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Tuesday July 5

Apple Pushing iPhone Supply Chain Partners for Price...

It's being reported today that with the worldwide smartphone shipment growth slowing down, Apple has been cutting its existing upstream component suppliers' quotes ...

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Apple to Add Organ Donor Registration Option to...

Apple is set to give U.S. users of its mobile Health app a one-tap option to sign up as organ donors when the company releases iOS 10 this fall (via CNBC).

The option to enroll in the national donor registry will be made available via a button in the operating system's native Health app, which allows users to view and manage their health and fitness data.

Speaking to The Associated Press, CEO Tim Cook said he hoped the new option would help ease a longstanding donor shortage, a problem that hit home when Steve Jobs endured an "excruciating" wait for a liver transplant in March 2009.

Cook reportedly offered to donate a portion of his...

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Apple Wins Patent for one of their Original Video...

In January Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple's 'Secret' VR Team isn't that Secret Anymore," which covered a Financial Times report claiming that Apple was amassing a major new team of VR experts that are already prototyping future VR headsets designed to keep up with Facebook's lead with the Oculus Rift or even Microsoft's HoloLens. Today, one of Apple's original inventions ...

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Apple Wins a Patent that may Relate to the new...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 47 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover another 3D mapping patent. Apple's iPhone 7 is to introduce a dual lens camera system. The advantage of such a camera ...

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Spongy electronic 'nose' can sniff out...

When you're trying to detect extremely dangerous chemicals, you don't want to mess around -- even a tiny amount can spell big trouble. It's a good thing, then, that Belgian researchers have developed what could be the most sensitive gas sensor to dat...

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After 1.7 billion miles Juno nails its Jupiter orbit...

Like most space exploration, this mission is another amazing achievement.

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Microsoft's Play Anywhere reaches PC and Xbox...

You won't have to wait too long to see how well Xbox Play Anywhere works in practice. Microsoft has confirmed to Polygon that the cross-purchase, cross-play feature will go live on both Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs on September 13th. You'll...

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Monday July 4

China finished the world's largest single-...

For the past 53 years, Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory has been the king of radio telescopes. No more. China has just finished construction of its Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST), which is 64-percent larger. That makes it the...

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Juno has begun its tour of Jupiter after a five-year...

Juno's five-year journey has come to an end, and soon, it will start taking measurements and capturing images of the largest planet in our solar system. The spacecraft, which aptly carries Lego figures of the Roman god Jupiter, his wife the goddess J...

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Prince Online Museum revisits the musician's...

The late, great Prince may have declared that the internet was over, but he was its biggest fan in some ways. His websites were frequently grand projects that pushed the limits of both web design and digital music. And now, it's easy to see this ef...

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Cyborg locusts with tattooed wings can sniff out...

"Men, bring out the sniffer locusts." That's something a bomb squad chief could say in the future, thanks to a team of engineers working to turn the insects into cyborgs that can be sent anywhere to sniff out explosives. It won't be an easy feat -- t...

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Lasers and microwaves lead to better quantum...

If you're going to craft a quantum computer, you need to corral lots of quantum bits (qubits) to perform calculations... and Penn State researchers have found a way to make that happen. They've developed a technique that relies on lasers and microwa...

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A Thermometer For The iPhone

The practical uses of Wearables and Home Automation never cease to amaze me. I recently added a Kinsa thermometer to my collection of useful toys. This little device uses the 1/8th inch jack like the original Jawbone did. It works like a regular thermometer, but displays temperature on an app that runs on the iPhone. It’s simple to setup and once setup, works the same as any other thermometer.

Due to the power of the Internets, you can then select symptoms and check for common ailments that match.

You can also look at your history, tracking the rise and fall of your temperature.

Overall, a cool little device and a cool little...

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How to watch NASA's Juno spacecraft enter...

NASA launched its Jupiter-exploring Juno spacecraft on August 5, 2011, but thanks to some patriotic timing, it's arriving at the gas giant today on July 4th. That'll give space fans some additional fireworks, as NASA and JPL will be broadcasting the...

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Apple sued by Chinese media regulator over streaming...

A subsidiary of China's State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) is suing Apple and streaming service Youku Tudou for causing "huge economic losses" through infringement of exclusive online distribution rights to a war film first aired in 1994.

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What's on your HDTV: UFC 200, 'Carmageddon...

Tonight, fireworks are all over network TV. Later this week, there's more US Olympic trials action from both track & field and gymnastics, while fighters hit the mat for a UFC 200 card headlined by Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier. Royal Pains is say...

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Samsung Invents a Hingeless Dual Display Smartphone

According to a new U.S. Patent Office filing, Samsung has invented a possible future smartphone with a dual display form factor that's hingeless so that it could be lighter than any of their previous designs ...

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Second hacker pleads guilty to role in celebrity...

A Chicago man implicated in a phishing scheme targeting more than 300 iCloud and Google Gmail users, including the personal accounts of numerous Hollywood celebrities, faces up to five years in federal prison after signing a plea deal last week.

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[Sponsor] Algoriddim: 2016 Apple Design Award Winner

We founded Algoriddim 10 years ago with the mission of making DJing accessible to everyone. Expanding our mission to open the world of DJing to blind users, we recently made djay Pro fully accessible for the visually impaired, removing barriers of musical creativity. We’re incredibly honored to receive an Apple Design Award for the second time, especially since this award was focused on accessibility. We hope this will inspire even more developers to make their software accessible, especially since it requires relatively little effort and can make a big difference in people’s lives.

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China bans news sites from using social media as a...

The Cyberspace Administration of China put national news outlets on notice this weekend, warning them not to base reports on social media sources without strict verification of the facts. The statement came less than a week after the appointment of a...

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Apple’s Thunderbolt Display is dead: These are the...

If you’ve been holding out for a new standalone desktop display from Apple, you’re either going to take news of the Thunderbolt Display being discontinued as a sign of good things to come, or as a cue to finally purchase a new 4K or 5K display from someone else. For most, especially considering Apple itself is recommending you purchase a third-party display, the latter option is going to be the more likely.

While Apple didn’t recommend any specific third-party alternatives during its discontinuation announcement of the Thunderbolt display last week, we’ve done the work for you and put together our top picks for the best 4K & 5K displays for Mac available to buy right now.


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Samsung's designer Serif TV reaches the US for...

How much do you value design over sheer value for money? You're about to find out. Samsung's Serif TV is now available for US pre-orders through the Museum of Modern Art at a price of $1,499 -- given that this is only a 40-inch set, you're clearly...

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Street art optical illusions

Astro‘s street art style is easy to recognize in the streets. He creates giant murals with complex patterns and optical illusions that make it look like the building is empty on the inside.

I find optical illusions fascinating.

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Winston Churchill on praying for rain

Churchill’s satirical reply to ending Britain’s drought is great.

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Mission driven founders

Fred Wilson:

I’ve written many times about how I/we prefer to invest in mission driven founders vs mercenary founders. The former starts a company because they see a problem they feel compelled to fix. The latter starts a company because they see an opportunity to make money.

I love mission driven companies. Those are the ones that solve problems we have as users.

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Apple sued in China over showing of war film from...

Apple is being sued by a subsidiary of China’s broadcasting regulator over a propaganda film more than 20 years old, in the latest legal wrangling for the tech giant in China in recent weeks.

A Beijing court says the case has been brought by a production center that alleges that Apple has infringed its exclusive online rights to broadcast a film that depicts Chinese fighting against Japanese soldiers in northern China in the early 1930s.

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Apple Music Presents: Juno – The 'Vision of...

This is an original video courtesy of NASA and Apple Music. The music video was created using the footage from NASA's 'Visions of Harmony: Countdown to Jupiter....

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∞ John Oliver reminds America what it missed by...

Happy Independence Day to all of our American readers and friends. I hope you have a fun and safe holiday celebration.

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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 4...

Notable software releases this week are brought to you by the letters “F” and “K” and include Fantastical 2.2.4, f.lux 37.3, KeyCue 8.1, and Keyboard Maestro 7.2.


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ExtraBITS for 4 July 2016

In ExtraBITS this week, Jason Snell argues in favor of the iPhone’s headphone jack, Evernote makes some controversial changes, and Amazon introduces a new Page Flip feature to most of the Kindle ecosystem.


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Sharing news on Facebook could help save journalism...

The author makes a very interesting point but it’s hard for “average people” to want to go to the effort of absorbing real news when it can be so depressing and when sharing it can invite aggressive and unpleasant reaction.

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Critical security flaw found in Lenovo PCs... again

If you are sick of hearing about how Lenovo Machines are riddled with security flaws, then this ain't the story for you. Security researcher Dymtro "Cr4sh" Oleksiuk claims to have uncovered a flaw in Lenovo machines that could let attackers circumven...

