gets Update Improved Printing and Server Performance Highlight Version 4.1.1 Columbus, Ohio - January 28, 2002 - Power On Software, Inc., a recent inductee into the prestigious Inc 500 roster of America's fastest growing companies, has announced today the immediate availability of a new version of Now Up-to-Date & Contact, the best-selling contact manager and scheduling software in the history of the Macintosh. Version 4.1.1, available now for download from the Power On web site, is an update to version 4.1, the native Mac OS X version of Now Up-to-Date & Contact. The latest release offers several improvements to printing under Mac OS X as well as a number of enhancements to server performance. Additional information regarding changes in this version is available at: Reviewers and Users Rate Now Up-to-Date & Contact Best of Breed The new Mac OS X version of Now Up-to...
Jan 25
OpenBase Developer Connection
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OpenBase Developer Connection helps developers succeed -- while cutting costs and development time Program supports new and experienced developers -- from students and entrepreneurial startups, to in-house development teams to create cutting-edge Mac OS X applications CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA -- January 25, 2002 - OpenBase International, Ltd., developers of the first relational SQL database on Mac OS X, today announced an extensive new program to help developers build solutions with OpenBase SQL database technologies. The OpenBase(R) database has long been recognized for delivering both: scalable database performance and fault-tolerant data availability and protection. The newly announced OpenBase Developer Connection(TM) (ODC) program offers multiple levels of OpenBase Developer licenses and a variety of services and resources, including: access to ODC Tool Connection(TM) for publishing and sharing software; WebObjects and OpenBase Knowlegebases; a complete...
Jan 25
Dr. Bott Ships iPod Connection Kit II with Cassette Adapter
For Immediate Release- Wilsonville, OR - January 25th, 2002 iPod(TM) Connection Kit II with Cassette Adapter now shipping. Dr. Bott's iPod Connection Kit II includes everything you might need to bring your music anywhere you might want it. iPod Connection Kit provides options for connecting to iPod's 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack to automobile stereo systems, home stereo systems, mic input of computers and other devices, boom boxes, and tape players. The kit includes an Auto Charger, Cassette Adapter, various audio cables and a carry pouch. "Our original iPod Connection Kit includes an FM transmitter that isn't able to be sold in all parts of the world. We've seen great interest for the kit worldwide so we decided to release a version that could be offered everywhere the iPod is sold. The iPod Connection Kit II replaces the FM transmitter with a cassette tape adapter." Said Eric Prentice, CEO of Dr. Bott LLC. "This kit is a great addition to the iPod and provides everything an iPod...
Jan 24
Econ Technologies Brings Easy File Synchronization to Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Econ Technologies Brings Easy File Synchronization to Mac OS X Users Oviedo, Florida -- January 24, 2002 -- Econ Technologies announces ChronoSync, their latest Cocoa based Mac OS X product. ChronoSync easily synchronizes or backs-up files and folders in a variety of ways. ChronoSync is the perfect solution to synchronize your laptop and desktop, computers on a network and even run simple backups. ChronoSync will be available February 8th, 2002 for $19.95. ChronoSync offers these capabilities: * Designate one or more files or folders to be synchronized. * Synchronize between fixed hard drives, removable media, file servers or other computers. * Automate synchronization with a full-featured scheduler. * Transaction log maintains a complete history of any synchronization performed. * Customize the toolbar to your own specifications. * Synchronize files in each direction or bi-directional. * Apply rules to further select files by name, size, date, extension and...
Jan 24
Sniffer v1.0 for Mac OS X
Sniffer v1.0 for Mac OS X Sniffer is a free, general purpose network traffic monitor and packet capture program for Mac OS X. It is capable of monitoring and logging all network traffic on ethernet and ppp network interfaces. ICMP, UDP and TCP message payloads can be viewed directly in the program's hex-editor view. Sniffer is a very useful network monitoring tool, and it's free! Requires Mac OS X. URL: email:
Jan 24
Neon Software Announces CyberGauge Version 4.0
Neon Software Announces CyberGauge Version 4.0 Supports Mac OS X, New User-Customizable Reporting LAFAYETTE, CA - January 23rd, 2002 Neon Software announced today CyberGauge 4.0, the newest version of their popular Internet bandwidth measurement application. Version 4.0 supports Mac OS X natively and provides a host of new FTP, reporting, SNMP, and alert features that enable users to configure CyberGauge to suit their own bandwidth usage information needs. CyberGauge 4.0 New Features: * Supports Mac OS X natively. * Customizable reports based on time of day and designated days. * Customizable billing and QoS HTML report formats. * Auto-configuration of interface alerts, reports, JPEG creation, and other feedback settings. * Automatic FTP of QoS Reports and JPEG bandwidth utilization images. * Alerts when device is "down" and also alerts on device recovery. * Two new alerts: SNMP Trap Alerts and, for Windows users, support for "net send" pop-up alerts. * Expanded support for Cisco...
