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Apple does well (again) in the latest ‘Taking Stock with Teens Survey’ by Piper Sandler

The 2024 “Taking Stock with Teens Survey” by the Piper Sandler research group has been released. And the report is filled with good news for Apple. Some highlights of the report:

° iPhone ownership among all teens is still at a record high of 85%. The intent to purchase an Apple smartphone in the next six months is 86%. 

° 34% of teens currently own an Apple Watch (about the same as in the fall 2023 survey). However, the intent to buy an Apple smartwatch in the next six months did go up from 10% in the fall to 13%.

° Apple Music remains in second-place position when it comes to music streaming services. Most teenagers (65%) prefer Spotify users, while 35% use Apple Music. When it comes to actual paid subscriptions, about 30% say they paid for Apple Music in the last six months, versus Spotify at about 45%.

° Apple Pay is used by 57% of the teens surveyed, and 44% have used it in the last month. 

° However, Apple TV+ ranks among the lowest when it comes to daily video consumption, with around 1% recorded by the survey. Youtube and Netflix both dominate with figures around 27%.

° Teen “self-reported” spending was down -6% year-over-year to $2,263, and up 1% vs. last fall; parent contribution was 62%, which is in-line with last fall.

° Weekly usage of VR devices improved to ~13% from ~10% in fall ’23. 33% of teens now own a VR device, up from 31% in fall ’23.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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