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Fantastical 2.2.4

Adds options for ignoring shared calendar notifications and exporting entire calendars as .ics files. ($49.99 new, free update, 13.4 MB)


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f.lux 37.3

Fixes a battery drain issue and several other bugs, plus adds support for “big latitudes.” (Free, 1.8 MB)


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Google Twists the Knife, Asks For Sanctions Against...

Google isn't done with its victory over Oracle. Court filings suggest that Google will be filing a motion for sanctions against Oracle and its law firm, Orrick, Sutcliffe & Herrington. The Mountain View-based company is apparently irked that Oracle attorney disclosed the financial agreements between Google and Apple. From an Ars Technica report: Speaking in open court, Oracle attorney Annette Hurst said that Google's Android operating system had generated revenue of $31 billion and $22 billion in profit. She also disclosed that Google pays Apple $1 billion to keep Google's search bar on iPhones. "Look at the extraordinary magnitude of commerciality here," Hurst told a magistrate judge as she discussed the revenue figures. The $1 billion figure comes from a revenue-split that gives Apple a portion of the money that Google makes off searches that originate on iPhones. The revenue share figure was 34 percent, "at one point in time," according to Hurst. Google lawyers asked for the...

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The entire ‘Infinity Blade’ trilogy is free right now

I’m not a huge fan of this style of game but the original was a great way to show off the iPad when it first came out.

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Happy Fourth of July from O’Grady’s PowerPage!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Fourth of July and with that in mind, the staff of O’Grady’s PowerPage will be taking the day off to spend the day with friends, family, copious amounts of food and assorted pyrotechnics.

You should do the same.

With that in mind, have a great Fourth, put down the computers and devices a bit, get some friends together and have a safe and happy holiday. We’ll be back tomorrow with more Mac and iOS news, rumors, leaked stories and more of the good stuff, as we’ve been doing for 20 years now.

Have a safe and terrific Fourth!!!

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Giveaway: Win an Apple accessory bundle from...

Grovemade is partnering with AppleInsider to give readers a chance to win a bundle of handcrafted accessories consisting of a Laptop Stand, Monitor Stand, Keyboard Tray, Mouse Pad and iPhone Folio valued at $585.

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Opinion: Why I’m resigned to my next MacBook Pro...

Regular readers will know that I still have a 17-inch MacBook Pro as my main computer. It’s almost five years old now, which is a relatively long time in Mac terms, and an absolute age for someone who usually does poorly when it comes to resisting shiny new tech.

But when Apple stopped selling the machine, I’d initially hoped that it was just a temporary measure. The company had only just introduced new Retina displays in the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros, both of which carried a hefty price-tag, and my theory then was that a 17-inch Retina screen wasn’t practical. Yield rates were too low, I supposed, meaning that the cost of a 17-inch model would have been too expensive even for Apple to contemplate.

So I hung in there …


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Google offers four free months of Play Music for...

Google Play Music is a competent streaming service, but it's always sat in the shadow of larger, more aggressive competitors such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. Google has tried everything to make it more popular -- the occasional exclusive, free...

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Second Man Behind Phishing of Celebrity iCloud...

Edward Majerczyk, a 28-year-old Chicago man who played a role in the phishing of celebrity iCloud accounts in 2014, has signed a plea agreement and agreed to plead guilty to a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, according to court documents made public on Friday.

Majerczyk was charged in a Los Angeles, California district court, but will enter his guilty plea in the Northern District of Illinois. He faces a statutory maximum sentence of five years in prison. Ryan Collins, a 36-year-old Pennsylvania man who was also involved in the iCloud attack known as "Celebgate," likewise entered into a...

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'Top Gear' host Chris Evans bails after...

After a single season at the helm, Chris Evans is stepping down from Top Gear. The presenter, which took over from Jeremy Clarkson and his fellow partners in crime, James May and Richard Hammond, said on Twitter: "(I) gave it my best show but sometim...

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What If We've Got Big Data and Analytics All...

Every once in a while I run into a little company that comes at an existing market as if the folks already in it are idiots -- and sometimes they are right. Here's the thing: What often happens is a company breaks out in a segment, and everyone groups around that company's ideas and emulates them. Few initially stand up and say, "Wait a minute -- what if they're wrong?" Often we get so excited about building the market, we don't realize until much later that the initial attempt at solving a problem doesn't work.

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As Apple sells out of remaining Thunderbolt displays...

When Apple officially discontinued the Thunderbolt Display, directing customers to look at third-party displays, it naturally led to speculation about whether this was a temporary or permanent state of affairs. Now Reddit users are upping the speculation by pointing to a redirect on the company’s website.


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Tech Overtakes Finance Among Top Global Companies

An anonymous reader writes:Technology has stolen a march on finance, with the success of companies such as Alphabet and Microsoft helping the innovative sector surpass the traditional world of financial services among the world's top 100 companies over the past year. Technology firms in the list notched up a combined value of $3bn compared to financial firms' $2.7bn and the $2.6bn value of consumer goods companies. Apple held its position at the top of the ranking, compiled by PwC, despite losing $121bn in market value over the past year to the end of March, and the overall value of the world's top 100 firms falling four per cent -- the most significant decrease since the financial crisis, with a cash value of $668bn. Alphabet closed the gap on Apple in second place, narrowing its market capitalisation from $350bn to just $86bn, while Microsoft rounded out the top three. Facebook was in sixth position while Amazon entered the top 10 for the first time. Tech firms have better...

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Daily Deal: G Cloud Unlimited Backup 5-year...

While some Apple users choose to buy into the Apple iCloud ecosystem for backups and sync, others want more...and G Cloud's unlimited backup service is what they want. You can back up all of your photos, videos, contacts and messages -- and more -- for just $6 a year with this great Apple World Today deal.  

G Cloud is offering 5 years of unlimited backups for just $29.99, and one account works for all of your devices -- present and future. G Cloud offers: 

  • Back up anything you store on your phone
  • View all of your messages, photos, contacts, etc. online from your G Cloud account
  • Organize your photos & videos in the intuitive timeline interface
  • Locate your phone in case it’s lost or stolen
  • Keep your data safe w/ Amazon AWS...
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Get the most out of America's largest July 4...

Some of the biggest Independence Day fireworks displays in the U.S. also sync with special iPhone apps, enhancing the spectacle with sounds and visuals on your smartphone to celebrate the Fourth of July. Here's how you can take advantage of these free apps, as well as some camera enhancement apps that will allow you to take better fireworks photos.

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Celebgate iCloud phisher pleads guilty to accessing...

One of the men behind the ‘Celebgate‘ phishing attack has pleaded guilty to accessing more than 300 iCloud and Gmail accounts, including ‘at least 30’ belonging to celebrities. The plea was announced by the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Central District of California.

Edward Majerczyk, 28, who resides in Chicago and Orland Park, Illinois, was named in a criminal information filed today in United States District Court in Los Angeles. Majerczyk has signed a plea agreement in which he agrees to plead guilty to a felony violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, specifically, one count of unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information.

Another of the Celebgate offenders, Ryan Collins, also took a plea...

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CrucialTec Sees Apple's Light of Placing a...

A new Korean report today states that "It is predicted that a home button will disappear from Smartphones. CrucialTec, which is a business that specializes in fingerprint recognition solutions, made an announcement on the 30th that it has recently started supplying modules ...

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Bloodhound's land speed record attempt set for...

The team behind the Bloodhound SSC, a supersonic car designed to beat the land speed record, has some good news and some bad news to share. First and foremost, it's secured new funding, meaning the crew can reform (some engineers were forced to take...

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Samsung separates OLED business, allowing an '...

Samsung Display, the largest OLED manufacturer in the world and a key display supplier for Apple's entire range of products, has reportedly spun off its OLED business as a separate entity from its money-losing LCD operations.

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Samsung is Spinning Off their OLED Display Division...

Samsung Display recently won a deal with Apple to supply its OLED displays for use in new iPhones, which will be introduced in late 2017. Because of gaining firm orders from Apple for their 2017 iPhone, Samsung has now decided to spin-off their OLED display business.

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London police consider using drones to pursue...

In its bid to curb the rise of drive-by snatches on the streets of London, the Metropolitan Police may turn to drones to track motorbike-riding suspects. At a recent meeting of the London Assembly's Police and Crime Committee, Deputy Commissioner Cra...

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Yes, Apple’s Night Shift trademark includes Mac,...

A misleading headline on Patently Apple is already leading to speculation that Apple may be planning to bring its Night Shift feature to Macs, the Watch and CarPlay. None of this is impossible, but Apple’s trademark certainly doesn’t ‘hint’ at this.


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Solar road technology comes to Route 66

Solar Roadways' dreams of sunlight-gathering paths are one step closer to taking shape. Missouri's Department of Transportation is aiming to install a test version of the startup's solar road tiles in a sidewalk at the Historic Route 66 Welcome Cente...

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Sunday July 3

Pro Football Hall of Fame brings in holographic...

Think visiting a sports hall of fame involves little more than looking at athletes' relics? The Pro Football Hall of Fame wants to liven things up a bit. It's introducing the A Game for Life exhibit, where holographic versions (sadly, not likely tr...

