macOS Mojave flaw could expose Safari browsing history
A recently discovered flaw in macOS Mojave could expose your Safari browsing history. On February 8th, developer Jeff Johnson noted that certain folders in Mojave have restricted access that is forbidden by default, such as ~/Library/Safari. Only a few apps can access this folder, but according to Mr. Johnson there’s a way to bypass the restriction and let apps access ~/Library/Safari without needing system or user permission. As noted via the screenshot, the ~/Library/Safari folder contains items that amount to an archive of your Reading List, installed extensions, whitelisted websites regarding autoplay, and your browsing history. Mr. Johnson emailed Apple Product Security about the flaw. He received an automated response but nothing beyond that. Stay tuned for additional details as they become available. Via The Mac Observer and Jeff Johnson [read more]
PowerPageFeb 13 10:00
6 days ago