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Wednesday January 27

FCC Proposal Aims to Make Subscription TV Available...

United States Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler introduced a proposal [PDF] this afternoon that would de-couple cable subscriptions from cable set-top boxes. Under the proposal, cable and satellite subscribers would be able to access and watch cable content on any set-top box of their choosing, including the Apple TV, rather than being limited to the set-top box provided by the cable company.

While allowing customers to access the full content provided with a cable subscription through the Apple TV is not quite the cord-cutting solution Apple has been aiming for, it is a step towards a more open relationship between technology companies and cable companies. Such a system would not give Apple control over content, but it would allow Apple to build an interface for that content.

The new...

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Gear: Lynktec Reeljuice Power Bank

Initially announced in late 2014, Lynktec’s Reeljuice Power Bank ($100-$120) is now available for purchase. The battery pack most notably includes a built-in 4-foot retractable charging cable. It comes in two capacities — 5300 mAh for $100, or a larger 8000 mAh version for $120. Reeljuice supports pass-through charging at speeds up to 2.1A, allowing for full-speed charging of newer iPads. Though a micro-USB connector is attached to the built-in…

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Apple updates Snow Leopard so you can continue to...

(credit: Apple)

Snow Leopard is fondly remembered by many longtime Mac users, both because it was a remarkably refined release and because it was the last version produced before Apple really started porting iOS features over to the Mac. Five new versions of OS X have been released since then, but NetApplications data says that some five percent of the total Mac userbase continues to soldier on with version 10.6.

Some of those people will be using Macs that aren't compatible with newer versions of OS X, and others will be sticking around because of their personal preferences (or spite, or stubbornness). Either way, if you're still running 10.6, fire up your software updaters for the first time in...

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Apple CFO says tax investigation is between EU...

A report earlier this month from Bloomberg claimed that Apple could owe more than $8 billion in back taxes if the European Commission rules that its Ireland setup is illegal. Speaking to the Financial Times today, Apple CFO Luca Maestri commented on the ongoing European investigation and said that he estimates Apple will have to pay $0 in back taxes, assuming the investigation outcome is “fair.”

Maestri had the following to say regarding the European Commission’s investigation into Apple’s tax practices:

“This is a case between the European Commission and Ireland and frankly there is no way to estimate the impact right now, we need...

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Apple likely to debut iPad Air 3 at March event; new...

Apple is planning to introduce new iPad hardware at an event in mid-March, according to sources, with the most likely device being a new iPad Air. This new iPad with a 9.7-inch screen, presumably to be called the “iPad Air 3,” will be launched alongside the a new 4-inch iPhone known as the “iPhone 5se” and a series of new Apple Watch models. Apple is currently planning to hold its keynote during the week of March 14th, but the final date is still in flux, according to sources.


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Twitter close to hiring Natalie Kerris

Kerris is well known in Silicon Valley for her job as one of the top public relations and communications staffers at Apple. She was in the running for the top job at the tech giant, which went to Steve Dowling, after the departure of Katie Cotton.

Kerris retired from Apple, but she would be a great addition to Twitter if they can get her.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Report: iPhone 7 will sport DSLR-quality camera, 3D...

If the iPhone 5se rumors this week didn’t get you riled up for a new iPhone, then maybe this tidbit about the iPhone 7 will jumpstart your excitement.

Apple is rumored to incorporate a dual-camera system in the new iPhone 7, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, reported by 9to5Mac. The dual-camera would make it possible for the iPhone 7 to take DSLR-quality photos by incorporating the LinX camera technology that Apple acquired last year.

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Microsoft announces new partnerships and cloud...

Early last year, Microsoft unveiled the Cloud Storage Partner Program enabling various cloud storage providers to integerate their tools into Office Online and Office for iOS. Microsoft’s latest announcement takes that a step further for partners in the CSPP by giving them access to real-time collaboration, and Office for iOS integration for all partners.

Focusing on this announcement for iOS, starting today all CSPP partners can integrate their cloud services into the Office for iOS platform, thus enabling multiple cloud services to be integerated as “Places” within the Office for iOS suite. This is perfect for individuals who use Office for iOS on their personal devices, but also need to connect to various cloud services for their work. Users will no longer have to launch that individual cloud service provider’s...

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Apple is planning a massive R&D facility in San...

The San Jose City (California) Council Tuesday unanimously approved Apple’s plans to develop up to 4.15 million square feet of office space over 15 years in North San Jose, “fueling hope among some leaders that one day the tech giant will be headquartered there,” reports the SF Gate (http://tinyurl.com/jln3ll9). Apple is currently based in Cupertino, California.

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Podcast 492: How to travel like an international...

Susie's back from some last-minute travel, just in time to talk travel with Glenn and Rich Mogull, a security researcher, Macworld contributor, and world traveler who knows all about how to keep your data safe and secure even when moving around in countries that are actively trying to snoop on you.

For instance, we've all heard of "burner" devices—something cheap that holds no more of your personal data than necessary, that you use temporarily and then trash or donate when you're done. Well, that doesn't help us Apple fans much, does it? While it's true you probably won't want to buy a new iPad just to throw it away after a trip to China or Russia, it turns out iOS is generally secure enough that you can back up and wipe a device before you leave, use it during your trip, and then erase it again when you get home, ready to restore to your previous backup. Rich has other great tips too, from VPNs to knowing the special rules at border crossings.


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San Jose city council signs off on huge Apple campus...

Image via Silicon Valley Business Journal

Yesterday (January 26, 2016), San Jose, CA city council members approved a development plan that will provide Apple with a campus in the city that will be close to 86 acres (34.8 hectares) in size. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo saw the move as potentially reducing traffic congestion, saying "We're thrilled to have thousands of your employees in San Jose, hopefully shortening the commute for many."

The council unanimously approved an agreement that allows Apple to build up to 4.15 million square feet (385,548 square meters) of occupied space, spread between industrial, R&D and office zoning. The company has up to 15 years to complete the buildout. 


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Intel details new Skylake chips hinting at Apple...

Intel has posted a new processor price list, including some Skylake-based units that could potentially make their way into a revamped 15-inch MacBook Pro from Apple.

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BBEdit gets performance boost, interface refinements...

Bare Bones Software (www.barebones.com) has released BBEdit 11.5, an update to its professional strength HTML and text editor.

BBEdit 11.5 offers a variety of performance improvements, refinements to fit and finish, and changes to streamline workflow in specific areas, such as Find Differences. In all, this new version includes more than one hundred and sixty new features, changes to existing features, and fixes for specific reported issues. Version 11.5requires Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later, and is fully compatible with OS X El Capitan.

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The Week in iOS Accessories: Wood, wonderful wood

Wonderful wood

This week’s roundup includes several devices that are just about as natural as can be. Read on!


The $190 Oree Board 2 is a Bluetooth keyboard made of a single piece of premium wood—it’s compatible with all iPads and Macs, and it’s efficient: It’ll run for five months on a pair of AA batteries.

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Flash’s days are coming to an end (the video codec,...

The Global Media Format Report 2016 from Encoding.com predicts that the Flash video codec -- which the late Steve Jobs despised -- will pretty much vanish within 24 months. While Flash is still being used for specific uses and edge cases such as banner ads and legacy browsers, it’s days are numbered, according to the cloud media processing service.

Flash outputs decreased from 21% to 6% in 2015. However, H.264 grew slightly this year, “reflecting dominance as the go- to format for every device imaginable, fueled by the continued adoption of adaptive packaging formats,” says Encoding. Apple continues its use of this technology, and Google’s using it in Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Fueled by the demand for securing HTML5 video content in the browser, WebM grew by roughly a third...

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Box, Dropbox users can now edit Office documents...

Business users who rely on cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Box now have some improved tools in their collaboration arsenal, thanks to a set of integrations that Microsoft announced Wednesday

Starting Wednesday, Office Online users can work in real time on documents, spreadsheets and presentations shared inside Box, Dropbox, Citrix ShareFile and Egnyte. That means those folks who don't use Microsoft's systems to store their files will still be able to use the Office web apps to work together on the same file all at once. 

The real-time, co-authoring feature was already available for people who used Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint.

To read this article in full or to leave...

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Flash video is 'on life support,' but big...

As a video format, Adobe Flash is almost gone for good.

According to a report by Encoding.com, Flash accounted for just 6 percent of video output last year, down 15 percent from 2014. Today, it’s mainly used for legacy browsers, banner ads, and some specific edge cases. “We expect to see the Flash video codec disappear completely from our report with 24 months,” the report says.

That sounds like great news for people who’ve dropped Flash from their web browsers due to security concerns and performance drawbacks. But for Encoding.com’s bold prediction to pan out, several major streaming sites will have to change their ways.


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News: Apple releases second iOS 9.3 public beta

Apple has released the second public beta of iOS 9.3 through its Apple Software Beta Program. Released to developers earlier this week, the second beta makes a number of minor changes to Night Shift mode and CarPlay enhancements to Apple Music and Maps, along with adding a new button for Night Shift mode in Control Center. Be sure to check out our updated peek at what’s new in both the latest iOS 9.3 and tvOS 9.2 betas. Users who have already…

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A Starry future for broadband internet

Starry Beam

Like most Americans, I have a love/hate relationship with my Internet service provider -- mostly hate. I dislike the fact that I have no real choice for broadband service except one company, and that they charge me a ridiculous amount for service. Today a new home broadband service called Starry was unveiled at an event in New York, and it might be the first opportunity for many of us disenchanted broadband customers to get away from the cable or phone company.

Starry is the brainchild of Chet Kanojia and a team of veterans from Aereo, a failed startup that wanted to disrupt cable companies by provide streaming TV service. What Starry will do is install a number of distribution points called "Starry Beams" around major cities, then sell a $349.99 "Starry Station" router to consumers. There's an antenna that you'll install outside a window (called Starry Point) that will connect to your Starry Station to give...

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San Jose signs off on massive new Apple development...

The San Jose city council has reportedly approved a development agreement allowing Apple to build up to 4.15 million square feet of space in the north of the city, even though the company itself hasn't yet decided what its interests are.

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No need to fret, Apple is doing fine

The New York Times:

Let’s get this out of the way first: Despite what you may have heard, the iPhone is not dying. Neither, by extension, is Apple.

It’s true that in an earnings report on Tuesday, after weeks of speculation by Wall Street that iPhone sales would finally hit a peak, Apple confirmed the news: IPhone sales grew at their lowest-ever rate in the last quarter. And the company projected total sales of as much as $53 billion in the current quarter that ends in March, which would be a decline of 8.6 percent from last year and Apple’s first revenue drop in more than a decade.

But if Apple is now hitting a plateau, it’s important to remember that it’s one of the loftiest plateaus in the history of business. The $18.4 billion profit that Apple reported on Tuesday is the most ever earned by any company in a single quarter.

It’s necessary to start with these caveats because people have a tendency to react strongly, almost apoplectically, to any...

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Second public betas for iOS 9.3, OS X 10.11.4 now...

As expected after the Monday release of the second developer betas of the latest versions of OS X, iOS, watchOS and tvOS, Apple today released public betas of OS X and iOS.

The new iOS 9.3 beta 2 includes updated Night Shift settings and a way to control the new mode from Control Center (see image above). Night Shift changes the color temperature to a warmer hue during evening hours to make the display on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch easier on the eyes and hopefully make it easier for you to fall asleep.

OS X 10.11.4 beta 2 brings secure and password-protected Notes that sync with iOS 9.3, and support for viewing and sharing Live Photos with the Messages app. Apple notes that there are also changes to the iBooks and Photos apps.

If you're signed up for the public betas, the updates are available in Settings > General > Software Update on iOS devices or in the Mac App Store > Updates on Macs.

