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Jan 30
MindVision Software Releases FileStorm 1.5
For Immediate Release -- January 30, 2003 MindVision Software Releases FileStorm 1.5 Lincoln, NE -- MindVision Software, the leading developer of software delivery tools for Macintosh, today announced the release of FileStorm 1.5 and FileStorm Pro 1.5 for Mac OS X. The newest version of FileStorm adds improved functionality, extensive customization capabilities, and increased compatibility. Not only does this new version provide an extensive set of capabilities not available in other disk image utilities, it is now also the only tool that can create a disk image or CD on Mac OS X 10.2 that is completely backwards-compatible on Mac OS X 10.1. FileStorm and FileStorm Pro are easy to use tools designed to quickly package and deliver Mac OS X software products - making it easier than ever to create disk images, CD's, and installers for electronic distribution. FileStorm delivers the capability to easily control the look and feel of disk images or CD's with customized backgrounds, icon...
Jan 29
Qilan 2.7
PRESS RELEASE CommonGround Softworks Inc. Announces Qilan(tm) version 2.7. HOOKSETT, NEW HAMPSHIRE - January 28, 2003 - CommonGround Softworks Inc today is pleased to announce the availability of an OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) compatible version of the Qilan database tool. This upgrade adds the two new database adapters; Microsoft Access and MySQL. MySQL is currently the most popular open source database used with content-driven web sites. Qilan 2.7 is available for download as a time limited trial. A web based process will allow access to the file download area and generation of trial enablement keys. The Qilan 2.7 upgrade is available to existing Qilan users for $99 USD. Full pricing information is available on our website. Educational discounts are available. Qilan Overview: Qilan provides a specific, focused and powerful tool for database and web developers seeking to overcome the limitations of existing products, who seek to integrate, migrate or scale upward from existing projects. Qilan...
Jan 29
Markzware Announces InDesign To QuarkXPress
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MARKZWARE ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF INDESIGN TO QUARKXPRESS SANTA ANA, California -- January 29, 2003 -- Today, Markzware announces the release of InDesign To QuarkXPress. This XTension will quickly and easily convert Adobe InDesign files into QuarkXPress documents with a single click. The conversion process includes all elements of the document such as object positions, colors, fonts, text attributes, images, etc. ID2Q supports text runaround on all sides of an object, and Pantone Hexachrome colors. ID2Q converts Adobe InDesign v1.5-2.0 files to QuarkXPress 4.1-5.x documents. It also converts between cross-platform files, converting Microsoft Windows InDesign files to Apple Macintosh QuarkXPress. The MSRP of InDesign to QuarkXPress is $199.00. The demo link for ID2Q is About Markzware: Markzware is the leader in developing quality control solutions for the graphic arts, printing and publishing industries worldwide. Markzware is a...
Jan 28
Apple Introduces 20" Cinema Display at Breakthrough Price
Apple Introduces 20" Cinema Display at Breakthrough Price Significant Price Reductions on 23" Cinema HD Display & 17" Studio Display CUPERTINO, California-January 28, 2003-Continuing its industry leadership in flat panel display technology, Apple=AE today introduced the 20-inch Appl= e Cinema Display=AE, a professional-quality, wide-format active-matrix LCD wit= h 1680-by-1050 pixel resolution at a breakthrough price of $1,299 (US). A perfect complement to Apple's new Power Mac=AE G4 desktops and ideal for demanding color work, the all-digital 20-inch flat panel display provides more work area than Apple's previous 22-inch Cinema Display. Apple also dramatically reduced the price of its 23-inch Cinema HD Display, with 1920-by-1200 pixel resolution-enough to view High Definition Television (HDTV) content with room to spare-from $3,499 (US) to an amazing $1,999 (US). Widely regarded as the finest quality flat panel display in the industry, the 23-inch Cinema HD Display is now within...
Jan 28
Apple Unveils Fastest and Most Affordable Power Macs Ever
Apple Unveils Fastest and Most Affordable Power Macs Ever FireWire 800 & New Advanced Wireless Options CUPERTINO, California-January 28, 2003-Apple=AE today announced the fastest and most affordable Power Mac=AE G4 line ever featuring a choice of a single 1 GHz, dual 1.25 GHz or dual 1.42 GHz PowerPC G4 processors with prices ranging from $1,499 (US) to $2,699 (US). The new line also features FireWire=AE 800 and has internal support for 54Mbps AirPort=AE Extreme and Bluetooth wireless networking. Apple also unveiled its stunning new 20-inch Cinema Display=AE, priced at just $1,299 (US), and announced significant price reductions to its entire flat-panel display line. "With dual 1.25 GHz performance priced at only $1,999 plus our new 20-inch Cinema Display priced at just $1,299, Apple is delivering unprecedented value to our professional customers," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of Hardware Product Marketing. "With Firewire 800 and support for AirPort Extreme and...
Jan 28
Witango 5 brings rapid web-application development to Mac OS X
28 January 2003 - Witango 5 brings rapid web-application development to Mac OS X FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sydney, Australia -- With Enterprise Pty Ltd has announced the immediate release of Witango 5 for Mac OS X. Witango 5's visual programming interface allows developers to quickly build sophisticated web applications that connect web sites to databases. NASA, the US National Institute of Health, numerous universities worldwide and the Government of Ireland are among the many demanding organizations that use Witango. Witango 5 is the first version of the software to support Mac OS X. VISUAL PROGRAMMING Witango's outstanding visual programming interface allows web developers to rapidly generate, update and maintain code of a consistently high standard. "I'm not surprised by the incredible buzz surrounding visual programming, because it's the fastest way to produce consistent, easy-to-maintain code," said Sophie Wade, CEO of With Enterprise. "What surprises me is the perception that these...
