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Mar 29
STAZ Software Releases New YSpeak 1.3, Disability Enabling App
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chris Stasny ( STAZ SOFTWARE ANNOUNCES FREE UPGRADE FOR 'YSPEAK', DISABILITY ENABLING APP Diamondhead, MS, USA - 2002/03/29 - STAZ Software, Inc., makers of the modern, fast FutureBASIC^3 for the Mac OS, are pleased to announce a free update to YSpeak, an enabling tool for the disabled. ABOUT YSpeak "YSpeak [when your Mac can do it for you?]" was programmed by Phil Yates. In January 2000, he was diagnosed as having Motor Neurone Disease (also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Lou Gehrig's Disease, and Maladie de Charcot). Phil had the Bulbar-onset version of the condition, which meant that his speech was affected first. As a British IT specialist with expertise in speech-driven simulation systems, Phil decided to put this experience to use in the development of YSpeak. He showed an early version of the program to several speech therapists and all expressed great enthusiasm. He decided to make it easily...
Mar 29
Suitcase 10.1.2 Upgrade
Subject: Suitcase 10.1.2 Upgrade Just a quick email to notify you that Extensis has announced a free update to Suitcase 10 registered users. With this update, Extensis has successfully developed the first available font manager to utilize Auto-Activation functionality in the Mac OS X environment. Suitcase 10.1.2 includes the following benefits for successful font management needs: 1. Bug fix for auto-activating fonts in Mac OS X Classic Mode for users with International English operating systems 2. Added Auto-Activation support for Adobe Illustrator 10 in both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X For more information on Suitcase please go to
Mar 29
X2max Software Releases xmCHART 2.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 28, 2002 X2max Software is pleased to announce the official release of xmCHART 2.1 What's new in xmCHART 2.1: -------------------------- + Improved documentation: - 280-page tutorial with lots of examples - several complete sample databases - powerful reference database - enhanced gallery of charts - available in English and German + Pie charts: - better positioning of inner labels - improved layout algorithm for outer labels with aux. lines + Moving Averages: - weight list bug fixed - moving median and exponential smoothing implemented + Labeling of stacked bar and area charts implemented + Placing of chart background bug fixed + Box plot: bug with 0% percentile fixed + Histogram: scaling bug fixed xmCHART 2.1 is available for MacOS/X and Windows and is free for all registered users. Download link: ( Happy charting, X2max Software CONTACT INFORMATION: -------------------- voice: +43 (...
Mar 29
InterMapper Remote 1.0.1
InterMapper Remote (tm) 1.0.1 is now available. It fixes a number of minor bugs: the release notes are appended to this note. InterMapper Remote provides a remote view on your network. Working in conjunction with InterMapper (, it will allow you to see the real-time status of your routers, switches, servers, and other networking equipment from a remote location. InterMapper Remote is a cross platform tool. It runs on MacOS X, Windows NT/2000, and various versions of Unix and Linux. The figure above shows the same map viewed on MacOS X and a Windows computer. InterMapper Remote connects to an InterMapper server (a copy of InterMapper running in your office or data center) and displays an up-to-date copy of any of the maps on your screen. You can click on any device to get detailed information about it, or click on a link to see traffic statistics. You can also acknowledge alarms from InterMapper Remote. Who can use InterMapper Remote? * A consultant can watch...
Mar 29
Optigold ISP 2.9.6 Released
Optigold ISP 2.9.6 for Windows, Macintosh, Mac OS X and Linux was released on 03/29/2002. Optigold ISP is a cross-platform business software package to run all aspects of an internet service provider (from billing to server management). A *FREE*, 100% working copy can be downloaded from: 2.9.6 adds new web functionality, ACH processing through ECHO, expanded billable tech call support, more reporting, new postcard format, exporting of individual invoice and some other miscellaneous items. All new features in this version are listed in the revision log: Optigold ISP Revision Log ------------------------- Completed On 3/27/02 New miscellaneous preference - Billable Call Time Rounded Up To The Nearest Made some minor changes (stripping certain characters) from the QuickBooks export file Completed On 3/27/02 Customer triggered credit card payments can optionally show CVV, start date and/or issue...
Mar 29
piDog Software Announces piDock Version 2.0a1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: piDog Software Announces piDock Version 2.0a1 Mesa, Arizona, March 28 2002 - Today piDog Software announced the release of piDock version 2.0a1. The new version can be downloaded from piDock is a utility for navigating files and folders for Mac OS. piDock has received praise for it's innovative display techniques and unlimited depth hierarchical browsing abilities. This release adds many important new features and bug fixes while eliminating unneeded items. Some of the new features include translucent menus, taking advantage of the display abilities of Mac OSX. piDock now allows the user to view information about files, including previewing images and text, while browsing directories in a natural and efficient manner. Documentation is now included in printable PDF format. Bug fixes include more consistent activation behavior. The developer has also corrected display of files with custom icons, and the display of file names under OSX....
Mar 28
VINC v1.0 For Mac OS X and Mac OS
Recosoft Corporation of Osaka, Japan, announces the immediate availability of VINC 1.0, the revolutionary integrated document viewing and converter application. VINC (View Navigate & Convert) provides rapid viewing and conversion of files created in different word processing and graphics software. One can view and convert MSWord, AppleWorks, HTML, RTF, PNG, JPEG, Photoshop etc...files. Additionally, VINC supports Japanese-language text contained in documents and retains the integrity of Japanese-language word processing files. VINC solves common document exchange problems encountered as a result of cross-platform environments, intranets, and the Internet. With VINC, users can quickly view the text of word processing documents and images of graphics files without needing the original application it was created in! VINC is available in the configurations listed below - VINC v1.0 US$49.00 VINC v1.0 Education Single User License US$39.95 VINC v1.0 Education 10 Pack License US...
