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Apr 09
Trinfinity Releases Time Track 1.1 For Macintosh And Windows
TRINFINITY SOFTWARE RELEASES TIME TRACK 1.1 FOR MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS For immediate release. NEW YORK, N.Y. - - March 9, 2002 - - Trinfinity Software released today an update to Time Track - it's popular "time tracking" software previously released for Macintosh. Time Track is now also available for Windows. Previously, Time Track only supported the Standard U.S. date and time format. Time Track 1.1 supports all date and time formats and the log files are now compatible across platforms. Time Track costs $24.95 for a single user license. Time Track 1.1 for Macintosh is a free upgrade to all registered Time Track for Macintosh users. New users can download and evaluate Time Track 1.1 for 30 days. Time Track 1.1 is available for the following platforms: * Macintosh PowerPC * Macintosh Carbon for MacOS X * Windows 32-Bit * Coming soon to PalmOS Time Track 1.1 is available for download at: For further information, please contact: Eileen...
Apr 09
Runtime Ships Revolution 1.1.1, New Pricing
RUNTIME SHIPS REVOLUTION 1.1.1 FOR MAC OS, OS X, WINDOWS, LINUX AND UNIX New pricing targets enterprise organizations, small businesses, and educators Edinburgh, Scotland. 5 April 2002 - Runtime Revolution today announced the release of version 1.1.1 of Revolution, the leading choice for cross-platform software development for Mac OS, OS X, Unix, Linux, and Windows. Since its launch in July of last year, Revolution has joined the ranks of leading developer tools. Runtime Revolution's ongoing commitment to developers at all levels prompts new, lower-cost options for students, teachers, and small businesses, in addition to enhanced support for enterprise-level developers. Revolution's powerful programming language, easy-to-use interface builder, and built-in Internet, multimedia and database access all combine to make it the tool of choice for writing cross-platform software. Among available RAD tools, Revolution stands alone in enabling developers to write a single application that...
Apr 09
Iceblink Software Releases [info]Batcher Classic
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [info]Batcher Classic Software for Manipulating Attributes of Large Numbers of Files Quickly and Simultaneously. The product changes file Type and Creator codes as well as dozens of other attributes quickly and easily. FOR EVALUATION COPY: Web site: Direct Download: Serial Number: Please see the attachment for press evaluation serial number. HELSINKI, FINLAND - 9.4.2002 - Iceblink Software has introduced a new, time saving tool for professionals and home users who need to handle large numbers of files. [info]Batcher can scan through folders and subfolders and apply changes to the files, saving the user from having to change the file attributes manually. [info]Batcher can change attributes including file Type/Creator, Visibility, Locked status, Label, Comment as well as many others. It can also erase Custom Icons and Rename files in sequential manner. These changes cal be applied to...
Apr 09
PC-Mac-Net FileShare v1.5 Streamlines File Transfers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PC-Mac-Net FileShare v1.5 streamlines file transfers over LAN or Internet with automatic cross-platform file renaming and drag and drop functionality ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA -- April 9, 2002 -- Lava Software is now shipping PC-Mac-Net FileShare v1.5, a product which allows users to transfer files easily and securely between any type of Windows PC and Macintosh over a Local Area Network (LAN) or the Internet. File transfers can be paused and resumed at any time, ensuring that even very large files can be reliably transferred. This new version makes it much easier to transfer large numbers of files between PCs and Macs quickly and efficiently, whilst correctly retaining file name extensions and types/creators. Files transferred from a Windows PC to a Macintosh have their type/creator set automatically, based on the PC file name extension. Files transferred from a Macintosh to a Windows PC have their PC file name extension added automatically, based on the Macintosh...
Apr 09
VideoClix 2.0: Building in Interactive Objects
Las Vegas, NAB (April 09, 2002) eline Technologies has released VideoClix 2.0, a major upgrade to its next generation interactive video authoring software for Mac OS and OS X. VideoClix is an innovative and progressive application enabling content producers to build interactive -Objects- into their video content. This system allows viewers to get feedback by clicking on actual objects in the video. VideoClix can be used for educational, commercial and military purposes (i.e. product sales, vote registration, computer based training, viewer behavior tracking, kiosks, simulations, distance learning and more) Added features in VideoClix 2.0 include new click, rollover and time triggered Actions, messaging for third party application support (Flash, iShell, LS Pro...), HTML independent interactivity, faster Object tracking, canned effects, full OS X and MPEG support and all around UI improvements. VideoClix is the easiest and most cost effective tool for creating entertaining and engaging...
Apr 09
Now Up-to-Date & Contact 4.2: Offers Backup and New Palm...
New Version of Now Up-to-Date & Contact Arrives Version 4.2 Offers Native Mac OS X Support for Palm Computing Devices and New Backup Capabilities Columbus, Ohio -- April 8, 2002 -- Power On Software, Inc. announced today the immediate availability of a new release of Now Up-to-Date & Contact. Version 4.2 of the top-selling Macintosh scheduler and contact manager for individuals and workgroups offers native Mac OS X support for Palm Computing=AE handheld devices. It also adds a new backup utility that allows users to recover previous versions of their data in the event they wish to undo synchronization sessions between their handheld device and their Macintosh. Other features included in this release are: the addition of the new NowPak for iPod module that permits contacts created in Now Contact to be loaded into Apple's new iPod devices, a new holiday file that adds support for a number of European holidays, and an installer that has been created exclusively Mac OS X users. "...
