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Our friends at Digiarty are back with a new Mac and Windows app called VideoProc that’s the best tool we’ve seen for doing video processing. Today we’d like to tell you about the advantages of processing your video with VideoProc, let you download the app for a free trial, and give you a chance to win an iPhone XS, Apple AirPods and more!What’s Video Processing?There are a lot of video converter apps in the Mac world, but not that many video processing apps. What’s the difference? Converter apps are used to take video in one format and convert it into an optimum format for another platform. For example, think of taking a DVD and converting it to a file that’s optimized for an iPhone. Video processing apps are much different, as they are designed to do a lot more with video files, like edit, resize, and adjust those files.VideoProc can process any video file, whether it’s from an iPhone, a GoPro or other action camera, a DSLR, a drone, a webcam, or even a baby monitor. Have a screen capture you’ve made on your iPhone or iPad that needs work? VideoProc can handle it. Even segments legally downloaded with authorized copyrights from Facebook, Twitter or user-generated content sites can be processed easily with VideoProc. Enter to Win VideoProc licenses, an iPhone XS, AirPods and More!Between now and November 30, visit the video processing page for multiple chances to win great prizes! The grand prize is a brand-new iPhone XS valued at $999, there are three sets of AirPods (valued at $159 each) up for grabs, and six iPhone charger cables ($12.99 value) that are part of the giveaway. There will also be 500 VideoProc license keys given away each day, each worth $78.90!All you need to do is submit a valid email address to get one entry. Follow VideoProc on Facebook or Twitter, or share the sweepstakes on social media to get even more entries.The iPhone DilemmaiPhone users in particular need VideoProc to resolve issues with video captured with the smartphone. First, there are issues with formatting and codecs (compressor/decompressor software). iPhone users find it difficult to play MKV, FLV and AVI videos on iPhone, and unless it is properly transcoded, the 4K HEVC video captured with an iPhone can’t play on other devices. For those who wish to import iPhone HEVC and variable bit rate videos into Adobe Premiere, it’s not going to happen unless the video is processed first. Next, there are problems with trying to edit video on iPhones. The small screen — even on the iPhone XS Max — is simply not the best place to try to make complicated changes to videos.  It’s hard and time-consuming to export 4K 60fps video after it has been edited on iPhone, and even the most powerful iPhone chokes when editing long videos.Using the iPhone for sharing on video and social sites is even more problematic. You can waste hours uploading those videos to YouTube, then find out that [read more]
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