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How-To: create a macOS Sierra USB install drive [...

If you want the ability to perform a fresh and clean install of macOS Sierra, then you should consider creating a macOS Sierra USB install disk. Not only will this walkthrough work for the macOS Sierra Developer Preview, but it will also work for the public beta and future final releases. In the following video tutorial, we’ll show you how.


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'Minecraft' creation plays 'Pokemon...

It's no longer strange to see elaborate devices built in Minecraft, but this one is particularly eyebrow-raising. Reqaug has built a Minecraft machine that plays Pokemon Fire Red for the Game Boy Advance. It's very rudimentary at the moment (it's m...

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Astronomers scan for disappearing stars

Scientists are adept at spotting stars, even very old ones. But what about stars that disappear? A handful of researchers, led by Uppsala University's Beatriz Villarroel, aims to find out. They've been comparing sky surveys to see if any light sou...

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Cancer patient receives a 3D-printed jaw

If you lose your lower jaw to cancer, you don't have many options for prosthetics. At that size, traditional clay is so heavy and unwieldy that you can only wear it for a few hours at a time. Indiana University's Dr. Travis Bellicchi and team have de...

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Lizard Squad hacked thousands of cameras to attack...

The hacking collective Lizard Squad isn't relying solely on masses of compromised PCs to cause some grief online. Security researchers at Arbor Networks have discovered that the outfit compromised several thousand closed-circuit cameras and webcams...

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That Digital Music Service You Love Is a Terrible...

An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes an article from Fortune:
Rdio goes bankrupt, Pandora hangs out a 'For Sale' sign and then gets rid of its CEO, artists and labels ramp up their criticism of YouTube. Now we have Tidal in acquisition talks with Apple, while Spotify complains about Apple treating it unfairly... the digital music business is becoming an industry in which only a truly massive company with huge scale and deep pockets can hope to compete... Rdio went bankrupt last year in large part because it couldn't afford to make the licensing payments the record industry requires of streaming services. Deezer, a European service, postponed a planned initial public offering partly because its business is financially shaky for the same reason... [Rhapsody] is still racking up massive losses... Spotify has found it almost impossible to make money, primarily because of onerous licensing payments...
[A]ll the available evidence seems to show that the digital-music business...

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Regenerative tooth fillings could put an end to root...

You really don't want a root canal, and not just because it's potentially painful. Emptying the tooth of the infected tissue at its heart potentially weakens it, since you can't grow that organic material back or put toxic fillings in its place. Re...

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'Skullgirls' is coming to mobile with a...

Lab Zero's hyper-stylized fighting game Skullgirls has been available on almost every modern platform at some point in its history, but you couldn't play it on your smartphone... until now. Hidden Variable (best known for producing versions of Threes...

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Samsung Continues to Push the Concept of Foldable...

On May 30, Patently Mobile posted a patent report titled "Samsung Continues to Work on a Foldable Galaxy Smartphone," which showed us a basic foldable smartphone form factor that they were working on. Then on June 6 Bloomberg posted a report titled "Samsung May Release Phones with Bendable Screens in 2017."Last week the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published yet another patent application from Samsung ...

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Tesla will make as many EVs in 6 months as it did in...

Tesla isn't waiting for the Model 3 (or the Gigafactory) to be ready before it kicks its production into overdrive. The electric car pioneer now expects to build and deliver over 50,000 vehicles in the second half of 2016 -- that's as many as it buil...

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Google Offers Free 4-Month Play Music Trial...

In celebration of July 4th, Google is offering new U.S. subscribers to its Play Music streaming service a four-month trial completely free of charge.

Play Music subscribers can choose from a library of over 35 million tracks, which usually costs $9.99 per month, so the offer amounts to a $40 saving and users can cancel the subscription at any time.

Customers who sign up to the trial will also gain access to the company's ad-free YouTube Red service, which features original content, and enables offline and background playback of YouTube videos on mobile devices.

Prospective users of the service should note that it's a U.S.-only promotion, and is only available to those who have never signed up for Play Music or YouTube Red in the past.

Google Play Music is...

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Ben Heck visits Berlin #MTF Hack Camp

Ben and Felix bust out the bad jokes as they visit the Music Tech Fest in Berlin as part of the #MTF Hack Camp sponsored by element14. The event brought together talented musicians, singers and hackers for a 24-hour hackathon, and in this episode...

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Searching for a good reason to remove the headphone...

As Snell says, “This is a tech unicorn, an unannounced feature on a nonexistent product, and it’s important to keep that in mind.” But it’s also helpful to remember, Apple has done this kind of thing many times in the past and it’s always (generally) worked out – after a period of time when tech pundits bitch, moan and complain about it.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Six months with the Steam Controller

The gentle whine of the haptics, the new rumble support, those inner paddles that make toggling run and crouch so easy ... oh, and the one-click quick-save! I may be in the minority, but I love my Steam Controller.

The divisive Valve device has just...

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Watch your favorite games quickly conquered for...

It's the long holiday weekend, we're smack dab in the middle of the summer drought for big game releases and you want to make it to Tuesday with all your fingers intact. That basically rules out lighting fireworks or playing a new game. And, let's fa...

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The After Math: Pay up

This was a week of folks getting theirs. Brazil locked down $6 million of Facebook assets in its ongoing battle of WhatsApp. Disney shelled out $3.5 billion for the company that runs MLB At Bat. Hall-of-Fame running back Jim Brown squeezed $600,000 o...

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Add A Chamberlain Garage Door Controller To Wink

There are two main garage door openers in the home automation space. The first is the Chamberlain MyQ and the second is the GoControl. The hardest part about setting up the MyQ was that I had to hit a funny orange button on my existing non-automated Chamberlain opener and then hit the button on the opener in my car to sync ’em up. It took about 10 tries, but eventually it worked.

Once configured, I didn’t love the loud noise the device made to open the garage door (guessing that because it’s compared with a strobe that this is a safety measure). Once the Chamberlain is configured, open the Wink app. Then tap Add A Product and then tap on Garage Doors.

At the Garage Doors screen, tap MyQ Garage Door.


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Inhabitat's Week in Green: Solar roadways, and...

Photovoltaic roads sound almost like science fiction, but they're becoming reality in the US. This week Missouri announced plans to pave a section of the historic Route 66 with energy-generating Solar Roadways tiles. In other futuristic transportatio...

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The Vision of Artificial Intelligence According to...

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, has a clear mission: he wants people to stop thinking about Google primarily as a means of searching for publicly available information but as a full-on 'assistant', helping people to live their lives in all sorts of ways.

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Second man pleads guilty to breaking into celebrity...

No, the convictions over celebrity account breaches aren't over yet. Chicago man Edward Majerczyk has agreed to plead guilty to using phishing scams to fool more than 300 people into compromising their Gmail and iCloud accounts, including 30 celebri...

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Review: Audeze Sine delivers planar magnetic magic...

Audeze is one of only a handful of manufacturers to produce headphones with planar magnetic drivers, a technology promising higher fidelity sound and less distortion than traditional -- and cheaper -- dynamic cans. AppleInsider was able to take an extended look at the company's latest on-ear offering, Sine.

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Actually, there is something new about Apple's...

Despite a flurry of incessant news reports maintaining that Apple is poised to bore its customers to death with a completely snooze-worthy iPhone 7 this fall, there's actually excessive evidence providing reason to believe that the portended death of iPhone 7 has been greatly exaggerated--for reasons that should be obvious.

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Saturday July 2

Walmart Pay arrives in 14 more states

When Walmart talked about a wide national release of its mobile payment service before the start of July, it wasn't kidding around. Walmart Pay has launched in 14 more states on top of a slew of rollouts earlier in the month -- it's not quite ubiqui...

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Deals: 128GB iPad Air 2 for $549; $160-$410 off 12...

While supplies last, AppleInsider readers can exclusively snap up a 128GB iPad Air 2 in Space Gray for $549 ($150 off). Or opt for a 2015 12-inch MacBook and AppleCare bundle with exclusive coupon savings of $160-$410 off MSRP. Prefer the ultraportable 11-inch Air? Select models are $70-$150 off.

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NuAns raises funds to release its Windows 10 phone...

When we took a closer look at the NuAns NEO in January, the Japanese company wasn't sure if the Windows 10 Mobile phone was ever going to make it outside its home country. Now, it looks like NuAns has decided to attempt a wider release, because it's...

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Watch Stephen Colbert challenge a 'Super Mario...

You've probably seen video game speed runs before, but on a major TV channel? Not likely... until now. In what appears to be a first for nationwide US TV, The Late Show's Stephen Colbert ran a segment that pitted a speedrunner (Super Mario Bros. 3...

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Google adds built-in Cast option to Chrome for...

Google has begun rolling out a built-in Cast option for Chrome 51. You simply have to right click a tab or click the hamburger button on the right-hand part of the desktop browser to find a line in the menu that says "Cast..." Doesn't mean the old ex...