Apr 09
Freakin' Magic for FileMaker Pro: Accelerate your 4D WebSTAR
4/8/2002 Palo Alto, CA Attention Macintosh Webmasters! Accelerate your 4D WebSTAR server with FileMaker Pro 100% - 200%, guaranteed!!! Do you use FileMaker Pro as a backend database for your 4D WebSTAR server? If yes, are you tired of less than satisfactory performance serving dynamic web pages to visitors? For better speed do you now use two computers for WebSTAR and FileMaker Pro when you would rather use just one computer? Like a miracle, Freakin' Magic is a Mac OS System Extension that accelerates the performance of WebSTAR 3.x/4.x and FileMaker Pro 4.x/5.x a minimum of 100% to 200%, guaranteed! Warning! You may be "Blown Away" by your web server's accelerated speed after installing Freakin' Magic. Installation takes just 5 minutes to run the Freakin' Magic installer, optionally setup the included Startup AppleScript for FileMaker Pro, and restart the server computer. In just 5 minutes you can ACCELERATE your web server a minimum of 100%. Double or...
Apr 09
Sambucus v2.0.0: Time Management Application
Logiciels Malus Softwares releases the much-anticipated Sambucus v2.0.0 Montreal, Quebec, CANADA - April 8th, 2002 Malus Softwares released today Sambucus 2.0.0, the multi-tasks time-management application for the Macintosh. This new version is a major rewrite of version 1, integrating many users requests: - Contact Information per project; - Notes can now be attached to both projects ans tasks; - "Description" field for projects, tasks and time stamps allows the user to describe the object for reporting purposes; - Tasks can now have their own hourly rate; - Activation files allow the user quickly start or stop time stamps by dragging files to the application or timer window; - Complete importing / exporting feature - Flexible reporting module: Sambucus comes equipped with 6 basic reports but the user can customize them or create brand new ones with the XML report programming language! - Task Sets: you can now define sets of tasks to create automatically when you create a new project...
Apr 09
Snard v1.0 Released
Gideon Softworks, Inc. announces the release of Snard v1.0. Snard is a launcher that can be used as a system menu or from the dock. Snard can also : open applications as the administrator, help organize your work cycle throught the use of Snard worksets, and give you quick access to all your system preferences. New in this release : Snard Dockling Replacement, Hide Extensions Preference, support for configuring what application is opened when Find... is selected and much more. Go here : ( read the user comments and download a copy for yourself. You won't regret it. Snard Home Page : ( Contact Gideon Softworks, Inc. ( for details.
Apr 09
Radio Poster 1.0
The La Jolla Underground is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Radio Poster 1.0. Radio Poster posts messages to a Radio weblog (Radio is a product of UserLand Software; see for details). To post a message simply create a new window, fill in the server information, compose the message, and send it. A substitution glossary makes it easy to add links to a message. Just drag a link to the glossary field of a message, name the link, and then refer to the link in a message with the name enclosed in double-quotes. Radio Poster automatically performs the link substitution when posting the message. There is also a persistent global glossary that is shared among all messages. Radio Poster supports message drafts and message editing. Before a message is posted, it can be saved for later editing and posting. After a message is posted, it can be saved, edited, and reposted. Radio Poster can be found at: Please send any...
Apr 09
JTRANSIT v2.0 deploys ColdFusion applications to Mac OS X
Unique Java-based Software Saves Developers Money, Time JTRANSIT v2.0 deploys ColdFusion applications to J2EE SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JTransit, Inc. today announced the early availability of JTransit version 2, the only software that enables integrated deployment of ColdFusion(R) applications with JSP, EJB, Java Servlets, other J2EE technologies and Witango/Tango 2000 based web applications. JTransit's innovative Java-based products provide an efficient and cost-effective way to migrate ColdFusion or Tango application code to any J2EE-compliant application server, such as BEA's WebLogic or IBM's WebSphere. With JTransit, developers are no longer restricted to using proprietary application servers with limited platform support. JTransit technology allows customers to leverage current assets for J2EE deployment to virtually any platform and existing resources for continued development of pure java applications. "JTransit makes it possible for us to offer our customers the best of both...
Apr 09
Aladdin Ships Secure Delete- The Digital Document Shredder!
ALADDIN SHIPS SECURE DELETE- THE DIGITAL DOCUMENT SHREDDER! Completely Remove Unwanted Confidential Files With Secure Delete Watsonville, CA-April 9, 2002 - Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: ALHI), today shipped Secure Delete(tm), a data deletion tool for the Macintosh that completely and permanently erases selected files by overwriting them. Secure Delete is available for download at: ( Secure Delete is a Macintosh application designed to help remove any file by using Drag & Drop. This is especially helpful when dealing with confidential files. Secure Delete overwrites the section of the hard drive that contained that file. Once a file has been deleted with Secure Delete it will not be recovered. "Simply throwing a file in the Trash doesn't ensure that a file can't be retrieved again by someone going through your computer," said Pauline Shumake, product manager. "It's important to...
Apr 09
Mac OS X Application allows Scripted Control of FrontBase...
Mac OS X Application allows Easily Scripted Control of FrontBase=81 DataBase Los Angeles, March 12, 2002: FrontBase, Inc. is proud to announce FBScriptAgent, a new application running under Mac OS X that would provide scriptable control to their best-in-class database software, FrontBase=81 Relational Database Server 3.5. Utilizing AppleScript, Apple Computer's built-in scripting language in the Mac OS X operating system, FBScriptAgent is offered at no additional charge as an enhancement to the FrontBase product. "We see the functionality of FBScriptAgent is a breakthrough for Mac OS X and AppleScript.", says Kevin Doyle, President of FrontBase, Inc. "FrontBase is 100% committed to serving the enterprise growth of Mac OS X. We see Steve Jobs' "digital hub" strategy as benefiting greatly from having an enterprise-level database engine easily accessible to any Mac OS X user or application that talks AppleScript. FBScriptAgent offers Mac OS X users and developers heretofore unheard of...