Jan 24
Dr. Bott LLC ships their fist-sized, seven port USB hub, T7Hub
For Immediate Release Portland, OR - January 23, 2002 Dr. Bott LLC ships their fist-sized, seven port USB hub, T7Hub. Today, Dr. Bott LLC, is shipping their new seven Port USB Hub in silver. In addition to the compact and innovative design, this high quality USB hub offers LEDs on each port indicating device connection and over current status. These indicators mean you'll never have any questions about the status of your USB peripherals. T7Hub fully supports seven high power USB devices simultaneously. "Our new seven port hub is great for those who see their USB chain sprawl across their desk. Four port hubs are plentiful but they require sacrificing a port each time you add another hub to the chain. Our seven port hub gives you plenty of room for expansion in a single device." Dr. Bott now has a full line of USB hubs including their thumb-sized T3Hub, their palm-sized gHub and their new fist-sized T7Hub. ( (
Jan 24
OOFILE 1.4: Cross-Platform C++ Application Development Library
OOFILE 1.4: Cross-Platform C++ Application Development Library Perth, Western Australia - January 22nd, 2002 -- AD Software today announced the release of version 1.4 of its OOFILE cross-platform C++ application development library upgrade released for MacOS/X, Mac Classic, Windows and Unix. OOFILE 1.4 is now available for download from This release represents a huge step forward in features and improved debugging and is compatible with CodeWarrior=81 Pro7.1 and Visual C++=81 v6. This is the first fully Carbonised release that will run natively on Mac OS/X=81. This is the first OOFILE upgrade for which we are charging. The bulk of OOFILE remains Open Source and only the commercial dBase-compatible and c-tree Plus=81 database backends are being charged for an upgrade. For more information or visit our website ABOUT OOFILE OOFILE is a family of C++ application frameworks providing a database...
Jan 24
MacResQ Launches New PowerBook Repair Service
MACRESQ LAUNCHES NEW POWERBOOK REPAIR SERVICE Concord, CA - January 24, 2002 - MacResQ announced today the launch of a unique new repair service for Macintosh PowerBook computers. The service, known as PowerBookResQ, will provide PowerBook users throughout the United States with a new source for service parts and labor. PowerBookResQ addresses the difficulty that most users face when they encounter a technical problem with their PowerBook. Users of older PowerBooks face a tough challenge trying to find a local source for older parts and service. If a local repair center is available, costs are usually high and turnaround time is unacceptable for users who rely on their PowerBooks on a daily basis. Users of newer, but out-of-warranty, PowerBooks often have no choice but to send their systems back to the manufacturer for an expensive repair due to parts limitations and service policies. "PowerBookResQ is the only service of its kind for out-of-warranty PowerBooks," said Shannon Jean,...
Jan 24
Spyware: Spector for Macintosh
World's Bestselling Spyware =96 Spector =96 now available for Macintosh. Vero Beach, Florida Spectorsoft Corporation today announced the Macintosh version of its award-winning Spector spyware program - the first automatic Internet and PC Activity Recorder designed for consumers and businesses. "Since the release of Spector for Windows, we have had thousands of requests for a Macintosh supported version. We have been working for the past year to build Spector for Mac from the ground up to achieve the quality and ease of use Macintosh users demand." states Doug Fowler, president of Spectorsoft. In the three years since the introduction of Spector, there has been an explosion of Internet Affairs =96 married or coupled adults who are seeking sex outside of their relationships. Spector was initially envisioned as a tool for parents concerned about what their children were doing online. However, it soon became obvious that the majority of customers were using Spector because they were...
