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Kandji Integrates with ServiceNow to Deliver Single-Pane-of-Glass Visibility for Apple Fleets

Kandji, an Apple device management and security platform, has announced an integration with ServiceNow that will purportedly enable a seamless connection between Kandji and ServiceNow, automatically syncing the latest Apple fleet data from Kandji to the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB). 

ServiceNow’s partner ecosystem and partner program are critical in supporting the $220 billion market opportunity for the Now Platform. The revamped ServiceNow Partner Program recognizes and rewards partners for their varied expertise and experience to drive opportunities, open new markets, and help customers in their digital transformation efforts.

As a Registered Build Partner, the certified integration will allow ServiceNow administrators to utilize Kandji-managed device data in their onboarding, hardware management, and service delivery workflows, according to Weldon Dodd, senior vice president, Community at Kandji. A key aspect of this integration is that Kandji will continuously, and in real-time, push device data to ServiceNow’s CMDB, a unique differentiation in the Apple device management market, he adds.

With the integration, ServiceNow customers will experience a streamlined and automated way to bring device data into their present CMDB without having to build a new custom solution. Data about devices managed by Kandji—such as device name, model name, and serial number—will be automatically synchronized using the ServiceNow API. 

In addition, when a device enrolls into Kandji or when information about an enrolled device is updated, the integration will detect the change and push it to the customer’s ServiceNow instance to create a new device record or update an existing one. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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