Apr 09
FileMaker Units Top 7.5 Million
FileMaker Units Top 7.5 Million FileMaker 5.5 database software line units surpass 750,000 in less than a year SANTA CLARA, CA - April 8, 2002 - Shipments of FileMaker database software have surpassed 7.5 million units, FileMaker said today. Shipments of the current FileMaker 5.5 product line, introduced in May 2001, have topped 750,000. Superior ease of use, support for industry standards such as XML and ODBC, and powerful developer features have made FileMaker the increasingly popular platform for workgroup database solutions. Workgroups of all sizes - from departments in the enterprise to entire small businesses - use FileMaker to rapidly create and share databases. "Today IT departments are doing more with less. FileMaker is part of the answer, enabling workgroups to share and manage data and increase productivity, without demanding lots of IT cycles," said Dominique Goupil, president of FileMaker. The FileMaker 5.5 line runs on more devices and platforms than ever, to support...
Apr 05
Dragon Burn: New CD-Recording Software for Mac
PRESS RELEASE NETWORK (font color=3D"#0000FF")(u) (font color=3D"#0000FF")(u)(/u) NTI Releases Dragon Burn, Its New CD-Recording Software for Mac. Dragon Burn becomes the easy-to-use alternative for those who want to get the most out of their CD-RW drive on Mac. Irvine, California - 5 April, 2002 (PRN): NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI), developer of the award winning CD-burning and backup software for Windows, has entered into the Mac market with Dragon Burn. Dragon Burn Version 1, NTI=92s initial offering for the Mac OS platform, offers Mac OS 9 users all of the essential CD-burning functions, such as CD copy, data and audio mastering, and advanced CD formats, all wrapped within an integrated, streamlined and very user-friendly Graphical User Interface. =93With the public release of Dragon Burn for Mac, NTI extends its excellent track record of delivering extremely user-friendly, reliable and innovative CD burning software to the main-stream...
Apr 05
St. Clair Software Updates Default Folder X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE St. Clair Software Updates Default Folder X (Blacksburg, VA -- April 5, 2002) St. Clair Software has released version 1.1 of Default Folder X, its new utility for improving Open and Save dialogs in Mac OS X. This update offers numerous enhancements and fixes, including improved performance, better compatibility, and a number of new options. Delays that sometimes occurred in file dialogs have been eliminated, keyboard navigation is more consistent, and users can now choose to show icons and free disk space in Default Folder X's menus. Compatibility has been improved with Office X, Tex-Edit, Goldberg, Pando Calendar, and numerous other applications. All Default Folder X users are encouraged to download this free update. Download links and a full list of changes can be found at the following URLs: Details about Default Folder X 1.1 (with download links): ( Default Folder X product page...
Apr 05
WestCiv releases Layout Master 1.1 HTML + CSS web page layout
WestCiv releases Layout Master 1.1 HTML + CSS web page layout editor. Bondi Beach, Australia, 5th April 2002. WestCiv software announces the release and immediate availability of Layout Master 1.1 for the Macintosh and Windows 95/98/ME NT/2000/XP ( With CSS2, the web finally got page layout. With Layout Master, the web gets it right. While hand-coding both HTML and CSS is relatively simple, when it comes to finely tuned page layouts with numerous positioned elements it can be infuriatingly complex. Getting a page exactly right can take real time and effort. Enter Layout Master, a specialized tool for working quickly and intuitively with HTML elements and the CSS positioning properties. Using simple drag and drop and powerful properties editors, Layout Master is a complete and affordable solution for developing web page layouts. Latest browsers, with excellent support for CSS page layout, are well established as mainstream browsers of choice. Now...
Apr 05
MACWEB.COM - Palo Alto Mac Server Colocation Community
April 4, 2002 Palo Alto, CA USA MACWEB.COM | Palo Alto Macintosh Server Colocation Community Need fantastic Internet connectivity and reliability for your Macintosh servers? MACWEB.COM specializes in the hosting and colocation of Macintosh Internet servers. Conveniently located in Palo Alto, California, MACWEB.COM offers small and large businesses world-class Gigabit Fiber Optic dual street pathed Internet connectivity to the west coast's major peering network Palo Alto Internet Exchange (PAIX) Class A Facilities. A variety of connections available in sizes all the way up to your own port directly connected to the Fiber Gigabit Extreme Networks Summit 48. Introductory Special! Colocate your 4D WebSTAR, Apache, ASIP, FileMaker Pro, or other Macintosh Internet server at our Palo Alto Data Center by July 1st, 2002, and lock in a special hosting rate of only $250/month with no startup fees. Instant setup available. We have dot-com office space available too for the ultimate in workplace...
Apr 05
FILTERiT 4.1.1
CValley announces the newest updater FILTERiT4.1.1 which offers compatibility with Illustrator 10 and the most recent Mac OS X 10.1.3. The FILTERiT4.1.1 updater is available for download for free! IRVINE, California, April. 4, 2002-CValley, Inc. announced a new updater to FILTERiT4 to support Adobe Illustrator 10 on OS 10.1.3. This updater fixes some issues involving with some Live plug-ins. With this updater, FILTERiT supports the most recent OS X v.10.1.3. To download this most recent updater and for further information, please visit About FILTERiT FILTERiT is a plug-in suite for Adobe Illustrator which features various exciting and unique effects. Whether you are in print, multimedia, web designing or even video, FILTERiT can stimulate your creative imagination. This versatile tool lets you create simple to complex images in a matter of seconds, which would otherwise take a long time with Illustrator alone. Some effects are simply impossible to make without...