Jan 24
callas_software NEWS 01/2002 23 January 2002 callas software releases today pdfSaveAsPDF1.3 - a new Plug-In for Adobe Acobat 4 and Adobe Acrobat 5 that allows users to save PDF files for Adobe Acrobat 4 compatability. pdfSaveAsPDF1.3 bridges the gap in the transition period from the use of PDF 1.3 to PDF 1.4 and thus is an indispensible production tool. Read the full story: callas software gmbh Tel +49.30.44390310 Schoenhauser Allee 6/7 Fax +49.30.4416402 D 10119 Berlin Germany
Jan 23
Memora Releases New Memora Photo
Memora Releases New Memora Photo, Featuring Drag-and-Drop Integration With iPhoto=99 New version of Memora Photo integrates seamlessly with iPhoto, enabling users to share their digital photo albums instantly; no uploads and no storage limits Waltham, Massachusetts =96 January 23, 2002 =96 Memora, creators of Personal Server applications for broadband users, announced today the release of the new iPhoto edition of its popular Memora Photo application. The latest release blends iPhoto=92s power as a photo organizer with the ability to share pictures with friends and family directly from one=92s own hard drive without having to wait for lengthy uploads to remote sites, and without storage restrictions. The company will make the first 1,000 copies available for free from its site ( =93We were thrilled with the release of iPhoto, because, combined with our unique photo server software, Mac OS X=99 users now have the complete package,=94 said Antonio Rodriguez, CEO and co-...
Jan 23
Eridanus Releases Newsgroup Utility, Baker 1.5 for OS X
For Immediate Release Kendall, Florida, (January 23, 2002) -- Eridanus, Inc. Releases Upgrade to Newsgroup Utility, Baker 1.5 for OS X Eridanus today released Baker 1.5.0. Among the enhancements in this release of the OS X utility designed to ease common newsgroup related activities are: Configurable Default Folders In previous releases of Baker, certain files were saved to default folders inside your Baker folder. For example, after downloading a file, Baker would save it to the Raw Files folder for further processing by other parts of the program. Unfortunately, you were not able to specify the location of the Raw Files folder. It was always created in the same folder as the Baker application. This same rule was applied to many of the other Baker-created folders. In Baker 1.5 you are provided a preference that lets you configure where Baker saves these files. To access the new preference, select Preferences... from the Baker menu and...
Jan 23
Channel 8 Software Releases iOrganizer 2.5
Channel 8 Software Releases iOrganizer 2.5 - Organizational software for Macintosh and Mac OS X. January 23, 2002: Channel 8 Software is proud to announce the release of iOrganizer 2.5, the latest version of the easy-to-use organizational application for the Macintosh and Mac OS X. iOrganizer includes an address book, a bookmark list, an event calendar, and a download list. iOrganizer 2.5 now features a task manager to help users conquer daily tasks. Users can easily create and prioritize a "to do" list, and mark off tasks as they are completed. iOrganizer 2.5 is downloadable from Channel 8 Software as a fully-functioning trial version. Customers can purchase a personal license for iOrganizer for US$25.00 or a business license for US$160.00. For more information please visit ( or download iOrganizer 2 for Macintosh or Mac OS X at ( Technical Contact: Jim Rodovich Lead Project Engineer info...
Jan 23
Name Stalker 1.0
Name Stalker 1.0 for Windows, Macintosh, Mac OS X was released on 01/23/2002. Name Stalker is a neat little utility that allows you to monitor domains you own (or domains you want to capture). Name Stalker is multi-threaded, so you can perform concurrent lookups (you can even set the number of threads to use as a preference). A *FREE*, 100% working copy can be downloaded from: Some of the major improvements over the beta versions are support for new domain extensions (.info, .name, .biz, etc.), ability to export domains, reporting capability, ability to set timeout for whois queries, and some other miscellaneous stuff...
Jan 23
WiebeTech Announces FireWire KeyChain
WiebeTech announces new features and pricing on revolutionary FireWireTM KeyChainTM : New reduced physical size and User Configurable to 1GB, starting at $99.95 with delivery scheduled for March. WICHITA, KS =96 Jan. 23, 2002 =96 WiebeTech LLC announces pricing and new features for the FireWire KeyChainTM, a high speed, portable FireWire (IEEE1394) keychain-sized storage device which supports capacities of up to 1GB using nonvolatile CompactFlash storage modules. FireWire KeyChain's physical dimensions have been reduced, and it is user configurable and will ship without a storage module installed for a retail price of $99.95. CompactFlash modules are easy to install to meet desired capacity needs. The FireWire KeyChain now offers these outstanding features: In response to customer input at the Macworld Expo show in early January, James Wiebe, president of WiebeTech, said that significant features have been added to the revolutionary FireWire KeyChain. WiebeTech introduced FireWire...
