AT&T, other wireless carriers, state they’ll begin sel...
This could qualify as something of a relief. AT&T and the other big three carriers claim they will stop selling their subscribers’ location data in March. While optimistic, the company has already missed their June 2018 deadline for this change. The carriers had already promised to end this practice in 2018, albeit a recent investigation noted that the practice had never ceased. The companies have once again stated that the practice will end. AT&T offered the following comment: Last year we stopped most location aggregation services while maintaining some that protect our customers, such as roadside assistance and fraud prevention. In light of recent reports about the misuse of location services, we have decided to eliminate all location aggregation services—even those with clear consumer benefits. We are immediately eliminating the remaining services and will be done in March. T-Mobile has stated that it also plans to stop, while Sprint says it will look into the matter. Verizon wasn’t flagged as part of the investigation, and says it stopped selling data a long time ago. Stay tuned for additional details as they become available. Via The Mac Observer and Ars Technica [read more]
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