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Apple Vision Pro app, Synth Riders adds local party mode, more

Synth Riders, the freestyle spatial rhythm game from Kluge Interactive, is adding a local party mode and Game Center achievements to the Apple Vision Pro version of the game. 

Apple Vision Pro owners will now be able to compete using the same device in Guest Mode through Party Mode. The addition offers an arcade-style leaderboard, allowing players to enter initials and save scores locally without impacting the Game Center leaderboard progress of the device owner. 

Friends and family members will be able to compete by passing the headset and using visionOS’ Guest feature which calibrates eye and hand tracking for the best experience. They can even stream Synth Riders Party Mode gameplay to a compatible Apple TV or AirPlay device to share the music and fun as they compete for the top spot.

The update also adds Game Center achievements to the gameplay experience. Synth Riders fans will be able to earn, check and share milestones as they journey through jams and dodge dangers. On Friday, March 22, the updates to Synth Riders will be accessible for Apple Vision Pro through the Apple Arcade subscription service. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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