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Augmented World Expo (AWE) adding a developer workshop focused on the Apple Vision Pro

Augmented World Expo (AWE) is adding a developer workshop focused on the Apple Vision Pro.

Registration is now open for the full day AWE Vision Workshop. It will take place at the Long Beach Convention Center on June 17th, 2024, immediately before the three-day AWE conference from June 18-20th. (Note: this event isn’tt affiliated with Apple.)

The workshop will be sponsored by Unity, a platform of tools for creators to build and grow real-time games, apps, and experiences across multiple platforms. Unity will showcase and demo how its platform works for spatial computing, enabling a wide range of experiences, from games and entertainment to industrial use cases such as training for Apple Vision Pro.

Raven Zachary and Dom Sagolla, co-founders of VisionDevCamp, will host the workshop. Workshop sessions will reportedly be led by top experts who have successfully built the first visionOS consumer and enterprise apps. 

Ori Inbar, co-founder of AWE, says attendees will: 

° Get an overview of Apple Vision Pro hardware and software capabilities;

° Dive into real world case studies from Apple Vision Pro experts;

° Learn the three development paths (visionOS, Unity, web), their strengths, and limitations;

° Understand how to navigate the publishing process for visionOS apps;

° Enjoy hands on time with Apple Vision Pro.

Beyond the workshop itself, dozens of exhibitors will be showcasing Apple Vision Pro and various applications for it throughout the three days of AWE. “With many dozens of Apple Vision Pro units on site – we anticipate that this will be the highest concentration of Apple Vision Pro devices ever in a single public location,” says Inbar.

Seats are limited. To register for the conference, go here. The Vision Workshop can be added to an Early Bird AWE ticket for US$99.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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