Jan 22
McWare USA Ships McSerialNumber Shareware Edition v1.4
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE McWare USA Ships McSerialNumber=81 Shareware Edition v1.4 for Mac OS. McSerialNumber Shareware Edition v1.4 is an integrated Registration, Design and Administration Database including a small quality SoftDongle Workshop for small and medium developer and ISV businesses. Oldsmar, Florida US -. -- January 23, 2002 -- McWare USA today announced McSerialNumber Shareware Edition v1.4 for Mac OS, the successor of McSerialNumber Shareware Edition v1.3 for Mac OS to offer enhanced support for Mac OS=81 X savvy software registration and administration tasks . It's a Carbon Application running on both Mac OS Classic 9.x and Mac OS X McSerialNumber Shareware Edition v1.4 comes with a completely restructured product management. It includes improved handling for adding, changing, selecting, deleting and maintaining your software product registrations in conjunction with the integrated customer database. Beside a necessary face lift and touch-up needed to comply with the new...
Jan 22
PACE Anti-Piracy Releases InterLok 4.0 for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 22, 2002 PACE Anti-Piracy Releases InterLok 4.0 for Mac OS X First extensive copy protection and anti-debugging toolset for software publishers on Apple's next generation operating system SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - January 22, 2002 - PACE Anti-Piracy Inc., a leader in the development of anti-piracy systems for software publishers, has released version 4.0 of InterLok=AE and InterLok=AE Pro for Mac OS X, the fi= rst extensive anti-piracy toolset for software copy protection on Apple's next generation operating system. Version 4.0 works seamlessly with Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. It adds several important security and user interface features including a wizard builder, which further increases the flexibility and ease-of-use of the InterLok copy protection system. "The development of InterLok has followed a 16-year tradition of commitment to maximum security, customizability, and ease-of-use," said Allen Cronce, President and founder of PACE Anti-Piracy. "Mac OS X...
Jan 22
FontDoctor For Macintosh version 5.0
Morrison SoftDesign announces the release FontDoctor For Macintosh version 5.0 FontDoctor is the Apple Macintosh industry standard software application for font problem diagnosis and repair. Version 5.0 is a major upgrade that includes a host of new and updated features, including: - Support for MacOS X - Support for Apple's new DataFork font (.dfont) format - Font Conversion feature to convert between font formats - Up to eight times faster search and diagnosis Additionally, powerful repair methods for damaged font tables (kerning, glyph width, etc.), font ID conflicts, duplicate fonts, extra font sizes, mixed font types (TrueType & PostScript), missing bitmaps & PostScript fonts, and more, round out the powerful features that FontDoctor offers. FontDoctor supports TrueType (Macintosh and Windows (.ttf) versions), PostScript Type 1, PostScript Type 3, Multiple Master fonts, OpenType fonts, DataFork fonts, and bitmap fonts. FontDoctor is available for $69.99/copy and can be...
Jan 22
PDFCat Updated to v1.1
ANNOUNCEMENT - PDFCat 1.1 LAUNCHED - 22 January 2002 - for Mac and PC PDFCat is a =A320/$30 utility from Rijdat Software for creating a summary catalogue of PDF files with title, author, subject, keywords, creation date, and other information. Rijdat Software have just released PDFCat 1.1, an update to the utility that helps you keep track of all those PDF documents you have collected over the last few years. Select a folder for PDFCat and it will give you the details of all the PDF files in that folder and any sub-folders. PDF files contain some or all of the following: Title Author Subject Keywords Producer Creator Creation Date Modification Date You can edit this information for files which are not password protected, to give them more useful information, and you can save the whole list to an index file. Version 1.1 lets you save information about your files in one of three database formats - CSV, tab-separated variables or DBF. You can download...