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iPhone batteries: A cautionary tale

Late last week, Mrs. Sande (my wife, not my mom) pointed out to me that her iPhone 5s screen was popping out. What she meant by popping out was that the screen was being pushed out in areas by something and was literally bulging above the top of the display. Knowing her charging habits for that iPhone, I immediately knew what was happening. This image from mommytasking shows a really bad case of the bulges:

Image of an iPhone 5 with a bulging battery popping a screen. From mommytasking 

The lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries that power a lot of our mobile electronics these days have a problem with being plugged in all the time. I've seen it with older MacBooks with removable battery packs -- usually someone would...

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Considering an iOS 10 downgrade? Here are a few...

Many developers are currently enjoying iOS 10, and I suspect that not less than a few non-developers are enjoying it as well. But with the news that an iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak might soon be released, it may be time for some of you currently on iOS 10 to start thinking about downgrading. more…

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Heavy Metal and natural language processing

This is absolutely fascinating.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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China successfully refuels a satellite in orbit

China is now one of the precious few countries that knows how to refuel satellites in space. The nation's Tianyuan-1 system (launched aboard the Long March 7) has successfully topped up at least one satellite in orbit. Officials aren't describing the...

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Bjork's VR album is a work in progress, just...

Bjork Digital is almost Bjork: The Theme Park. The installation, which opened in Tokyo earlier this week, includes a movie theater showing a two-hour-long showcase of the artist's videography. Around the corner from there, you'll find several album t...

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Linux Grabs More Than 2% of Desktop Market Share

LichtSpektren writes: W3Counter's stats for June 2016 are in, and Linux desktop accounts for 2.48% of all web visits from tracked websites... (Android is counted separately from "Linux desktop.") Meanwhile, NetMarketShare shows Linux with a 2.02% share of the desktop market. And StatCounter shows a more detailed breakdown of the top 7 operating systems, with Windows 7 at 42.02%, Windows 10 at 21.88%, OSX at 9.94%, Windows 8.1 at 8.66%, Windows XP at 6.5%, and another 4.06% for "Unknown" (which is roughly tied with "Other") -- beating Windows 8.0 at 3.52%. In May they also reported another thought-provoking statistic: that Firefox's browser usage had surpassed that of IE and Edge combined for the first time.


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FBI talks to Hillary Clinton about her private email...

It's no secret that Hillary Clinton broke rules with her private email server. However, the FBI still wants to know whether or not she played fast and loose with classified messages... and it just got a first-hand account of events. Clinton's staff...

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Review: Garmin's Fenix 3 HR is an iOS-connected...

Garmin's highest-end smartwatch in some ways sets a gold standard for fitness trackers, but for the layman, it can be simultaneously overwhelming and lacking in creature comforts.

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The Week in iOS Apps: Star Wars returns!

July the Fourth be with you

This week’s roundup includes the latest Lego: Star Wars game—plus, a bunch of other fun new offerings for the long holiday weekend. Read on!

Disney LOL

Disney LOL (free, iPhone and iPad) lets users and their kids consume all kinds of Disney content—GIFs, Vines, and short videos ranging from classic cartoons to Marvel superheroes to Star Wars characters and adventures. 

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Adidas gets creative with shoes made from recycled...

There's a strong momentum behind the Adidas brand right now. That's largely due to the increasing popularity of the company's running and lifestyle products, with Kanye West's Yeezy line being chief among them. Still, amid its flourishing business, A...

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Gadget Ogling: Artsy Audio, Stress Detectives, and...

I don't think any product range beats speakers for running the design gamut from gorgeous to ghastly. There are so many to choose from, in all shapes, sizes and colors, that there's something for everyone -- plus a few things no one should buy. But what if your sound system were a piece of art, literally? Case of Bass has created a boombox print that houses a speaker system in a shadow box behind it. It streams audio over Bluetooth. It's something different, and it's fun.

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Withings Body Cardio: A stylish scale for fussy...

A scale is an odd thing to review. For one thing, it's one of the few gadgets you have to be completely naked to test. It also sends you down a rabbit hole of fitness tech, with too many apps and too many connected devices that do too many things. Th...

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This week’s top stories: Space Black iPhone 7 leaks...

In this week’s top stories: Space Black iPhone 7 leaks, more MacBook Pro rumors, and Apple dukes it out with Spotify as reports emerge that Apple is in negotiations to acquire Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming service. Head below for all the handy links to these and our other top shared stories from the past week: more…

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Six technologies changing the future of food

By Cat DiStasio

Food production, processing and transportation account for a tremendous amount of greenhouse gas emissions, and enormous amounts of food are wasted each year in some parts of the world while other regions suffer from shortages. Fortu...

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Apple Files for 'Night Shift' Trademark...

This week Apple filed for the 'Night Shift' trademark in both the U.S. and Hong Kong. Apple introduced this new feature with their 9.7" iPad Pro in March. Night Shift in iOS since 9.3 uses the iPad Pro’s clock and geolocation to automatically adjust the colors ,,,

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Have a great Fourth of July

MacTech and MacNews won’t be updating over the Fourth of July weekend as we take off to spend some time with family and friends. We hope you can do the same. Rejoin us on Tuesday, July 5, as we resume our usual schedule.

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Happy, Fourth of July

Yours Truly and Steve are enjoying some time off for the Fourth of July weekend, so AWT will be “closed” through Monday. Have a great Independence Day everyone.

And come back tomorrow for the latest in Apple news. In keeping with our Team AWT sub-theme of "Unplugging™" occasionally from all of our gear, be sure to get outside and enjoy the world with your family and friends today.

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Recommended Reading: Life lessons from Mario

Mario is living the
American dream
Rob Harvilla,
The Ringer

This week The Ringer has been discussing that unique group of people and things that we can all agree are enduring and iconic parts of culture. We're talking the likes of Google Maps, Woz...

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Apple Wins Design Patents for 'Slide Over...

The Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office published a series of 12 granted design patents for Apple today that were officially granted on Friday. The designs covered 11 relating to the iPad Pro features ...

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ICYMI: Lung cancer detector and smart tape measure

Today on In Case You Missed It: A new device is being tested to detect lung cancer by having patients breathe into it. A new tape measure that syncs to a mobile app can calculate distances by simply running it over an item, or using a laser to ca...

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Apple's 'Beats 1' Canadian Takeover...

Canadians are invading Apple Music’s Beats 1 online streaming radio station during the month of July. Apple Beats 1 has held what it calls “takeovers” in the past from both Australia and Japan and now it's Canada's turn.

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The week in Apple news: Thunderbolt Display rumors,...

Apple headlines for the week ending July 1, 2016

You can tell that the nation is now in full election mode, because politicians are taking swings at Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook has always been politically active, though no one expected him to host a Republican fundraiser. Politics aside, this slideshow has the top Apple-related headlines for the week. Click on the link for more informations

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here...

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Get served by this tennis-instructing drone

If tennis is your game and you're looking for help that a ball-spitting machine can't provide, luxury gym chain Virgin Active has your back. They've built a drone to drop your racquet's prey from above so you can work on your awful smash without any...

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Apple releases 4 animated emoji iOS 10 Messages...

One of iOS 10’s cool new features is the ability for developers to create sticker pack animated emojis for iMessage using the Messages API.   Apple is showing how it is done, so to speak…


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This week on AI: No 3.5mm jack on 'iPhone 7,...

"iPhone 7" rumors resurfaced with a vengeance this week -- but there were also interesting developments in the music streaming world, particularly with claims that Apple is interested in buying one its rivals, Tidal.

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Friday July 1

Apple releases animated emoji sticker packs for iOS...

As promised, Apple on Friday released the first official animated sticker packs for use with iOS 10 Messages, making the GIF-like graphics available to developers through iTunes.

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'Galaxy Note7' name confirmed by leaked...

Can't wait for Samsung's next entry into the plus-sized phone category? A tweet from Evan Blass aka evleaks reveals three colors of what will apparently be called the Galaxy Note7 (no space?), in Black Onyx, Silver Titanium and Blue Coral. There have...

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Apple Maps to gain Japan transit data in iOS 10

Apple in a recent update to its Japanese website confirmed local transit data will arrive in Maps when iOS 10 launches this fall, further expanding the feature's reach into Asia.

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Scientists use light to nuke cancer cells in mice

In the great fight against cancer, scientists look for solutions that are both effective and less ravaging than current treatments like chemotherapy. One experimental concept, optogenetics, uses light to reduce or eliminate cancer cells. Researchers...

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Panasonic's $699 UHD Blu-ray player arrives in...

If you thought Ultra HD Blu-ray players were already pretty expensive, Panasonic would like to have a word. Whereas Samsung's player and the recently released unit from Philips aim for a mainstream crowd with $400 price tags, Panasonic is targeting a...

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NASA's New Horizons probe is officially set to...