Apr 05
Markzware Announces Quark 5.0 & InDesign 2.0 Support
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MARKZWARE ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR QUARKXPRESS 5.0 AND ADOBE'S INDESIGN 2.0 IN FLIGHTCHECK V4.5 SANTA ANA, California -- April 5, 2002 -- Markzware announces a new update of FlightCheck=AE now in version 4.5 for Macintosh. This powerful update has expanded support for QuarkXPress=AE v5.0 and Adobe=AE InDesign=AE v2.0. The new product releases from Adobe and Quark have found widespread adoption in the industry and FlightCheck v4.5 is designed to provide the crucial quality control checks for designers, printers, publishers and others with prepress output quality needs. In addition to supporting these popular applications, FlightCheck also excels at checking PDFs created from those and other applications. As PDF becomes more prevalent in the industry, FlightCheck ensures that output from those files will be flawless. FlightCheck is a stand-alone application that preflights digital documents by checking for over 150 potential printing problems, assists in corrections...
Apr 05
eSellerate Supports REALbasic Development For Windows
PRESS RELEASE -- For Immediate Release ESELLERATE SUPPORTS REALBASIC DEVELOPMENT FOR WINDOWS eSellerate now offers an integrated commerce solution for Windows applications written in REALbasic. The update extends functionality that was previously available only for Macintosh and Mac OS X. Publishers can use eSellerate's REALbasic plug-in option to integrate powerful sales capabilities into their applications. Users can then purchase software from inside the application -- providing them with instant use of the purchased upgrade or full product version. ABOUT ESELLERATE With percent-of-sale pricing and no startup costs, eSellerate offers software publishers a no-risk supplement to their current sales channels. eSellerate's e-commerce service enables publishers to easily outsource their software sales, including everything from credit card processing to electronic product delivery and registration. Publishers can use eSellerate's revolutionary sales capabilities to sell software
Apr 05 is pleased to officially announce the inclusion of " provides an excellent venue to showcase the growing number of Web sites powered by Lasso," said Bill Doerrfeld CEO of Blue World Communications, Inc. provides an easy resource for developers to find working examples of Lasso driven applications submitted by the membership of, including the facility of announcing the web site used the Corral Method. "I am constantly amazed at the variety of web applications that have been created with Lasso. Now, with, we have both a showcase for demonstrating the immense creativity and skill present in the Lasso Community, and a ready-to-use marketing tool for developers wishing to show off their portfolios. provides the perfect compliment to the developer resources already available at" - Peter D Bethke, President,,...
Apr 04
Cross-Platform HELP Engine for Your REALbasic Apps
New REALbasic Module (Classic/Carbon/Win32) UniHelp 1.01 for REALbasic Cross-Platform HELP Engine for Your REALbasic Apps! Apple Help Viewer, Microsoft HTML Help, WinHelp.... Why waste your precious development time designing and compiling a different Help system for each platform when you can easily use UniHelp for all of them? NO additional plug-ins or classes needed. Just drag the UniHelp module and its related graphics folder into your REALbasic project, add a few lines of REALbasic code, create your external help pages, and that's it -- instant online help for your compiled REALbasic application that looks and functions the same on Classic Mac, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP. KEY FEATURES: * Displays Both HTML and ASCII Text Files. * Supports URL Links, Relative Links, Anchors, and Email Links in HTML. * Supports More Than 20 Standard HTML Tags. * Built-in Search Engine. * Intuitive Hierarchical Listbox Displays Your Help Table of Contents. * Customizable Icons...
Apr 04
Precision Plugin 1.5 for REALbasic, now with x86 support
Version 1.5 of the Precision Plugin now has x86 support. So it can be used in the construction of REALbasic applications for Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS X, and Windows. Bob Delaney is releasing his freeware Precision Plugin. It allows mathematical operations on very large numbers. It is a light version of his MPCalc plugin, but is not based on an RPN calculator interface. Rather it is more like C in its behavior. As an example, here's how you would divide two very large numbers at a precision of 20. The first argument number is divided by the second. dim result As String MPLsetPrecision 20 result=MPLdiv("1.234567e2538", "5.6789e1234") You would find in result the string: 2.1739544630122030675e1303 You can do an MPLSetPrecision up to 30000. Of course, computations go slowly at large precisions. Precision Plugin has almost all the REALbasic functions, but at much higher precisions. It also has flow control functions for looping. And functions can be nested. There is extensive checking of inputs...
Apr 04
Znippetizer-X version 1.4
Code 66 proudly announces Znippetizer-X version 1.4, made with REALbasic. Download at: Introduction. Znippetizer-X is a small tool, to help programmers, writers, scientists, lawyers and other people who need to quickly sort, organize and categorize things. How does it work? Znippetizer-X has a small global floating window (with a Z in it), where you can drag any text. Any items dragged here are stored in a database, and grouped. All new items are stored in the currently selected Snippetgroup, and can then later on be moved to any other group. By clicking on the "Z", the Znippetizer-X windows zooms, and you get full access to the groups and lists of items, and you can drag any item from the list to any other application that can recieve a text drag. You can zoom any snippet and select parts from it, copy from it. You can drag text files to the Znippetizer-X window, and also paste new snippets into it. You can also edit a snippet in the close up window. A...
