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WITHit has released the US$145 Titanium Band for the Apple Watch

WITHit has released the US$145 Titanium Band release that’s “made for men who work hard and expect the tools they use to do the same.”

The folks at WITHit say it’s engineered with easily removable links that require zero tools, this band allows for personalized comfort. The Titanium Band is made from grade 2 titanium that matches the Ultra and Ultra 2 Apple Watches.

It also boasts hypoallergenic properties and a diamond-like Carbon (DLC) protective coating that safeguard your watch straps. This layer is designed to enhance durability and daily wear resistance and acts as a formidable shield against scratches, ensuring your watch band remains pristine and resilient over time.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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