Jan 28
Extensis Ships Portfolio 6.1 for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Extensis Ships Portfolio 6.1 for Mac OS X Free update adds native OS X support and new client features Portland, Ore. - January 28, 2003 - Extensis today announced immediate availability of Portfolio 6.1 for Mac OS X - its award-winning Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. In addition to adding Mac OS X compatibility, Portfolio 6.1 offers new features that make it the easiest and most effective way for professionals to share, organize, retrieve and distribute the digital files they create and use on a regular basis. Portfolio is the first pro-caliber level tool for organizing and managing all digital file types in Mac OS X and Extensis has now completely migrated its entire Portfolio product line to Mac OS X. Extensis announced Portfolio Server for Mac OS X in July of 2002. Combining the strength of the Mac OS X client and server capabilities, Extensis offers users a complete management solution for complex digital file organization needs. "Portfolio has...
Jan 27
YourSQL - The simple MacOSX program for MySQL
Press release For immediate release YourSQL - the application that lets any MacOSX user create MySQL databases Magister Ludi releases YourSQL version 1.0, a free, Open Source MacOSX application that lets everyone create a MySQL database from the Mac with a few mouse clicks. It even supports activation of some of the more advanced features of MySQL, such as indices, without requiring advanced technical knowledge from the users. YourSQL is the first Open Source Aqua-compliant application for MySQL developers to reach version 1.0. With YourSQL you can create and modify complete MySQL databases for typical database-driven web sites without resorting to complicated command-line tools. YourSQL's elegant database browser further provides instant access to all databases on your network, whether they are installed under MacOSX, Linux or Windows. A special feature allows the creation on one-column indices and primary keys. Indices are the secret behind the famed speed of MySQL, and by allowing...
Jan 27
JeepSafari: Safari bookmarks to go
JeepSafari: Safari bookmarks to go We all use and love Safari, it's already a great browser. Organising bookmarks is easier than ever before, but wouldn't is be nice if the bookmarks you add on your iMac at work, would show up on your PowerBook at home? Now it's possible with JeepSafari. Think of it as iSync for Safari. Organize your bookmarks on one of your Macs. Then run JeepSafari. When you start working on another Mac, just run JeepSafari again. All your bookmarks now show up on the other Mac as well. Every time you add/change bookmarks on any of your Macs, just run JeepSafari. Your bookmarks will stay in sync. JeepSafari requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later and a .Mac account. JeepSafari is freeware. To read more about JeepSafari, please visit the SweetCocoa website at To directly download JeepSafari, point your browser to For more information contact us at:
Jan 27
Arcaneware Releases Serial Storage 2.5
ARCANEWARE RELEASES SERIAL STORAGE 2.5 ENGLISHTOWN, NJ -- January 27, 2003 -- ArcaneWare today released an upgrade for its application for secure organization, Serial Storage. Serial Storage is an application to effortlessly organize your serial numbers, passwords, credit cards, (or any other information you'd like to store) into different folders. Serial Storage is very secure and easy to use. With Serial Storage's easy search feature you can find your passwords and serial numbers quickly. Serial Storage uses military-strength 448-bit encryption so that your data is safe. And to quickly add database entries, Serial Storage fills in default information for you. Save your name and organization in your preferences, and ever time you add a new entry, those defaults will be inserted in. Of all the other Mac applications that do this on the market, Serial Storage is the most secure, easiest to use, and best for its low price. Serial Storage's encryption is protected by your own...
Jan 24
Xupport 1.2.4
Friday, January 24, 2003: Xupport 1.2.4 update All-In-One Interface for Mac OS X. Changes in Xupport 1.2.4 * Enable "System file journaling" on any volume * Unlimited volumes in SWAP file location and BACKUP section * Independence of Xupport and apple utilities (except Terminal) * Bugfix: Problem with volumes containing spaces in its names fixed * Bugfix: "Show all files" function in backup window fixed * Bugfix: Delay when opening "System" drawer removed Xupport 1.2 - demo version: If you are interested in testing Xupport, I will send a full version on demand. Xupport provides a clean GUI (Graphical User Interface) to configure many Mac OS X options, that are not or hard to configure manually, and more. It includes several unix command to optimize and secure your Mac, and activates features that are disabled by default. Features: - Access hidden system and finder settings - Activate "File System Journaling" - Create bootable...
Jan 24
Pulp profiling tool for REALbasic Applications
Pulp profiling tool for REALbasic Applications The La Jolla Underground is proud to announce the immediate availability of Pulp Public Preview 1. Pulp is a profiling tool for use with the REALbasic development environment. It can add timing code to every method and event in your REALbasic project, which can then be saved as either a tab delimited file or as a Metrowerks Profiler document, which allows viewing of the results using the MW Profiler application. Complete stack information is preserved for every call, so you can view performance of functions that are called from a particular parent. You can also monitor the number of times a function was called, how long you spent in only that function (total and average), how long you spent in that function with it's sub-calls (total and average) and the minimum and maximum times spent in the call. Since timing code is inserted everywhere, you can easily search for bottlenecks in even the largest projects with almost no effort. Adding and...