Mar 28
Berkeley Releases 802.11b WLAN Security Monitoring Device
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Berkeley Releases 802.11b WLAN Security Monitoring Device METUCHEN, New Jersey. -- March 27, 2002 -- BVS introduces another WLAN tool for 802.11b and it's Hornet=81, a new IEEE WLAN Monitoring/Security device! Hornet=81 is a low-cost wireless receiver designed specifically for monitoring traffic over any 802.11b DSSS Wireless Local Area Network such as Nokia, Symbol, Cisco and Apple. Hornet=81 acts as a security guard detecting unauthorized access attempts and warning the network administrator. By continually running through a checklist of valid MAC addresses, Hornet=81 is able to instantly identify unauthorized "hackers", distinguish them from valid STA & AP traffic on the network and time-stamp all activity to form a detailed WLAN report. This wireless "guard dog" also contains a RS-232 serial port for wired, unattended monitoring/logging as well as an AC connection and internal real-time clock for secure, controlled monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a...
Mar 28
ChronoSync Updated to Version 1.0.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ChronoSync Updated to Version 1.0.2 CONTACT: Joseph S Japes Econ Technologies, Inc. Phone 407 365 4209 Fax 407 365 6714 E-mail Oviedo, Florida -- March 27, 2002 -- The second maintenance release for ChronoSync=81, the automated synchronization tool for Mac=AE OS X, is now available. This version adds some features along with several bug fixes. ChronoSync is the solution to synchronizing files between folders, hard drives, removable media, laptops, file servers, or any computer. Go to to download the demo and try it, or purchase ChronoSync for only $19.95. This update is free to all ChronoSync users. New features include the ability to create a folder while selecting targets. Naming rules can now be applied to folders or both files and folders, previously they only applied to files. Scheduled synchronizations that are missed because the computer was asleep are now detected...
Mar 28
NowPak Module Transfers Contacts to iPod
Power On and Apple Like Peas in a Pod New NowPak(TM) Module Transfers Contacts to iPod Columbus, Ohio -- March 28, 2002 -- Hot on the heels of Apple's Macworld Tokyo announcement of a brand new iPod model and built-in contact management support, Power On has released a free NowPak(TM) module that lets Now Up-to-Date & Contact users quickly and easily put their important contact data on any iPod running the new iPod 1.1 software. With the NowPak for iPod(TM), users can seamlessly transfer contact data from Now Contact to the iPod. To download contacts, users just mount the iPod on their Macintosh desktop (running Mac OS X 10.2 or later) and then simply run the NowPak software, which creates a contact file on the iPod listing all the contact information that has been transferred. Beta tester Jean Stewart commented, "This is fabulous! I am a member of the Barry Manilow fan club, and now I can take the music along with all of Barry's contact information. Of course I take all my...
Mar 28
XRay 1.0 - top "Get Info" utility for Mac OS X
Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Mar 27th, 2002 Rainer Brockerhoff announces the release of XRay 1.0, the award-winning File/Folder information utility for Mac OS X. XRay offers users a much more detailed view of files, folders, applications and volumes than Mac OS X's "Show Info" window does. Permissions can be changed without resorting to obscure terminal commands. Type, creator and extension can be examined and changed, and their effect on file-application binding is shown immediately. Types, creators and extensions can be selected from pop-up menus built from the system's own databases. XRay can be run from the Finder's Contextual menu, the Services menu or by dragging and dropping items onto the application's icon. Third-party developers can write plug-ins that further augment XRay's capabilities. Preview, Custom Icon and Hex Edit plug-ins are in final testing and will be release over the next few weeks. This is the final, golden master, 1.0 release. Some new features in this version are...
Mar 28
Mergemill 1.5.3 with significant improvements
Mergemill Updated to Version 1.5.3 Recent Updates Deliver Significant Improvements and Fixed Minor Bugs HONG KONG - March 28, 2002 - Cross Culture Limited today announced the release of Mergemill 1.5.3, Cross Culture's versatile content merging, data formatting and web authoring shareware. The update fixed some minor bugs, allows more date formats in generated filenames and contents, and further improves the data formatting workflow. Mergemill enables the user to quickly and easily generate many web pages from databases, or reformat database data into readable form for publishing. Users may also use it to consolidate similar reports for analysis or process electronic entry or survey forms. Mergemill works by merging format files (or templates) with content files to generate the desired output. Its power and versatility come from the use of control tags that let the user direct the selection, insertion and looping of contents in producing the output files. Mergemill's built-in help...
Mar 28
Alarm Clock Pro 5.2
Subject: Alarm Clock Pro 5.2 -- Already! Hello Everyone, Well... it is 12:39 am right now and I'm staring at my menubar clock wondering how the heck we did it, but we did. Alarm Clock Pro has been updated to version 5.2 and holds some pretty impressive new features and improvements. First off, we've added many user requested features like the ability to us= e iTunes playlists for the alarm media. Others include the resume-able Stop Watch, a decimal based Time Cycle adder, clickable speaker icons to set volume to maximum or minimum, a silent Ring Beep for those who wish to only display a text alert, easy to use Internet Audio/Video Stream alarm, and also the ability to enable or disable To Do List items. However, we've done so much more than this. You'll just have to download it and see for yourself. Download for Mac OS X: Download for Mac OS 9: More Information: http://www....