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GoPro Shooters Can Send Live Streams Up Periscope

GoPro on Monday announced an integration with Twitter's Periscope app that allows live streaming from a GoPro Hero4 camera. Periscope users can switch between broadcasting from their iPhone's camera to their GoPro directly from the phone screen with the touch of a button, GoPro said. The feature allows GoPro shooters to use the Periscope interface like a production switchboard, GoPro said. They can toggle between their iPhone and GoPro cameras on the fly, adding variety to video of a live event.

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Dual Camera iPhone 7 Plus Could Offer 'DSLR-...

Earlier today, reputable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the iPhone 7 Plus will likely have a dual-lens camera system based on technology Apple acquired from LinX Imaging. The new hardware could lead to some significant improvements in camera quality on Apple's next flagship smartphone.

LinX's multi-aperture cameras pack impressive image quality in a smaller size than single aperture cameras, meaning the iPhone 7 Plus may lack a protruding camera lens and be able to take SLR-quality photos — think Canon or Nikon. The camera modules are also capable of very interesting technology called 3D depth mapping and more.

We previously provided an in-depth look at LinX's camera modules after Apple acquired the company, but it is...

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Review: Urban Armor Gear Trooper for iPhone 6/6s

Urban Armor Gear has ventured into the wallet case category with its new Trooper ($40). Looking much like a typical UAG case, Trooper has a door on the back which opens to reveal a wallet area; the case can hold up to four cards. The door snaps shut securely, to ensure that you won't find your credit cards flying out at some point. Despite the wallet addition, the case feels mostly like a normal iPhone case, with proper button coverage for the sleep/wake button and volume controls. The rubber-and-plastic Trooper comes in black, white, or UAG's orange "rust" color.{/exp:char_limit}

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Public beta testers get Apple's second build of...

The second pre-release beta of OS X 10.11.4, a forthcoming minor update for the El Capitan Mac operating system, is now available to test for members of Apple's public beta program.

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Apple Releases Second OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan Beta...

Apple today seeded the second beta of an upcoming OS X 10.11.4 beta to public beta testers, just a few days after releasing the second OS X 10.11.4 beta to developers and just over a week after releasing OS X 10.11.3.

The second beta is available through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store for those who are enrolled in Apple's beta testing program. Those wishing to join the program can sign up on Apple's beta testing website.

OS X 10.11.4 includes a couple of new features, such as the ability to support password protected notes in the Notes app, but like the recent OS X 10.11.3 update, it appears to focus primarily on under-the-hood bug fixes and performance improvements with few noticeable outward-facing changes.

Apple is likely to release OS X 10.11.4 in the spring, alongside iOS 9.3, watchOS 2.2, and tvOS 9.2....

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iOS 9.3 beta 2 now available to Apple's public...

Members of Apple's public beta tester program can now download and sample the second beta release of iOS 9.3, with a new Control Center switch for Night Shift.

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Apple releases iOS 9.3 beta 2 to public beta testers

Apple has released the second iOS 9.3 beta for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to public beta testers. Today’s release follows the developer version earlier this week, which included tweaks and changes from the initial iOS 9.3 beta. These include updated Night Shift settings as well as a new toggle in Control Center and several other changes.

iOS 9.3 includes several new features like Night Shift mode, which changes the color temperature of the display, improvements to the Health and Activity app, Touch ID and secure passwords for Notes, and much more.

Check out our hands-on video below to see iOS 9.3 in action:

Filed under:...

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Apple Seeds Second iOS 9.3 Beta to Public Beta...

Apple today released the second beta of an upcoming iOS 9.3 update for public beta testers, just a few days after seeding the second iOS 9.3 beta to developers. iOS 9.3's second public beta comes a week after Apple released iOS 9.2.1, a minor update, to the public.

Beta testers who have signed up for Apple's beta testing program will receive the second iOS 9.3 update over-the-air after installing the proper certificate on their iOS device.

Those who want to be a part of Apple's beta testing program can sign up to participate through the beta testing website, which gives users access to both iOS and OS X betas.

Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.

iOS 9.3 is a major update to the iOS 9 operating system, introducing a...

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: iPhone 6/s/Plus cases from $1...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.


ULAK iPhone 6/s/Plus, iPad mini 4 and Android cases from $1 shipped (Orig. up to $30)
Protect your iPhone 6 Plus w/ a tempered glass screen protector...

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Chrome for iOS gets an update with better speed and...

While most iPhone and iPad users stick with good old Safari for their browsing, Google Chrome is an attractive alternate web browser. Today, Google made Chrome for iOS even more attractive with an update that improves both speed and stability.

First, and probably most important, Chrome crashes less often on "misbehaving webpages". How much less? Google's testing shows that the crash rate is down 70 percent with the new version. 

Chrome also now uses Apple's latest rendering engine -- WKWebView -- for better speed, and JavaScript execution has been sped up "significantly". Other improvements include redesigned icons on the New Tab page for easier access to frequently-visited sites, and Spotlight integration so users can search for Chrome bookmarks from the Home screen.

Chrome for iOS version 48.0.2564.87 is a free download, available now. 

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Intel Launches New Skylake Chips Appropriate for 15-...

As noted by AnandTech, Intel this week quietly released an updated processor price list which includes several new Skylake chips that could be used in an updated 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro.

The direct upgrade path for the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro would use the following quad-core chip options: a 2.6 GHz Core i7-6770HQ, a 2.7 GHz Core i7-6870HQ, and a 2.8 GHz Core i7-6970HQ, all coming in at the same price points as the Haswell variants currently used in the MacBook Pro.

Perhaps a more intriguing but less likely scenario involves a series of new mobile Xeon E3 chips. These chips could offer even better CPU, graphics, and memory performance, although pricing becomes an issue with the...

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New quarterly data ranks iPhone high in China &...

iPhone loyalty is at its strongest point in the U.S. since 2012, and despite numerous obstacles in China, Apple has managed to reclaim a position as the bestselling smartphone brand in that region, according to a new December-quarter research report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

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Deliveries app ships a massive update w/ 3D Touch,...

Delveries by Junecloud has received major updates today for both their iOS and Mac applications. For the unitiated, Deliveries is an all-in-one package tracker for both iOS and Mac. Allowing the user to track multiple packages from various couriers, the app is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to have to jump between different delivery company sites.

One of the best features that Junecloud brings to the Deliveries app is making sure both versions of the app have feature parity. Today...

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Teachers, invite your students to OneNote Class...

Teachers in over 105 countries have been using OneNote Class Notebooks to organize class content, save time and collaborate with students in the classroom.

Today, we are pleased to announce that teachers who do not have an Office 365 account can sign up for free and create OneNote Class Notebooks for their classes. In a few simple steps, teachers can now add students into their Class Notebook and quickly set up a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities—all within one powerful notebook. All you need is a school-assigned email for each student to get them into the Class Notebook and give them free access to Office 365. No IT support needed!

  1. Sign up for a free Office 365 account or sign in*—Head over to www.onenote.com/classnotebook...
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New cloud storage options for Office mobile and...

Today’s post was written by Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team.

In February 2015, we announced the Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP) and enabled cloud storage providers to connect their services to Office Online and Office for iOS. Today, we’re making Office even easier for customers to use with cloud storage providers by adding real-time co-authoring with Office Online for documents stored in partner cloud services, extending our Office for iOS integration to all partners in the CSPP, and enabling integration between Outlook.com and cloud storage providers Dropbox and Box.

Real-time co-authoring with Office Online for docs stored in partner cloud services


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Despite past failures, case makers place early bet...

Being among the first to offer cases for a new iPhone is a multi-million dollar business opportunity that leaves manufacturers racing to prepare updated models based on rumors and hearsay -- a move that can easily backfire.

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Apple Retains its Title as King of Tablets for 2015

Yesterday Apple announced that they sold 16.1 million iPads for Q4 2015, slightly under the 18 million that Wall Street was projecting for the quarter. But it's not just Apple feeling the tablet decline pinch, it's an industry trend.

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Designers’ favorite typefaces

Nice to scroll through these one word treatments. See if any of these typefaces grab you.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Wall Street adjusts Apple expectations after Tim...

Though Apple had a respectable December quarter, the company's outlook for the following three months calls for iPhone sales to decline for the first time ever. Analysts on Wall Street responded by trimming their price targets, though most still believe investors should buy in.

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Inside the hidden world that handles your holiday...

“You don’t know where the product went after it left your store, so you can’t put it back on your shelf.” There’s a shadow world out there that resells your returned goods.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Deals: Apple Pencil in stock; $280 off iMac 5K (3....

Apple Pencils are in stock, grab one while you can. Meanwhile, AI readers get free AppleCare, a free AIO AirPrint printer, and $110 off a Late 2015 27" iMac 5K configuration extremely popular with photographers. Or save $220 on a fully-loaded Space Gray 12" MacBook with no tax in 49 states.

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Rumor: Apple to incorporate dual lens system in next...

The next-gen iPhone could feature a dual lens camera system.

This is according to a research note published by noted KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that predicts that two 5.5-inch versions of the “iPhone 7 Plus” are in development, one with a single iSight rear-facing camera and another boasting a dual-camera design.

The rumored iPhone 7 Plus model with a dual-lens camera system would take advantage of imaging algorithms that Apple acquired through its purchase of Israeli camera technology company LinX Imaging last year.

The purchase of LinX offered several improvements the iPhone 7 Plus could benefit from, including multiple sensors for a smaller size, possibly eliminating the need for a protruding camera lens. The lenses would also have better...

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New Chrome for iOS is finally as fast and stable as...

Enlarge / Chrome for iOS running on an iPhone 6S. Expect big speed boosts after today's update. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Google Chrome 48, which is being released to the browser’s stable channel today, is just another incremental update for most of the browser’s users. For Chrome users on iOS, however, it’s a big one—possibly the biggest single update since the iOS version was first released back in 2012—and it’s all because of an under-the-hood switch.

The short version is that Chrome 48 on iOS will be as fast as Safari on iOS for the first time ever thanks to a switch from iOS’ UIWebView rendering engine to the...

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Amazon’s customer service backdoor
The best rechargeable AA batteries

The Wirecutter with an up-to-date survey of AA rechargeables. Good info.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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FCC’s proposed television rule changes could benefit...

Federal regulators are expected to propose overhauling rules for television set-top boxes, a move aimed at lowering bills for cable viewers and providing more access to Internet-based programming, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The proposal by Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, likely would involve giving cable and satellite customers more choice in whether to use their service provider’s set-top box and cable app, or use their own unit (as long as it met industry specs).

As noted by AppleInsider, such changes could benefit Apple, which has run into problems both in attempts to work with cable companies and go around them directly to content owners. 

What do we know about Apple's rumored TV service, which I call Apple Web TV? T...

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Microsoft Windows Phone VP tweets from his iPhone,...

Joe Belfiore tweeted from his iPhone. Odd choice.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple & Samsung were the Top Semiconductor...

A new Gartner report published this morning notes that Samsung Electronics and Apple remained the top semiconductor buyers in 2015, representing ...

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FCC to move on set-top box regulations, could open...

The Federal Communications Commission will reportedly float a new initiative that would force cable and satellite providers to broaden support for third-party set-top boxes, paving the way for companies like Apple to build new experiences on top of traditional cable services.

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Apple is the second most Influential Brand in Canada

iPhone in Canada reports that the Institute of Communication Agencies, the not-for-profit association for Canadian communication agencies, and the Ipsos research firm, have released the results of their Most Influential Brands Study for Canada for 2015 at day two of FFWD: Advertising & Marketing Week 2016 in Toronto. 

The top brand this year was Google, followed by Apple, then Microsoft in third spot. Rounding out the top 10 are Facebook, YouTube, Visa, Walmart, Tim Hortons, Amazon, and Samsung.