Jan 24
WindowSplitter 4.1
WindowSplitter is a REALbasic plug-in control to create split views in forms. WindowSplitter 4.1 is out. New in 4.1: * Fixed a Win32 which could corrupt GDI ports on non Windows NT based sytems (that is Windows 95 and 98). * The control now Implements the IIterator Interface which gives those who want to subclass the control ability to access the internal control vector. * Added a NextIsBefore function to support the subclassing Iterator. Bj=F6rn Eir=EDksson Einhugur Software
Jan 24
DTerm now supports REALbasic
DTerm provides an efficient and easy-to-use debugging terminal for MacOS 9 and MacOS X programs, and other code. Here are a few of the features of DTerm: * One version for both Mac OS 9 CFM programs as well as Mac OS X CFM and Mach-O programs. * Displays results for each program in their own window. * Time and date stamps every diagnostic message. * Merge the contents of multiple windows into a single window to view program interactions. * DTerm library has no effect on running applications. * Monitoring application can be created to send to end-users. Yeah, that's great. So how does it work? When the DTerm display application is not running, your program will be unaffected by the DTerm library code. When you want to view the diagnostic or debugging information from your programs, simply launch DTerm, and the diagnostic information will be displayed in a separate window for each program. (
Jan 23
Fourth World Ships WebMerge 2.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fourth World Ships WebMerge 2.2 LOS ANGELES, California - 23 January, 2003 Fourth World today released 4W WebMerge 2.2, an update to its popular tool for Mac OS and Windows that generates static Web pages from database or spreadsheet data. The new version supports multi-column index page layouts, a new tag for including external files, enhanced support for JavaScript and CSS, and a number of other new features. WebMerge works with any database or spreadsheet that exports in tab-delimited, Merge, or other tabular format, including FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, and AppleWorks. Using HTML template pages created by the user, WebMerge makes a new HTML page from the data in each record of the exported file. WebMerge can also create index pages with links to each of the detail pages. Generated pages can be hosted on any Web server without the need for a specialized database hosting solution. New features in WebMerge 2.2 include support for multi-column index pages, a...
Jan 21
Jiiva Ships SuperScrubber
Jiiva Ships SuperScrubber the new disk sanitization product for the Mac! Beaverton, OR (January 21, 2003) - SuperScrubber ships today! Jiiva announces the hot new disk sanitization product for the Mac that can save you from potential identity and intellectual property theft. Heard about that in the news lately? Most of us know it's smart to shred paper documents, but what should you do with a computer that's filled with electronic documents? Use SuperScrubber to erase the risk. SuperScrubber is a disk utility, bargain priced at $29.99, that serves to completely and permanently erase all data from a specified internal or external hard drive or partition, leaving no retrievable trace of the old data. Scrub your hard drive with SuperScrubber so you can give away or sell your old computer without any worries, knowing that it no longer contains personal or confidential data. "It's amazing how many people just give away or sell their used computers, thinking that deleting a file or dragging...
Jan 21
SoftIntegration Ch 3.5: C/C++ interpreter
SoftIntegration Ch 3.5 Now Available DAVIS, Calif., Jan 21, 2003 - SoftIntegration, Inc. today announced the availability of Ch 3.5, the newest version of C/C++ interpreter for cross platform scripting, 2D/3D plotting, shell programming and numerical computing. Ch 3.5 continues SoftIntegration's leadership in scripting, 2D/3D plotting and numerical computing. Major product enhancements include command line editing in Ch shell and more advanced scripting features for shell programming and numerical computing. "SoftIntegration Ch provides an unmatched level of power and flexibility in powerful C/C++ scripting," said Dr. Dawn Cheng, General Manager at SoftIntegration. "We are delivering the most robust and feature-packed scripting technology." * C/C++ interpreter Ch supports 1990 ISO C Standard (C90), major features in C99, classes in C++. Ch also supports many Industry standard and third party software packages including POSIX, X11/Motif, OpenGL, ODBC, XML, GTK+, Win32, CGI, socket/...
Jan 21
InterMapper 4.0 and InterMapper Remote 4.0
Dartware, LLC is pleased to announce that InterMapper(R) 4.0 and InterMapper Remote 4.0 are now available. These two programs work together: many of the new features of InterMapper listed below require InterMapper Remote. The new features include: * Cross Platform. InterMapper now runs on Windows NT, Window 2000, and Windows XP, as well as MacOS X and Macintosh Classic. Versions for Unix and Linux will be available shortly. * Drill down. You can use the new Map Status probe type to represent the state of another map (a "sub-map"). The icon shows the state of the most serious condition on the sub-map. If you use InterMapper Remote, a double-click will open that sub-map. * Aggregate Actions. You can use InterMapper Remote to configure multiple devices with a single action or dialog. Attach notifiers, set the probe type, SNMP community string, comment, timeout, etc. on multiple items at a time by selecting the devices, then control-clicking to choose the desired action. * Remote...
Jan 20
DTerm 3.1
VANCOUVER, Washington - 20 January, 2003 Austin-Soft today announced the release of DTerm 3.1, our developer utility to make other developers' lives easier by providing an external tool to display and capture their diagnostic information. The new version fixes several problems, improves the monitor application's interface, and adds several requested features to the product. DTerm has been rebuilt with the latest version of Austin-Soft's Carbonization libraries, which feature full support of CarbonEvents and sheets on Mac OS X. Additions have been made to the DTerm library routines to improve compatibility and help developers isolate individual areas of their code. Also, many settings which were application-wide can now apply to individual session windows. In addition, the user interface has been updated and several bugs have been fixed. "With DTerm 3.1, we are again pushing the envelope on what developers can diagnose in their programs," said Glenn L. Austin, CEO of "...