Mar 28
IntelliMerge 2.1.5: Adding iPod Support
Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce IntelliMerge 2.1.5, adding the ability to import Contacts from the Apple iPod to its popular e-mail merge software for the Mac. Instructions for importing Contacts from your iPod into IntelliMerge: 1. Launch IntelliMerge, create a new recipient list. 2. Select "Import" from the Recipients menu, and click Apple iPod. 3. Plug in your iPod (mounting it as a hard drive), and press Import. The process usually takes 1-3 seconds. Home Page: Mac OS 9 only: Mac OS X only: IntelliMerge is available for electronic delivery at $79.95, with competitive upgrade pricing available. Several related notes: - Recipients without e-mail addresses, such as the sample iPod contact, will be ignored. vCards with multiple entries (such as the single "entourage.vcf" file generated by Apple's...
Mar 28
Karelia Ships Watson 1.5 and Updated SDK
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Karelia Ships Watson 1.5 and Updated SDK for Groundbreaking Desktop Web Application for Mac OS X. Alameda, CA, USA, March 27, 2002 -- Karelia Software today announced the release of Watson 1.5, a significant upgrade to its pioneering desktop interface to the most popular web content and services. Along with the updated application, the company released the open architecture SDK to enable third-party developers to build plug-ins for the Mac OS X application. The update features additional utility functions and support for parsing XML-based services. "The Watson developer community has started to build some great applications that fit into the Watson vision of an elegant, time-saving interface to the Web," said Dan Wood, Karelia President and Watson creator. "This new release now enables developers to access XML services and easily manipulate them as Cocoa objects, and adds more New features in the Watson 1.5 SDK: * Tools have a new extension and file type. In...
Mar 27
ABSplus 60GB now shipping
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ABSplus NOW AVAILABLE IN 60GB -- Automatic Backup System Plus is FireWire Fast and Fits in a Pocket -- COSTA MESA, CA (March 27, 2002) -- CMS Peripherals(R) today announced the immediate availability of a new 60GB capacity Automatic Backup System Plus (ABSplus) for Mac(tm) OS and Mac OS X. The award-winning ABSplus is a complete backup solution with full recovery, designed for use with laptops but compatible with any FireWire or USB machine. Available today for the first time in a 60GB capacity directly from (, the new 60GB capacity ABSplus is list priced at $799 USD, with ABSplus in smaller capacities starting at a list price of $279 USD. "The response from introducing the ABSplus and ABSplus for Desktops to the Macintosh community in January was overwhelming," said Ken Burke, president of CMS Peripherals. "We have a lot of exciting news for Mac users over the coming months, however it was very clear that a higher capacity ABSplus for...
Mar 26
StickyBrain is FREE. For two days only.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Park City, UT - March 27th, 2002 -- Chronos LC today announced that for a limited time, its StickyBrain productivity application may be downloaded and registered for FREE. Why is Chronos giving away its software? According to Robert McCullough, Product Manager at Chronos, "StickyBrain is one of the best kept secrets on the Mac and we want to let the public in on the secret. We believe that once users get a taste for StickyBrain, they'll be hooked. This promotion is intended to give as many people as possible the opportunity to try out the software." Chronos is planning to release StickyBrain 2 in the near future and it includes some great surprises, according to Mr. McCullough. Anyone who picks up a free copy of StickyBrain during this promotion will qualify for a discount on the new version. The process to receive a free copy of StickyBrain is simple. On March 27th and 28th, 2002, anyone may download and register StickyBrain 1.3.1 via the Chronos website at (www...
Mar 26
Carbon Events plug-in for REALbasic, version 2.5
Will Cosgrove is pleased to announce an update to his Carbon Events plug-in for REALbasic and Mac OS X. The Carbon Events plug-in provides: * Access to a toolbar button * Scroll wheel support * live window resizing * Access to the application Dock tile menu * Standard Alert Sheet support * Ask Save Changes & Discard Save Changes sheet support * Put file dialog sheet support * Quit Event notification * Complete proxy icon support with icon dragging and window's path menu * The ability to get any folder by type & domain * The ability to set and get long file names Version 2.5 adds the following: * Added full application Service support. This includes providing and using Services from the service menu* * Added GetAvailableScreenSize & GetScreenSize which get the screen dimensions for respecting the Dock. * Added GetThemeIdentifier to get the current theme identifier. * Added Standard Alert dialog support. * Added CountDockMenuItems to return the number of menu items in the...
Mar 26
Terra Soft Ships Yellow Dog Linux 2.2
TERRA SOFT SHIPS YELLOW DOG LINUX 2.2 Loveland, Colorado -- 26 March 2002 -- Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., the leading developer of integrated PowerPC Linux solutions announces shipment of Yellow Dog Linux 2.2, the most mature and complete PowerPC Linux distribution available. Yellow Dog Linux 2.2 offers an array of improvements over v2.1 with the most advanced, stable release of the 2.4 kernel, improved support for the Apple ADC monitors, and accelerated video. The screen brightness and volume control buttons are now supported on NewWorld ROM Apple PowerBooks and iBook computers. And while the latest release of KDE is an appreciated improvement, Gnome has taken a stunning leap forward --giving Mac OS X a run for its money-- exceptional by all standards. A few of the features are: Red Hat 7.2 based system 'ext3' graphical migration program XFree86 4.2.0, KDE 2.2.2, and Gnome 1.4 w/Nautilus & Evolution Improved modem & printer support Improved support for nVidia GeForce2 MX...
