[Update: ECG app released] Review: Apple Watch Series 4 — ...
When people ask me what’s different about the new Apple Watch Series 4, my immediate answer is simply the design. There’s way more to Apple Watch Series 4 than its appearance, but the way it looks is arguably the one difference that anyone can appreciate. The design isn’t so different that Series 4 feels like something different than the Apple Watch on your wrist though. It’s absolutely the biggest external change to Apple Watch since the original, but I’ve encountered a number of existing Apple Watch users who can’t immediately pinpoint what’s different. I think that’s partly because the first three Apple Watches pulled off a great illusion: blending a thick black bezel with deep black elements using the OLED display. If you’re very familiar with the actual confines of the previous screen, the new rounded corner-to-corner display feels like a serious breakthrough. While design is a major advancement on Apple Watch Series 4, it’s the features that you can’t see and may never need that matter the most. more… The post [Update: ECG app released] Review: Apple Watch Series 4 — beautiful design, invisible features appeared first on 9to5Mac. [read more]
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