Jan 17
OpenOSX Starts Shipping OpenDB 2.2
OpenOSX Starts Shipping OpenDB 2.2 CROWLEY LAKE, Calif.--(OPENOSX-COM)--Jan. 17th, 2003-- OpenOSX today began shipping a new version of their popular OpenDB product. This version brings updated software, dozens of additional enhancements, new applications and was entirely rebuilt for Jaguar bringing enhanced performance and stability. The new product features a single-click installer that will configure a Mac running Mac OS X 10.2+ into a powerful relational database server. The OpenDB product was designed to empower users with a wide range of ready to use enterprise-level database tools as fast, conveniently and simply as possible. The OpenDB CD will install and fully configure a suite of popular server and client applications including: MySQL and PostgreSQL servers with ODBC connectivity, featuring web-based graphical server administration which supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SSL, Samba and more. MySQL and PostgreSQL are popular full-featured relational database management systems,...
Jan 17
macility PopChar X 2.0 Introduces Auto Font Detection &
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE macility PopChar X 2.0 introduces automatic font detection and localization Hagenberg, January-17-2003, ergonis software today announced the immediate availability of PopChar X 2.0, the highly acclaimed tool for "typing" unusual characters easily without having to remember keyboard combinations. "Less than a year after the introduction of PopChar X as the Mac OS X version of PopChar Pro back, we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received from our customers so far. Due to the technical differences between Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, one of key features of PopChar Pro did not make it into PopChar X until now: the automatic detection of the current font. I am therefore happy to announce that we found a way to implement this unique feature also in the OS X version of PopChar, being able to further improve PopChar's user experience and thus making our customers' life easier" said Christoph Reichenberger, founder and CEO of ergonis software. "...
Jan 17
Automated Solutions Group Announces MenuPack v3.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces MenuPack v3.2 Create custom menus and popups with an external package for 4th Dimension Huntington Beach, CA - January 17, 2003: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of MenuPack 3.2 a plug-in for 4th Dimension that provides the ability to create and manage custom menus and popups, including complete hierarchical menu support. Using MenuPack, you can create enhanced menus and popups which are not possible with standard 4th Dimension menus and popup controls as well as provide complete integration with AreaList Pro, allowing creating of enhanced data entry popup menus (including hierarchical popup menus). New Features in Version 3.2 MenuPack 3.2 offers a number of new features, including: o Full support for 4D 6.8 (MacOS X and Windows XP) o Integration with AreaList Pro for enhanced popup controls in ALP areas o Enhanced PowerMenu now supports PopupPack offscreen areas MenuPack Features Included in MenuPack are...
Jan 17
Too Much Space Announces Release Of Toolbar 1.0A1 For Realbasic
TOO MUCH SPACE ANNOUNCES RELEASE OF TOOLBAR 1.0a1 FOR REALBASIC January 09, 2003. MONTREAL, QC - Too Much Space is proud to announce the immediate availability of the first alpha release of Toolbar for REALbasic. Toolbar is a custom implementation of the MacOSX Toolbar like the one at the top of the finder window. Here are some features: - Built-in display for many types of items, - SnapBack Animation when reordering items, - Item reordering, - And much, much more ... Toolbar is currently working on MacOSX. Toolbar 1.0a1 is now available at ( About Too Much Space Too Much Space is a new company which produces quality REALbasic custom classes and plugins. For more information, visit Too Much Space on the web at (, or e-mail us at (
Jan 16
j2 Global Releases Messenger Software For Mac OS X
j2 Global Releases Messenger Software For Macintosh OS X Desktop communications offering now native to Mac operating system HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- j2 Global Communications, Inc. [Nasdaq: JCOM], the provider of outsourced, value-added messaging and communications services, today announced the availability of Messenger, its desktop communications and messaging software, for all versions of Mac OS X. Today's announcement marks the first time that Messenger, which delivers faxes and voicemail as email attachments to subscribers' email boxes, has been coded specifically for the latest Macintosh operating system. The software, free to j2 Global's eFax, jConnect and Corporate customers, is available for download immediately at Messenger offers users of j2 Global's services the ability to view, zoom, rotate, resize, annotate and print fax documents, as well as listen to voicemail. Now that the software is native to Mac OS X, j2 Global customers who use that operating system...
Jan 16
Bandwidth Hogs Target Of Free Netminder Ethernet Update
BANDWIDTH HOGS TARGET OF FREE NETMINDER ETHERNET UPDATE New Plug-In Automatically Alerts Administrators LAFAYETTE, CA -- January 16, 2003 -- Neon Software, Inc. announced today the immediate availability of a free update for the 2002 Macworld Editors' Choice award winning NetMinder Ethernet(R) 5.0 for Mac OS X. The update easily identifies which network computers abuse network resources by downloading audio and video files that can waste precious internet connection bandwidth. "One of the main reasons network administrators purchase packet analysis software is to determine who is abusing computing resources," stated Craig Isaacs, Neon Software president. "While other tools display overall bandwidth usage, only NetMinder Ethernet automatically flags audio/video downloads to highlight potential bandwidth abuses." Bandwidth abuse joins the list of problems and threats automatically identified by Neon Software's Packet Inference engine. Bandwidth abuse could indicate a network security...