After capturing and transmitting the most detailed images of Pluto we've ever seen, NASA's New Horizons space probe is getting a new mission. NASA announced today that the probe had received funding to continue its exploration of the outer reaches of...

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Major weakness in Google's key storage breaks...

Higher end Android phones using premium Qualcomm chips have been seeking to court the attention of enterprise users, but new research shows that Android encryption is easy to defeat because the devices store their disk encryption keys in software, unlike Apple's iOS.

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ESPN2 will televise the 'Street Fighter V...

Professional gaming continues its slow creep into the mainstream, landing airtime for another tournament on a prominent sports channel. ESPN2 will air the world championship matches for Street Fighter V live from the Mandalay Bay events center on Jul...

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Police confirm DVD player found in Tesla Autopilot...

A day after we learned that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating a fatal crash involving Tesla's Autopilot feature, more details have emerged. The Florida Highway Patrol confirmed to Reuters that a portable DVD...

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Hands-On With Apple's Redesigned Maps App in...

Apple's Maps app received a major overhaul in iOS 10, introducing a new look and some impressive new features. Design wise, Maps looks a lot different, with easier to access controls and destination suggestions that are front and center.

As seen in the video below, when you open the Maps app, you'll immediately see a search window and an overview of your current location. Swiping upwards from the search bar brings up options for places you might want to go, based on recent places you've visited, calendar events, appointments in your Mail app, and general user habits.

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Maps in iOS 10 features traffic information en route, with options for alternative routes and routes that avoid toll roads. There's a dynamic view that allows users to pain in and out to see what traffic conditions look like ahead, and there's an option...

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Apple Pay promotion offers discounts, rewards on...

As part of a recently launched iOS App Store promotion, select third-party retailers like Hotel Tonight, Uber, Grubhub and Ticketmaster are discounting in-app purchases processed through Apple Pay.

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Apple Is Suing A Man That Teaches People To Repair...

New submitter alzoron writes: After the failure of New York's Fair Repair Act, independent third-party unauthorized Apple repair shops seem to be under attack. Louis Rossmann, owner of Rossman Repair Group, INC has uploaded a somewhat vague video alluding to his Youtube site, where he posts videos about repairing out of warranty repairs, possibly being shut down. Several sources (Reddit, Mac Kung Fu, 9to5Mac) have been speculating about this and whether or not Apple is behind this. Game Revolution reported on the video (Link is to cache version of the site since the report has since been removed), breaking down each section of the video. 6:52: Louis informs viewers that they can download YouTube videos. 7:41: Louis mentions that YouTube channels have a "finite lifespan," often because a large corporation has the power and money to shut them down. 8:42: Louis shares that he's happy when he's lived a difficult life so that he can be strong for the immense challenge that is ahead. 10:...

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Man Who Teaches People How To Repair Their MacBooks...

New submitter alzoron writes: After the failure of New York's Fair Repair Act, independent third-party unauthorized Apple repair shops seem to be under attack. Louis Rossmann, owner of Rossman Repair Group, INC has uploaded a somewhat vague video alluding to his Youtube site, where he posts videos about repairing out of warranty repairs, possibly being shut down. Several sources (Reddit, Mac Kung Fu, 9to5Mac) have been speculating about this and whether or not Apple is behind this. Game Revolution reported on the video (Link is to cache version of the site since the report has since been removed), breaking down each section of the video. 6:52: Louis informs viewers that they can download YouTube videos. 7:41: Louis mentions that YouTube channels have a "finite lifespan," often because a large corporation has the power and money to shut them down. 8:42: Louis shares that he's happy when he's lived a difficult life so that he can be strong for the immense challenge that is ahead. 10:...

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The Public Access Weekly: I want to believe

Yes, we did accidentally rickroll y'all this week in the Trent Reznor/Juno post. Our (hilarious, unintentional but not really regrettable) bad. Thanks to the attentive commenters who alerted us to the error. Also, for those of you keeping track of...

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BMW partners with Intel to get autonomous cars on...

BMW has already said it wants to get autonomous cars on the road by 2021, but the automaker doesn't have all the technological know-how to make that a reality. To get there, BMW today announced a partnership with Intel and computer vision / sensing c...

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Verizon will reward customers for referring new...

Need a little extra pocket money? Is Verizon your cell phone carrier? You might be able to hit the company up for a little boost in your cash flow then, provided you bring a few new customers along with you.

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Alibaba announces new system to track and remove...

If you've ever shopped at Alibaba, you know to tread carefully: the online marketplace has long had a problem with merchants peddling counterfeit goods. It's given the site a bad reputation, creating tension between Alibaba and major brands. Today, t...

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Android’s full-disk encryption just got much weaker—...

Privacy advocates take note: Android's full-disk encryption just got dramatically easier to defeat on devices that use chips from semiconductor maker Qualcomm, thanks to new research that reveals several methods to extract crypto keys off of a locked handset. Those methods include publicly available attack code that works against an estimated 37 percent of enterprise users.

A blog post published Thursday revealed that in stark contrast to the iPhone's iOS, Qualcomm-powered Android devices store the disk encryption keys in software. That leaves the keys vulnerable to a variety of attacks that can pull a key off a device. From there, the key can be loaded onto a server cluster,...

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US Senate finally dumps BlackBerry

The US Senate's Sergeant at Arms (SAA) announced earlier this week that staffers would no longer be able to request new BlackBerry OS 10 devices for official work. That includes the Q10, Z10, Z30, Passport and Classic. In their place, the SAA is offe...

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Opinion: Unpacking Apple, Beats Music and a possible...

Yesterday the WSJ reported that sources indicate Apple is in ongoing exploratory talks to buy Jay Z’s Tidal music subscription business while carefully noting sources say talks may not lead to a deal. While Apple reportedly talking to Jay Z’s Tidal does not equal Apple actually buying Tidal (yet), the idea of Apple buying Tidal anytime soon and within two years of spending $3 billion on Beats in part to build its Apple Music streaming service comes as a surprise to many — not unlike the Beats episode…


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How-To: Show the size of folders in the Finder on...

The Finder’s list view is my favorite way to view the folders and files within the macOS Finder, because it provides a wealth of information via columns that can be sorted on.

One thing that you won’t find when using the Finder’s default list view is the cumulative size of the Folders contained within. But there’s an easy way to view the sizes of Folders directly within the Finder; watch our video tutorial to see how. more…

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Apple Campus 2 Drone Video Shows Progress on Ring-...

Apple plans to finish construction on its second campus at the end of 2016, giving the company five more months to wrap up work at the location. As the deadline approaches, construction is continuing at a rapid pace, as seen in a new July update video shared by drone pilot Duncan Sinfield.

Sinfield's July video features a complete overview of the different buildings that are going up on the campus, along with details on the progress that's been made over the course of the last month. Solar panels and HVAC units are continuing to be added to the roof of the main ring-shaped building, and the solar panels on the roof of the parking garage are almost all in place.

Heavy machinery that will allow Apple to start the landscaping process has been transported to the campus, so we may soon see progress on the giant dirt pile. The dirt will support more than 7,000 trees and other greenery, including many citrus trees....

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Java updates available for OS X on July 15, 2015

Java updates address a recently identified Java web plug-in vulnerability.

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Cybersecurity forecast: Heavy smug

When you think of rockstar hackers and infosec pundits, I'm sure it's easy to imagine people who are humble, kind and patient, and never look down on anyone who would reuse a password.

OK, maybe infosec types aren't known for doing benevolence all t...

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DVD player found in Tesla involved in fatal crash

A digital video disc player was found in the Tesla car that was on autopilot when its driver was killed in a collision with a truck in May, Florida Highway Patrol officials said on Friday.

“As to the video, there was a witness who came to the scene immediately after the accident occurred, and we can’t verify it at this point,” said Paul Weekley of Tampa, the lawyer for the truck driver. “But what we have been told is that he saw a Harry Potter video still playing when he got to the scene.”

Again, tragic loss of life, but come on. You are responsible for your car.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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UN rights council condemns the disruption of...

The United Nations Human Rights Council has had enough of state-sponsored attempts to restrict internet access and punish people who use the internet as a space for free expression. The council on Friday passed a resolution that reaffirms and expands...

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External Link: Why the iPhone Headphone Jack Should...

One of the hot-button debates in the Apple community revolves around rumors that Apple is planning to drop the headphone jack from the next iPhone. Many have argued that it’s the natural course of things for Apple, a company that prides itself on minimalism. But on Six Colors, Jason Snell has countered every one of the arguments against the headphone jack. In short, removal of the headphone jack wouldn’t make the iPhone thinner or audio quality better, and it would just inconvenience users.


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Why Apple Might Buy Tidal

Why would Apple purchase a struggling music streaming service? Josh Centers explains why Tidal might be key to Apple’s future.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Apple says Spotify wants 'preferential...

