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The iPhone helps spur premium-priced smartphone sales in Indonesia

IDC says that, last year, the Indonesian smartphone market witnessed a notable trend: Higher-priced smartphone segment (>US$600) was the only one to grow in 2023, with a 78% YoY growth, dominated by Apple and Samsung. 

In contrast, the mid-range segment (US$200<US$600) declined 14.9% YoY after growing 3.9% YoY last year, still led by OPPO. The lower-end segment (<US$200) remained relatively flat, as it declined 0.3% after declining 19.9% YoY last year.

“After recovering in 2H23, the Indonesian smartphone market should continue to grow in 2024, albeit in low-single digits. Uncertainty from a new government plus geopolitical tensions and the global economic slowdown will continue to be barriers. The smartphone market is also visibly changing, such as longer replacement cycles and an increased share of higher priced smartphones,” says Vanessa Aurelia, associate market Analyst, IDC Indonesia.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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