Google has maintained its number one ranking for the fourth year in a row. Apple took second place, up to spots from last year, and continues to be the most leading edge brand in terms of customer perception and innovation, notes iPhone in Canada.

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Apple gives Fed food for thought

All eyes will be back on the Federal Reserve today as they make their first interest rate decision and monetary policy statement of the year but there are no economic projections or press conferences this time round, which come at the next meeting in March. Today's Fed meeting as a result is likely to see a more dovish tone to it, especially since the market consensus is that we will see fewer rate hikes this year than the Fed is currently pencilling in, says Simon Smith, chief economist, FXPro, an online broker.

“Even though we saw a higher than expected rise in US consumer confidence yesterday a big warning shot has come from one of the world's largest companies Apple which saw its first fall in revenue since 2003,” he says. “The fact that Apple's shares have declined some 20% in the last 6 months shows how the current equity bear market really did start in the middle of 2015 and it comes...

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∞ Tim continues Apple’s investment strategy

Pouring money into R&D and releasing products during such a downturn is both brave and smart. Apple has long done this and Tim is keeping that strategy in place.

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Voice recognition is more popular among iPhone users...

New mobile research from Parks Associates finds that 39% of smartphone owners use some sort of voice recognition software such as Siri or Google Now, although the Apple platform is outpacing Android. The research group says that one-half of iPhone owners use voice recognition, as opposed to less than one-third of Android phone owners.

"Smartphone penetration has reached 86% of U.S. broadband households, so it is a mature market, with users, particularly younger consumers and iOS users, exploring more intelligent features and interfaces, including voice control," says Harry Wang, director, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates. “

Among smartphone users ages 18-24, 48% use voice recognition software, and use of Siri, Apple’s “...

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Analyst: iPhone performance is strong, but faces ‘...

Its latest financial results show, yet again, that Apple is the most successful smartphone company in the world, but there are “headwinds” in the maturing smartphone market that are finally impacting Apple, according to Ian Fogg, head of Mobile Analysis, IHS Technology.

Significantly, Apple raised the average selling price (ASP) of the iPhone to $691 while also increasing iPhone unit shipment volumes year-on-year. Only the strongest companies can raise ASP and shipment volumes at the same time, Fogg says. 

“These high average selling prices and excellent margins provide Apple with strategic flexibility in how it chooses to operate its business in 2016,” he adds.

Apple has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to buck wider economic conditions and persuade consumers to spend more on their smartphone. China has had a widely...

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Analyst: an iPhone 7 Plus will incorporate LinX...

In a note to clients — as noted by MacRumors — KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says he thinks that Apple is working on two 5.5-inch versions of an "iPhone 7 Plus”: one with a single iSight rear-facing camera and another with a dual-camera design. 

A smartphone with a dual-lens camera system could take advantage of imaging algorithms Apple acquired when it bought LinX, an Israeli camera tech company, for about US$20 million in 2015.

In 2014, LinX said it had "successfully developed" miniature multi-aperture cameras designed for mobile devices. The camera modules are nearly half the height of a standard mobile camera and are capable of "creating stunning color images and high accuracy depth maps," the company claims.

The LinX cameras are purportedly artifact-free, even when objects appear at very short range. During the registration process between the images, the...

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This Year's Camera Trend for Smartphones will...

Smartphone part suppliers are ramping up competition to develop better next-generation technologies that will support wide-angle and 3D photography, iris recognition other features as the industry trend for 2016 will be for cameras that go far beyond the mere promotion of higher pixel counts.

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Mac, iOS versions of Safari crashing due to search...

A number of Mac and iOS users reported Safari crashing on Wednesday, in what appears to be a glitch related to the browser's search suggestions feature.

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Search Suggestions Causing Apple's Safari...

An anonymous reader writes: According to the Verge (and my wife) Apple Safari browsers are crashing left, right, and center due to Safari's search suggestions feature. "Simply disabling this feature will stop Safari crashing, or using the private mode option in the browser as a temporary workaround. Not everyone is affected, and this could be because some have the search suggestions cached locally or they're still able to reach Apple's servers thanks to a DNS cache."


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Safari Suggestions bug causes browser crashes in iOS...

(credit: Andrew Cunningham)

A server-side problem with the Safari Suggestions feature in recent versions of iOS and OS X appears to be causing Safari to crash and hang for some users. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith helped to identify the issue overnight, though it has also been discussed in a pair of Reddit threads in the Apple subreddit. The problem appears to be causing hanging and strange behavior in OS X and outright crashes in iOS. Going to Settings > Safari in iOS (or to the Safari Preferences and then the Search tab in OS X) and disabling the Safari Suggestions feature appears to fix the problem, or you could try using another browser.

The Safari...

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iPhone 7 Plus Likely to Have Dual-Lens Camera Based...

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a research note obtained by MacRumors that predicts two 5.5-inch versions of the "iPhone 7 Plus" are in development, one with a single iSight rear-facing camera and another boasting a dual-camera design.

The rumored iPhone 7 Plus model with a dual-lens camera system would take advantage of imaging algorithms that Apple acquired through its purchase of Israeli camera technology company LinX Imaging last year.

iPhone 7 mockup with dual-lens camera system (Image: Computer Bild)

LinX technology offers several improvements the iPhone 7 Plus could benefit from, including multiple sensors for a smaller size, possibly eliminating the need for a protruding camera lens. The lenses would also have better...

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3D Printing: Innovation's New Lifeblood

To many, 3D printing is little more than a toy. A toy that mostly prints toys. To others, it's a prototyping tool good for a hands-on feel of a manifested idea but not much more. Yet for a select few, 3D printing is the heart of innovation, and each new iteration is pumping the future's lifeblood. Known in the manufacturing sector as "additive manufacturing," or AM, 3D printing is used heavily in prototyping already. There is also some use of it in producing machine parts.

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What will Apple have to release after an Apple Car...

Apple has given us more revolutionary products than most companies have or ever will: the Mac, the iPhone, and the iPad (the Apple Watch and Apple TV are fine products, but not revolutionary — at least yet). Still, many industry “experts” weep and moan that the company is stuck in a rut because it didn’t release a world-changing product in 2015 and may not in 2016.

Apparently, according to these pundits, the company will barely hang on by its fingernails until it drives out an Apple Car in, say, another five years or so. 

Even though such a project has never been officially confirmed, let’s imagine that an Apple-branded car does indeed drive out in 2020 and is unlike any other auto to ever hit the market. 

Apple’s stock goes through the roof. The world rejoices. The experts are happy once again.

But what happens after that? 

Here’s a likely scenario: the Apple Boat arrives in 2022 and the Apple Copter in 2024...

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Edward Snowden's OS of choice gets a major...

If you still assume you don't forfeit the right to privacy by going online, there are very few truly secure OS options. The best one might be the Linux flavor called Tails, recommended by none other than Edward Snowden. Its encrypted apps include ema...

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Apple Regains Most-Sold Smartphone Brand in China

A new report published this morning notes that as a vendor, Apple has returned to the top of the leader boards in the U.S. and China. More specifically, the report noted that "In urban China, Apple regained its title ...

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Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard is a step back in time...

By 'Doctor Dave' Greenbaum

In the early days of Mac computing, the displays were black and white, the systems booted off a floppy, and the keyboards were noisy. That familiar "clickety-clack" of someone typing was as familiar as the whirring of the 3.5 inch floppy.  

Today we have displays with rich vibrant colors, drives operate off solid-state devices, and keyboards are silent. However for some of us, the keyboards are one giant step backwards, and the Matias Tactile Pro keyboard is a giant step back in time that moves serious typists forward.

The TactilePro compares itself to the last great keyboard made by Apple, the Apple Extended II.  The premium keyswitch used in the Tactile Pro is noisy because it's a mechanical switch. Serious typists prefer a mechanical switch because it gives strong auditory and physical feedback when you press a key.  

Apple's current...

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Output Factory Server for InDesign adds New HTML...

Zevrix Solutions has announced Output Factory Server 1.2.10, a feature update to its output workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign.

Output Factory Server automates printing and exporting from InDesign by processing files from hot folders. The software offers layer versioning, preflighting, variable file name, export as single pages, FTP transfer and many other time saving automation options. Version 1.2.10 adds support for new HTML image export options introduced in InDesign CC 2015.

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Kool Tools: TextSoap 8 for OS X

Unmarked Software’s TextSoap 8, an upgrade to their Mac OS X productivity tool designed to automate the tedious task of manually cleaning up text, brings a new interface designed to streamline efforts in text cleaning of documents, emails, web pages and more.

The software processes text from a variety of formats. It processes text documents, skipping past the repetitive work of manually fixing up text with a simple click.
TextSoap 8’s system-wide menu provides access to TextSoap features inside most applications.

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LOGICnow introduces enhanced remote management for...

LOGIC now (https://www.logicnow.com), which specializes in integrated cloud-based IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, has introduced enhanced remote management capability for the Mac platform and that it has acquired Mac-MSP, a provider of Apple Mac-centric SaaS tools for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

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Steel yarn jackets absorb energy from the sun to...

ThermalTech's jackets don't look too different from a North Face, but the company promises they're more unique (and less bulky) than the standard fare. See, they sandwich a "smart" fabric layer made of lightweight stainless steel yarn in between the...

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Samsung may launch its own phone upgrade program

If Apple and Samsung were humans rather than multi-billion dollar multinational corporations, the best way to describe them would probably be "frenemies." Time and again one looks to the other for inspiration, money, or as a source of parts, and toda...

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North Face eyes A.I. for retail advantage

Retailer North Face has turned to artificial intelligence on its website to better help customers with their purchases.

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Safari Crashing for Both iOS and Mac Users, Fixes...

Safari users are today reporting an odd issue causing Apple's web browser app to crash on both Macs and iOS devices. Several Mac users are also not receiving autocomplete suggestions when entering text into Safari's address bar, with many pages including sites like Google failing to load completely. For many iPhone and iPad users, simply tapping on the URL bar causes Safari to crash.

URL searches, autocomplete, Top Sites and other Safari features rely on queries being sent to and returned by Apple's servers, suggesting this is where the problem lies. The issue also seems to depend on what data the browser most recently cached.

The current fix for iOS and Mac involves disabling Safari Suggestions, which stops the app from crashing to the home screen. On...

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Two new Vaios land in our laps: The flipping crazy...

The Vaio Z turns the 2-in-1 concept on its head, and the Vaio S practically begs to be bent.

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Amazon brings one-hour Prime Now deliveries to...

After launching one-hour Prime Now deliveries in London last summer, Amazon brought the option to Birmingham, Newcastle and Manchester before year's end. The retailer has grand plans to take the convenience to "many more cities in 2016," today announ...

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KGI: iPhone 7 Plus likely to feature dual-camera...

Reliable Apple analyst KGI securities is today reporting that they believe the iPhone 7 Plus will come with a dual-camera system. By using two distinct lenses, Apple can use the additional image data to create substantially better quality photos. Dual camera iPhones have been rumored for a long time. KGI also floats the possibility that the Plus will feature an optical zoom, with 2-3x magnification.

The KGI report makes it plain that not all iPhone 7 models will feature the radically new camera. It appears the 4.7 inch iPhone 7 will not feature the technology. It will be reserved for the 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus …


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Apple News is reportedly getting subscription...

Apple is getting ready to bring paywalled articles to its News app, sources familiar with the matter have told Reuters. If true, this would signify a major change in the service, since it would provide publishers with paywalls (such as The New York T...

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Apple's 'iPhone 7 Plus' to sport dual...

Apple's next-generation, jumbo-size iPhone is expected to come in a dual-camera configuration -- with optical image stabilization and zoom -- achieved through technology procured from last year's LinX acquisition, according to well-connected KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

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Safari on iOS and Mac crashing today for many users...