Jan 22
SQLGrinder for Mac OS X
For Immediate Release Advenio updates SQLGrinder for Mac OS X to version 1.1. Watertown, MA -- January 22, 2002 - Advenio Software, a company specializing in Mac OS X application development, today announced the release and immediate availability of SQLGrinder 1.1 for Mac OS X. This is the latest update to SQLGrinder for Mac OS X and includes the following new and improved features: - Syntax coloring of SQL code - An easier to use schema browser featuring table import and export - Easier loading of common JDBC drivers requiring no configuration - An improved SQL statement library - Numerous bug fixes This update is free to all registered SQLGrinder users. A free 30 day trial version of SQLGrinder 1.1 can be downloaded at: About SQLGrinder for Mac OS X SQLGrinder, a native Mac OS X SQL editor and developer tool, allows developers to easily create, edit and execute SQL queries as well as browse their database structures. Using SQLGrinder...
Jan 22
Gefen Releases Two New Ex-tend-it Analog/Digital Conversion Boxes
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EX-TEND-IT CONVERSION BOXES ARE DESIGNED TO HELP COMPUTER USERS LINK OLD AND NEW SYSTEMS WOODLAND HILLS, CA [January 22, 2002] Gefen's ex-tend-it DVI to VGA Conversion Box and it's sister product, the VGA to DVI Conversion Box are cross-platform solutions that enable the connection of analog (VGA) monitors to digital (DVI) graphics ports, and digital (DVI) monitors to analog (VGA) graphics ports. Most new computers today are manufactured with both digital and analog graphics ports for monitor connection. Up until recently, however, computers were equipped solely with analog ports. This presents a problem to the computer user who wants to connect an older computer to a new digital monitor without upgrading his or her entire computer system, or to connect two analog monitors to a computer using one of the digital graphics ports to create a dual-screen work environment. Gefen's ex-tend-it VGA to DVI Conversion Box effectively enables a connection between the...
Jan 22
Script Timer 1.2: Enhanced version of AppleScript scheduler
Subject: Enhanced version of AppleScript scheduler released Apps & More Software Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of version 1.2 of Script Timer, an AppleScript scheduling application for both Mac OS 9.2.1 and Mac OS X. Script Timer lets you schedule the execution of OSA based scripts, such as those created using AppleScript. It will run your scripts at any time on a daily, weekly, weekdays only, monthly, or one time basis as well as at regular intervals ranging from minutes to weeks. Script Timer has an extremely small memory footprint and is designed to run unobtrusively in the background. The program comes with several sample scripts that illustrate the use of the program, including examples of Finder and third party application scripting, and the use of parameterized scripts. New features for version 1.2 include the following: - the ability to run scripts both synchronously and asynchronously - the ability of scripts to return data to be saved in the Script...
Jan 22
LEGO enthusiasts want modeling software on their Macs!
LEGO enthusiasts want modeling software on their Macs! James Jessiman was the first to write a freeware LEGO modeling application for DOS, called LDraw. Included with the application was a library of common LEGO bricks modeled in 3D. To build virtual LEGO models with LDraw, one by one, you picked a brick and then navigated the brick using arrow keys. After making a model, you could use LDraw to create a graphic image of the model. Quite a community grew around this basic application and since then more robust editors with mouse dragging controls and multiple angle views have been written. Nearly all of the LEGO parts have been modeled. POV-Ray converters were also written which made it easy to create life-like LEGO model images. With these tools people with too much fun-time have created fantastic models that would cost a fortune in real LEGO bricks. Some have even created animations using these tools (see: and http://www....
Jan 22
MacsDesign Studio Releases Web Help Desk 5.2
MacsDesign Studio Releases Web Help Desk 5.2 Powerful Object Oriented Software for Technical Support FREMONT, CA - January 22, 2001 - MacsDesign Studio today released Web Help Desk 5.2, a powerful web application for technical support designed for education and small to medium sized business customers. Built with the industry's most powerful and mature application server, WebObjects 5 from Apple Computer=AE, Web Help Desk 5.2 offers an intuitive web interface and a= n excellent feature set for both end users and support technicians. This latest update includes support for WebObjects 5.1, an enhanced user interface, improved asset management options, powerful new search settings, customizable asset and client fields and optional client self registration. Next Generation Web Application Unlike scripted web applications based on technologies such as ASP or PHP, Web Help Desk uses Java=81 objects to manage your clients, assets and job tickets. This modular, object-oriented foundation...
