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Plugable announces new iMac, laptop accessories

Plugable has announced two new products—a port expansion for iMac users with the AD-6IN1, and a 2.5GbpsEthernet and charging solution for port-limited laptop users with the USBC-2500PD.

Here is how CEO Lynn Smurthwaite-Murphy describes the products:

The AD-6IN1, a USB-C hub designed specifically for Apple’s 24” iMac PCs, is Plugable’s first iMac-exclusive product, bringing convenience and versatility to the all-in-one desktop computer. Also being announced is the USBC-E2500PD, an enhanced version of Plugable’s popular USBC-E2500 Ethernet adapter offering users lightning-fast Ethernet connectivity of up to 2.5Gbps, and pass-through power delivery to keep their laptops charged. 

The AD-6IN1 is available now on Amazon for $39.95 with a 15% off Prime Exclusive Discount.  For business purchases, see direct buying options for the iMac hub at

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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