A strange bug is affecting many Safari users today, causing crashes on iPhone, iPad and Mac. For many users, simply tapping in the URL bar will cause the browser app to crash completely.  The exact issue causing the crashing has not been locked down, but it appears to be related to Apple’s Safari Suggestions service. It’s a very annoying bug that is affecting a lot of people all of sudden today.

When you type a URL, Apple sends what you type to its servers, returning a response with autocomplete search queries, Top Sites and other info. There appears to be a bug in this server request that is causing Safari to randomly crash. Users are discovering some potential workarounds until Apple fixes the problem properly …


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TfL is making it easier to beat traffic and find...

With the majority of Brits now owning a smartphone or tablet, developers have jumped at the chance to deliver up-to-the-minute information on traffic and travel. Transport for London (TfL) has helped facilitate a number of these features by opening i...

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The Enduring Suedes fabric collection

Forums: Software

Our Light Suede Collection of vegan faux suede fabric by the yard is not as heavy as the Heavy Suede Fabric Collection, but is great for any commercial or DIY project including accessories, beanbag chairs, love sacks, handbags, etc. While it can be used for upholstery jobs, we would rather recommend the Heavy Suede Collection for that purpose as it feels a lot more rich and realistic.

Faux Suede is a medium-weight, 100% polyester sueded woven, perfect for those projects (including upholstery) that require a soft, durable fabric. This latest addition to our lineup features vibrant colors with a slight sheen, a stain-resistant finish and is soft to the touch thanks to its napped finish.

You can now add environmentally friendly to the long list of Ultrasuedes superior qualities which gives it an A+. This...

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Tuesday January 26

Which can apathetic or even stop a car if it senses...

Forums: Hardware

Euro NCAP, the blast analysis organisation, has appear after-effects of its tests on the latest Automous Emergency Auto Brake (AEB) systems, which can apathetic or even stop a car if it senses a blow is imminent.

Volvo ability be acclaimed for architecture some of the safest cars in the world, but in Euro NCAP’s tests its AEB system, accepted as “City Safety and Blow with Full Auto-Brake” was baffled by Mercedes’ “Pre-Safe Brake” setup.

Euro NCAP letters that AEB systems accept been apparent to abate rear-end crashes by 25 per cent. With this in mind, they are of account not alone to car occupants but should aswell abate allowance claims, and appropriately costs for all motorists. So important does Euro NCAP amount the technology that from January it is getting congenital into its appraisement scheme....

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We have begun to compile a collection of small...

Forums: TroubleshootingTags: container housesentry boxmodular homehzxiaoya

We have begun to compile a collection of small Container House plans designed for those who have limited small budgets with which to start their projects. The idea is to provide flexible plans which include provisions for future expansion designed from the onset to be a functional aspect of the original layout. These plans include all structural...

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Financial Conference Call Transcript: The Eye...

While Patently Apple usually covers highlights of comments made by Apple's CEO during their financial conference calls, this time I thought it important to cover all of what Tim Cook had to say this afternoon because in order to understand the quarter in depth, you have to understand the extraordinary difficulties Apple had to endure in trying to balance the currency crisis around the globe.

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Apple iPhone sales stall. What's going on?

Apple sold 74.8 million iPhones in the last three months of 2015 -- a record, but it’s the slowest iPhone growth yet, so what’s going on?

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Transcript of Apple’s financial call

iMore transcribed the call, along with all the analyst questions, and answers from Tim Cook and Luca Maestri.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple guides first-ever iPhone sales decline in Q2

During Apple's quarterly conference call for the first fiscal period of 2016, CEO Tim Cook said he expects year-over-year iPhone unit sales to decline in the current March quarter, the first downturn for iPhone since its launch in 2007.

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Apple’s Services, Other categories continue to grow

Apple's Services continues to grow, reaching 8% of total revenue in the fiscal 2016 first quarter that ended Dec. 26, 2015. The Services category — which includes revenue from iTunes, Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Pay, app stores, licensing and other items — brought in over $6 billion for fiscal year 2015. 

That’s up 15% year-over-year. Purchases from content from Apple’s installed base was up 24% year-over-year. Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri told analysts and the press the major drivers of growth were apps, movies, and TV shows.

Revenue from the “other” products category — which includes the Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats products, and iPods, set a record with $4.351 billion. The previous high was $3.048 billion the prior quarter.

Some other notes of interest from Apple’s latest fiscal report: 

  • The company has nearly...
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Apple's Tim Cook calls VR 'cool' and...

Asked about the technology during a call on the company's Q1 results, Apple CEO Tim Cook called virtual reality "cool" and something with interesting applications, though he didn't tease any plans Apple might have.

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Analyst: some investors are punishing Apple for not...

Dr. Aleksi Aaltonen, Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Warwick Business Schoolk and Apple researcher, says that some investors are starting to punish Apple for not being able to do the impossible. 

He adds that the longer the company keeps breaking its iPhone records, the more likely the following quarter shows that the product has finally peaked. Lots of analysts predicting quarterly sales figures and pondering if the inevitable peaking has finally happened diverts attention from what really matters to the company.

"Things like Apple Music and Apple Pay are smart extensions to the product portfolio but not the kind of exciting products from which the company lives from. To me, the real reason to worry is if Apple starts trying to appease investors,” Aaltonen says. “The company could easily start focusing bit by bit on efficiency and shave off costs here and there to keep investors happy for quarters to come. Given the...

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Apple Watch and Apple TV See Record Quarterly Sales

Both the Apple Watch and the Apple TV set new quarterly sales records in 1Q 2016, according to information shared by Tim Cook during today's earnings call. The Apple Watch saw especially strong sales in December as people purchased the device during the holiday season, something that's perhaps not a surprise given the significant discounts offered by some third-party retailers.

While Apple did not offer discounts itself, Best Buy cut prices on the Apple Watch by $100, and Target offered a $100 gift card with the purchase of an Apple Watch. These price drops likely boosted Apple Watch sales by a good amount during the quarter. Apple also expanded Apple Watch availability to more than 48 countries ahead of the holiday season.

As for the Apple TV, Apple says it saw its best quarter ever following the launch of the fourth-generation device. The Apple TV 4, priced at $149 to $199 depending on capacity,...

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Apple reaches global install base of more than 1B...

Apple announced a major milestone as part of its quarterly earnings report on Tuesday, noting that more than 1 billion devices pinged its servers over the three-month period ending in December.

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iPhone growth slows (but the average selling price)...

Apple sold 74.779 million iPhones in the fiscal 2016 first quarter that ended Dec. 26, 2015; that’s slightly below Wall Street’s consensus for around 75 million and is flat with the prior-year’s 74.46 million units. The 0.4% growth in shipments was the lowest since the product was launched in 2007.

Despite this, Apple smartphone revenue was up 1% to $48.05 billion. In the fiscal quarter, the iPhone average selling price (ASP) was the strongest ever with the average iPhone costing $691.The previous high was $674 in the first quarter of 2009.

What’s more, CEO Tim Cook said the fiscal quarter saw the largest number of Android-to-iPhone switches ever, though he didn’t give a specific figure. He also said that, during the quarter, Apple sold an average of 34,000 iPhones per hour, 24/7 for 13 weeks.

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Apple Expects First Ever Decline of iPhone Sales...

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed during the company's financial earnings conference call today that iPhone sales will likely decline in the March quarter, marking the first year-over-year decline since the smartphone was released in June 2007. The decline will be realized if Apple sells less than 61.2 million iPhones this quarter.

Apple forecasts that its total revenue in Q2 2016 will be between $50 and $53 billion, compared to $58 billion in the year-ago quarter, signaling the company's first year-over-year drop in revenue in thirteen years. Apple has posted over 50 quarters of year-over-year revenue growth since 2003.

Apple is currently facing significant foreign exchange headwinds. A strong U.S. dollar makes it more difficult for Apple, which reports its earnings in U.S. dollars, to perform when some 66% of their business is...

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Fast Times With Nelum OS

Nelum OS is a light and fast live-installable Linux distribution family offering three separate releases. The distro is a brand-new entry to the land of Linux, with its initial release posted earlier this month. It is an unusual twist on what you usually see with a Linux release. For example, the virtual desktops can be changed simply by scrolling the mouse wheel or finger scrolling the touchpad. All three flavors of Nelum Linux rely on Openbox as the window manager. Each version is based on a different Ubuntu version.

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Mac sales in China grew 27% year-over-year

Apple’s Mac, which continues to buck the trend of an eroding consumer PC, saw 27% year-over-year growth from the first fiscal quarter of 2015 to the first quarter of fiscal 2016, according to Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri.

In its fiscal 2016 first quarter that ended Dec. 26, 2015, Apple saw its third strongest Mac quarter ever with 5.312 million units sold. However, it was the second strongest in terms of revenue on the backs of rising average selling prices. The average Mac cost $1,270 last quarter.

The Mac leveraged the consumer-heavy, 2015 holiday season to retake third place with a 12.7% share of the U.S. personal computer market, according to the latest data from the IDC research group. The Mac has gained market share for 35 out of the last 36 quarters.

According to IDC, the top five U.S. personal computer vendors, and their market share...

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Apple CEO Tim Cook: Virtual Reality is 'Really...

During today's earnings call for the first fiscal quarter of 2016 (fourth calendar quarter), analyst Gene Munster asked Tim Cook to share his thoughts on virtual reality in an effort to get a hint on whether or not that's a feature Apple is working on for future devices. "What are your thoughts on the VR theme?" Munster asked. "Is this a geeky niche or something that could go mainstream?"

In response, Tim Cook said that he does not believe that virtual reality is a niche. "It's really cool," he said. "And it has some interesting applications."

With virtual reality products like the Oculus Rift gaining in popularity, there has been speculation that Apple will release some kind of virtual reality or augmented reality feature in its iOS devices. Apple reportedly has a small team of...

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ExxonMobil to accept Apple Pay at the pump through...

During Apple's quarterly conference call for the first quarter of 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced upcoming availability for Apple Pay at ExxonMobil gas stations through that company's Speedpass+ touchless payments system.

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Apple Delivers a Great Quarter yet Acknowledges that...

Last Friday Wall Street's Projections were laid out as noted in our cover graphic. They're projected 76 million iPhone would be sold and in reality, Apple reports that they sold 74.8 million iPhone. Wall Street projected $76.7 billion in sales with $18.2 billion in profit and Apple actually delivered...

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Apple TV (4th gen) with Siri remote in refurbished...

It’s only been a few short months since the 4th generation Apple TV with Siri remote was released, but it’s already available in refurbished condition from Apple’s online store. The discounts are slight, but they are definitely better than paying full-price: 32GB is $129 (Reg. $149) and 64GB is $169 (Reg. $199). Apple’s refurbished products include a full one-year warranty and generally come in great condition. Just last week Apple began offering refurbished 12-inch MacBooks for the first time ever.

We’ve seen a handful of deals for Apple’s latest streaming media player during the holiday season with prices dropping as low as $100 for the 32GB...

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Apple’s Q2 revenue forecast overshadows a record-...

Enlarge / The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Apple has just released its earnings report for the first quarter of fiscal 2016, which runs from the beginning of October to the end of December. The holiday quarter is usually Apple's largest by far, and Apple still managed to grow a little even if it couldn't match the same astounding iPhone 6-driven growth levels it hit in Q1 of 2015. Profit and revenue are both up slightly, but it's mostly thanks to growth in the Services and Other Products categories. Revenue increased in all territories but the Americas and Japan, with China again accounting for most of the growth.

Apple broke quarterly records, with $18.4 billion in...

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Rising iPhone ASP in Q1 hints at healthy iPhone 6s...