Jan 22
Classic Layer Problems Solved with Conflict Catcher 9
Classic Layer Problems Solved with Conflict Catcher 9 Conflict Catcher 9 by Casady & Greene, showed it's stuff during Macworld San Francisco earlier this month, and this latest upgrade of the #1-rated Mac utility has been well received! Mac enthusiasts are impressed with Conflict Catcher 9's hottest feature--the inclusion of the Mac OS X set preference. When you are working in OS X and need to go back to the Classic Layer, Conflict Catcher 9 will allow you to boot to the Classic Layer quickly and easily--without having to reboot! This is quite a time saver when the need arises to switch between OS X and Classic! Classic Layer problems are easily remedied with Conflict Catcher 9's new: *Faster, easier and simpler Conflict testing *Logging of intermittent problems *Enhanced USB and FireWire reporting *Group links such as AOL and MS Office *More Reference Library file definitions as well as quick hot links to all your startup files When using Mac OS X, boot directly to the Classic...
Jan 21
Appligent announces StampPDF Plug-in
Now Available for Macintosh! StampPDF 2.7 Demo Version - Plug-In for Adobe Acrobat Requirements: Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X Download this fully functional free demo version of StampPDF 2.7. Package includes the plug-in, documentation files and sample files to stamp. This demonstration copy of StampPDF has the same functionality as the commercial version of the product. Automatic purchase may be made via a menu item. In demo-mode, stamped documents are marked with an X across each page. The StampPDF plug-in gives you the ability to add permanent text or JPEG images to any PDF document. Text may be added in any position: diagonally across a document as watermarks, or as headers and footers. Text stamps may be made in a variety of fonts, text styles or any RGB color. Information you stamp in the PDF document becomes part of the document and is present when it's displayed and printed. Stamping a PDF document is done by entering your text and formatting choices in a dialog that appears when...
Jan 21
Convert: For Calculating Conversions
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 21 Jan 2002 Convert Carbon 2.0 Public Beta b4 Offers Expanded Functionality, Now Carbonized SAN JOSE, Calif., 21 Jan 2002 - Graphic arts software developer and consulting firm Fifth Wave announced today the availability of the latest version of Convert, version 2.0b4, for Mac OS. In addition to providing tremendous value for its meager cost, Convert can be experienced prior to purchase. Payment processing is being handled through Kagi, allowing for world-wide registration. Convert Beta Information: Convert can be obtained from Fifth Wave's public web/ftp site: Convert is simply the greatest tool available for calculating conversions on the Macintosh. Temperature, Velocity, Time, Mass, Currency, Bartending - you name it! Over 40 different conversion categories, offering thousands of conversion possibilities. Full support of the Mac OS including Drag and Drop, multiple monitors, foreign...
Jan 21
OpenOSX Publishes OpenWeb Update
(CA-OPENOSX) OpenOSX Publishes OpenWeb Update Business Editors/High-Tech Writers SWALL MEADOWS, Calif.--(OPENOSX-COM)--January 21, 2002--, a leading provider of easy-to-use, world-class open-source software, today has published binaries of Apache 1.3.22, PHP 4.1.1 in a downloadable package. The package is designed for patrons of the OpenOSX OpenWeb and OpenDB CD's. The package is designed to be installed on top of Mac OS 10.1.2, and restores and adds new functionality for OpenOSX OpenWeb and OpenDB installations. The PHP binaries have been built with support for PDF Lib (in demo mode), XML, WDDX, Regex Library, MySQL and PostgreSQL, Perl Compatible Regular Expressions, ODBC, GD, FTP, EXIF, CURL, BC Math and ZLib. The downloadable package is designed to be installed after installing OpenOSX OpenWeb or OpenDB versions 1.x through 2.0 and after updating to Mac OS 10.1.2. In addition to installing Apache 1.3.22 and PHP 4.1.1, the OpenOSX OpenWeb 2.1 CD installs and configures...

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Galaxy of Trian 1.1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $6.99, Version: 1.1.0 (iTunes) Description: Galaxy of Trian is an exciting, fast paced digital board game based on the highly acclaimed tabletop title. | Read more »
Dead In Bermuda (Games)
Dead In Bermuda 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: | Read more »
The Little Fox (Games)
The Little Fox 1.0.1 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $2.99, Version: 1.0.1 (iTunes) Description: The Little Fox is an alternative perspective on the world-renowned ‘fairy tale for adults', The Little Prince by Antoine de... | Read more »
5 popular free fertility apps
There was a good article this week in The Independent about how more women are using fertility appsas a de facto form of contraception. It's apparently not working too well, leading to numerous unwanted pregnancies. [Read more] | Read more »
How to get more cars in CSR Racing 2
NaturalMotion and Zynga brought a lot of real life cars to the table for CSR Racing 2. From souped up everyday rides made by Nissan and Hyundai to supercars produced by the likes of McLaren and Pagani, there really is something for everyone. [... | Read more »
Crypt of the NecroDancer Pocket Edition...
