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Anthropics Technology launches PortraitPro 24, AI-powered retouching software

Anthropics Technology has launched PortraitPro 24 – AI-powered retouching software that’s macOS (10.14 or later) compatible. 

With unique generative AI modules at its core, PortraitPro 24 intelligently enhances specific areas of a portrait. The strength of enhancement can be fine-tuned with adjustable sliders, offering a novel approach to creating stunning portraits, according to Anthropics CEO Alexander Berend. PortraitPro 24 is the latest release of the world’s first intelligent retouching software that offers photographers an unparalleled level of speed, simplicity and precision in portrait editing, he adds.

Berend says that PortraitPro 24 offers these new features:

The software is available in these editions:

° PortraitPro Standard Standalone software for photographers working with JPG or 24-bit TIFF files.

° PortraitPro Studio For photographers who work directly with RAW files or want the higher quality of 48-bit color files, supports conversion between different color spaces, and provides JPEG/TIFF embedded color profile support. Offers Batch Dialog. 

° PortraitPro Studio Max For professional photographers or those working with a large number of images. Full Batch Mode to speed workflow greatly.

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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