In first quarter financial results announced on Tuesday, Apple's average selling price (ASP) for the iPhone rose to $690.50, suggesting a fairly healthy demand for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus which launched in September.

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Apple's Q1: Record $18.4 billion profit, but...

Apple just reported its financial results for the holiday quarter, which ended Dec. 26, and unsurprisingly, the company posted huge numbers: $18.4 billion in profit on $75.9 billion in revenue. The company sold 74.8 million iPhones, which is slightly less than the 75 million expected from sales of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, though still nothing to shake a stick at. Apple’s Q1 is the most profitable quarter any company has ever reported. Ever.

But here’s the deal: iPhone sales won’t keep climbing forever—though they’re still growing, it’s at a slower rate than ever before, from 74.5 million units to 74.8 million year-over-year. Apple expects revenue in the current quarter to decline year-over-year, from $58 billion during last year’s Q2 to between $50 billion and $53 billion when the quarter ends in March.


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Notes of interest from Apple's Q1 2016...

Apple's biggest quarter ever was something of a mixed bag for the company --?it sold more iPhones than ever, but the company also expects revenues to fall next quarter. Following the announcement of its first quarter of fiscal 2016 results, executives from the company participated in a conference call with analysts and the media, and notes of interest follow.

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Apple announces $75.9 in revenue, $18.4 billion...

It’s hard to argue with an $18.4 billion profit.

This is what Apple had to announce for its Q1 numbers, the company citing an $18.4 billion profit on $75.9 billion in revenue.

During the conference call, Apple cited 74.7 million iPhones sold, 16.1 million iPads sold, and 5.3 million Macs sold. Although the October through December period was probably a stacked quarter for Apple Watches sales, the company doesn’t break out category sales for that product for “competitive” reasons.

That compares to $51.5 billion in revenue, $11.1 billion in profit, 48 million iPhones, 9.8 million iPads, and 5.7 million Macs reported in the previous quarter. During the same holiday quarter a year prior, Apple reported $74.6 billion in revenue, $18 billion in profit, 74.4 million...

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Apple Reports Record First Quarter Results

Apple has announced financial results for its fiscal 2016 first quarter ended December 26, 2015. The company posted record quarterly revenue of $75.9 billion and record quarterly net income of $18.4 billion, or $3.28 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $74.6 billion and net income of $18 billion, or $3.06 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 40.1 percent compared to 39.9 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 66 percent of the quarter’s revenue. “Our team delivered Apple’s biggest quarter ever, thanks to the world’s most innovative products and all-time record sales of iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The growth of our Services business accelerated during the quarter to produce record results, and our installed base recently crossed a major milestone of one billion active devices.”

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Apple sees growth in China amid currency headwinds,...

Apple revenues exhibited regional growth in China over the first fiscal quarter of 2016, but currency headwinds clipped the company's wings, prompting the release of so-called "supplemental material" to explain what some might view as concerning trends.

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Apple now has an ‘active installed base’ of one...

In more info about its latest financial results, Apple says its installed base drove over $31 billion in related purchases in fiscal year 2015. That’s up 23% year-over-year. The company says it has a “active installed base” of one billion users.

That’s based on iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Apple Watch devices that have been engaged with the company’s services within the past 90 days. Those services include iTunes, Apple Music, app stores, iCloud, and Apple Pay.

The Americas accounted for $29.3 billion in fiscal quarter one of 2016 (down 4%). Europe accounted for $17.9 billion (down 4%); Greater China accounted for $18.4 billion (up 14%); Japan accounted for $4.8 billion (down 12 percent); and the rest of Asia Pacific accounted for $5.4 billion (up 4%).

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Apple announces record first quarter financial...

Maybe Apple’s not doomed, after all. The company has announced financial results for its fiscal 2016 first quarter that ended Dec. 26, 2015. Apple posted record quarterly revenue of $75.9 billion and record quarterly net income of $18.4 billion, or $3.28 per diluted share. 

Apple sold 74.8 million iPhones in the first quarter of fiscal 2016. Mac sales for the quarter reached 5.3 million units (down 4% year-over-year). iPad sales were 16.1 million (a 25% decrease year-over-year).

“Our team delivered Apple’s biggest quarter ever, thanks to the world’s most innovative products and all-time record sales of iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV,” said CEO Tim Cook in a press release. “The growth of our Services business accelerated during the quarter to produce record results, and our installed base recently crossed a major milestone of one billion active devices.”

The latest financial results compare to revenue of $74.6 billion and net income of $18 billion, or $3.06...

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Live blog: Apple’s fiscal year Q1 2016 earnings call

Apple just posted its official Q1 2016 earnings report and we’ve broken down how that compares to previous quarters. Next up on the schedule is Apple’s quarterly conference call with analysts where CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri typically recap the numbers and field questions about Apple’s financial situation.

To recap the big numbers from today’s report, Apple counted $75.9b in revenue, $18.4b in profit, 74.8m iPhones sold, 16.1m iPads sold, and 5.3m Macs sold during the final three months of last year. Apple Watch numbers aren’t broken out at this point and instead included in the Other category with iPods, Apple TVs, and other accessories.

We’ll be tuned in to the call as it plays out, and update this post with up-to-the-minute details while highlighting major updates. The call is scheduled to kick off at 2 pm PT/5 pm ET so stick around.


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Apple reports first quarter results

Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2016 first quarter that ended Dec. 26, 2015. The company posted record quarterly revenue of $75.9 billion and record quarterly net income of $18.4 billion, or $3.28 per diluted share.

These results compare to revenue of $74.6 billion and net income of $18 billion, or $3.06 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 40.1 percent compared to 39.9 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 66 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

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Apple World Today Liveblog of the Apple 1Q 2016...

Welcome to the AWT liveblog of Apple's 1Q 2016 earnings call. We'll be providing commentary here as the call progresses. There is no need to refresh this page; it will be automatically updated. You can listen to the call live at http://www.apple.com/investor/earnings-call/ starting at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET. 

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Apple sells 74.8M iPhones, rakes in $75.9B in...

The 2015 holiday shopping season was the biggest quarter in Apple's history, with profits of $18.4 billion earned thanks to yet another record performance for the iPhone.

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Apple’s Q1 2016 Sets Records, but Just Barely

Apple is still making money hand over fist, but all three of its major product categories have stalled or are in decline. Michael Cohen and Josh Centers don their analyst hats to try to explain why.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Apple Reports Record Results: $18.4B Profit on $75....

Apple today announced financial results for the first fiscal quarter of 2016, which corresponds to the fourth calendar quarter of 2015. For the quarter, Apple posted revenue of $75.9 billion and net quarterly profit of $18.4 billion, or $3.28 per diluted share, compared to revenue of $74.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $18 billion, or $3.06 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Both revenue and earnings were company records.

Gross margin for the quarter was 40.1 percent compared to 39.9 percent in the year-ago quarter, with international sales accounting for 66 percent of revenue. Apple also declared an upcoming dividend payment of $0.52 per share, payable on February 11 to shareholders of record as of February 8. The company currently holds $215.7 billion in cash and marketable securities,...

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Apple says it now has 1 billion total active devices

Apple just released its Q1 2016 earnings, reporting “record” results of $75.9 billion in revenue and $18.4 billion in profit. In addition to its normal data, however, Apple has shared a new figure relating to the number of active devices it has in the wild. Apple says that it now has an active installed base of 1 billion devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Apple says it gathered this data by tracking the devices that have been engaged with its services within the last 90 days.

“The growth of our Services business accelerated during the quarter to produce record results, and our installed base recently crossed a major milestone of one billion active devices,” Tim Cook said regarding the growth of the company’s...

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∞ Apple reports $18.4 billion profit for first...

Apple on Tuesday announced record quarterly revenue of $75.9 billion and record quarterly net income of $18.4 billion.

“Our team delivered Apple’s biggest quarter ever, thanks to the world’s most innovative products and all-time record sales of iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The growth of our Services business accelerated during the quarter to produce record results, and our installed base recently crossed a major milestone of one billion active devices.”

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Apple announces record quarter, Q1 2016 revenue of $...

It’s earnings day for Apple and the company has just reported their official numbers for revenue, profit, and products sold during the holiday quarter. Remember that this quarter includes the bulk of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sales, all iPad Pro and related accessory sales, Apple TV 4 sales, plus traffic from the busy holiday shopping season.

With that in mind, Apple reported $75.9b in revenue, $18.4b in profit, 74.8m iPhones sold, 16.1m iPads sold, and 5.3m Macs sold. Although the October through December period was probably a stacked quarter for Apple Watches sales, the company doesn’t break out category sales for that product for “competitive” reasons.

That compares to $51.5 billion in revenue, $11.1 billion in profit, 48m iPhones, 9.8m iPads, and 5.7m Macs reported in the previous quarter. During the same holiday quarter...

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Report: Apple may soon let you read paid-...

The News app on your iPhone might start giving you access to more paid articles from paywall sites like The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and The New York Times.

According to Reuters, Apple is planning to make paid-subscription content available on its News app for iOS 9. This would entice subscription-only publications to offer more content to News readers. Right now Apple News does have a few paywall sites in its roster, including The Wall Street Journal, but these publishers have to either offer their content for free or share only an excerpt that drives readers to the publication’s website. By incorporating access to paid subscriptions, readers would be able to go through the paywall and read the entire...

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Notable apps and app updates for Jan. 26, 2016

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks for Mac OS X and iOS.

Mac OS X Apps/Updates

PowerProduction Software has announced StoryBoard Artist 7, an update of the digital and animatic storyboard creation tool for filmmakers. The software is available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Version 7 amps up 3D capabilities, adding an unlimited number of character poses, advanced motion graphics, and integration with StoryBoard mobile apps for previs creation across devices.

StoryBoard Artist 7 is immediately available from PowerProduction Software for $499.99. StoryBoard Artist owners can upgrade to the new version 7.0 for $199.

iOS Apps/Updates for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


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Microsoft launches business-oriented News Pro...

Microsoft on Tuesday introduced News Pro, a news aggregator for both iPhones and the Web that takes a different tack thanks to its dependence on Bing News, and a focus on business-related topics instead of general interests.

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Microsoft launches News Pro, a hyper-relevant news...

Microsoft today released News Pro, a news delivery service with “hyper-relevant news for your work.”  The application utilizes either your Facebook or LinkedIn account for log in and then aggregates news topics and articles around your work-based interests. The idea is similar to Apple’s own News app, and Flipboard, but with a focus on articles and topics related to your day-to-day career. The project seems to be coming out from the Microsoft Garage team, whom have been specializing in experimental projects.


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New Little iPhone May Sprout This Spring

An iPhone with a 4-inch display and some features found in Apple's latest models will launch in March or April, according to a rumor that surfaced last week. The model reportedly will be called the "iPhone 5se" -- for "special edition" -- and will be offered at the same price point as the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5se will have design features similar to the 5s, which was released in 2013, but it will have internal, hardware and software features gleaned from more recent models, according to the report, which cites unnamed Apple sources.

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Microsoft's Garage has developed a new iPhone...

Microsoft's Garage internal incubator has come out with a news feed on the iPhone targetting users' business information needs.

News Pro is a new app that allows users to connect their LinkedIn or Facebook accounts and get a feed of the top stories relevant to their interests and work experience. Depending on how much time people have spent elaborating what they're into on one of those networks, the initial recommendations might not be all that helpful, but users can specify more about their interests inside the app itself.

The News Pro interface is fairly bare bones: it shows a list of articles that users can scroll through, comment on, and "like," similar to other news apps. Users can either read them as they would appear on the web, or in a streamlined "Speedy mode" that strips away everything but basic text.


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Olloclip Studio adds protection and photo/video...