Crypt of the NecroDancer Pocket Edition 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Crypt of the NecroDancer is an award winning hardcore roguelike rhythm game. Move to the music and... | Read more »
Gear-grinding puzzle title Inner Circle...
If you saw our post earlier this month announcing the imminent release of ZPlay’s new creation, Inner Circle, you’ll be happy to know that it’s now available on the App Store. Established in 2010, developer and publisher ZPlay have taken the... | Read more »
CSR Racing 2: Your guide to what's...
CSR Racing 2, or CSR2, as it likes to call itself, has finally arrived. The follow-up to the immensely popular drag racing game CSR Racing is the first release from NaturalMotion since the studio's acquisition by Zynga in early 2014. [Read more] | Read more »
Nanuleu (Games)
Nanuleu 1.1 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $2.99, Version: 1.1 (iTunes) Description: Nanuleu is a strategy game where you take control of ancient magical trees that protect the land from an invading dark force. A... | Read more »
The Slaughter: Act One (Games)
The Slaughter: Act One 1.0.323 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $3.99, Version: 1.0.323 (iTunes) Description: “The game mixes realism and surrealism to create a story that can cause just as much laughter as fear. A-” -... | Read more »

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Swiftpoint Launches Advanced Pivot, Tilt And...
Christchurch, New Zealand based Swiftpoint has announced the launch of its new generation computer mouse, The Z, on the crowdfunding website The company’s previous device, the... Read more
Clearance 12-inch Retina MacBooks, Apple refu...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 2015 12″ Retina MacBooks available starting at $929. Apple will include a standard one-year warranty with each MacBook, and shipping is free. The following... Read more
12-inch MacBooks available with free bundles...
Adorama has 12″ Retina MacBooks available including free shipping plus NY & NJ sales tax only. For a limited time, Adorama will include a free Apple USB-C to USB Adapter, free 4-Port USB Hub, and... Read more
Das Keyboard Unveils First Cloud-Connected Ke...
Austin, Texas based Das Keyboard has unveiled the newest addition to its family of high-performance mechanical keyboards with the introduction of the Das Keyboard 5Q on Kickstarter. Built with... Read more
13-inch 2.7GHz Retina MacBook Pros on sale fo...
Adorama has 13″ 2.7GHz Retina MacBook Pros on sale for up to $130 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and Adorama charges NY & NJ sales tax only: - 13″ 2.7GHz/128GB Retina MacBook Pro: $1169 $130 off -... Read more
New App Reminds Us to Put Down Our Phones and...
Mode, a new smartphone app that makes us more mindful of how we use our devices, debuts in the app stores today. The Mode app tracks time spent in different modes of day-to-day life without... Read more
ZuumSpeed Personalized Speedometer + HUD For...
RMKapps has announced the release and immediate availability of ZuumSpeed 1.0, its personalized speedometer plus heads up display for iOS devices. ZuumSpeed gives users over 18 custom fonts available... Read more
Apple refurbished clearance 15-inch Retina Ma...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 2014 15″ 2.2GHz Retina MacBook Pros available for $1609, $390 off original MSRP. Apple’s one-year warranty is included, and shipping is free. They have refurbished 15... Read more
9-inch 128GB Silver iPad Pro on sale for $50...
B&H Photo has the 9.7″ 128GB Silver Apple iPad Pro on sale for $699 including free shipping plus NY tax only. Their price is $50 off MSRP. Read more
Why Use Indie Opera And Vivaldi Instead Of Sa...
For many years my web browser workhorses were various permutations and spinoffs of the Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox Open Source platform, and the Norwegian indie browser Opera, which I took a shine to... Read more

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Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
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…we therefore look forward to put out products to quality test for durability. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, Read more
*Apple* iPhone 6s and New Products Tester Ne...
…we therefore look forward to put out products to quality test for durability. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, Read more
*Apple* iPhone 6s and New Products Tester Ne...
…we therefore look forward to put out products to quality test for durability. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, Read more
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