It didn't take long for Apple to respond to Spotify's claim that it's using App Store approvals a way to handle competitors. In a letter obtained by BuzzFeed, Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell described the allegation as "troubling" and that Spotify...

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NetMarketShare: OS X down, iOS up in June

According to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare, the market share for Mac OS X dipped in June, while iOS rose.

According to the report, among desktop operating systems, Mac OS X had 8.19% of the global market share in June, down from 8.52% percent in May (that’s global market share; in the US it’s over 13%). April’s 9.2% was an all-time high, according to NetMarketShare’s measurements. Windows remains dominant with 89.79% as of June.

iOS had 27.24% of the mobile operating system market share in June, up from 23.10% in May. This compares to 65.58% for Android, 3.26% for Windows Phone, and 1.81% for Java ME. The all-time high for iOS was in July 2012 with 65.94%

NetMarketShares’ monthly surveys don’t measure market share in terms of computer systems sold. Instead they sample data from visitors to some 40,000 web sites operated by their clients. And note that NetMarketShare’s numbers don’t...

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MoviePass tests new prices, aims to reach a $20 plan

MoviePass, the subscription service that lets you see one theatrical film every 24 hours, has come under fire after testing out new pricing options with some customers, which are significantly more expensive and restrictive than existing plans. The c...

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Image Converter for Mac upgraded to version 4.2.1

iWinSoft has released Image Converter for Mac 4.2.1, an upgrade to its image converter app for Mac OS X. It converts batches of images and photos.

Image Converter supports source image formats like JPG, EPS, PSD, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, TGA, SVG, SGI, and RAW image types from most DSLR cameras and many more. Version 4.2.1 has been completely redesigned. There's added support for RAW image formats, which allows users to RAW images types to BMP, GIF, JPG, JP2, PDF, PNG, PSD, TIFF and so on.

read more

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Funter for OS X revved to version 2.0

Nektony has announced Funter 2.0, a tool designed specifically to hide and view hidden files and folders on Mac. It provides the ability to switch a file or folder's visibility in two clicks, making them hidden or unhidden.

Funter searches for files in system folders and package contents, even where Spotlight never looks for. Mac users can find, move and delete any file, including system and browser caches.

Hunter requires Mac OS X Yosemite or El Capitan. It’s free and available to download at the Nektony website (www.nektony.com).

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Apple attorney: Spotify wants preferential treatment...

Yesterday Spotify accused Apple of making it harder for the streaming music company to compete by blocking a new version of its iPhone app, hinting that the move was due to competition with Apple Music.

Now, in a letter sent to Spotify general counsel Horacio Gutierrez (as noted by Buizzfeed), Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell rebutted the allegations, saying: “We find it troubling that you are asking for exemptions to the rules we apply to all developers and are publicly resorting to rumors and half-truths about our service.”

“Our guidelines apply equally to all app developers, whether they are game developers, e-book sellers, video-streaming services or digital music distributors; and...

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Apple is in talks to buy Tidal (or maybe not)

The Wall Street Times says Apple is in talks to buy Jay Z’s Tidal music service. The article says the Cupertino, California-based company is considering the possibility to beef up its own Apple Music service because of Tidal’s strong tied to popular artists such as Kanye West and Madonna.

However, the New York Times’ Ben Sisario tweeted that “two highly placed sources tell me Apple isn’t buying Tidal.” I think Sisario’s right on this one.

Tidal is a subscription-based music streaming service that combines audio and high definition music videos with curated editorial. The service claims to have over 25 million tracks and 85,000 music videos.

Eliminate unwanted people or things from...

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Spotify update violated Apple’s developer guidelines

(credit: Spotify)

Yesterday, streaming music service Spotify went public with complaints that Apple had recently rejected an update to the company's iOS app. The company's lawyers alleged that blocking the update "raises serious concerns under both US and EU competition law" and "[diminishes] the competitiveness of Spotify on iOS and as a rival to Apple Music." But Spotify offered up only a vague explanation for why the app had been rejected, citing "business model rules."

Today, Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell responded, saying that Spotify's app update violated Apple's app review guidelines and that the company would gladly approve and distribute the update once the problem had been fixed. The full letter is available in...

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Sony Xperia X Performance review: $700 worth of...

Oh, Sony. The company has tried time and again to craft a smartphone that would find success in the US, and time and again it has fallen short. But when Sony pulled back the curtain on a batch of new Xperia X's at Mobile World Congress earlier this y...

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Apple Slams Spotify For Asking For '...

On Thursday, Spotify made major accusations against Apple of playing unfair to its music service. The Swedish-based music company said that Apple didn't approve a new version of Spotify's iOS app because "it didn't want competition for Apple Music." The Cupertino-based company has responded to the accusations. In a letter sent to Spotify general counsel Horacio Gutierrez on Friday, Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell rebutted the streaming music service's allegations, adding "we find it troubling that you are asking for exemptions to the rules we apply to all developers and are publicly resorting to rumors and half-truths about our service," Sewell wrote. BuzzFeed News reports:"Our guidelines apply equally to all app developers, whether they are game developers, e-book sellers, video-streaming services or digital music distributors; and regardless of whether or not they compete against Apple. We did not alter our behavior or our rules when we introduced our own music streaming...

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NASA to Delight Space Geeks with New Apple TV App

NASA has released an Apple TV app that is sure to keep space geeks busy for weeks. The app for the fourth-generation Apple TV has images, video, satellite tracking and even a radio station with a pop-music soundtrack.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Apple counsel attacks Spotify complaints as '...

Spotify is "resorting to rumors and half-truths" in order to ask for an exemption from App Store rules, according to a letter to the company by Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell.

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Apple fires back at Spotify

Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell:

“Our guidelines apply equally to all app developers, whether they are game developers, e-book sellers, video-streaming services or digital music distributors; and regardless of whether or not they compete against Apple. We did not alter our behavior or our rules when we introduced our own music streaming service or when Spotify became a competitor,” Sewell explains. “Ironically, it is now Spotify that wants things to be different by asking for preferential treatment from Apple.”

I absolutely love that Apple didn’t take this criticism sitting down!

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Sidewalk Labs' smart city kiosks go way beyond...

The details of an ambitious plan from Google's sister company Sidewalk Labs to create entire "smart neighborhoods" just got a little clearer. According to Sidewalk Labs' pitch deck, which was obtained by Recode this week, the plan goes far beyond tho...

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Apple Music vs. Spotify

Choosing a music service is a very personal decision and not one that somebody else can make for you. However, Daniel Bader does a good job of highlighting the good and bad of each service.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple’s commitment to accessibility

Accessibility is Apple doing the right thing for its users—all users. It’s hard not to support a company that does the right things for the right reasons.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple Accuses Spotify of 'Resorting to Rumors...

Yesterday, Spotify accused Apple of using its App Store approval process as a "weapon to harm competitors" after Apple rejected a Spotify app update, and now Apple has responded to Spotify's accusations to "set the record straight."

In a letter to Spotify lawyer Horacio Gutierrez that was shared by BuzzFeed, Apple's legal head Bruce Sewell says Apple is disappointed with the public attacks and concerned that Spotify is asking for exemptions to rules that apply to all app developers.

There can be no doubt that Spotify has benefited enormously from its association with Apple's App Store. Since joining the App Store in 2009, Apple's platform has provided you with over 160...

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∞ The Dalrymple Report: How Am I Going to Top That?

Jonathan Mann (no relation) joins Jim to talk about writing a new song every day, the recording process, and what it’s like to have Steve Jobs play your video at a keynote.

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Sony is resurrecting its robots for a full financial...

Sony is back in the robotics race. The consumer company gave us AIBO, one of the most popular "entertainment" robotic dogs, in the late '90s. But due to heavy losses and a corporate restructure in 2006, the canine bot and all related AI efforts were...

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Apple issues heated response to Spotify’s ‘...

If Apple versus FBI was the big story to start the year, then it looks like Apple versus Spotify will be the hot battle of the summer. Yesterday a letter surfaced in which Spotify accused Apple of being anticompetitive with its App Store policies and holding back a Spotify update in order to benefit Apple Music. This letter is likely what prompted Senator Elizabeth Warren’s negative remarks about Apple earlier this week.

Now Apple is pushing back and without mincing words. Apple’s top lawyer Bruce Sewell has issued a three-page response to Spotify (via Buzzfeed) in which he...

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Deals: $100-$300 off 13" MacBook Airs; 16GB...

Apple authorized reseller B&H is kicking off the 4th of July weekend by slashing prices on 13-inch MacBook Airs by $100-$300 with free expedited shipping. Or save $150 on a 13-inch MacBook Pro with no tax outside of NY. Plus, snap up an unlocked 16GB iPhone 6 (refurbished) on eBay before they sell out.

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Millions of Android devices have flawed full disk...

Hackers can use brute force to break into tens of millions of Android devices using full disk encryption, thanks to a series of security issues linked specifically to Android kernel flaws and Qualcomm processors, Neowin reports. The vulnerabilities w...

