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[MD1] Handheld Systems Conference Final Agenda

Handheld Systems Conference Final Agenda

Creative Digital Publishing Inc. is pleased to announce that the final
agenda for the Handheld Systems Conference (formerly PDA Developers) has
been posted to the company’s web site at Entering
it’s third year, this is the only conference in the world that focuses
exclusively on creating handheld hardware and software products.

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[MD1] “Royals” Awards

Press release

Dateline: Largo, Florida
March 13, 1997

For more information, contact: Ro Nagey,,


Today, Royal Software announced the winners of this years “Royals”, the
annual award presented to the best in HyperCard programming. “The entire
staff at Royal Software reviewed not only the programs that have been
submitted to us for development over the last year, but also the authors,
the purposes, and the driving forces of the HyperCard industry.

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[MD1] The A List – a List Manager replacement

From: (Kyle Hammond)
Subject: [PR] The A List – a List Manager replacement

Hi all,

I’d like to let you know about The A List. This is a replacement for
Apple’s List Manager in the same spirit as WASTE is a replacement for Text

The A List can handle lists of essentially infinite size, supports drag
and drop, cut/copy/paste, dynamic scrolling, and many other features that
Apple’s List Manager does not.

The A List uses several application callback routines to provide support
for any type of data that you wish to use (instead of an LDEF).

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[MD1] DeepCover for Java

Reliable Software Technologies Corp.

Contact: David C. Peirce
Phone:(703) 404-9293

9 AM EDT, Wednesday, March 12,1997

New tool aids developers in testing Java programs

STERLING, Va–Reliable Software Technologies Corporation (RST)
has released DeepCover for Java (Ver.

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[MD1] MacZoop 1.6

MacZoop 1.6 is now available. You can download it completely free from:


What is MacZoop?

MacZoop is a C++ application framework for writing Macintosh
applications. Unlike frameworks such as TCL, Powerplant and MacApp, it’s
very small, and lacks some features of those frameworks. However, it is
very usable and ideal for beginners and smaller projects.

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