Apr 04
Presenta Ltd. announces iGetter 1.8
Presenta Ltd. announces iGetter 1.8 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 04, 2002 - Presenta Ltd. is pleased to announce the new release of iGetter Download Manager version 1.8 for MacOS 7.5.3 - 9.x and MacOS X. iGetter is a download utility with many useful functions such as resuming broken downloads, segmented (accelerated) downloading, Internet browsers integration, queue filtering by various criteria, file mirrors support for additional acceleration, cookies support, processing web page links, scheduling downloads for low traffic periods, reconnecting modems, hang up and shut down when the downloads are done. New In Version 1.8 iGetter 1.8 contains a number of enhancements and improvements over version 1.7. Most notably are: - A new Speed Limit function. This feature will allow you to download files with iGetter and still use your web browser without loss of performance. - New improved interface in the MacOS X version. - iGetter for OS X now shows the average download speed on the Dock...
Apr 04
MassTransit Gains Improved Encryption and Security Capabilities
MassTransit Gains Improved Encryption and Security Capabilities Group Logic Simplifies Creation of Secure Digital Printing Workflows Arlington, VA -- April 3, 2002 -- Group Logic, developer of best-selling network workflow software products, announced the planned availability of significant new security capabilities within its MassTransit Enterprise product. With the new capabilities organizations can, for the first time, build secure digital workflows across multiple organizations with Industry-standard encryption and authentication technology. MassTransit acts as a "digital shipping and receiving department" that completely automates and manages the process of transferring graphics, multimedia, and other production files between print media suppliers and their customers. MassTransit Enterprise version 4.1 delivers three key security-enhancing capabilities: - Protection of digital data in transit through the use of OpenSSL-based encryption. MassTransit Enterprise will use an RC4-...
Apr 04
Colourfull Creations Releases Calendar Class for REALbasic
* For Immediate Release * Colourfull Creations Releases Calendar Class for REALbasic Developers. New Baltimore, MI. Colourfull Creations Releases Calendar Class for REALbasic Developers. Calendar Class is an easy to insert calendar for your projects. Simply drag the class into your next project to add a customizable calendar. Change font, button color, background color and more for a customized look for every project. Calendar Class is available for immediate release. Information can be obtained by contacting Colourfull Creations directly at (586) 716-0807 or email . You can also visit the Colourfull Creations web site at for product prices and purchase information. Contact: Constance Borsuk Email: ( * Web:( Phone: (586) 716-0807 * Fax: (586) 716-0806 Colourfull Creations * 36885 Main St. * New Baltimore, MI. 48047-1616
Apr 04
eOrdering Complete 1.0 Online Store and Shopping cart creator
[ANN] eOrdering Complete 1.0 Online Store and Shopping cart creator eOrdering Complete 1.0 is an application that allows you to create web forms specifically to order products online. eOrdering Complete uses shopping cart technology to allow the user to store a users order, so they can move around your site and place their order when they want. eOrdering Complete will creates the main order page, view cart page, checkout page and individual product pages. The products can have images or can be text. Each product can have a description, cost, shipping cost. If images are selected for products, then multiple images can be added at one time. eOrdering Complete creates the server side code (.asp or .php) or use PayPal to process the order this product. In the end, you have a product where the user selects what they need, they can see the cost, they submit the order, and then you get an email detailing the order. This fully functional 20-day demo version is available for Windows and...
Apr 03
DeviceWatcher for InterMapper Improves Network Services Stability
PRESS RELEASE (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) DeviceWatcher for InterMapper helps to improve network services stability Munich, Germany - April 3rd, 2002. Increasing the reliability of network services is the goal of the DeviceWatcher for InterMapper Version 1.0, released today by GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH. A plug-in to the popular InterMapper Software by Dartware, LLC, the software can be used to extend InterMapper=B4s capabilities to monitor remote servers to include probing of the free space left on specific disk partitions in the target machines. The software can be downloaded free of charge, the company asks for voluntary donations to the ongoing development effort. "Every server has problems when the disk space runs out." says Oliver Breidenbach, GeBE=B4s CEO and the product=B4s architect, "InterMapper does a great job at monitoring network and service availability. So, why not use it to prevent problems?" DeviceWatcher for InterMapper extends InterMapper to be able to monitor...
Apr 03
OpenLink Releases Universal Server for Web Services
OpenLink Releases Universal Server for Web Services Leadership in standards based middleware innovation extends to Web Services Burlington, MA, March 25, 2002 - OpenLink Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise middleware, announces the commercial release of Virtuoso 2.7 - the latest installment of its cross platform, multi-purpose, and multi-protocol server for SQL, XML, and Web Services. The new release enables the rapid creation, integration, hosting and deployment of Web Services that coexist with existing IS infrastructures. Virtuoso enables the publishing of Persistent Stored Modules - SQL Stored Procedures, Java Objects, and .NET Objects - as SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI compliant Web Services. It also enables the creation of XML documents from SQL Databases on the fly, such that XML based access to disparate data can be used as the data foundation for current and next generation Web Services. Virtuoso 2.7 is available for the following platforms: WindowsR, LinuxR, UNIXR, and...
Apr 03
Berkeley Releases 802.11b DSSS Analysis System
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Berkeley Releases 802.11b DSSS Analysis System METUCHEN, New Jersey. -- April 3, 2002 -- BVS introduces Scorpion a complete 2.4 GHz WLAN Analysis System for sophisticated WLAN studies! Scorpion is a wireless receiver system designed specifically for sweeping, analyzing and optimizing 2.4 GHz DSSS Wireless Local Area Networks such as Apple's Airport. The instrument measures coverage of direct sequence CDMA networks which operate on the IEEE 802.11b standard allowing the user to determine the AP (Access Point), SSID, PER (Packet Error Rate), Multipath (Ec/Io) and RSSI signal levels aiding in locating the hub and access points of neighboring WLANs. FEATURES INCLUDE: * Measure 2.4 GHz coverage for direct sequence (DSSS) wireless networks (IF widband 22 MHz) within the IEEE 802.11b standard * Measures Packet Error Rate, Multipath and RSSI; narrow band & total channel power * Receive, filter and process complex DSSS studies all in Windows CE=AE environment * 256...