Jan 16
Lingo Publishes 4th Ed. of Translation and Localization Guidebook
Lingo Systems Publishes Fourth Edition of Translation and Localization Guidebook in Partnership with American Translators Association Portland, OR - Lingo Systems, a translation and localization company located in Portland, Oregon, and the ATA, the American Translators Association, have published the fourth edition of The Guide to Translation and Localization: Preparing Products for the Global Marketplace. The 104-page guide covers all the steps necessary for mastering the localization process. Readers will find the technical strategies needed to successfully prepare their documentation, software, training and marketing materials, and Web sites for the global marketplace. Lingo Systems specializes in the translation and localization of Mac hardware and software. "This book is intended to be both educational and fun," says John Watkins, Lingo Systems Vice President of Operations and the books editor. "The previous three issues have all been award winners and very popular with our...
Jan 15
UniHelp 1.4 for REALbasic
UPDATED: UniHelp 1.4 for REALbasic Cross-Platform HELP Module for Your REALbasic Applications! Apple Help Viewer, Microsoft HTML Help, WinHelp.... Why waste your precious development time designing and compiling a different Help system for each platform when you can easily use UniHelp for all of them? NO additional plugins or classes needed. Just drag the UniHelp module and its graphics folder into your REALbasic project, add a few lines of code, create your external help pages, and that's it -- instant online help for your compiled REALbasic applications that looks and functions the same on Classic Mac, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP. Winner of the 2002 Cubie Award for Best Development Aid, UniHelp includes a built-in Search Engine and supports HTML pages, URL Links, Relative Links, Images, Multimedia, Back/Forward History navigation, Printing, and much more! "UniHelp" and "Electric Butterfly" are never mentioned anywhere on the UniHelp interface, providing you with...
Jan 15
Singlestep Technologies reduces "Swivel Chair IT Management...
Singlestep Technologies reduces "Swivel Chair IT Management" Unity, Singlestep's Network Integration System, gives companies more control of their multiple network management systems SEATTLE, WA, January 14, 2003 - Singlestep Technologies today announced the release of its network integration and information management software, Singlestep Unity=81. Unity allows IT managers to better manage their network= s by integrating event data from multiple network management systems. The company reports that their typical customer has at least 5 to 7 network management systems in place, meaning that network outages can generate events in multiple systems. This makes it difficult and time consuming for IT staff to get a complete picture of what's happening in their network. "One of the benefits of Unity is that it eliminates 'swivel chair management' in the Network Operation Center. People no longer have to roll their chairs around the operations center, checking screen after screen and system...
Jan 15
HappyGear 2.6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HappyGear 2.6 Now Available VANCOUVER, Washington - 13 January, 2003 Austin-Soft today announced the release of HappyGear 2.6, our game utility to bridge newer USB game devices - such as joysticks, racing wheels, and gamepads - with programs that were not designed to use those devices. The new version improves the user experience while simplifying installation. HappyGear 2.6 has been rebuilt using the latest development tools to improve performance and resolve problems, and has simplified installation by becoming entirely self-contained. There is no longer any dependence upon extensions to be loaded at startup, however the full functionality that HappyGear has been known for has been maintained. The user interface has been clarified and features added to simplify configuration of gaming device elements. "HappyGear continues to support the Macintosh gaming community by making configuration easier," said Glenn L. Austin, CEO of "We are attempting...
Jan 15
eMail Bounce Handler v1.2
Max Programming, LLC - eMail Bounce Handler v1.2 January, 15 2003 Maxprog is proud to present a new eMail Bounce Handler update. eMail Bounce Handler is Maxprog bounce e-mail filtering and handling tool. Overview Bounce e-mail (sometimes referred to as bounce mail) is electronic mail that is returned to the sender because it cannot be delivered for some reason. Unless otherwise arranged, bounce e-mail usually appears as a new note in your inbox. E-mail users can encounter bounce e-mail because an addressee has changed his or her address, because their mail box is full, because the note is misaddressed, or for some other reason. Bounce e-mail can be handled by a program when sending e-mail to a list and most e-mail distribution list vendors include this capability. Such a bounce handler can retry later, unsubscribe the addressee from the list, or take some other action. Maxprog has developed eMail Bounce Handler, a bounce e-mail filtering and handling tool that recognizes bounce e-...
Jan 14
Macworld Conference & Expo Increased Attendance
MACWORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO DELIVERS NEW PRODUCTS, VALUABLE EDUCATION AND INCREASED ATTENDANCE More than 90,000 Mac enthusiasts converged upon the Moscone Center for the world's most comprehensive Mac event FRAMINGHAM, Mass., January 14, 2003 - IDG World Expo, the leading producer of world-class tradeshows, conferences and events for IT markets around the globe, today announced that last week's Macworld Conference & Expo attracted 90,473 attendees to the Moscone Center in San Francisco. More than 330 companies showcased products on the Macworld expo floor, and thousands of conference attendees participated in a wide variety of educational sessions throughout the week. Now in its 19th year, Macworld Conference & Expo is San Francisco's largest annual technology event and the world's most comprehensive Macintosh OS event. The industry's most innovative companies again participated in last week's event, including Apple, Adobe, Canon, Corel, EPSON, eZedia, FileMaker, Harman...
