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About 80% of folks who move from a PC or Chromebook to a Mac already own an iPhone, iPad, or both

Approximately 80% of customers who transitioned from a PC or Chromebook to a Mac in 2023 weren’t new to Apple’s ecosystem as they already owned an iPhone, an iPad, or both, according to new data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

The more accessible iPhone and iPad appear to be the smoothest entry-points to the full Apple ecosystem, according to the report. From CIRP: We know the appeal of iPhones and have watched them gain market share in the US. Similarly, iPads are a relatively easy Apple purchase. They present new use cases, so for many if not most buyers there is no transition from a legacy tablet platform.

Macs are different. For a Windows or Chromebook user, switching to a Mac requires some relearning. As more and more personal computing is cloud-based, the transition is easier, however. Some of us are old enough to remember worrying about file structure and Mac vs. PC versions of common software. With many of those barriers removed, right-clicking may be the remaining hurdle.

Now the common elements of the iOS universe can make switching to Mac seem like an easy transition. In fact, iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud photos and backup, and more may make a new Mac feel like an extension of the comfortable iOS environment, rather than an alien land for former Windows and Chromebook users.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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