Apr 03
PrefsOverload 4.1.2 for Mac OS and Mac OS X Released
Gela, Italy - April 3rd, 2002 PREFSOVERLOAD 4.1.2 FOR MAC OS AND MAC OS X RELEASED. PrefsOverload 4.1.2 for Mac OS and Mac OS X is out. This upgrade fixes a few minor bugs and allows to quit the application using the main window's close box. See below for detailed informations. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PrefsOverload is a full-featured tool for managing the Preferences Folder, which contains your various "Preference Files". Preference Files are those files in which applications store their settings and other information. After System 7, all these files have been enclosed in the "Preferences Folder". Preferences are important files, but sometimes they can turn out to be completely unnecessary. This can occur, for example, when their mother application doesn't exist--or no longer exists--on your computer. Over time the Preferences Folder will slowly grow and may become filled with files created by trashed demo applications, or applications used for a short time only or not used at all. The...
Apr 03
Whistle Blower 3.0 for Mac OS X
"James Sentman announces the release of Whistle Blower 3.0 for Mac OS X" Richmond, VA - April 3rd, 2002. James Sentman today released the 3.0 version of Whistle Blower, an enterprise server monitoring and restart utility. This is the first version of Whistle Blower to run natively under Mac OS X. Classic Mac OS and even 68k versions of the program are also available. Whistle Blower 3.0 is a significant upgrade from the previous release. In addition to the native OS X build, it adds many new features. The FileMaker client/server check can now verify the list of shared databases and make sure that all your databases are still being shared. The DNS server task can now run a query against a specific server and validate that the correct IP address is being returned. 3.0 also adds the ability to verify the return from SSL web servers. The MasterSwitch support has been extended to include the MasterSwitch Plus and vertical mount units from APC and the PowerKey support works with...
Apr 03
MaxBulk Mailer v2.6
Max Programming, LLC - MaxBulk Mailer v2.6 April, 4 2002 If you have a business that requires contacting large numbers of clients and customers or other contacts, MaxBulk Mailer will save you lot's of time! Maxprog is proud to present a new release of Maxbulk Mailer, new version 2.6, available now on Maxprog website with several interesting improvements, new features and bug fixes. (Full list at bottom) MaxBulk Mailer 2.6 new features: - MacOS X and Entourage recipient drop support - Custom headers editor. Now you can add custom headers to your mails like 'Error-To', 'Organization', 'Comments', 'Cc'... - Unix and DOS line breaks enhanced support for recipients imports. Improvements: - Faster mail delivery when using multiple connections. This is a free upgrade as usual however you can upgrade from Standard to Pro version for a very little fee using our online store: This package includes a demo of new eMail...
Apr 03
SMTP Deux Professional v1.1.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SMTP Deux Professional v1.1.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. Full Source Licensing Option for 4D Component Vero Beach, FL - Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of SMTP Deux Professional v1.1.0 for Macintosh and Windows. SMTP Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a complete implementation of the SMTP protocol. SMTP Deux works on top of the commercial TCP Deux 4D component, available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. SMTP Deux Professional is the source code version of the internationally popular SMTP Deux 4D component. By licensing SMTP Deux Pro, the actual source code for the SMTP Deux component is made available to the licensee/developer. SMTP Deux Professional is geared towards companies that want to leverage their access to source for all of their systems. It provides the ultimate in protection for using 4th Dimension components available from Deep Sky Tech., Inc. By licensing SMTP Deux Pro, a...
Apr 03
ActiveDeveloper in v2.10 for Mac OS X Server
For Immediate Release: For further information, please contact: InterACTIVE-Technology ActiveDeveloper v2.10 -- Released for MacOS X Server April 2002 -- Vestbjerg, Denmark -- Today InterACTIVE-Technology released ActiveDeveloper version 2.10 - our Multi-Platform Interactive Runtime IDE for Objective-C & C and your Cocoa and WebObjects Companion With ActiveDeveloper IDE we cut your API learning curve and turn Development of any size Apps incremental. With ActiveDeveloper you get a Runtime Object IDE allowing you to build NATIVE apps and servers directly at Runtime while they run. Thereby bringing you a whole lot closer to the Objects you work with ... ActiveDeveloper - "Grow" your Apps - through incremental Runtime Interaction - Develop, Test, Debug and Play - at runtime - Edit-compile-play cycles in 1-2 seconds - Deploy NATIVE Apps - with NO ActiveDeveloper dependency Get InterACTIVE Today -- ActiveDeveloper is...
Apr 03
Autolycus Announces Mac OS X Compatibility
AUTOLYCUS ANNOUNCES MACINTOSH OS X COMPATIBILITY Camp Hill, PA: Autolycus Corporation, creator of the innovative SpinImage 3-D imaging software announces that its SpinImage DV software is OS X compatible. Users of the new and powerful Macintosh OS X are now able to take advantage of this 3-D imaging software that allows the online consumer to "spin" the product, and gives the merchant a uniquely effective way to enhance Web marketing efforts. These images may be saved using Apple's QuickTime VR technology, or Autolycus' original SpinImage format that requires no plug-in. In an effort to resolve the problems associated both with creating and viewing dynamic visual content on the Internet, Autolycus Corporation has successfully developed advanced software that is fast becoming recognized in the Internet market. Mr. Andrew Justice, Founder and President of Autolycus Corporation described this new and expanding market by stating the following: "We are proud to be in the forefront of...
