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Japanese Studio Cocone Launches AlterEgo City on iOS

Cocone, a Japanese immersive entertainment studio, has announced the launch of AlterEgo City (formerly known as Centennial and AlterEgo City), a “digital experience at the intersection of art, fashion, and music,”now available on iOS and Android devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

 The launch of AlterEgo City represents the first major games release from Cocone in the U.S. market. Here’s how the game is described: AlterEgo City transports players to the visually stunning and bustling world of Centennial, an immersive experience that offers them the chance to customize and design their own unique digital avatar. This customization is present through all aspects of the game, with unique designer digital fashion items to collect and their own personalized living space to decorate within the city.

Players will also have the chance to choose their own unique companion in the form of an Alter Ego, which can then evolve into different forms based on player choices in-game. AlterEgo City also offers players the chance to produce their own music, with the ability to develop custom tracks that can be heard through the player’s AlterEgo. Each of these customization options are able to be shared with friends online, creating a user-driven social environment.

For more information about AlterEgo City, including how to download the game for iOS and Android devices, please visit

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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