Mar 26
Active4D 2.04 released
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Version of Active4D Released Cutting-edge tool brings Active Server Pages functionality to 4th Dimension. Tuesday, March 26th, 2002 -- Aparajita Fishman of Victory-Heart Productions today announced the latest release of Active4D, version 2.04. Active4D 2 is a fully dynamic server-side embedded scripting language for 4th Dimension which brings the industry-leading functionality of Microsoft's Active Server Pages to the 4D environment. This new version brings a few small bug fixes and enhances XHTML compatibility. Active4D includes a 300-page PDF Reference Manual. An Incredible Productivity-Enhancer ----------------------------------- Developers are unanimous in their praise for the real-life benefits of Active4D. "Active4D is truly a beautiful product. I rarely give such praise. It's a classic case of a complex piece of work wrapped in a simple and elegant covering. The power it gives to a developer is remarkable," said Will Mayall, renowned 4D developer. "We...
Mar 26
REAL Software announces this year's Cubies contest
Subject: [ANN] REAL Software announces this year's Cubies contest! The categories are; Advocate of the Year, Cross-Platform, Developer Tool, Game, Internet, Mac OS X, Utility, Overall, and Business. We want to recognize the contributions our users have made to the industry by recognizing the excellence of what they have produced with REALbasic. The contest opens now, and closes April 26, 2002. REAL Software will announce the finalists the following week and the winners in each category during Apple's World Wide Developers Conference. We will accept nominations from anyone, but no REAL Software employee or member of their family will be eligible. The only other requirement is that the products be Premier partners in the Made with REALbasic program ( Winners will receive TWO free upgrades to REALbasic, our support in publishing the product (if desired), free publicity, the admiration and envy of their peers, and other...
Mar 26
Troll Touch announces TouchStar2 touch screen system for LCD iMac
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troll Touch announces TouchStar2 touch screen system for Apple LCD iMac Valencia, CA. March 26, 2002 -Troll Touch, manufacturer of unique and specialized touch screen systems for more than 10 years has announced the immediate availability of it's latest custom touch screen solution, the TouchStar2 System for Apple LCD iMac. Consisting of an internally integrated non-breakable, analog resistive touch screen overlay and high resolution 12-bit USB controller, the product adds touch capability to Apple's most innovative desktop computer to date, making it the perfect interactive display, countertop or pedestal mounted kiosk, POS terminal or communication device for those individuals with verbal limitations. "Our engineers worked very hard to design a touch interface which does not detract from the stunning good looks of the new iMac", states Troll Touch president, Nick Durso. "By internally integrating all of the touch system components the form factor has not been...
Mar 26
FileXaminer 1.0b1 Released
FileXaminer 1.0b1 Released Gideon Softworks, Inc. announces the immediate availability of it's MacFixIt Silver Award winning "Get Info" application FileXaminer 1.0b1 ( formerly Get Info ). FileXaminer allows you to modify file and folder attributes that the Finder cannot ( ex. Type/Creator Info, UNIX permissions, and much more... ). FileXaminer is powerful and easy to use - making it the best "Get Info" application for Mac OS X. New features in 1.0b1 include custom icon editing, extensive contextual menu support, set/clear a files invisible bit, hot keys run in background and many bug fixes. FileXaminer eliminates the need to use Terminal, and makes changing attributes on files/folders a breeze. FileXaminer Home Page ( feature list and download ) : ( Contact Gideon Softworks, Inc. ( for details. (
Mar 26
Dantz Ships Retrospect Backup 5.0 For Mac Os X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DANTZ SHIPS RETROSPECT BACKUP 5.0 FOR MAC OS X Leading Macintosh Backup and Restore Application Now Offers Native Mac OS X Support ORINDA, CA-March 26, 2002-Dantz Development Corporation, a premier provider of backup and restore software, announced today that Dantz Retrospect=AE Backup v5.0, one of the most eagerly awaited software applications for Mac OS X, is now shipping. With several editions and continued support for Mac OS 9, Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 is the only comprehensive backup software suite available for Mac OS X. "Nearly every Macintosh ships with an incredibly reliable, multi-purpose CD-RW drive or SuperDrive," said Tony Barbagallo, Dantz's vice president of marketing. "To take full advantage of the potential of these drives, users need equally reliable backup and restore software. Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 is the backup strategy that Mac users need, and it supports the storage hardware that they already own." "More and more Mac users are...
Mar 25
Imacination Software Announces Web Application Development
IMACINATION SOFTWARE ANNOUNCES GROUNDBREAKING WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT LANGUAGE Representatives from Imacination will be available for demonstrations during JavaOne in San Francisco beginning Monday, March 25 at the Apple Computer Pavilion. March 25, 2002 -- Imacination Software, publishers of acclaimed Ch-Ching! Instant E-commerce software, today announced the impending release and availability of their web application development software, jTalk, demonstrating the technology at Sun Microsystems Java Developer Conference, JavaOne. jTalk is a JSP custom tag library that enables users to quickly develop and build web applications. jTalk provides an easy to use, HTML-like, XML syntax that leverages the power of any Java Application Server by providing math and string functions, logic and expression parsing, database and e-mail integration, as well as server control. jTalk answers the challenges developers and designers are faced with when building dynamic web applications, without...