Olloclip started a photographic revolution when it came out with interchangeable lenses that clipped onto an iPhone. The company is still at the forefront of clip-on lens kits for iPhones and its latest product -- Olloclip Studio (US$89.99) -- is designed to take iPhone photography one step further by providing photographers with a way to use tripods and other accessories alongside their Olloclip lenses. Olloclip Studio is available for pre-order for iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus, shipping in February.


Olloclip Studio consists of the new Studio Case and six other pieces. First, there is a two-finger grip that attaches to the case, giving photographers a more stable way to hold onto the iPhone and accessories. Next, there are two 1/4-20 clips for mounting the Studio Case onto a tripod, grip or handle either in landscape or portrait orientation. There are also two cold shoe...

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iOS's News app to incorporate some subscription...

Apple will soon reportedly allow publishers to offer subscription-only articles through iOS's News app, gating some content behind paywalls normally reserved for separate apps or the Web.

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Apple to Add Support for Subscription Content in...

Apple is planning to add subscription content from publishers with paywalls to its Apple News app, reports Reuters. This will allow sites that require subscriptions or memberships to view content to have more control over who reads their articles, but it will also introduce barriers for readers.

All content on Apple News is available for free with the existing model, but with support for subscriptions, publishers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal could limit the number of free articles Apple News users can access before requiring them to subscribe.

With no support for subscription content, publishers are limited on how they can make money through Apple News. Existing subscriber-only sites currently share their articles for free or offer only an excerpt, directing readers to a website to read the full content. Publishers are said to be unhappy with the...

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Apple News app may add a subscription service

Apple is working to make subscription content available through its iOS News app (has attracted more than 100 publishing partners worldwide since launching last September), giving publishers with paywalls a new way to control who sees their articles, reports Reuters, quoting two unnamed “sources familiar with the matter.”

The article adds that this would differentiate Apple News from Facebook's Instant Articles news offering, which does not offer subscriber-only content, and “would likely give Apple a boost as it seeks to distinguish itself from a growing crowd of online news apps.” Reuters notes that it’s unclear how Apple would authenticate subscribers or if it would take a cut of payments from readers who become subscribers through the app

Subscriber-only publications that work with News now can either share their articles for free or just share excerpts of articles and direct readers to log on to...

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Forums: HardwareTags: Vtrak promise qlogic sanbox 5600

10 x Apple LSI 2 port 4Gb Fiber card PCI-e

Q LOGIC SANBOX MODEL #: SANBOX5600 20 active ports 16 4Gb and 4 expansion ports
Q LOGIC SANBOX MODEL #: SANBOX5600 20 active ports 16 4Gb and 4 expansion ports (one of the 2 power supplies is dead)
Q LOGIC SANBOX MODEL #: SANBOX5600 20 active ports 16 4Gb and 4 expansion ports (one of the 2 power supplies is dead)
Pair of stacking cables included with each.

Can combine the 2 working power supplies into one unit, or use them as spare parts.


PROMISE E class storage raid E610F—STORAGE_SERVER 16 x 750Gb Drives
PROMISE E class storage raid E610F—STORAGE_SERVER 16...

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Free college prep planning resources and virtual...

In partnership with TeenLife, the largest content and listing site for experiential learning opportunities, the OneNote team is offering students the opportunity to expand their world and discover amazing experiences outside of the high-school classroom at a live online fair on January 31, 2016. This event includes 12 speakers and 30+ exhibitors focused on college prep, STEM, summer and gap-year experiences, community service and more! To learn about the speakers and exhibitors and to access incredible online resources built in OneNote and Sway on Docs.com for college prep planning, check out Docs.com/TeenLife-Media.

TeenLife is also giving away one Microsoft Surface tablet to a TeenLife LIVE attendee who downloads...

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Report: Apple developing support for paid,...

Apple reportedly has plans to work with publishers to support viewing subscription content in its Apple News app, according to Reuters which cites two anonymous sources. Currently, the Apple News app does not support authenticating subscriber log-ins. That means content can’t be behind a pay wall and can only be monetized by web advertising when readers follow through to the publisher’s website or by using iAds. Apple’s iAd network is noticeably going through a shuffle at the moment with the company recently announcing the end of its App Network where developers advertise their apps.

The move would allow...

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Fake Apple retail stores on the decline in China

As Apple has expanded its retail presence in China, the number of knockoff locations falsely parading as official Apple Stores has declined in the city of Shenzhen, a new report reveals.

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Photographing the SR-71 Blackbird

Blair Bunting:

There was once a time when men flew a jet that tore the air apart, nearly revealing the physics that had served only to hold it together. It was an aircraft that screamed as quietly as the night, flying for almost ten years before it was even known to exist. To many, it is considered the greatest aircraft innovation ever gave us; it is the SR-71 Blackbird.

I was not among those fortunate to see it fly, my viewership of this spectical (sic) is, and will always be, limited to History Channel documentaries with the sound cranked to 11. However, I could not help but feel the sense of awe when stepping out of the van at Beal Air Force Base and the PA officer saying, “here is your SR-71, Mr. Bunting.”

Even after all of these years, it is still the most magnificent airplane I’ve ever seen. I remember the day it buzzed the city of Vancouver to promote the local airshow. I was literally standing in awe, mouth agape, as it flew by.


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The Week in Mac Apps: Speed up your typing with...

...plus, an app just for managing your TV shows

From file management to secure online backups, this week’s roundup of new Mac apps has it all.

AppGenome 1.0

Devotion8’s $2 AppGenome (Mac App Store Link) lets you create a desktop app that links to a specific website—a bit like the “Add to Home Screen” feature you find in iOS’s version of Safari.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Apple offering refurbished 4th-generation Apple TVs...

The 4th-generation Apple TV has been around since September 2015, so it's only logical that Apple would begin to offer refurbs for sale in the online Apple Store. Those who are interested in getting a slight discount on the new hardware can point their browsers to the Certified Refurbished department of the Apple Store, where they'll find the 32GB model available for $129 and the 64GB version for $169

The Certified Refurbished products are covered by Apple's one-year limited warranty and the 14-day returns policy, and buyers can also get an AppleCare Protection Plan for the little black box if they wish. The price is $20 off suggested retail for the 32GB model, while the 64GB Apple TV is available at a $30 discount. 


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The vinyl record factory that makes your niche music...


It’s odd when you think about it. Records are archaic technology, a format that is not at all portable and subject to all manner of degradation, from scratches and skips to pops and clicks, if it isn’t properly and lovingly cared for. But audiophiles insist vinyl offers superior sound. We’ll stay out of that debate, but you have to admit it is pretty cool how vinyl works.

There’s a process to it that borders on artistry, something Wiper—who loves records—discovered during a visit to Record Industry, a pressing plant in the in the Dutch city of Haarlem. The British photographer followed every step in the process, from making the master to pressing the wax to shrink-wrapping the finished product. “Seeing how it’s done really makes you realize how amazingly clever this old-fashioned technology is,” he says.

The process of creating the actual vinyl record is fascinating. The slide show included with the story makes me wish for a video of the incredibly...

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Working. Evolved.

Today’s post was written by Thom Gruhler, corporate vice president at Microsoft.

The way we work has evolved. Dynamic teams that span time zones are no longer the exception; collaboration is how work gets done and people expect to be able to access their work from any device. In addition, co-working spaces like WeWork are positioned at the center of this change and offer a new generation of workers an exciting alternative for the traditional physical workspace.

It’s with this in mind that I’m pleased to announce we’ve joined forces with our friends at WeWork to launch a special offer for Office 365. Launching in February and running through June of this year, WeWork members around the world can get 25 percent off an Office 365 Business or Business Premium subscription, giving them access to the tools and technology that empower them to achieve their goals. In fact, check out this video to learn how Dash,...

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Gadget Ogling: Super Strollers, Posture Prodders,...

Regular readers will know that I am not a parent, so you might wonder why I'm including a self-propelling stroller in this week's cavalcade of riches. The answer is elementary: It's a smashing idea. Granted, it's maybe because I don't have a child that I think as much. Aside from pushing itself along the sidewalk, the Smartbe Intelligent Stroller can warm bottles, charge devices and play music. It apparently can propel itself uphill and keep pace with you if you're running. At $399 for early crowdfunding backers, it seems decent value.

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Logic Pros: How to open Apple’s new Music Memos in...

In this week’s episode of The Logic Pros, we’ll be taking a look at syncing Apple’s new Music Memos iOS app with Logic Pro and GarageBand on the Mac.

Late last week Apple released a new app called Music Memos designed specifically to allow songwriters and musicians to quickly capture audio and develop song ideas. And on top of acting as a standalone tool for songwriters, it’s also a companion for Apple’s full-fledged audio suites, GarageBand and Logic Pro. Today we’ll take a look at how to access the new Music Memos feature from all your devices, and the options for taking an idea you’re developing in Music Memos into GarageBand or Logic.

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External Link: New Yorker Spills the Beans on the...

Writing for The New Yorker with tongue firmly planted in cheek, Greg Tannen channels what Apple’s release note writers really want to say in a joke piece about the upcoming OS X Haleakalā. (“No, don’t bother trying to spell it. It took us three tries, and we made the damn thing. Anyway, Haleakalā National Park is in Hawaii, which we thought was cool, and we’re doing this whole national-parks name thing . . . so, well, there you go. Haleakalā!”) Go read the full article, but not right now if it would be inappropriate to find yourself giggling in public.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with...

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Wall Street expects $76.5B in revenue from Apple in...

Apple this afternoon is expected to reveal that it just concluded its biggest quarter in the company's history, with Wall Street watchers projecting an average of $76.5 billion in revenue from the holiday period.

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UBS Analyst: iPhone Sales Worse than Expected

Considering that Apple's financial conference call is only hours away from commencing, it's either gutsy or reckless of USB analyst Steve Milunovich to be taking another stab at Apple at this late point in time.

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9to5Toys Last Call: VIZIO 48″ Smart HDTV (refurb) $...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.

Last Call Updates:

Apple TV 32GB w/ Siri Remote and HDMI Cable $...

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Barclays appears set to offer Apple Pay support...

Image via Bankingtech.com

While Apple Pay has been available in the U.K. since July of 2015, one of the biggest banks in the country hasn't offered its customers the ability to use their credit cards with the touch-free payment system. Now an email from an executive of that bank -- Barclays -- says that the company will launch Apple Pay in March.

An email dated January 12 from Ashok Vaswani, CEO of Barclays' Personal and Corporate Banking division, was shared on Twitter and noted that the company plans to launch Apple Pay "within the next 60 to 75 days". 

Barclays Executive confirms #applepay launch date. At last! pic.twitter.com/5wuzMoGs4V

— Oli Foster-Burnell (@orfoster) January 25, 2016

Barclays has been a laggard in providing Apple Pay, with most of the U.K.'s...

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Upgrade 10.9.5 to 10.10.5 with Stornext MDC

Forums: TroubleshootingTags: XsanStorNext

I am upgrading my 10.9.5 clients to 10.10.5 clients. We have Stornext MDCs. Does anyone have an upgrade guide since there were major changes to how XSAN 4 works?

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Microsoft Windows Phone chief Joe Belfiore tweets...

In the midst of a monthslong leave of absence from his post as head of the company's operating systems group, longtime Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore on Tuesday tweeted from an iPhone, which made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

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Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Marvin Minsky Dies...

Marvin Minsky, a pioneer in artificial intelligence at MIT’s Media Lab (and a TidBITS reader) has died at age 88. He will be missed.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Live action: Periscope app adds GoPro integration

Periscope is the free livestreaming app from Twitter that we use almost every weekday to send out a video version of the AWT News Update podcast. Up until this point, Periscope users have had to make do with the cameras built into their iPhones to do their broadcasting, but an update to the app today has added support for the GoPro Hero 4 action cam.