Jan 14
Aladdin Systems Ships Ten For X: Games
ALADDIN SYSTEMS SHIPS TEN FOR X: GAMES, A COLLECTION OF COOL GAMES FOR MAC OS X SAN FRANCISCO, CA January 7, 2003 - Following its Ten for X utility collection, Aladdin Systems, Inc., an Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. company (OTC BB: ALHI), today shipped Ten for X (tm):Games. The collection includes 13 top-rated titles valued at over $200, but will be sold by Aladdin for only $49.99. "Ten for X Games is a fun software suite with something for everyone in the family," said David Polzine, Ten for X product manager. "The Ten for X utility suite has done so well, especially after being named an Editors' Choice Award finalist by Macworld Magazine, that we wanted to provide a games edition to serve another market of OS X users." Ten for X: Games includes the following products: - 3D Bridge Deluxe (tm) by Freeverse Software - an amazing Bridge game with a great tutorial mode where you can pick who you play with - Airburst (tm) by Freeverse Software - a game for up to four players, the object...
Jan 13
BESTCapture Plug-in v1.1 for REALbasic
BEST Software Design announces the release of BESTCapture Plug-in v1.1. BESTCapture Plug-in enables REALbasic developers to quickly and easily add audio and video capture features to their applications. Whether you need single image capture, audio recording, or full blown video capture, BESTCapture Plug-in can meet your needs. Version 1.1 adds the following new features: * Save and Restore User Settings * Black Level * Brightness * Contrast * Hue * Saturation * Sharpness * White Level
Jan 13
e-CryptItEngine 7.0 for REALbasic
e-CryptIt Engine is a REALbasic plugin to do encryption, encoding, compression, checksums and hashing. Main features: Encryption: * e-CryptIt - (Chained) (PPC, Carbon, x86) * Blowfish ECB unchained mode (64 bit blocks - up to 448 bit key) (PPC,Carbon, x86) * Blowfish CBC chained mode (64 bit blocks - up to 448 bit key) (PPC,Carbon, x86) * Twofish ECB unchained mode (128 bit blocks - 128,192 and 256 bit keys) (PPC,Carbon, x86) * Twofish CBC chained mode (128 bit blocks - 128,192 and 256 bit keys) (PPC,Carbon, x86) Encoding/Decoding: * e-CryptIt Flexible (PPC,Carbon,x86) * Base64 (PPC,Carbon,x86) * BinHex (PPC,Carbon,x86) * MacBinary III (PPC,Carbon) * AppleSingle / Double (PPC,Carbon) * UUCoding (PPC,Carbon,x86) Compression: * Zip on strings (PPC,Carbon,x86) * Zip on filestreams (.z format) (PPC,Carbon,x86) Checksums: * CRC32 (PPC,Carbon,x86) * Adler32 (PPC,Carbon,x86) Hashing...
Jan 13
Simple Video Splicer Goes Open Source
Simple Video Splicer (SVS) is a basic video editing tool for cropping/joining movies, images, and audio. Since iMovie 3 will finally be able to do everything that SVS can do, I've decided to make the project source code openly available. SVS and it's source can be found at ( and (
Jan 13
Solutions Etcetera Announces SuperEdit 4.1
Solutions Etcetera Announces SuperEdit 4.1 January 13, 2003 - Solutions Etcetera announces SuperEdit 4.1. Solutions Etcetera announced today the availability of SuperEdit 4.1, a free upgrade to SuperCard's powerful static editing environment. "We're delighted to announce that with SuperEdit 4.1, full card and background editing have now been implemented making the SuperCard/SuperEdit combination the most powerful editing solution available in card based authoring environments." said Scott Simon, director of product development for Solutions Etcetera. "SuperEdit provides a fast and effective environment for editing projects without script execution. This means projects with idle handlers or other scripts that may get in the way of editing at runtime are a snap to work with. It also means that making major changes to projects such as copying complete menu sets or windows from one project to another is as simple as copy and paste. SuperEdit's "Run" command instantly launches your project...
Jan 09
iApp Server for FileMaker
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 9, 2003 MACWEB.COM PREVIEWS IAPP SERVER FOR FILEMAKER AT MACWORLD EXPO Advanced New Application Server for FileMaker runs on Mac OS X SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- January 9, 2003 -- MACWEB.COM is previewing the next-generation in Internet Application Server middleware on Mac OS X at this weeks MacWorld Expo (Booth 3361). iApp Server for FileMaker is an Apache module and WebSTAR V plug-in that enables FileMaker Pro developers to quickly and easily build fast, dynamic, and interactive online database applications. iApp Server for FileMaker introduces a paradigm shift in web site development and maintenance. Just as FileMaker Pro is legendary for making database development intuitively easy, so too does iApp Server empower web and FileMaker Pro developers to be their best and most productive. As an alternative to existing middleware tools, iApp Server introduces patent-pending technology like Server-Side Rendering (SSR). It's extensive feature list mirrors that of...
Jan 09
Canto Announces Cumulus for Mac OS X
Canto Announces Cumulus for Mac OS X The entire Cumulus product line soon available for Mac OS X January 9, 2003, San Francisco, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris. Canto, the global leader in Digital Asset Management solutions, today announced the availability of Mac OS X versions of the Cumulus Client Software as well as of the Cumulus Single User Edition. Server products and Cumulus Options have been available as OS X versions for quite some time now, with this announcement Canto again emphasizes the commitment to the Macintosh platform. As soon as Apple=92s new operating system was launched Canto offered all Server products for Mac OS X. For the first time in the company history the Enterprise Edition was then also available for the Macintosh platform. Shortly after the Cumulus Server Options were also available as Mac OS X versions. The latest product releases like such as Web Publisher Pro, Cumulus HELIOS Companion and Internet Client Pro for Mac OS X point out the significance Canto holds...