Mar 25
SQL4X Manager J released
We are proud to announce the new SQL4X Manager J 2.1. The new SQL4X Manager J is the easiest way to access SQL database servers from Mac OS X. SQL4X Manager J supports all major database vendors (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL, OpenBase, MySQL and several others). SQL4X Manager J is designed to support developers and web site administrators. It features: - a New Connection Assistant to easily set up a JDBC connection to your database server (and even download the JDBC driver if it isn't already installed) - the JDBC Finder to browse in a Mac OS X Finder-style column view through your database, double-click to open and edit a table, display table information (like number of records, table design and foreign keys) and view images stored in BLOB fields - the DB Navigator to get an All-in-One View for developers (data, table definition and keys) - SimpleReporter4X to automatically convert you query results in a report or generate and print your own reports - SQL...
Mar 25
Bare Bones Software Releases Mailsmith 1.5 for Mac OS X
Bare Bones Software Releases Mailsmith 1.5 for Mac OS X Bedford, MA -- March 25, 2002 -- Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of Mailsmith 1.5, an Internet email client for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. "Mailsmith offers an unprecedented degree of flexibility and customization with very powerful editing, filtering, and searching options," said Rich Siegel, President and CEO of Bare Bones Software. "Version 1.5 introduces a host of new features, including an easy-to-use mailbox filter creation process, direct reporting of spam via SpamCop, integrated PGP support on Mac OS 9, and improved OSA (AppleScript) support." "With more than 2,500 native Mac OS X applications available, Mac users are accelerating their transition to the platform to benefit from its incredible power, stability, and ease-of-use," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "Mailsmith 1.5 is a user-friendly email client and we are delighted to have...
Mar 25
Remote Control Atomik 3.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Remote Control Atomik 3.0 New version of TCP-IP XT enables complete remote control of Atomik 3.0 for automated QuarkXPress-to-XML conversion LONDON AND ZOETERMEER - February 25, 2002 - Easypress Technologies and Techno Design today announced support for Atomik 3.0 Developer Edition in the new version of Techno Design's remote control automation software, TCP-IP XT 1.4. TCP-IP XT is a platform, location, database and development environment independent scripting command set that supports over 320 commands for controlling the QuarkXPress user-interface functionality through a remote TCP/IP connection. The new version includes commands for controlling Atomik 3.0 Developer Edition, thus enabling automated QuarkXPress-to-XML conversion, remotely, over any TCP/IP connection. Once in XML, content can easily be published to Web, stored in a database, a content management system, licensed for additional revenue and more. "It seemed an obvious thing to do, using TCP-IP XT...
Mar 25
MacHack 17: Keynote Announced: Tim O'Reilly
MacHack 17: Keynote Announced: Tim O'Reilly MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers Contact: Carol Lynn c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 March 25, 2002 - Dearborn, MI -MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers is pleased to announce that internet pioneer and activist Tim O'Reilly will keynote the June event. Tim O'Reilly is founder and president of O'Reilly & Associates. In addition to publishing pioneering books like Ed Krol's The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog (selected by the New York Public Library as one of the most significant books of the twentieth century), O'Reilly has also been a pioneer in the popularization of the Internet. O'Reilly's Global Network Navigator site (GNN, which was sold to America Online in September 1995) was the first Web portal and the first true commercial site on the World Wide Web. No stranger to controversy, O'Reilly has long...
Mar 25
Fwd: Press Information: SQL4X Manager J released
SQL4X Manager J released Dear Editor We are proud to announce the new SQL4X Manager J 2.1. The new SQL4X Manager J is the easiest way to access SQL database servers from Mac OS X. SQL4X Manager J supports all major database vendors (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL, OpenBase, MySQL and several others). SQL4X Manager J is designed to support developers and web site administrators. It features: - a New Connection Assistant to easily set up a JDBC connection to your database server (and even download the JDBC driver if it isn't already installed) - the JDBC Finder to browse in a Mac OS X Finder-style column view through your database, double-click to open and edit a table, display table information (like number of records, table design and foreign keys) and view images stored in BLOB fields - the DB Navigator to get an All-in-One View for developers (data, table definition and keys) - SimpleReporter4X to automatically convert you query results in a report or generate...
Mar 22
TCP Server Deux v1.0.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TCP Server Deux v1.0.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. Full Release of Popular Server Component Vero Beach, FL - Friday, March 22nd, 2002: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the full release of TCP Server Deux for Macintosh and Windows. TCP Server Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a cross-platform, flexible TCP level server. TCP Server Deux allows 4D developers to run one or more higher level protocol servers in a single 4D database without have to code for multiple listeners, threading, messaging, or many of the other functional elements that often complicate custom servers in 4th Dimension. With TCP Server Deux, a 4th Dimension developer can easily develop a server available through multiple protocols. For instance, having a Domain Name Server with an integrated web interface is a simple matter; the same is true of an email server, available through both SMTP and POP3, with a HTTP interface over a custom port for administering...
Mar 21
MACVCD X VERSION 4.0 RELEASED You can now play Video CDs on OS X! Mireth Technology has released version 4.0 of MacVCD X for Mac OS X. This is the first release of our VCD player that supports the native Video CD format on Mac OS X. You can now insert a VCD in the CD Rom drive of your Macintosh running Mac OS X and watch the movie. MacVCD X is the easy-to-use, full screen, full featured Video CD Player for the Macintosh. VCD movies are frequently stored in multiple files (called tracks) and because of CD storage size limitations, are often stored on more than one disk. MacVCD X recognizes the VCD format, finds, loads and plays the movie for you, automatically chaining the tracks together and ejecting the disk when it's done. Sit back and enjoy the movie on full screen, or even on your TV, with no interruptions except to insert the next disk. MacVCD X also comes with several control options. Use the menu bar and the movie controller on the top and bottom of the screen, or maximize...