Apr 03
Autolycus Offers PC SpinImage DV Pro
AUTOLYCUS OFFERS PC SPINIMAGE DV PRO PREORDER DISCOUNT March 2002: Camp Hill, PA: Autolycus Corporation, creator of the innovative SpinImage 3-D imaging software, prepares for the launch of SpinImageDV Pro for the PC with a $100 discount. Following its highly successful release of SpinImageDV Pro for the Macintosh in January, Autolycus has scheduled the release of the PC version for April 30. Any orders placed before that time are entitled to the discount. The SpinImage DV software allows the online consumer to "spin" the product, and gives the merchant a uniquely effective way to enhance Web marketing efforts. Mr. Andrew Justice, Founder and President of Autolycus Corporation described this new and expanding market by stating the following: "We are proud to be in the forefront of this innovative 3-D technology and excited about the potential of this exceptional marketing tool." SpinImage DV Pro for the Macintosh has already gained praise as the best 3-D imaging tool for its high...
Apr 02
Runtime Labs Announces Release Of MacSQL 2.2
RUNTIME LABS ANNOUNCES RELEASE OF MacSQL 2.2 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW YORK - April 1, 2002 - Runtime Labs, a premiere provider of Mac developer tools, today announced the release and immediate availability of MacSQL 2.2. MacSQL is a robust solution for database management on the Macintosh. A fully Applescriptable application, MacSQL provides web authors, publishers, and developers with a simple, graphical way to interact with SQL databases. Version 2.2 is a free update to MacSQL 2.0, released in August 2001. MacSQL 2.2 supports communicating with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, FrontBase, MySQL, PostgreSQL (Max OS X only) and ODBC (Mac 9 only). MacSQL 2.2 includes many new and upgraded features from MacSQL 2.1: * FileMaker Pro Assistant for synchronizing SQL tables with FileMaker databases. * New and improved spreadsheet on Mac OS X. * Ability to add/edit columns from the Schema Viewer. * Native Oracle support on Mac OS X. * Improved SQL Server support on Mac OS X. * Text imports are...
Apr 02
Troi Dialog Plug-in 3.1 for FileMaker Pro 5.5
Troi Automatisering releases Troi Dialog Plug-in 3.1 for FileMaker Pro Updated plug-in adds more flexibility in creating custom dynamic dialogs in FileMaker Pro. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, April 2nd--Troi Automatisering today announced the immediate availability of its Troi Dialog Plug-in 3.1 for FileMaker Pro 4.0 through 5.5. What is Troi Dialog Plug-in? Troi Dialog Plug-in is a very powerful tool for displaying all sorts of dialogs in FileMaker Pro. The text of the dialog and of the buttons can be created dynamically by using a calculation. All from within FileMaker you can: - show dialogs with variable text and up to 4 buttons - show an input dialog to let a user input data in up to 5 fields - choose these input fields to be any of the following: simple text, password field, popup list or check box - mix these input field types as you see fit - pre-enter text into all input fields - have the results of the dialog put into fields without parsing - show a list dialog -...
Apr 02
The Omni Group Ships OmniGraffle 2.0
"The Omni Group Ships OmniGraffle 2.0, Announces Free Upgrade" For Immediate Release Seattle, Washington -- April 1, 2002 -- The Omni Group today shipped version 2.0 of OmniGraffle, the symbolic drawing program built specifically for Mac OS X. Version 2.0 adds a passel of new features, including the addition of layers, handy new drawing tools and modes, embedded hyperlinks and more web export options, incredibly rich AppleScript support, editable magnets on shapes, a much more advanced and faster layout panel, and the first of some beautiful new object palettes that really show off how diverse a program OmniGraffle really is. Plus we threw in a bunch of performance enhancements and bug fixes, because, well, there were some slow spots and bugs in 1.0. (But not 2.0, it's perfect in every way.*) More information and a free trial download are available at Amazingly, the upgrade is free to registered users of OmniGraffle 1.0. FREE! Read the...
Apr 02
Macworld Conference & Expo Adds New Conferences For New York
MACWORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO ADDS NEW CONFERENCES FOR NEW YORK Expanded agenda, pricing packages provide more flexibility and choice FRAMINGHAM, Mass., April 2, 2002 - IDG World Expo, the leading producer of world-class tradeshows, conferences and events for IT markets around the globe, announced today that it has significantly expanded its conference offerings for its upcoming Macworld Conference & Expo in New York City, which will take place July 15-19, 2002 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Macworld Conference & Expo is the world's most comprehensive Macintosh OS event. With the addition of two new conference programs - the Hands-on MacLabs and Power Tools Conferences - conference attendees can now take advantage of five full days of education and training on key Mac applications and tools. IDG World Expo has also introduced a variety of flexible conference packages to address the needs of those with more restricted schedules. The Hands-on MacLabs will provide...
Apr 02
StickyBrain 2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE StickyBrain 2. Store anything. Find anything. One click. Park City, UT - April 2nd, 2002 -- Chronos LC today announced the release of StickyBrain 2, a productivity application that lets the user store anything and find anything with one click. According to Robert McCullough, StickyBrain Product Manager at Chronos, "StickyBrain 2 creates a new genre of software for Macintosh computers. Its omni-present nature allows users to store and find important information regardless of which application they're using. It's like having a photographic memory." Chronos also warns that StickyBrain 2 is likely to become the most used piece of software on a user's desktop. StickyBrain 2 solves a long-standing problem for computer users: where does one put all the miscellaneous information that doesn't neatly fit anywhere else? StickyBrain's slogan is "Store anything. Find anything. One click." STORE ANYTHING StickyBrain 2 makes it easy to store almost any kind of information. It...
