CES – Ultrahaptics Uses Ultrasound for Touchless Gesture C...
One of the coolest things I found at CES this year was Ultrahaptics technology, allowing for gesture control and haptic feedback using only ultrasound. Touching nothing, I was able to control and manipulate an on-screen “object”, and even feel it all through the magic of ultrasound waves. They also had a demo using their tech that tracks your face and eyes to project and focus a 3D image without the need for any glasses. I talked a bit about it on the show floor: At #CES2019? Make sure you swing by @Arrow_dot_com in Eureka Park to try out their custom interactive experience, powered by our mid-air #haptics. The experience shows how innovators can have their prototypes created and manufactured #CreateMakeManage pic.twitter.com/d3DvoZZJvN — Ultrahaptics | 46637MR Tech West, Sands | CES2019 (@ultrahaptics) January 10, 2019 [read more]
TMOJan 11 2:33
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