Mar 21
STIMULUS 2.0 Now Available for Classic Mac and Mac OS X. Enjoy Your Personal Collection of Photos, Digital Music, Video Clips, and More with One Integrated Software Viewer/Player! Version 2.0 includes the following new features: * iPod Audio Playback * Audio CD Playback * Enhanced Support for 18 File Formats * Redesigned Interface * Improved Navigation * Enhanced Slideshow * Moveable Window Pane * Faster Performance * Built-In Help Plus: Zoom In/Out, Scale-to-Fit, File Properties, and more! Product Info and DOWNLOAD: ( FREE Upgrade for all Stimulus 1.0 customers! Stimulus is $12 Shareware. The unregistered version of Stimulus will operate in an unlimited mode for 30 days from the time the application is first launched. If you wish to continue using this software after 30 days, you will need to purchase a Serial Number at Created by Electric Butterfly
Mar 21
Apple Introduces 10GB iPod-2,000 Songs in Your Pocket
Apple Introduces 10GB iPod-2,000 Songs in Your Pocket Download Contacts into iPod Alongside Your Music MACWORLD EXPO, TOKYO-March 21, 2002-Apple=AE today announced a second model of its groundbreaking iPod=AE digital music player that features a 10GB hard drive, allowing users to pack an incredible 2,000 CD-quality songs into the iPod's ultra-portable, 6.5-ounce design. Apple also announced that all iPod owners can now download free software that adds the ability to download and store contact lists with up to 1,000 names and addresses right alongside their music. In addition, customers can now order their new iPod with a custom laser engraving etched into iPod's stainless steel back. "iPod lets you easily put your entire music collection in your pocket and listen to it anywhere. With the new 10GB iPod, you can listen to your music continuously on six round-trip flights between San Francisco and Tokyo and never hear the same song twice," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Plus, now you can...
Mar 21
Apple In Volume Production of New iMacs, $100 Price Increase
Apple In Volume Production of New iMacs $100 Price Increase Due To Rising Component Costs MACWORLD EXPO, TOKYO-March 21, 2002-Apple=AE today announced it has shipped more than 125,000 new flat-panel iMac=AE computers since its launch in January and is now shipping over 5,000 new iMacs per day. The new iMac's infinitely adjustable 15-inch LCD flat-panel display, powerful G4 processor, optional SuperDrive=81 and stunning design have made it the most popular new Apple product since the original iMac was launched in 1998. "Customer demand for the new iMac has been off the charts and we have simply been unable to keep up with it. We are now in volume production, shipping over 5,000 new iMacs per day, and hope to catch up with demand soon," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "We appreciate our customers' and resellers' patience during this ramp-up period." Apple today also announced that due to significant increases in component costs for memory and LCD flat-panel displays, the company will...
Mar 21
Apple Unveils Cinema HD 23-inch Flat Panel Display
Apple Unveils Cinema HD 23-inch Flat Panel Display All-Digital Display Supports 1920 x 1200 High Definition Resolution MACWORLD EXPO, TOKYO-March 21, 2002-Apple=AE today unveiled the Apple Cinema HD Display, a stunning all-digital 23-inch flat panel display with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution-enough to view High Definition Television (HDTV) content with room to spare. The new Cinema HD Display enables cutting-edge creative professionals using Apple's Final Cut Pro=AE video editing software to author HDTV content in its native resolution. "The Cinema HD Display is simply the best computer display on the planet," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "By offering beyond-HD resolution along with superior brightness, sharpness and color purity, the Cinema HD Display is an amazing breakthrough for creative professionals in every field." Apple's Cinema HD Display features an active-matrix, liquid crystal display that incorporates a pure digital interface to deliver superior image quality. Unlike many...
Mar 21
Apple Previews Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity for Mac OS X
Apple Previews Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity for Mac OS X MACWORLD EXPO, TOKYO-March 21, 2002-Apple=AE today previewed its Bluetooth technology for Mac=AE OS X, enabling short-range wireless connectivity between a Mac=AE and a variety of digital devices, including bluetooth-enabled PDAs and cell phones. Apple is making a preview version of its Bluetooth software for Mac OS X available as a free software download and is offering a Bluetooth USB adaptor, which can Bluetooth-enable any USB-based Macintosh=AE computer, for $49 (US). "Apple was the first to build in Ethernet, one of the first to build in USB, the first to build in FireWire, and the first to build in 802.11 wireless networking," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Now we're offering a Bluetooth solution that actually works and is easy to use." Bluetooth is an emerging industry standard for wirelessly connecting computers and peripherals and transmits data at up to 1 Mbps within a range of about 30 feet. Apple's Bluetooth...
Mar 21
ASG Announces ZipCenter 1.6 Update and Q2 2002 Data
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces ZipCenter 1.6 Update and Q2 2002 Data Subscription Update Huntington Beach, CA - March 21, 2002: Automated Solutions Group released an update to ZipCenter v1.6 for Macintosh and Windows. ZipCenter is a plug-in that provides useful ZIP Code functionality for custom 4th Dimension applications. The update can be downloaded from our FTP site at What's New in ZipCenter 1.6? Important Registration Information If you have ZipCenter v1.5, you will need to obtain a new registration number to use the ZipCenter 1.6 release. If your subscription is current, you can obtain a new registration number free of charge. Please contact our sales department ( or 714.375.4252 to obtain your new registration number. Updated Data (Q202) Released updated Basic and Enhanced data for Q202. Problem with distance calculation (Windows) Fixed a bug which would not properly return the...
