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News items you should check out: May 24

Since I can’t cover everything, here are some recommended articles from other websites:

° From Krebson Security: Apple and the satellite-based broadband service Starlink each recently took steps to address new research into the potential security and privacy implications of how their services geo-locate devices.

° From AppleInsider: Investment firm Wedbush is bullish on Apple AI and its effect on iPhone 16 sales, suggesting it will drive a supercycle going into 2025.

° From the Japan Times: In a bid to break Apple and Google’s dominance of the smartphone app ecosystem, the Japanese government is looking to change rules on app markets and payments to stimulate competition.

° From iMore: A whopping $14,000 iPad data bill could see a Scottish politician suspended for 27 days and stripped of his salary for 54 days.

° From 9to5Mac: Microsoft is working on a “Word for Mac freeze” fix.

° From MacVoices Live!: On the new episode, Driscoll Bowlby, Technical Sales for Techflex, profiles a few of their products that make cable organization a breeze. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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