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Hyperloop One co-founder reportedly leaves the...

Just over a month after its propulsion test in the Nevada desert, there's a major staff shakeup at Hyperloop One. Recode reports co-founder and CTO Brogan BamBrogan stepped down from his role with one of the companies that's looking to make Elon Musk...

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Check Out iOS 10's Revamped Apple News App

One of the apps that's getting a redesign in iOS 10 is Apple News, Apple's dedicated news reading app that first came out in 2015 as part of iOS 9. Apple News aggregates stories from several sources into one mobile-friendly format for reading on iOS devices, allowing users to find content based around their interests.

In iOS 10, Apple News features a bolder, simpler interface that puts content front and center. The "For You" section filled with customized picks has been broken up into smaller topic-based sections with improved organization to make it easier to keep up with incoming stories.

Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.

"For You" features all of the topics a user follows along with "Trending News," featuring current popular stories,...

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: Tweetbot 4 iOS/Mac $5, 6000mAh...

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One of the world’s greatest Twitter clients just went 50% off: Tweetbot for iOS or Mac $5 (Reg. $...

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Alexa shops for Amazon Prime items so you don't...

Amazon's virtual assistant could already lend a hand with re-ordering items, and now Alexa is a much more helpful shopping companion. Rather than just replenishing items you've already purchased or compiling a shopping list, Alexa now searches for ne...

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Sources split on alleged acquisition talks between...

Two newer claims differ on whether Apple is in talks about possibly acquiring Tidal, one of its rivals in the streaming music space.

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Finding OneNote Class Notebooks

Today’s post was written by Paul “Lanny” Watkins, teacher at Ysgol Bae Baglan school and MIE Expert.

One of the hardest things I found being an ICT teacher was finding an effective way of providing written feedback to my students. When they produced work using applications such as PowerPoint or Word, it was easy to leave comments. However, when there was a change of topic it was rare that the students went back to revisit and act upon the feedback the teacher had provided. Whereas in other subjects, where students kept the same exercise book, they were able to access teacher comments and act upon them. However, through a combination of time constraints and a change in application, this practice was never promoted. We needed a way of providing quality written feedback, which students could easily access and then respond to, giving them the opportunity to improve their work. But finding the solution was easier said than done. We had tried a number of things...

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Facebook is making it easier to post in multiple...

Facebook has over 1 billion users around the world but, as you might expect, not all of them speak the same language. This can be an issue if you have friends and family who speak in different lingo. The company has supported multiple languages for s...

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The Week in iPhone Cases: Get into the summer groove...

New iPhone cases of the week

This week’s roundup of new iPhone cases brings us Griffin’s new Key Lime Pie design, which looks like... well, you can probably guess. Plus, a few new see-through picks, metallic finishes, and much more. Read on!


The Grip Candy Sheer (iPhone SE; $25 MSRP, $10 on Amazon) is a translucent shell case, available in a number of two-tone color combinations. This compact case has a good-sized cutout for the iPhone’s back-facing camera, and provides a snug fit. Plus, it’s made from a flexible material for superior shock absorption.

... | Read more »
Best cheap in-ear headphones to replace your stock...

By Lauren Dragan

This post was done in partnership with The Wirecutter, a buyer's guide to the best technology. Read the full article here.

If we wanted to buy in-ear headphones to replace the earbuds that came with our phone for around the same pr...

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Video: See how widgets in iOS 10 offer quick access...

A new Widgets feature will be included in iOS 10 when the operating system launches this fall, making it easier for users to quickly access snippets of app data from both lock and home screens. AppleInsider takes a closer look at the upcoming feature poised to fundamentally change the way users interact with iPhone.

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BusyCal Updates Mac Calendar Alternative, Expands to...

For those who spend a lot of time in their calendars, BusyMac has updated its Calendar alternative BusyCal with a modern interface look, support for travel time in events, inclusion of timed to-dos in the main views, and a new iOS version that mimics the basic feature set and look of the Mac version.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Amazon adds PBS Kids shows to its children's...

Amazon is always looking to pad its streaming library, and that includes new shows for younger viewers. The company announced today that it's now the "exclusive subscription streaming home" for a number of PBS Kids series. Shows like Daniel Tiger's N...

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List of available trusted root certificates in iOS 9

The iOS Trust Store contains trusted root certificates preinstalled with iOS.

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Tekserve to close, Louis Rossman’s DIY repair videos...

It’s the end of a great era.

And you can blame one jackass landlord raising the rent to an astronomical level as well as increased competition for it.

Tekserve, the go-to third-party store for Apple product repairs in New York City, has announced that it is to close after 29 years. The service center will close at the end of the month, and the retail store on August 15th.

Tekserve had the distinction of being the Apple Store in New York City prior to the actual launch of the Apple Store.

For decades, the store on West 23rd Street in Manhattan was the place to go for Apple upgrades and even appeared in an episode of “Sex and the City”, where Carrier took her Mac for repairs after it crashed.

Competition from the six official...

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Faraday Future partners with a Formula E team

Despite only being on many people's radar for just over six months, electric car company Faraday Future has managed to keep itself firmly in the spotlight. It's already unveiled a prototype of its FFZero 1 supercar, struck up a deal with Aston Martin...

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Disney Nearing Deal to Own One-Third of MLB's $...

The Walt Disney Company is nearing a deal that will net it a one-third stake in Major League Baseball Advanced Media, the streaming division of MLB whose business is valued at around $3.5 billion (via Bloomberg). According to those close to the deal, an agreement between the two companies has not yet been officially finalized, but once it is the contract will allow Disney to purchase another 33 percent of MLB's digital sector over the next four years.

Disney currently owns ESPN, which has been reported recently to be facing troubles with its traditional, broadcast viewing numbers with the rise of streaming and web-only packages. WatchESPN offers viewers the option to watch live sports broadcasts on platforms like the Apple TV, as long as they have a cable package that includes ESPN's...

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Tim Cook appointed lead independent director of Nike...

From the Nike press release:

The Company also announced today that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has been appointed lead independent director of the Board, effective immediately. Cook has been a Nike director since 2005, is chair of the Board’s Compensation Committee and serves as a member of the Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee.

The changes to the board came as a result of Board Chairman Phil Knight’s retirement.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Facebook is shutting down its Paper newsreading app...
Brazilian court freezes $6M in Facebook funds in...

Over $6 million in Facebook's Brazilian bank accounts has been reportedly frozen, following a fresh court order in disputes over encrypted WhatsApp conversations.

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BMW, Intel, Mobileye Announcements Live (Replay now...

BMW, Intel, Mobileye Announcements Live (replay now available). All three participants spoke briefly as to what they were bringing to the BMW autonomous vehicle open platform. It was made clear during the event that it's crucial to create a standard platform for others to join and participate in for this leap in vehicle technology to be a success.

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Google Opens Faster Big Data Pipe Between US and...

Google on Wednesday unveiled its latest investment in long-haul undersea fiber optic cabling. Dubbed the "Faster Cable System," it is the highest-capacity undersea cable built to date, providing 60-Tbps bandwidth between the United States and Japan. It is about 10 million times faster than an average cable modem, Google noted. Google is one of six members of the Faster Consortium, which officially announced the development of the cable in 2014. Google has sole access to the pair of 100Gb/s x 100 wavelength optical transmission strands that run between Oregon and mainland Japan.

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Apple posts App Review Guidelines as a comic book

As a sidebar project, this is fine, and fun. But I would hate to have to depend on this document as my only official source of this sort of information.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple partners with NASA to produce “Visions of...

From this USA Today article:

The maker of the iconic iPhone has partnered with NASA on the eve of the Juno mission, which is expected to enter Jupiter’s orbit Monday, in a highly publicized July 4th orbital insertion. The mission launched five years ago.

NASA will send back sounds of space for artists to make music with, to be featured on Apple’s iTunes and the Apple Music subscription service.

Watch the video in the main post. Beautifully done.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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∞ Beats 1: Year 1

Great fast edit through the first year of Beats 1. That music? It’s Charles Bradley, with Ain’t It a Sin. Love the video, love this entire album.

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Pangu shows Cydia running on iOS 10; reportedly...

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a publicly-released jailbreak, but this year’s Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) in Shanghai made it clear that jailbreaking isn’t dead.

MOSEC is a one-day security conference co-hosted by Pangu, the Chinese hacking team responsible for several of the most recent jailbreaks. This year’s event was scheduled for today, July 1st, and was hosted at the Grand Kempinski hotel, in Shanghai, China.


Filed under: Apple ...

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Some quick fixes for common Mac problems and quirks

A useful collection of Mac tips. Step through the headlines, scan for stuff you don’t already know. Some good fixes here.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Tesla’s official response to fatal autopilot crash

This is from the Tesla blog. Much of it was quoted/linked in the CNBC article we posted yesterday, but as the source, thought this was worth posting.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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The 10 Mac games you need to play from June 2016

June's Mac games

We’re in the midst of the Steam Summer Sale, so if you’re looking for dirt-cheap bargains on classic and essential Mac games, now is the time to pounce. But if you’re in the market for something that’s totally fresh, regardless of markdown, we’ve got you covered with our look at June’s most intriguing new Mac games. 