Mar 21
Revolution 1.1.1 beta 2 (RC1) for Windows, Mac and Linux
Announcement: Revolution 1.1.1 beta 2 (RC1) for Windows, Mac and Linux Last week we announced the release for Mac OS/X and are now pleased to announce the availability of Revolution 1.1.1 beta 2 (effectively release candidate 1) for Windows and Linux. A release for the various Unix variants will take place shortly. Revolution is an industry leading cross-platform development tool which allows developers to write their source code once and deliver on all major platforms. Revolution 1.1.1 b2 (rc1) builds on the feature set of previous releases, improves stability and adds enhancements in internet access, database support, the user interface and improvements to the underlying engine. For more information on the product please have a look at our website The new release 1.1.1b2 (RC1) is currently available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS/X. A free starter kit of the software is available from the links below. Windows Version (
Mar 21
IPNetMonitor for OS X
FOR RELEASE A.M. Thursday, March 21, 2002 Contact: Michael E. Diegel (703) 864-0822 SUSTAINABLE SOFTWORKS OFFERS PRERELEASE BUNDLE OF IPNETMONITORX WITH CLASSIC VERSION CUMBERLAND, R.I.- Sustainable Softworks, developers of award-winning Mac networking and security software, has created a pre-release bundle of IPNetMonitorX, now native for Mac OS X, with the Classic version of its popular set of network diagnostic tools. Early adopters can get both versions of the troubleshooting software for one low price and qualify for a free upgrade to the full version 1.0 of IPNetMonitorX when it's released in the near future. IPNetMonitorX v0.9 improves on the Network Utility included in Mac OS X with new implementations that are more responsive, intuitive, and visually easier to work with, as well as perform functions that could not be performed by the corresponding unix tools. In addition, Sustainable Softworks' Peter Sichel, the company's founder and chief engineer,...
Mar 20
Web Page Calendar Maker 1.0
Web Page Calendar Maker 1.0 by Creative Computer Solutions ( Creating monthly web page calendars for your site just got easier with Web Page Calendar Maker 1.0 by Creative Computer Solutions! With this program, you can easily type in your events for each day of a chosen month and it will generate all of the necessary web page code for you. No more designing tables in your web page editor or in code-- it does it for you! Pick any month from any year, past or present and it will write and save the code for you. It works in OS 7-9 and X, too (thanks to REALbasic)! Web Page Calendar Maker's Main Features: * Insert links, popup links, images, and bullets * Choose your own colors, fonts, and alignments * Pick from an assortment of color schemes, with additional schemes available * Headers and footers can be added (if you know HTML) * Contains the names of months and days in several different languages * Weeks can begin on a Sunday or Monday Please...
Mar 20
NetCloak 3.2 For OS X
Maxum Development Announces Release Of NetCloak For Mac OS X March 21, 2002. NetCloak, Maxum Development's award-winning tool for creating dynamic, interactive Web sites, is now available for Mac OS X. When Maxum Development released NetCloak 1.0 back in 1994, it became the first commercial Internet server application for Mac OS. Since that time, NetCloak has evolved into a robust and easily approachable solution to dozens of the most common problems faced by modern Web developers. Now with support for servers running Mac OS X, NetCloak 3.2 allows Web administrators running Classic Mac OS to move to OS X without sacrificing the power and ease of use they have become accustomed to. NetCloak 3.2 supports both 4D Inc.'s WebStar V and Apple's OS X Server, as well as popular Classic Mac servers such as WebStar, WebTen, AppleShare IP and others. NetCloak Professional Version 3.2 is a free upgrade for all NetCloak Professional 3.0 owners. For all others, a $99 upgrade is available....
Mar 20
IntelliMerge 2.1 For Mac OS
INTELLI INNOVATIONS RELEASES INTELLIMERGE 2.1 FOR MAC OS Speed Improvements, Alignment Support, VCF Import, New Mac OS X Features RALEIGH, NC, March 20th, 2002 - Intelli Innovations, Inc. today released IntelliMerge 2.1, a major update to its popular e-mail merge software for the Mac. IntelliMerge is dynamic e-mail merge software designed to simplify keeping in touch with customers and friends. Featuring an integrated message editor, recipient database system, and message mailer, Mac users can use IntelliMerge to manage contacts and send personalized e-mail newsletters, letters, invoices, alerts, and more over the Internet. IntelliMerge 2.1 adds these new features: - Improved mailing speed for messages sent in US-ASCII format. Using our ISP's mail server for several informal tests, messages were sent roughly twice as fast. - Recipient Manager: Multiple selection capabilities, horizontal resizing, and contextual menu support. - Styled text alignment (left, centered, right)...
Mar 20
PrefsOverload 4.1.1 For Mac OS And Mac Os X
[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Gela, Italy - March 20th, 2002 PREFSOVERLOAD 4.1.1 FOR MAC OS AND MAC OS X RELEASED. PrefsOverload 4.1.1 for Mac OS and Mac OS X which fixes various bugs of the previous versions; see below for a complete list. Plus, the carbon version was compiled with the latest version of REALbasic, 4.0.2. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PrefsOverload is a full-featured tool for managing the Preferences Folder, which contains your various "Preference Files". Preference Files are those files in which applications store their settings and other information. After System 7, all these files have been enclosed in the "Preferences Folder". Preferences are important files, but sometimes they can turn out to be completely unnecessary. This can occur, for example, when their mother application doesn't exist--or no longer exists--on your computer. Over time the Preferences Folder will slowly grow and may become filled with files created by trashed demo applications, or applications used for a...
