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Apple debuts new transcripts feature for Apple Podcasts

Apple has introduced transcripts for Apple Podcasts, a new feature designed to make podcasts more accessible and easier to navigate.

With transcripts, users can read the full text of an episode, search the episode for a specific word or phrase, and tap on the text to play the podcast from that point in the episode. As an episode plays, each word is highlighted, making it easy to follow along.

Transcripts can enhance a user’s podcast experience in multiple ways, helping them catch every word from their favorite hosts, learn a new language, and more easily find facts they heard on an episode, says Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s senior director, Global Accessibility Policy & Initiatives. Users will be able to access an episode’s transcript from the bottom-left corner on the Now Playing screen.

Herrlinger says transcripts were built to strengthen accessibility. The font and color contrast were designed to make long-form text easier to scan and read. Users who are Deaf or hard of hearing are also able to access transcripts without having to press play on the episode.

Starting today, transcripts are available for English-, French-, Spanish-, and German-language podcasts on iPhone and iPad with iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4. Transcripts will not offer translations from one language to another. Transcripts will automatically be available for new episodes shortly after episodes are published. Previously released episodes will be transcribed over time.

Creators who prefer to provide their own transcripts can do so through RSS tags or in Apple Podcasts Connect for subscriber episodes. Learn more at

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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