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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AppleInsider podcast talks iOS 10, Thunderbolt...

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Neil and Victor discuss rumors, the lack of iOS 10 beta 2, iPhone at 9 years, the Thunderbolt Display with built-in GPU rumor and the best alternatives, the 'iPhone 7' case with no headphone port in it, and more.

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Daily Deal: PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock with...

The Apple Watch is showing surprising popularity and more people buy 'em every day. Unfortunately, Apple only ships a long cable and charging "puck" with the Watch. De-clutter your desk or night stand, and add some additional charging ports for other devices with today's Daily Deal -- the PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock with 3 USB ports. It's available for a limited time for $39, down from its usual price tag of $49.  

Pretty sweet, huh? This is the perfect Watch charging dock for travel, using just one plug but letting you charge your Watch and three other devices at the same time. What other features does it have? 

  • Avoid scratches w/ the silicon-based surface
  • Utilize smart charging...
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Fileloupe a solid companion app for the OS X Finder...

Corduroy Code's Fileloupe for Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan combines the features of a photo viewer, video player and document browser into a single, fast utility the complements several apps that come with the operating system. It can easily handle thousands of files with smooth scrolling and fluid window resizing.

File managers like the OS X Finder are great for performing file management tasks and for showing thumbnails of files in a hierarchical fashion. However, they aren’t particularly designed for displaying files at full size, displaying multiple files at the same time or at showing files in a single window that are located across folder or volume boundaries. 

Harnessing the power of Apple's Quick Look technology, Fileloupe offers users one of the fastest ways to browse, view and share photos, videos, PDFs and documents. Quick Look is a a quick preview feature that Apple introduced in Mac OS X 10.5. While...

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Invention idea: a scanning stand for iOS devices

There are several iOS apps that turn iPhones and iPads into document scanners, so why doesn't someone build a stand for iDevices that would allow them to replace dedicated scanners?

For example, take the Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600. It uses a camera on a floating head, built-in lighting, and software (say, from Evernote) to scan documents, books, etc. A stand for iOS devices with lighting and the proper software, could do the same thing but for a lot less cash. The SV600 costs around $900; an iOS scanning stand would probably be in the $50-100 range.

Feel free to take the idea and run with it. Just cut me in when you start making bucketloads of money from the invention.

Gemini 2 - Eliminate duplicates and free up space on your Mac

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Kool Tools: UnDistracted for macOS

UnDistracted for macOS is a cool application that allows you to focus on the work you’re doing.

There are a lot of things on your screen that can distract you: lots of icons, a Dock with dozens of notifications and an ocean of inactive apps. Information noise is annoying and interrupting. UnDistracted app turns off everything that’s unnecessary to the task at hand.

read more

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Bad month for Apple repairs as Tekserve to close,...

Tekserve, the go-to third-party store for Apple product repairs in New York City, has announced that it is to close after 29 years. The service center will close at the end of the month, and the retail store on 15th August, reports the NY Times.

It was the Apple Store in New York City before there was such a thing as an Apple Store.

Before iPods and iPads and iPhones, before Apple started selling and servicing its devices out of a glass cube on Fifth Avenue, the eclectic Tekserve store on West 23rd Street in Manhattan was where customers went for upgrades to their PowerBook laptops or to have their computers fixed.

If the service center photo looks familiar to those outside NY, it’s because it’s such a fixture in the city that it featured in a Sex and the City episode, where...

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Gartner: by 2020, ‘no cloud’ policies will be...

By 2020, a corporate "no-cloud" policy will be as rare as a "no-internet" policy is today, according to Gartner, Inc. (www.gartner.com).

Cloud-first, and even cloud-only, is replacing the defensive no-cloud stance that dominated many large providers in recent years. Today, most provider technology innovation is cloud-centric, with the stated intent of retrofitting the technology to on-premises.

read more

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Gartner: by 2020, ‘no cloud’ policies will be...

By 2020, a corporate "no-cloud" policy will be as rare as a "no-internet" policy is today, according to Gartner, Inc. (www.gartner.com).

Cloud-first, and even cloud-only, is replacing the defensive no-cloud stance that dominated many large providers in recent years. Today, most provider technology innovation is cloud-centric, with the stated intent of retrofitting the technology to on-premises.

read more

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Mac laptops can be more alive with the sound of Musik

Let's be honest: the speakers that come with Apple laptops are tinny. Of course, so are the speakers in most laptops from any company. If you want to upgrade your audio a bit with some portable speakers, Palo Alto Audio Design's $59.95 Musik is one solution.

This isn't a speaker set that will thrill hardcore audiophiles. It's a relatively inexpensive, compact (8 x 4 x 4 inches) solution for adding some extra oomph to your laptop. Keep that in mind, and you won't be disappointed with the Musik. You can also use the speakers with a desktop, but I'd go for a better sounding, if more costly and less portable, audio set-up.

The Musik speakers use a digital audio amplifier circuit that utilizes full-digital amplifier technology. This method amplifies a digital audio signal without converting the signal to analog, which is a plus. What's more, the audio signal is sent from the computer to...

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Contrary to Tidal's Denial, Sources Say Apple...

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is reportedly in talks to acquire Tidal, a streaming-music service run by rap mogul Jay Z, even though a Tidal spokesman has gone on record saying that Tidal executives hadn’t held talks with Apple.

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Thursday June 30

Parallels Desktop 11: Run Windows/Android/Linux/...

Just a quick note that you can snag a rare huge discount on Parallels Desktop 11 – 50% off today from specials.9to5toys.com.   more…

Filed under: Apple ...

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Facebook's new tool will help you raise funds...

It's now much easier to raise funds for your favorite causes and charity organizations on Facebook. The social network has begun rolling out a tool that'll enable you to create personal fundraisers for 501c3 nonprofits verified by the company, includ...

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Jury awards HP $3 billion in damages from Oracle

In yet another legal tussle between HP and Oracle, a jury has decided to award HP $3 billion in damages. The case stems from Oracle's decision to stop developing software for HP's Intel Itanium-powered servers in 2011, which HP says is a breach of co...

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Winners of the Dog & Bone iPhone case and...

AppleInsider would like to congratulate the winners of last week's giveaway, Ryan T. and Matthew R., both of whom will receive an iPhone case and LockSmart keyless lock bundle courtesy of Dog & Bone.

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13-inch 1.6GHz/128GB MacBook Air on sale for...
Amazon has the 13″ 1.6GHz/128GB MacBook Air on sale for $200 off MSRP for a limited time. Shipping is free: - 13″ 1.6GHz/128GB MacBook Air (sku MMGF2LL/A): $799.99 $200 off MSRP Their price is the... Read more
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Amazon has the 13″ 1.6GHz/256GB MacBook Air on sale for $200 off MSRP for a limited time. Shipping is free: - 13″ 1.6GHz/256GB MacBook Air (sku MMGG2LL/A): $999.99 $200 off MSRP Their price is the... Read more
Free iOS Business App notably* Helps Service...
PayStudio Inc. has introduced their new business app notably* 1.0, developed for iPhone and iPod touch. notably* was specifically developed to help service and trade professionals go digital and... Read more
27-inch iMacs on sale for $200 off MSRP
Amazon has 27″ iMacs on sale for $200 off MSRP including free shipping: - 27″ 3.3GHz iMac 5K: $2099 $200 off MSRP - 27″ 3.2GHz/1TB Fusion iMac 5K: $1799.99 $200 off MSRP - 27″ 3.2GHz/1TB HD iMac 5K... Read more
Mac Pros on sale for $200 off MSRP
B&H Photo has Mac Pros on sale for $200 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges sales tax in NY only: - 3.7GHz 4-core Mac Pro: $2799, $200 off MSRP - 3.5GHz 6-core Mac Pro: $3799, $200... Read more
Save up to $600 with Apple refurbished Mac Pr...
Apple has Certified Refurbished Mac Pros available for up to $600 off the cost of new models. An Apple one-year warranty is included with each Mac Pro, and shipping is free. The following... Read more
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13-inch 2.5GHz MacBook Pro (Apple refurbished...
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21-inch iMacs on sale for up to $120 off MSRP
B&H Photo has 21″ iMacs on sale for up to $120 off MSRP including free shipping plus NY sales tax only: - 21″ 3.1GHz iMac 4K: $1379 $120 off MSRP - 21″ 2.8GHz iMac: $1199.99 $100 off MSRP - 21″ 1... Read more
Charitybuzz Set to Auction Unique Apple-1 Com...
Offering an opportunity to own the computer that sparked a revolution, on Monday, July 25, leading online charity auction platform Charitybuzz will auction what is claimed to be the world’s most... Read more

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