Mar 20
illumineX adds new modules to Screen Saver Pack 1.1.2 for Mac OS...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE illumineX adds new modules to Screen Saver Pack 1.1.2 for Mac OS X MINNEAPOLIS, March 20, 2002 - illumineX today announced delivery of the illumineX Screen Saver Pack 1.1.2 for Mac OS X. This updated screen saver pack adds two new screen savers, based on the illumineX games MarbleX and RoX, in addition to updated versions of the original eleven screen savers. Stability improvements for running on Mac OS X 10.1 are included as well. People using the savers are encouraged to upgrade to this new pack by deleting the old iX Screen Savers and replacing them with the new modules. The pack also includes Xirtam (Hint: Follow the white rabbit.) and BabelBloX, the popular OpenGL screen savers, as well as Planets, which may be the most popular black and white screen saver on the planet today, judging from customer feedback. Gravity is cool, even when simulated in a screen saver. illumineX Screen Saver Pack 1.1.2 includes the following savers: * iX MarbleX * iX RoX * iX...
Mar 20
VVI Introduces Vvidget(TM) Product Name (Formerly called
PRESS RELEASE VVI Introduces Vvidget(TM) Product Name (Formerly called OpenGraph) State College, PA USA, 20 March 2002: VVI(R) today introduced the Vvidget(TM) product name to replace the OpenGraph(TM) and GraphBuilder product names. John Brilhart, Chief Technical Officer of VVI, makes this statement: "The OpenGraph and GraphBuilder products have improved so much that they literally burst out of their names. They now do much more than graphing and graph-oriented layout. For example, they are used to make general purpose controls and diagrams and to form process control maps and nodes with executable functions using a real time compiler and virtual machine. To accommodate the broader features for these products we have renamed them Vvidget Tools and Vvidget Builder respectively. Vvidget paralleling the word widget." John adds: "For the near term we are still concentrating on our core assets of graphing and combined text and graph report generation and will continue to provide...
Mar 20
MacinMind Software updates the server account utility, Passenger
March 19, 2002 MacinMind Software updates the server account utility, Passenger, with checks for duplicates against NetInfo, previewing, better reporting and verification as well as other features and fixes. Passenger is a server account creation and password generation tool that will import tab and comma-delimited text, ASIP 6.3 and Mac OS X XML and create account information and passwords for AppleShare IP 5-6.3, Mac OS X Server, Macintosh Manager, Eudora Internet Mail Server, WebSTAR FTP, WebSTAR Web, Edmark TNV accounts, Master Spell and Master Key. Passenger also customizes and distributes Eudora Settings and creates folders and sets privileges in batch for AppleShare IP and Mac OS X Server. New in 2.1 - Added duplicate/conflict checking against NetInfo - Added Export Preview for several exports - Improved X Privileges error reporting - Improved Folder Migration reporting and added copy and move verification - Improved appending numbers for duplicates - Added option to generate...
Mar 19
iReplace 1.1 advanced find and replace for html
Subject: [ANN] iReplace 1.1 advanced find and replace for html From: Luke Jackson ( iReplace 1.1 is an application for advanced search and replace primarily for web documents. iReplace allows you to specify multiple items to find and replace or just to search for those items. iReplace allows you to select special characters (such as ) and will replace those with the html equal for those items. This demo version is available for Windows and Macintosh (both classic and carbon). Register for only $12.50. Registering allows you to save the current seach list, load saved search lists, and helps to support future updates for iReplace. Download it for Windows Download it for Macintosh with MacOS X Download it for Macintosh with MacOS Classic Macintosh System Requirements: iReplace 1.1 requires a PowerPC running Mac OS version 8.0 or...
Mar 19
HEURIS Ships Xtractor
HEURIS Ships all new Xtractor(tm) Product HEURIS Ships New Product for Extracting Files from DVDs. St. Louis, March 19, 2002-HEURIS, makers of the most widely used MPEG Encoding Software, MPEG Power Professional announced today that they are shipping a new product called the Xtractor. The Xtractor can be used to extract or "rip" audio and video files from unencrypted DVDs. Users can demultiplex and extract elementary streams from MPEG 1 system streams, MPEG 2 program streams, and MPEG 2 transport streams, including HDTV streams recorded with a DTV decoder card. The extractor can also be used to extract DVD VR formatted MPEG streams recorded with Hitachi DZMV100 DVD camera or Panasonic's DMR-E20 line of DVD recorders. This gives users the ability to add new and different audio tracks to encoded video streams or simply to recover elementary streams from a finished DVD project. The HEURIS Xtractor is compatible with MAC OS and Windows operating systems and features an easy to use, drag...
Mar 19
REALdb Tools 1.2 now available
REALdb Tools gives you the ability to manipulate REAL database files in ways that the built in engine does not provide at this time. With REALdb Tools you can: * Compact a database to make it smaller after records have been deleted. * Drop any table or column from a REAL database. * Change table names. * Change column names and data types. * Add new tables and columns. REALdb Tools will not alter your existing database, but instead makes a copy of the original and changes that copy. It adds ".old" to the original file's name. When you change a table structure, drop a table, add a table, or compact the database a new database file will be created. REALdb Tools will copy all your data from the original database to the new database. This feature can be turned off in the Preferences dialog if you would like to only copy the structure of the database. Version 1.2 =========== - Prevents a REALbasic project file from being opened. - New option to export SQL can export both Create and Insert...

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