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Never mind; Apple won’t disable Home Screen web apps in the EU after all

As noted by MacRumors, following intense criticism, Apple has walked back its plan to disable Home Screen web apps in the European Union (EU) starting with iOS 17.4.

After the release of the second beta version of iOS 17.4, it emerged that Apple had restricted the functionality of iOS web apps in the EU. Web apps could no longer launch from the ‌Home Screen‌ in their own top-level window that takes up the entire screen, relegating them to a simple shortcut with an option to open within Safari instead.

After the criticism, Apple’s developer document says these are the things that are changing for the company to comply with the Digital Markets Act.

For iOS:

For Safari on iOS:

For the App Store:

For developer app analytics and user data portability:

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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