Jan 09
LaunchBar 3.2.7 for Mac OS X
Objective Development announces LaunchBar 3.2.7 for Mac OS X Vienna, Austria - January 9, 2003 -- Objective Development today announced the availability of LaunchBar 3.2.7 for Mac OS X, the company's award-winning productivity utility that provides lightning fast access to thousands of files, web-bookmarks, email-addresses and applications just by entering short abbreviations. For more information about LaunchBar please visit Objective Development's web site at What's new in LaunchBar 3.2.7 LaunchBar 3.2.7 adds the ability to read the bookmarks from Safari, Apple's new web browser for Mac OS X. Further, this version now adapts more quickly to the user's preferred abbreviations making it much easier to re-assign already used shortcuts. It also features enhanced compatibility with the latest Chimera builds as well as much improved Unicode support when searching for items containing accented characters, German umlauts, etc. A detailed listing of...
Jan 08
eZediaQTI Interactive QuickTime Authoring Software
News Release eZediaQTI Interactive QuickTime Authoring Software Now Available from eZedia Inc. WINNIPEG, MANITOBA - January 8, 2003 - eZedia Inc., a leader in digital media software technology, announced today the release of its newest product, eZediaQTI. eZediaQTI is cross-platform interactive QuickTime authoring software for creating rich internet content and movies. Users can now quickly combine and enhance video, graphics, animation, sound, VRs, and text to create web sites, internet banner ads, online presentations, and interactive videos - with no programming knowledge required. "With over 100 million copies of QuickTime Player currently in distribution, eZediaQTI will definitely have a strong impact with this market," said Stefan Embleton, the President and Chief Executive Officer of eZedia Inc. "eZediaQTI is the first software of its kind to give users a quick-and-easy way to create interactive QuickTime movies, and then uploaded to the web. To date, only...
Jan 08
{Empty title}
OpenOSX Announces Apple X11 Compatibility Business Editors/High-Tech Writers SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--(OPENOSX-COM)--Jan. 8th, 2003-- OpenOSX today announced complete product compatibility with Apple's new X11 application; bringing full Quartz graphic acceleration to the OpenOSX Product line. The OpenOSX products that utilize X-Windows, the "UNIX" standard graphical environment, will benefit from Apple's X11 application directly. The OpenOSX products that utilize X-Windows are: OpenOSX Gimp, OpenOSX Grass GIS, OpenOSX Office and the just released OpenOSX FilmGimp. These products will benefit in dramatic performance and aesthetic improvements when using Apple's X11 application in place of OroborOSX and/or XDarwin. OpenOSX's product line is designed to not overwrite an existing version of X11, including Apple's, Tenon's or OpenOSX's. OpenOSX's diverse product line compiles and supports otherwise complicated, tedious and unsupported Open Source software and system configuration by simply...
Jan 08
{Empty title}
Universal Map Announces SmartMaps(R) Viewer 2.0 - Advanced Web Mapping Solution Uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for Display - LANSING, Mich., Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Universal Map, a leading provider of mapping solutions, announces the release of SmartMaps Viewer 2.0. SmartMaps is an advanced Internet mapping platform that displays data in vector format using SVG technology. This allows for more intuitive navigation and faster access to client data. "SmartMaps gives us a truly effective solution for presenting policy and economics data online in a format that is fast, understandable, and easy to implement," said Scott Watkins, Director of Marketing at Anderson Economic Group. About SmartMaps SmartMaps Viewer version 2.0, built on SVG technology, provides searchable, intelligent graphics and an interactive display of spatial data resources. Some of the many enhancements in SmartMaps 2.0 include: faster zoom and pan functions without calls to the server, new ruler and selection tools...
Jan 08
Dr. Bott Announces Range-Extending Antennas for AirPort Extreme
For Immediate Release MacWorld Expo - San Francisco, CA - January 8, 2003 Dr. Bott Announces Range-Extending Antennas for AirPort Extreme. Dr. Bott Announces "ExtendAIR", range-extending antennas for Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station. Dr. Bott's ExtendAIR products are Apple-certified range-extending antennas for Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station. ExtendAIR Omni extends the range of the AirPort Extreme Base Station in all directions to a 250 foot radius. ExtendAIR Direct extends the range in a single direction to 500 feet. ExtendAIR incorporates proprietary technology to provide the maximum range for AirPort clients. The directional antenna lets you extend the range of a base station in a specific direction (for instance, linking a main building at one end of a campus with a temporary classroom at the other). The omnidirectional antenna lets you extend the range of the AirPort Extreme Base Station...
Jan 08
eZedia Releases eZeMotion the Ultimate iMovie Plug-in
News Release eZedia Releases eZeMotion the Ultimate iMovie Plug-in WINNIPEG, MANITOBA - January 8, 2003 - eZedia Inc., a leader in digital-media software technology, released today the ultimate iMovie plug-in - eZeMotion. eZeMotion gives iMovie users the ability to animate text, graphics, and movies over a digital video clip. Users can now supercharge their iMovie projects with multiple layers of media, sophisticated custom titling, rotating images, scaled video, and much more. "eZeMotion is the ultimate iMovie plug-in because of its incredibly sophisticated capabilities," said Stefan Embleton, the President and Chief Executive Officer of eZedia Inc. "eZeMotion is the first plug-in of its kind that allows iMovie users to create path animation sequences and composite multiple layers of media over a DV clip. It extends iMovie into the realm of professional video editing without the complexity and high-cost of other video-editing and animation applications." eZeMotion...