To broadcast live from the GoPro, iPhone users just need to connect to the GoPro Hero 4's Wi-Fi, then open Periscope and start broadcasting over the cellular data network. Broadcasters can switch back to the iPhone's camera with just a tap on the screen. 

This means that Hero 4 owners can set up a broadcast, then put the iPhone away in a safe place while they do something fun...like jump out of an airplane, climb a cliff, or go racing down a mountain road on a longboard. Periscope is already fun to watch, and the GoPro integration...

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The Australian Taxation Office is likely Next to...

Apple notes that they're currently under an extensive audit by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

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Rumor: Second-gen Apple Watch will enter mass...

The source has a mixed track record, but the rumor is pretty interesting.

A new rumor has it that the second-generation Apple Watch will go into mass production in the second quarter of 2016, with Quanta Computer remaining as the sole manufacturer.

Apple had apparently considered placing some orders with Foxconn, its main manufacturing partner, but volumes aren’t expected to be that high according to supply chain sources. Both Quanta and Foxconn refused to comment on the matter.

It’s been suggested that Apple has scaled down its 2016 shipment forecast for the Watch, owing to weaker-than-expected performance in 2015, even though the device may control over 50 percent of the smartwatch market. Apple has not released official...

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Deals: B&H's Super Bowl big screen TV super...

In anticipation of next month's Super Bowl, B&H for the next few days is bringing back Black Friday pricing and bonus incentives (free Gift Cards, free WD Passport Drives, free Soundbars, free Tvs) on a huge selection of Samsung, Sony XBR, LG, and VIZIO big-screen TV sets -- all with free shipping and no sales tax outside NY. Plus 13" MacBook Airs for $899 and Mac minis from $449.

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How to learn to code when you have no idea where to...

I absolutely love this. Please pass this along.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Leaked memo indicates that Barclays will support...

U.K. bank Barclays has confirmed that it will launch Apple Pay within the next 45 to 60 days, based on a two-week-old email dated January 12, suggesting the bank will support the iPhone-based mobile payments service by no later than March 28.

The launch date was released by Barclays CEO of Personal and Corporate Banking Ashok Vaswani in what appears to be a legitimate email sent to customer Oli Foster-Burnell. The executive has emailed customers about Apple Pay in the past.

Barclays is the only financial institution among the “Big Four” banks in the U.K. that has yet to adopt Apple Pay. The country’s participating issuers include the Bank of Scotland, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, M&S Bank, MBNA, Nationwide, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland,...

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GoPro integrates with Periscope to live stream...

GoPro just announced a partnership so obvious it’s surprising it didn’t happen earlier. You can now live stream the epic tube rides you capture on your action camera via Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming video service.

If you’re going into the water, however, you’d better get a waterproof case, because you’ll still need your iPhone close by.

You need to connect your GoPro Hero 4 to your iPhone via Wi-Fi, and then set Periscope for iPhone to broadcast. Next, a GoPro button will be highlighted in the app; tap that and you’re live. GoPro’s new Periscope integration isn't available for Android.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here...

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Rumor claims next-gen Apple Watch going into mass...

A questionable rumor on Tuesday indicated that the second-generation Apple Watch will go into mass production in the second quarter of 2016, with Quanta Computer remaining as the sole manufacturer.

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Backblaze will send you a hard drive with your...

When it comes to backing up your precious data, investing in an online backup service is one of the smartest things you can do. These services constantly save any changes you make on your PC to their servers, giving you an offsite backup solution for minimal cost and overhead. But while saving your data to the cloud in a slow drip won’t devastate your workflow or shatter your data cap, restoring hundreds of gigabytes worth of data all at once after disaster strikes certainly could.

That’s where Backblaze’s new Hard Drive Recycling Program comes in.

Backblaze—which will back up an unlimited amount of data from your PC or Mac for $5 per month—has long offered the ability to have a flash drive or hard drive loaded with your data shipped to you if downloading your backups from the web would take too long, or be too onerous to your Internet plan. But it didn’t come cheap: Having a 128GB flash drive sent your way cost $99, while an external drive up to 4TB cost $...

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Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ at crossroads, team in...

Apple Insider reporting on a hiring freeze for Apple’s rumored car project.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Citizen journalism comes to the living room with...

More and more mobile devices are being released every year with better and higher quality cameras, allowing nearly anyone to share the news faster than a major news corporation can even fathom. Founded in 2014 by Thiel fellow John Meyer, Fresco puts a focus on getting citizen journalism the credit it deserves. Today Fresco announced an Apple TV version of their Fresco News app, which curates the best content of the day, and delivers facts on international events in a fresh way.

CNN seemingly saw this coming back in 2006 with their launch of iReport as they began to look for a way to get involved in this coming wave of citizen...

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∞ Interview with Apple Employee #4 (the man who...

[VIDEO] This is an interview steeped in history, both in terms of the beginnings of Apple and the early days of Silicon Valley.

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A link that crashes Safari and your iPhone

This is why we can’t have nice things.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple Watch’s killer app is already here

Tim Bajarin makes the case for Notifications being the killer app, I add in a few points of my own.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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New IP Europe Alliance formed to Strengthen...

With the European Commission investigating and fining a number of U.S. Companies successfully of late, European tech companies have now decided to try another approach at hitting U.S. Companies hard going forward regarding Intellectual Property. Apple and others beware -- Europe is getting ready for patent wars ...

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Twitter's stopped showing ads to its favorite...

Social networks love to cater to their more prominent users. Facebook, for example, creates unique experiences and apps just for celebrities. Now Twitter's upping the experience for its “VIP” tweeters. Those most precious of users are seeing no—or at least far fewer—ads in their timelines, according to Re/code.

What exactly constitutes a VIP is unclear, but the informal designation appears to factor in a person’s celebrity, tweet volume, and social reach. It’s likely those little blue verified check marks next to a user’s name are table stakes just to be considered for the ad-free experience.


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Apple Watch sales are disappointing — unless they’re...

Because of Apple Watch's “weaker than expected” shipments, Apple recently reduced the device's shipment forecast for 2016 down further from its estimate in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to Digitimes. Or maybe not.

As noted by Market Realist, analyst Horace Dediu of Asymco projected Apple Watch shipments to reach 21 million units in the first 12 months, generating revenues of $8.4 billion. IDC (International Data Corporation) estimates Apple Watch shipments of 45 million units in 2019. And analyst Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies said that Apple Watch will move more than 100 million units by 2017. 

Even Digitimes notes that, compared to other smartwatches, the Apple Watch still performed “rather strongly” and had an...

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The real legacy of Steve Jobs

Digging through the recent movies and one of the better Steve Jobs biographies, Sue Halpern does an interesting job weaving together a picture of Steve Jobs’ legacy.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Microsoft’s Windows Phone vice president Joe...

It’s not the first time that a ‘Twitter for iPhone’ tag has given away the fact that someone is not using the device you might expect them to. Latest casualty of the telltale tag is Joe Belfiore, the Microsoft VP who fronts the Windows Phone project.

When The Verge ran a piece on it, Business Insider noticed that Belfiore used the comments...

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Liveblog: Apple’s Q1 2016 earnings call happens at...

Enlarge / The iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil were all launched in Q1. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

It's that time again: Apple will hold its quarterly earnings call at 5pm ET/2pm PT (10pm GMT) this afternoon, giving us an update on how its products are doing and just how many billions of dollars it managed to rake in over the holiday quarter.

This quarter, the biggest story to pay attention to is how the iPhone 6S is doing. Q1 of 2015 was the first full quarter of availability for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the first large-screened iPhones drove ridiculous 46 percent year-over-year unit sales growth. Strong sales and big growth in China drove record-high iPhone sales for the...

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Want a 24k gold Mac? You can have one for $11,000-...

Want a gold iMac or MacBook? London’s gold craftsmen Goldgenie will embellish your Apple all-in-one in or laptop in pure 24k Gold with pricing starting at “only” £8,000 (about US$11,430).

The folks at Goldgenie are currently working on an order of 50 Mac units due to arrive in February and which will take center stage in a web developers’ office being built in China, according to Laban Roomes. Previous customers include  Victoria Beckham, Chris Brown, P Diddy, Trey Songz, Tyrese Gibson, Helen Mirren, Kate Moss and Simon Cowell. 

In addition to “gold-ing” Apple products, Goldgenie has also gold-plated quirkier items such as golf clubs and a racing bike to meet the demands of its customer base in London, Dubai and Asia.

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DARPA Challenges Researchers to Link Human Brains...

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, last week announced a new program that aims to build a connection between the human brain and the digital world. To achieve the goals of the Neural Engineering System Design program, DARPA has invited proposals to design, build, demonstrate and validate a human-computer interface that can record from more than 1 million neurons and stimulate more than 100 thousand neurons in the brain in real time.

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Apple paid $85 million in Australian taxes last year...

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Apple paid $85 million in Australian income tax last year, despite making almost $8 billion in local revenue according to accounts filed with the corporate regulator.

The Cupertino, California-based company’s tax bill is slightly up from 2014 when it paid $80.3 million. However, it’s a fraction of its overall $7.9 billion sales revenue (up from $6 billion in 2014), says the SMH.

Apple which is still under audit by the Australian Taxation Office, recorded higher sales, marketing and distribution expenses of $435 million and administrative expenses of $30.7 million. Its profit after tax was $123 million, down from $171.5 million the year before.

Some politicians have blasted Apple and other companies for their tax policies. However, in May 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook released a statement to the U.S. Senate defending the...

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Apple patent shows how it might lose the camera bump...

While those of us who would happily trade thinner iPhones for better battery-life may be in the minority, even fans of ultra-thin phones expressed disappointment at the camera bump in the iPhone 6 and 6s. The problem Apple faced is that the laws of physics determine just how thin you can make a sensor and lens arrangement for any given aperture while retaining quality. But a patent application originally filed in 2013, continued last July and granted today could provide a solution.

Instead of the usual flat sensor, the patent describes a ‘spherically curved photosensor’ that would allow the distance...

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Ensilo makes real-time data protection available on...

Cybersecurity company enSilo (www.ensilo.com) is extending the coverage of its real-time data protection platform to include Mac OS X. enSilo's unique software enables employees to continue working as usual in the event of malicious attacks, without concern that data will be tampered with or exfiltrated.

read more

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Google Eddystone is eating into Apple’s iBeacon...

Google is eating into Apple, and is soon set to surpass it as the main beacon standard, according to media platform Unacast, which a large network of beacon and proximity data. 

Launched only six months ago, the share of Google Eddystone supporters is growing at a rapid rate to 38% of all companies in its Proxbook service (a directory of proximity companies), up from 25% in the third quarter and 5% in the second quarter of 2015. Meanwhile, the support of Apple’s iBeacon has gone down from 96% to 93%.

iBeacon is a technology that extends Location Services in iOS. Your iOS device can alert apps when you approach or leave a location with an iBeacon. In addition to monitoring location, an app can estimate your proximity to an iBeacon (for example, a display or checkout counter in a retail store). Instead of using latitude and longitude to define the location, iBeacon uses a...

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Apple was Granted 9 Design Patents Today Covering...

Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple 53 patents with nine of them being design patents. This IP report covers the key granted design patents were issued today. The first covers Apple's original 'Touch ID' Home Button ...

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You can now live broadcast from your GoPro with...

Periscope streams are about to get a whole lot more interesting with the latest app update for iPhone. Periscope version 1.3.3 adds GoPro integration that actually lets you live broadcast from the view of your action camera.

Periscope says the update works specifically with the GoPro HERO 4 series. The iPhone connects to the action camera’s Wi-Fi to grab the feed, then Periscope handles the live broadcasting to the rest of the world.