Apr 02
Waves In Motion Announces Dragon Web Surveys / Quizzes 6.5
WAVES IN MOTION ANNOUNCES DRAGON WEB SURVEYS / QUIZZES 6.5 FRO FILEMAKER PRO - Quizzing technology, and much more added to this instant web digital feedback tool Phoenix, AZ - April 2, 2002 - Tired of distributing and tabulating paper quizzes by hand? Wish you could instantly compile the latest customer feedback trends? Today, Waves in Motion released Dragon Web Surveys 6.5, an upgrade to the powerful, cross-platform, FileMaker Pro-based system which allows users to create, publish and tabulate internet-based surveys, with no web programming needed. With a re-designed interface, Dragon 6.5 adds the power of built-in support for web-based quizzes. Administrators can select between two types of questions (single and value) and assign a score to every question. When the responses are compiled, instantly view the totals scored by each individual on a summarized score card based on each section, or keep the results private. "Also new to surveys is the ability to attach a point value to any...
Apr 02
SCRIPTit 1.0 Released (Mac and Win)
SCRIPTit 1.0 Released (Mac and Win) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COMM-UNITY NETWORKING SYSTEMS RELEASES SCRIPTIT 1.0, A CROSS PLATFORM FILEMAKER PRO PLUG-IN. Fort Worth, TX, April 1, 2002 -- Comm-Unity Networking Systems announces the release of SCRIPTit 1.0, for FileMaker Pro 4.x and 5.x for both Macintosh and Windows Platforms. SCRIPTit is a very flexible FileMaker interface enhancement plug-in that allows you to create script events and dynamic popup menus all with the power of XML markup. With this plug-in you can define script events that happen immediately, at any future time, or on any repeating interval. The dynamic popup menus can have any number of menu items, and any number of cascading sub menus (limited only by OS issues). The menu items can be bold, italic, underline, or any combination of those styles. Menus can have check marks, round bullets, and diamond shaped bullets. You can change the entire appearance of any menu item at any time, including enabling and disabling items...
Apr 01
CDFinder 3.6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CDFINDER 3.6 RELEASED March 31, 2002, Moerfelden, Germany The author today announced the immediate availability of CDFinder 3.6. CDFinder is a very fast and powerful tool to catalog your hard disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, floppies, ZIPs and anything else that spins. It has a great user interface and very useful search functions. CDFinder requires Mac OS 8.6 or newer with CarbonLib 1.1 or newer, or Mac OS X 10.1 or newer. Starting with CDFinder 3.5, CDs and the TAG info of MP3 files can be catalogued as well. A special feature is the multi-lingual user interface (German/French/English/Italian/Swedish/Chinese). CDFinder was the first disk cataloger tool for Apples new operating system for the Macintosh, Mac OS X. Together with CDWinder 1.6 for Windows, ( this is a special cross platform, network solution to catalog disks and CD-ROMs on a Macintosh and a PC. The new version can be obtained from the CDFinder Web Site ( A...
Apr 01
Advenio announces SQLGrinder 1.2 with AppleScript support
Subject: Advenio announces SQLGrinder 1.2 with AppleScript support Watertown, MA -- March 31, 2002 - Advenio Software, a company specializing in Mac OS X application development, today announced the release and immediate availability of SQLGrinder 1.2 for Mac OS X. This is the latest update to SQLGrinder for Mac OS X and includes the following new and improved features: AppleScript support - SQLGrinder now provides support for AppleScript. Using the new scripting support, developers can automate data and schema exports, send and execute arbitrary SQL statements and process query results from applications like AppleScript Studio. Improved support for Sybase ASE and Microsoft's latest beta JDBC driver. Numerous bug fixes. For a complete list, please read the release notes. This update is free to all registered SQLGrinder users. A free 30 day trial version of SQLGrinder 1.2 can be downloaded at: About...
Mar 31
Precision Plugin for REALbasic
Bob Delaney is releasing his freeware Precision Plugin. It allows mathematical operations on very large numbers. It is a light version of his MPCalc plugin, but is not based on an RPN calculator interface. Rather it is more like C in its behavior. As an example, here's how you would divide two very large numbers at a precision of 20. The first argument number is divided by the second. dim result As String MPLsetPrecision 20 result=MPLdiv("1.234567e2538", "5.6789e1234") You would find in result the string: 2.1739544630122030675e1303 You can do an MPLSetPrecision up to 30000. Of course, computations go slowly at large precisions. Precision Plugin has almost all the REALbasic functions, but at much higher precisions. It also has flow control functions for looping. And functions can be nested. There is extensive checking of inputs to catch incipient mathematical errors or overflow or underflow. Download page: ( Bob Delaney (delaneyrm@...
Mar 31
SMTP Deux v1.1.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SMTP Deux v1.1.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. First Major Update to 4th Dimension Component Vero Beach, FL - Saturday, March 30th, 2002: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the full release of SMTP Deux v1.1.0 for Macintosh and Windows. SMTP Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a complete implementation of the SMTP protocol. SMTP Deux works on top of the commercial TCP Deux 4D component, available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. With the SMTP Deux component, a 4th Dimension developer has a complete implementation of the SMTP protocol from within 4D. The protocol relies on the TCP Deux component for all TCP communication needs, thereby removing any reliance on current or future TCP plugins which are available for use in 4D. The implementation of SMTP within the SMTP Deux component also eliminates long standing bugs and anomalies that have existed in plugin implementations of the SMTP protocol. The single greatest feature of SMTP...

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