Jan 07
SyncDeK 4.5 - Data Replication Now Available For FileMaker
FOR RELEASE JANUARY 7, 2003 DATA REPLICATION NOW AVAILABLE FOR FILEMAKER PRO ** SyncDeK(tm) 4.5 Provides New Integration Tools & Reduced Pricing to Make Distributed Database Synchronization Easier, More Secure and More Affordable ** BERKELEY, CA - January 7, 2003 - A.E. Wood & Erickson today announced the immediate availability of SyncDeK 4.5, enabling flexible, secure synchronization of multiple distributed FileMaker databases. This new version takes advantage of technology improvements and provides tools for simpler integration into any FileMaker solution. Integrating SyncDeK no longer requires installation by A.E. Wood & Erickson. New pricing reduces SyncDeK licensing costs by 50% from previous versions. "SyncDeK 4.5 moves 'distributed database' technology from custom development to widespread application, at a level of affordability not matched by big enterprise database systems," said Alan Wood, CEO of A.E. Wood & Erickson. SyncDeK 4.5 solves data sharing problems...
Jan 07
DEVONagent about to revolutionise the search
DEVONAGENT ABOUT TO REVOLUTIONISE THE SEARCH FOR INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET Bietigheim-Bissingen (Germany, EU), 7th of January, 2003 -- DEVONtechnologies announces the development of a new software that makes the search for information on the Internet easier and much more accurate than possible with today's search engines. Based on DEVONtechnologies' revolutionary DEVONtechnology, DEVONagent is the information finding tool of the next generation. It simulates the behaviour of a human web surfer scanning the Internet for a specific piece of information. It is ideal for journalists, scientists, lawyers, writers, students or just anyone looking for complete and specific information without having to dig through megabytes of data themselves. Technically, DEVONagent uses a variety of searching techniques and collects the results. Then it visits all the found web sites, downloads, analyses and weights them to find the most relevant pages, eliminating information junk automatically on-the-...
Jan 07
4th Dimension 2003 with Integrated Web Services
4D, Inc. Announces 4th Dimension 2003 with Integrated Web Services that Enhance Application Integration Capabilities -- Major New Version of 4th Dimension with Complete Integrated Web Services Support, Including XML, SOAP & WSDL for Rapid Web Services Development -- SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 7, 2003 - Macworld Expo Booth #1442 - 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, today announced 4th Dimension 2003, now with support for integrated Web Services, application integration, and much more. With Web services and application integration capabilities, 4th Dimension 2003 allows different applications to reuse each other's data and functionality. This groundbreaking new tool also includes an integrated compiler, increased scalability, new printing and reporting features, and radically enhanced developer programming capabilities such as a new method editor. "Whether you're a custom developer, an IT professional, or an end user, 4th...
Jan 07
Metrowerks Introduces CodeWarrior Development Studio
Metrowerks Offers Low Priced CodeWarrior(tm) Tools for Mac(r) OS X Programmers Easy-to-Use Tools Suite is Ideal for Hobbyists and Novice Programmers AUSTIN, Texas - January 7, 2003 - Metrowerks is introducing CodeWarrior(tm) Development Studio, Mac OS X Edition at an introductory price of US$99 until February 28, 2003. Programmers writing applications for Mac(r) OS X now have a low cost choice when it comes to development tools. As a subset of Metrowerks' CodeWarrior Development Studio for Mac OS, Professional Edition, Version 8, the Mac OS X Edition is ideal for hobbyists and novices because it contains essentially the same development tools used by professional programmers and includes features designed to simplify the development process. One such feature is Code Completion, which provides fast access to the prototypes and parameters of any function in a project. Code Completion enables programmers to write code more quickly without stopping to look up hard-to-remember functions...
Jan 07
Runtime Revolution Previews Revolution 2.0
RUNTIME REVOLUTION PREVIEWS REVOLUTION 2.0 AT MACWORLD SAN FRANCISCO Buy Now, Get 2.0 Upgrade Free! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Edinburgh, Scotland, 6th January 2002 Runtime Revolution today announced a special preview of Revolution 2.0, the leading multi-platform development tool. Revolution developers, the press, and the public are invited to visit the Revolution booth (number 3261) at Macworld SF to see a demonstration of the new features, talk to the Revolution team, and check out some of the latest Made With Revolution applications. Revolution is an easy to use, powerful, and fully-featured multi-platform development tool. The new release improves and adds a number of key features: a brand-new Jaguar-friendly user interface, spreadsheet fields, XML, Unicode, MIDI, and more. ------ Introducing Revolution 2.0 ------ Revolution 2.0 continues Runtime Revolution's mission to deliver the best in easy, rapid application development. Version 2.0 builds on Revolution's proven ease and power,...
Jan 07
Announcing wxWindows 2.4.0: a cross-platform GUI toolkit
Announcing wxWindows 2.4.0: a cross-platform GUI toolkit January 7th, 2003 -- the wxWindows team is pleased to announce an official 2.4.0 release of the mature cross-platform C++ application framework. The following platforms are supported: - Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP - Linux/Unix with GTK+ 1.x and 2.0 - Linux/Unix with X11 - Linux/Unix with Motif/Lesstif - MacOS 8.6, 9.x and 10.x - VMS with GTK+ 1.x - OS/2 (alpha release) A non-GUI subset of wxWindows called wxBase is also supported on most of these platforms. To get wxWindows, go to the Download page at: This is the first official release to support the many enhancements to wxWindows since the 2.2.x series. Improvements have been made to many areas, including: - better support for Windows XP - a much fuller Mac port - additional platforms (OS/2 and bare X11) - further type-safe container classes - improved build system - Unicode support for GTK+ and WIN32 - improved wxBase...

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