What’s New in Version 1.3.3

Broadcast LIVE from your GoPro! If your iPhone is connected to your GoPro Hero 4’s WiFi, simply...

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Apple’s quarterly fiscal results call at 2p PT today

Links to the Investor Relations page, as well as the webcast of the earnings call.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Control4 launches new line of smart home solutions

Control4 Corp. is shipping its EA Series, a new line of entertainment and automation controllers for smart homes. There are

There are three separate models powered by the Control4 Operating System. They have the ability to stream personal music from any iOS device to different rooms in the home, along with native support for popular music services including: Deezer, Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, TIDAL, and TuneIn.

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Consumers more frustrated by smart home apps than...

The Smart Home ecosystem comprises both hardware devices and software apps and together they are supposed to make an efficient system for consumers.

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Candy Crush Jelly Saga leaves a sour taste with its...

Free-to-play games often look appealing, but it’s difficult to know at a glance whether the business model is insidious and fun ruining, or reasonable and worth pumping a few bucks into. With Freemium Field Test, we’ll take a recent free-to-play iOS game, put it through its paces, and let you know if it’s really worth your time (and money).

It was only a year ago that I found myself swimming in the syrupy sweet waters of Candy Crush Soda Saga, King’s spinoff of the original free-to-play puzzle smash, Candy Crush Saga. In playing it for this column, I’d poured a lot of time into the game,...

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Supply Chain report says 1st-gen Apple Watch sales...

A sketchy supply-chain report from Digitimes claims that the second-generation Apple Watch will enter mass production in the second quarter of this year. The report also repeats earlier claims that Apple Watch shipments have fallen below Apple’s own forecasts, stating that the company has decided against adding Foxconn as a second manufacturer for this reason.

Apple originally considered shifting some second-generation Apple Watch orders to Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry), but decided to keep all the orders with Quanta as volumes will not be high, the sources noted.

Supply-chain rumors always need to be treated with a great deal of caution, and both Quanta and Foxconn unsurprisingly declined to comment. However, the 2nd-gen timing does tie-in with what our own sources tell us (...

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Forget $368 million; VirnetX wants $532 million from...

In court Monday VirnetX argued that Apple should pay $532 million for allegedly infringing on intellectual property protecting secure communication, reports Bloomberg. That’s about 45% higher than an initial damages award of $368.2 million that was dismissed last year. 

“Apple hasn’t played fair. They have taken Virnetx’s intellectual property without permission,” VirnetX lawyer Brad Caldwell of Caldwell Cassady told the jury in Tyler, Texas.

“Apple believes in fairness and protecting intellectual property,” said Apple’s lawyer, Greg Arovas of Kirkland & Ellis. “VirnetX keeps moving the boundary, asking for more and more and more.”

In January 2014, VirnetX filed a motion with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas seeking to supplement its infringement contentions against Apple, the defendant in a patent infringement lawsuit. 

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WSJ makes the case for optimism on iPhone prospects...

With all eyes on Apple’s earnings report due later today, there is concern that the company will report its first ever year-on-year drop in iPhone sales, with the difficult Chinese economy a significant factor. The WSJ has put together a couple of pieces outlining reasons why Apple’s future in China may be rosier than some anticipate.

The pessimistic view is that most people in China can’t afford iPhones, and that the premium end of the market which can is close to saturation. Couple that to a slowing economy, the argument...

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Barclays gets more specific on belated adoption of...

When Apple Pay launched in the UK, there was one major holdout: Barclays. The company initially said only that it was in negotiation with Apple, later said that it would be going ahead but couldn’t say when, before stating that it would be sometime in “early 2016.” The bank has now provided more specific timing in an email reply to a customer.

We will launch Apple Pay, as committed, within the next 60-75 days.

Given that the email was dated 12th January (though only tweeted yesterday), that means Barclays will begin supporting Apple Pay sometime in March.

In the U.S., Apple added...

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NetBase: thanks to the Apple Watch, watches are...

By examining more than 700 million social conversations across 80 countries, NetBase, which conducts enterprise-scale social media analytics, found that luxury brands (as defined by consumers on social media) is taking on a new look with the inclusion of the first smart watch as a “luxury brand.” According to the “NetBase Brand Passion Report: Luxury Brands,” watches are having a new renaissance with the emergence of the Apple Watch.

In fact, the Apple watch was the only smart watch defined by consumers as a “luxury brand.” On the downside for Apple, the iPad fell out of the luxury conversation. 

Overall luxury conversation grew by 75%, according to NetBase. The top 15 luxury brands more than doubled their brand conversation in social media.

The “NetBase Brand Passion Report: Luxury Brands” examines what consumers are talking about on social media...

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As First Forecast, Quanta will Enter Apple Watch 2...

Back in November, Quanta's chairman was quoted as saying that Apple's next smartwatch has an "end of Q2 2016" release time frame. Despite a rumor that Quanta could push the Apple Watch 2 out earlier, it's being reported on today ...

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StoryBoard Artist for Mac, Windows revved to version...

PowerProduction Software has announced StoryBoard Artist 7, an update of the digital and animatic storyboard creation tool for filmmakers. The software is available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Version 7 amps up 3D capabilities, adding an unlimited number of character poses, advanced motion graphics, and integration with StoryBoard mobile apps for previs creation across devices.

StoryBoard Artist 7 is immediately available from PowerProduction Software (http://www.powerproduction.com) for $499.99. StoryBoard Artist owners can upgrade to the new version 7.0 for $199.

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KickShark introduces the HydraDock Roadie

KickShark, Inc., has announced the addition of the Roadie 6 port USB-C travel hub to its HydraDock brand of USB Type C connectivity products. The Roadie is the size of a credit card and provides the four most needed on-the-go ports: HDMI (w HDCP), gigabit Ethernet, and two USB 3.1 ports, as well as a USB-C port for a MacBook (or other) USB-C power adapter, and a USB-C male cable for connecting to the MacBook (or other USB-C device).

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Barclays Confirms it Will Launch Apple Pay by Late...

Barclays has confirmed that it will launch Apple Pay within the next 45 to 60 days, based on a two-week-old email dated January 12, suggesting the large British bank will support the iPhone-based mobile payments service by no later than March 28.

The launch date was provided by Barclays CEO of Personal and Corporate Banking Ashok Vaswani in what appears to be a legitimate email sent to customer Oli Foster-Burnell, and later reported by Engadget. We can verify the executive has emailed customers about Apple Pay in the past.

Barclays is the only financial institution among the "Big Four" banks in the U.K. that has yet to adopt Apple Pay. The country's participating issuers include the Bank of Scotland, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, M&S Bank, MBNA, Nationwide, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, Tesco Bank, TSB and Ulster Bank.

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Let this Tom Bihn bag be your Co-Pilot

As I've mentioned before, my goal of using my iMac as my main computer and an iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard as a secondary system for writing articles, checking email, etc., just never panned out. I just need a Mac laptop and use a 12-inch MacBook.

This means that I when I travel, I need two cases -- one for my iPad Pro and one for my MacBook, right? Wrong. Not with the Co-Pilot from Tom Bihn. It's a small, personal carry-on travel bag designed to fit the essentials -- items that you want close at hand and easily accessible during your flight or at the airport.

The Co-Pilot isn't cheap at $110, but it's worth the. For one thing, it's very spacious. I have no trouble...

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UK's Barclays will have Apple Pay Functional by...

According to a new report today, UK's Barclays will have Apple Pay Functional by the end of March

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20 Lessons About Business I Learned From Dungeons...

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in about the 5th or 6th grade. I didn’t get good at it for awhile. And once I got good at it, I didn’t play much longer (insert reference to “The Best Days of My Life” here). Along the way, I learned a few lessons that until I got older, I didn’t realize were great life lessons. I also learned a lot that helped me later in life in the business world. Here’s a few you may or may not agree with (and yes, the image is of a box sitting on my table at home:).

  1. Build a great campaign and then if the game is good, expect your players to totally break it. In business, you create a situation where customers give you money. You build processes, procedures, marketable packages, and teams. These prepare you for the massive onslaught of all the moneys that are going to come in. You need to be able to build a product,...
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Yojimbo is one of the best info gathering apps for...

By "Doctor Dave" Greenbaum

Yojimbo, according to my Japanese friends often translates to "bodyguard" and that's a good name for a program that keeps and protects the little bits of information that come across our virtual desks on a daily basis.

Yojimbo for Mac OS X is a database of any information you can throw at it. Of all the information-gathering apps, it’s the clear leader in Mac integration and featuring a Mac interface. Bare Bones, the developer of Yojimbo, has a long and rich history on the Mac platform and their expertise shines in this app.  

While information can be added via the standard typing or drag and drop method, Yojimbo also provides hot keys for entries as well as adds itself to the service menu. I was able to keep track of various bookmarks and URLs, right from the menu bar by right clicking. What's the Japanese word for “sweet?”

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Apple Reports their Financials Today and Reuters See...

Ahead of Apple's financial conference call that's scheduled for 2:00 p.m. PT / 5:00 p.m. ET today, a new report this morning is claiming that Apple will announce that its iPhone sales were the slowest in their history ...

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Chris Chibnall is in charge of 'Doctor Who,...

The news that Chris Chibnall was going to replace Steven Moffat as the man in charge of Doctor Who wasn't one I relished hearing. After all, Chibnall lacks the pedigree of both his predecessors, and the episodes that he has written for the show have...

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Apple Granted 53 Patents Today Covering a High...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 53 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover Apple's inventions for a small form factor spherically curved high-resolution camera and a docking station supporting ...

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Monday January 25

Apple invention uses spherically curved photosensor...

In its quest for high-performing, flexible and -- most importantly -- small imaging systems, Apple on Tuesday was granted a patent for a spherical photosensor and lens array that provides high-resolution capture in an incredibly compact package.

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Your First SQL Statement

Databases and Tables

A SQL database is an organized collection of data. Or at least that’s what they taught me in college. In real life, it’s only as organized as the people putting data into the database. Databases contain schemas, tables, stored procedures, reports, views and other objects. Most databases will contain multiple tables. Tables contain rows that have data in them. I like to think of a database kinda’ like an Excel spreadsheet. Each tab on a spreadsheet is similar to a table; each row is similar to a row in a database and each column in the spreadsheet is somewhat similar to a column, or attribute. The headers are kinda’ like the schema.

These are overly simplistic explanations. And whenever you oversimplify something, you run the risk of miscommunication, but it helps as a starting place. This page is meant to be a short and easy guide to get started writing SQL queries. More links will appear throughout the page that point to other posts on my site,...

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Refurbished Apple TV 4 Now Available on Apple Online...

Apple has added refurbished Apple TV 4 models to its online store for refurbished products, less than a week after refurbished 12-inch Retina MacBook models became available.

The base model with 32GB storage is available for $129, compared to its regular $149 price, while the 64GB model costs $169, down from $199. The total savings are between $20 and $30.

While these are Apple's best prices for the new Apple TV, RadioShack is currently selling brand new 32GB and 64GB models bundled with an HDMI cable online for only $119.98 and $169.98 respectively. There is a $5.95 shipping fee on all orders.


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Patent troll VirnetX seeking $532 million from Apple...

According to a report out of Bloomberg, notorious patent troll VirnetX is seeking $532 million from Apple, claiming that Apple has taken its intellectual property without permission. VirnetX holds a variety of patents relating to technology used in creating Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs. The company claims that Apple’s own VPN technology, as well as its FaceTime and iMessage services, all infringe on its patents.

“Apple hasn’t played fair. They have taken Virnetx’s intellectual property without permission,” VirnetX lawyer Brad Caldwell stated to the jury in Texas today. ...

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