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VisionFlow’s Talkit app coming to the Apple Vision Pro in June

VisionFlow, an AI-native startup, has launched Talkit in France. It’s a 3D world app powered by generative AI that the company says “revolutionizes spoken English learning with a personalized, engaging, and immersive experience.”

Through May 25, VisionFlow will showcase Talkit at VivaTechnology, demonstrating its capabilities on both smartphones and the Apple Vision Pro headset for an enhanced immersive experience. Following its initial launch, Talkit will also be available on Google Play and Apple Vision Pro in June.

Here is how the folks at VisionFlow desire Talkit: Talkit differentiates itself from traditional teaching methods by offering an exceptionally adaptive approach to language learning. Users are immersed in a virtual world where they can improve their spoken English skills through real-time, tailored scenarios. With customizable avatars, users can choose from various learning themes, such as preparing for travel, practicing for interviews, and even simulating medical emergencies, all accessible from their smartphones anytime, anywhere.

VisionFlow leverages generative AI technologies to power the engaging learning experience in Talkit. It is a scenario creation loop that personalizes content, difficulty levels, and interactive experiences. This dynamic, seamless, and exclusive generation process adjusts learning points to each user’s language proficiency.

By analyzing users’ input and progress, Talkit breaks down learning goals and needs into multiple personalized scenarios and exercises, helping them truly improve their language expression and communication skills.

As users continue to interact with avatars, their conversations are continuously memorized, enabling Talkit to better understand each user over time, thereby fostering a strong sense of connection with the virtual characters.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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