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[MD1] Management for ListSTAR mailing lists

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baltimore, MD 21218

ANNOUNCING LISTTOOLS 1.6 — Management for ListSTAR mailing lists
Shareware: $25 US

listTools is a full-featured Frontier suite for managing StarNine
Technologies’ ListSTAR server. listTools is capable of replacing all your
existing AppleScripts, and provides far more services than ListSTAR’s
default configurations allow.

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[MD1] Gestalt Selectors List 3.8

From: (Rene G.A. Ros)
Subject: Gestalt Selectors List 3.8

Dear Mac-programmers,

Today I released version 3.8 of the

Gestalt Selectors List (GSL)

It lists all sorts of information about the Gestalt Manager, but mainly
about selectors and the meaning of the returned values.

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[MD1] CyberGauge

Neon Software Announces CyberGauge 2.0

LAFAYETTE, CA – April 23rd, 1996 – Neon Software announced today an upgrade
to their popular MacOS Internet bandwidth measurement utility CyberGauge.
Version 2.0 enhancements include the ability to monitor network interfaces
on multiple routers, automatic creation of JPEG format graphs of bandwidth
data, and auto-discovery of the routers which connect your Macintosh to the

CyberGauge is an inexpensive yet powerful Internet management utility which
allows users to monitor and analyse the throughput of virtually every
Internet router

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[MD1] CorelDraw Mac OS port

“When development manager Ian LeGrow asked Corel Corporation’s
management if he could port Windows-based CorelDRAW to the Mac OS
platform, the idea was received less than enthusiastically.
“In the summer of 1995, my managers were under the impression that the
Macintosh was near death,” says LeGrow.

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